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Firstly I would like to apologise for not being as active on the site over the Summer, but I’m back now and you’ll be seeing a lot more of me in the coming weeks!

Many months ago I remember asking my friends how they felt about the national side, and if they had the choice, would they prefer it if Newcastle won a trophy? Or would they prefer England to win the World Cup.

Of course this is completely hypothetical situation because, let’s be honest, I can’t see either of those things happening soon, but it certainly divided peoples’ opinions.

The answers I got all fitted into one of the following categories:

1. I’d rather England won the World Cup every day of the week and if you think any different then perhaps you should consider applying for a Welsh passport.

2. It depends which competition; if it is the Champions League then Newcastle every time, otherwise national pride has to come first.

3. I couldn’t choose between them. I support both sides passionately and would enjoy one side’s success just as much as the other.

4. I’d much rather Newcastle won any competition than England apart from the League Cup as it has become a tinpot competition which some managers use as a reserve exercise.

5. Your club should always come before country and you’re a Mackem if you don’t agree. I’d rather Newcastle won a game than England won the World Cup. Hell, I’d rather we won a throw in.

As you can see the responses varied greatly, and personally I would rather Newcastle won anything as I don’t feel any sort of connection with the current England side. I have never seen England play live, and probably never will thanks to the completion of New Wembley which means games are no longer played around the country which made it easier for fans to watch the side.

At times the England side feel like a London and Manchester XI with very little in common with our area. This is becoming increasingly true as Capello has watched West Ham more times than the three main North East clubs put together.

I remember being distraught when we were knocked out by Portugal in 2006 but last night I barely glanced at the England game. For some reason I just don’t feel it any more.

So where do your allegiances lie when it comes to ‘Club v Country’? I have decided against implementing a poll as I think it would be more interesting to read your individual answers and reasons.

How do you feel?

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70 thoughts on “Club v Country

  1. No 5 for me definitely. Those that bang on about national pride are talking pure bollocks. The pride of a nation that rewards failure and laziness by handing out freebies left right and centre. The pride of “impoverished” youth running around on the Blackberry’s and iPhones rioting about being poor? A society that doesn’t even look after it’s own.

    Sorry, I know it’s not football, but anyone who can bang on about national pride at the moment just isn’t living in the real world.

    I have zero interest in England as a football team. Where was there pride in South Africa?


  2. You say;
    Firstly I would like to apologise for not being as active on the site over the Summer, but I’m back now and you’ll be seeing a lot more of me in the coming weeks!

    Feck! 


  3. Bang on Sy – Well maybe not the deep shit, but i’m not fussed about that. I’d rather we beat QPR on Monday than England win the world cup.


  4. I would much rather the Toon won a trophy by a mile.

    However I would still love England to win a euro or world cup.
    @toonsy – just don’t get that attitude towards England?
    How you don’t have that same tribal feeling about being English borders on treason IMO , when the drums are pounding in the world cup games and the fans take over the ground and singing the great
    escape tune.

    I would have you hung, drawn and quartered if I had my way.   


  5. Sorry. On smart phone and pressed wrong button before finished.

    If England were to win anything the euphoria would be overwealming. However, cant see it happening with this bunch of tossers. Golden generation my arse. Only one or two were good enough. Would love to see it. But meanwhile, rather watch a football match. Even my local amatuers.


  6. Troy Stavers
    12 mins ago

    I hope you noticed the compliments that big Dave was dishing out last night;

    JJ IMO I think all blogs etc need characters and he is one, I also think Troy and Rod are characters too.
    The only trouble is that not everyone GETS it.
    I meet a quite a few bloggers socially, won’t name names, but they all think Bobby/Troy is fantastic for Toonsys blog.
    I bet he’s a right character in real life.

    I’ve been meaning to contact you about increasing my post rate from .25p to .35p.

    I heard Rodz has just had an increase to .15p

    You say what you? 


  7. @premandup
    You say;

    Giving my age away, but I was lucky enough to be at wembley for the quarter final against argentina in 66

    I think you gave your age away well before then by your avatar you old [email protected]


  8. Agent of former Marseille and Lyon star insists “if people stop kicking him, he will be fine”, as he closes in on first competitive match since breaking his leg last October.

    If people stop kicking him??? yes de jongs tackle was disgusting and i cant stand him 4 it but his agent has got to realise the english league is the most physical league going and every player gets the odd kick!! I personally think we should take our time with him , its not like we are desperate 4 him yet this season!! Welcome back benny !!!


  9. Prem I heard that you got that ticket for your 21st birthday present lol.
    Yeah I would go for the Toon to win the FA cup or the Prem, but if it was the league cue I would go for my country winning the world cup.


  10. Troy, true. Did you claim to bed Les Kellet’s grandson or grandpa.

    Army, didn,t simon stainrod play top flight football.? QPR ?


  11. Anyone seen or heard from Pards yet? 

    I’m getting concerned. He hasn’t phoned or contacted the press for days now. It’s just not like him. 


  12. Toonsy I didn’t have you marked as a Daily Mail reader. This ain’t the place for me to dismantle the broken Britain mantra so I will move swiftly on…..

    I have no pride in the current England team because too many of them are complete twats. However, I could extend this to all football. I never enjoy watching Ronaldo play because he seems like a twat. I dont like watching Man City, Chelsea, Real or Inter (etc) play because they buy success and those clubs feel soulless.


  13. @premandup
    You say;
    Troy, true. Did you claim to bed Les Kellet’s grandson or grandpa.

    That would be incest you horrible little man! Don’t be disgusting. 


  14. You’ve got a picture up the top of (what looks like) Joey Barton with the caption “Last player to represent England while playing for the toon”

    Hate to point it out, but Carroll got his first cap while our he was our number 9 in (if I remember correctly) November 2010.

    Sorry to be pedantic 😛


  15. Troy – Club vs Country… Mate I really want any team I support to do as well as possible. Unlike Toonsy, I can’t just switch off my allegiances. When Australia are playing I support them wholeheartedly. The same for Newcastle. I know I am from Australia but I do not feel any more passion for my national team than I do for Newcastle. For both, I watch every game, go to bed in a happy mood if they win and a grumpy bastard if they don’t. This might sound like BS, but I support Newcastle just as passionately as I would Australia in a WC final. I can’t explain why that is… I’d actually challenge any Newcastle fan to explain why they love it so much..


  16. Christ I’ve got a touch of the Rodz here!

    Better go the paper before I read the news. 

    .25p a post. Kerching!!

    I’ve made enough to buy the paper. Cheers Toonsy.


  17. i love it when the england footy team get beat as i cant stand them. i am not a fan of half the players in the team as people.. aka terry etc.. lampard, the manager is a dick. sorry… i have no time for them.


  18. I don’t care about the England team! 😀
    and no one cares about the Indian football team. People are mental about cricket here and while I’m probably one of the least mental Indian cricket fans, I would be equally happy with Newcastle winning the premier league and India winning the world cup. 😛 (well at least I got to see one of those in my lifetime so far.)


  19. @Aussie

    I wasnt sure whether you were an aussie or an ex pat.

    How did you end up supporting the Toon? The same as Stardust? The Keegan era?


  20. Aussie – I was indoctrinated as a child. There were some days as a toddler, I just wanted to kick a tin can into the gutter without grown men celebrating my kicks by calling me “Keegan”. What do grown men shout at kids now when they are kicking tin cans in the gutter?


  21. @Craig

    2 things.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your stance on the regime but your England stance is nothing short of a disgrace. Treason !

    Secondly, when is Pardew walking out? 


  22. our england team deserves zero resepct. its just a luxury paid for piss up for overpaid people with plastic wag’s clamouring for 15 minutes of fame. The last world cup was it for me… i have never seen such an abject bunch of wankas.. rooney slagging the fans down for booing … ffs.. what did he expect… a standing ovation! people had planned and saved for 4 years to follow the england team to SA.. And what happens… we rock up.. give it big ones in the press conf’s, then play like a bunch of total pub team jokers.. but not really giving a toss as it was a nice holiday anyway.


  23. @troy… in my book, you have to earn respect, not just get it, and this current bunch of sorry tossers dont deserve any.

    AP.. he will be gone by january of course.


  24. England team has a chronic lack of passion from manager down over caused initially when they moved to Soho Square and became ” Club England” with all the attached pop star status.
    I watch the other home countries and whilst they have ” lesser” players, i envy their passion from singing the national anthem to getting stuck in on the pitch and playing to a plan.
    England for me is just so bland, i cant wait for the day Capello is replaced by Redknapp or anyone else who gives a toss about the job, struggling through the qualifiers with a huge pool of talent, no game plan and crap tactics with the highest paid national manager is nothing short of a disgrace.


  25. Troy, it was around 20-25 years ago, we used to get games on the ABC.. Near on every one over here was a Liverpool fan as they were winning everything back then. I don’t know what it was at first, maybe Newcastle had a touch of mongrel (I mean that in the nicest way) about them, but I started following them when I could. Also it was a bit of a two fingered salute to all the sheep in Australia that followed the top teams of the time.
    The rest they say is history….


  26. The England Team has no soul…. That is the problem… the players all expect to win purely because of how special they are…. I am not being competitive by saying this but the Australian team has mostly no names in it but they work their arses off on the park… That is why I have never been to worried about big name signings and I think Best and Ba will do well for us upfront this year… Hard work can cover any superstar short comings.


  27. Good article – as much as I would like to see england win something toon come first every time. Especially now that we have no players in the england squad!

    Troy pards isnt leaving he has a press conference today 🙂


  28. @Craig

    Thats a big back track. Gone by January? 

    Toonsy & Craig its not lack of passion from the England players, it’s just because they are crap.
    England fans need to lower their expectations IMO .


  29. Robert.. you are right man… did you see them trying to sign the national anthem? half dont know the words and half dont care.
    Its very simple… they just dont care themselves about england. ffs.. rooney, lamps and terrys combined wages for just three players was more vthan the entire german team inc staff. Then look at the way we applied our hearts to that of the germans.. nuff said.
    As a true football fan, i reserve the right to remove my support from the national team when they so not deserve it.
    Remember Bobby Robson and gazza and the other guys .. now that was passion. No wags waltzing around dripping in prada and gucci with players wearing 250k watches and not giving a wank.
    I cant just be sheep and follow ‘cos its the right thing to do’… sorry troy m8, normally we agree on stuff, this time… afraid not brother.


  30. Troy couldnt agree more the england players are crap

    here is my philosophy…. england players look good at their clubs becasue of all the qualilty foriegners around them. Take them out of that and put all the english together = crap


  31. Troy.. you have me lost on the AP thing … i said that before on previous thread that Ap woudl be gone by jan and i still say that now. I did say yesterday that he has been installed as bookies fav for next for chop.. Thats bookies choice.. i did not say it was my idea.


  32. @Troy Stavers @8 nice to see someone saying youre a cool fella, oh wait was u 🙂 nice to pat yourself on the back now and then.

    Newcastle everytime for me, although I watch England I have no real affinity with England apart from I was born here. total shithole with shithole families running amok with no respect(minority) but we only see/hear the minority.

    England stars are just pampered prem players who think theyve conquered the world when really theyve done jack apart from earning more than world-cup winners.


  33. lets look at itthis way troy…

    You get married and when you do its great, she thinks you are the dogs bollocks and she has pride in her bloke. She cant do enough for you even though things are tight as money not much blah blah. it makes you work together as a team and it makes you stronger, everything is great and you are in it together, there is spark in yoour relationship and it rubs off in all areas, your banging her back doors in every night etc. life is great.
    Then after several years you get a mega new job and you have money all over, she gets a little merc convertible sports car, mullberry hand bags, rolexs, packs her job in, joins some so called’sports’ clubs.. gets into a whole new social scene. Life becomes too easy and the passion goes out your relationship, the sex drops off and its one long bore, the spark is gone. She always has her hand out for more money and is up her own arse looking down at everyone, her old friends seem like scum to her and she forgets where she came from. Would you continue to support her ‘cos you should do’ or would you kick her arse out the door so hard she went into orbit??

    That fat , lazy, expecting everything for nothing wife is the england team.


  34. The trouble with england is also that we dont have any toon players in the squad which makes me decidely loose interest.

    However much like any fan when its anything other than friendlies i am drawn to the TV to watch!


  35. I’ve jumped in. This is everyone’s queue to jump to the next thread and leave me here talking to myself.
    Craig @ 49. You had a bad experience mate?
    You’d can’t read anything into the players’ lack of enthusiasm for the National Anthem. It should be scrapped. I’m a British citizen (geordie first, of course), republican and an atheist. The anthem is anathema to me.


  36. @Craig

    Cheeses wept! Sorry to hear you have domestic problems as well. No wonder you are bitter.

    Seriously though, a poor analogy IMO .

    It’s simple for me. Poor players who represent the country .
    I know that when they play in tournaments just like the Toon in the premier.

    Doesn’t mean you don’t love what they represent , your country.  (haven’t got the England flag)


  37. @blackley and brownley

    Craig @ 49. You had a bad experience mate?

    i think he was ‘tempted’ after the ‘backdoor’ experience 🙂


  38. Troy i agree they just arent all they are cracked up to be; how many overrated players are there…, terry, milner, barry, lampard, parker, DOWNING dear lord, heskey, crouch, defoe, walcott……i could go on


  39. It’s what they represent that matters !


     Send “England” Ringtones to Cell 

    The red in the flag is the blood that was spilt
    In the way that your forefathers tell
    And never a country been so great
    The stories Britannia coud tell

    I never want to live my life
    Away from the golden shores
    There’s never a country in the world
    With the scent of an English rose

    England, oh England, a country so great
    The land of so fair and so true
    There’ll never be any colours like
    The red, the white and the blue

    Whenever you go to the far off shores
    Ther’s something that goes with you
    The pride and the joy and the love that comes
    From your mother of red, white and blue

    You cold never be born under a flag that’s like
    The one of a Union Jack
    St.George’s spirit has never died
    It all keeps coming back

    England, oh England… (5x)

        


  40. England should never play friendlies. They are always devalued by managers making loads of changes, giving caps to players just to see what they are like. Ridiculous. Play proper competition. Play where it matters. If you get knocked out, you get knocked out. Move on.
    Bring back the England v Scotland games. Was it the Rouse Cup? I’m sure we can afford a couple of cross bars even in this economic crisis. Trouble is that Scotland have been shit in recent years, and I’m not sure it would be good sport any longer.



    Gimme a country that’s red white and blue
    Gimme the British way honest and true
    Gimme the chance to be one of the few
    Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme

    Gimme a nation where people are free
    Free to do and free to be
    Free to screw you before you screw me
    Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme

    Cos, I’m all right, I’m all right
    Union Jack, fly the flag

    Gimme a Britain that’s got back the Great
    a race of winners not cramped by the State
    And only the helpless get left at the gate
    Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme


  42. Jerusalem is a christian hymn. We need a secular anthem that encompasses British values to which every citizen can sign up. Jerusalem could be modified. Sacrilege, my arse!


  43. B&B, That would upset Brit Muslims, stick with the Queen and Country, safer all around and more traditional.
    Better still, go and fight for your country in Afghan, you might return with a different attitude.


  44. Troy.. the red in the st georges flag etc….

    IMO.. we should have had a real English dude. like St Edmund or someone.. St George is a mythical turkish dude who fought dragons and and never seen an english shore.


  45. ….hey two fine bands there Troy, I remember wearing their pin badges on my black harrington, as a nipper in the 70s. Nobody’s Heroes – top album. I have ‘Go for it’ vinyl framed on my bedroom wall.

    Did you know Jake Burns of SLF is a Toon fan???


  46. Well, I’m from the States, and if I’m to be honest, I’d rather see my country win the World Cup than Newcastle win a championship. At this moment, football is gaining massive popularity in the States. MLS games regularly bring out 13,000 fans on average (Unless you’re the New England Revolution), with Portland and Seattle always packing their stadiums (23k and about 37k respectively) and that’s just in the MLS. Orlando City (The third tier team we lost to) brought out 11k people for their championship game last weekend, 1k more than the Newcastle game, and they regularly can get upwards of 7k people right now. Imagining what the World Cup would do for the popularity of the beautiful game in the USA is amazing. As much as I love being ‘An adopted Geordie’ as some Newcastle fans called me at the Orlando game, I’m an American before I’m a Geordie, so I would rather the USA win the World Cup than Newcastle win the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, or whatever other sort of cup.


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