Exclusive: An interview with Mehdi Abeid

Great friends at NUFC
I’m sure a few of the regulars will remember during the close season when I was doing a couple of youth team player interviews.

That unfortunately died down due to my holiday. Then the start of the season came along which meant that I had other things to write about, but now I’m back with my latest instalment in player interviews, and this one is the most high profile one yet.

For those who haven’t seen my other articles, I have interviewed Stephen Folan, Adam Campbell and Ben Sayer. These were all great lads to interview and you should give the interviews a look if you haven’t already.

My latest interview is with Newcastle’s summer signing Mehdi Abeid. I contacted Mehdi via Facebook where he accepts and talks to Newcastle fans which is really good of him. When I asked him if he could take part in a short interview he was very happy to do so. It was very very good of Mehdi, It’s not the easiest for him as English isn’t his first language but he gave it a real good go, and provided some good in depth answers and for that I thank him.

What Team do you support?

I support my team Newcastle United and Real Madrid.

Who’s your best mate at NUFC?

Haris Vuckic, I spend a lot of time with him.

Who’s the funniest player at NUFC?

I think the funniest player is Leon Best, very funny.

Who’s always last of the training pitch?

It depends really, everybody is happy to stay if they need to practice.

Who’s your favourite player in the first team to watch, and in world football?

At Newcastle it is Fabricio Coloccini. Every time he plays he has a very very good game. In world football it has to be Xavi, he never loses the ball and he’s always moving. Sometimes I watch videos of him to try and replicate his movement and pass like him, it’s very interesting.

Most memorable game you’ve played in?

The most memorable game I’ve played is for the French National team against England in a tournament in France, it was a very strong game which was good to play.

Most memorable game you’ve watched?

The best game that I’ve watched is France v Brazil in 1998 which France won 3-0, it was crazy, everyone was out in the street. It was a really good day.

What player do you model yourself on?

I want to learn a lot about Xavi, because he’s the best midfielder in the world at the moment.

What is your favourite goal you’ve scored?

My favourite goal was at Lens, I shot from about 30m against Lyon, very beautiful goal.

What do you want to achieve in your career?

I want to have a lot of great seasons with Newcastle and show the players and the fans what I can do. I really want to play in the first team and I will work hard to do that, and of course I want to have a good career and be a good player.

What are your aims for this season?

I’m really trying hard to push into the first team. It’s what I really want and I’m trying hard. I will continue to work hard and if I get my chance try and play a good game and impress, that’s what I hope.

I’ve noticed you have a good relationship with Haris Vuckic, has he helped you settle in at the club?

Yes, Haris has helped me a lot. He was really good with me and I’d like to thank him for all the things he’s done for me.

What do you think of the Newcastle weather, is it a bit cold?

The weather is ok. It was the same weather in Lens, so I’m used to it.

Are you enjoying playing for Newcastle since your move from Lens?

Yes I am really enjoying it here in Newcastle. I really think that I made the right choice when I chose to come here, and it’s good for my career. Newcastle is a very good club and I hope to do well here.

Did you speak to Hatem Ben Arfa before signing for Newcastle? If so, what did he tell you?

Yes, I spoke with Ben Arfa before coming here. He said to me that Newcastle is a really good club and I will enjoy it here and will improve and get a lot of game time.

I thought the interview with Mehdi was my most interesting thus far. For someone who’s just learning English he did very well to answer my questions in English. I touched up some of his word order, but for someone who was only been living in the country for around 3 months his English is coming along very well. He takes time out of his day and communicates with the fans better than Mike Ashley does, and English is his first language! It’s a shame his second language is ignorance.

Mehdi’s friendship with Haris Vuckic is something which I’ve noticed in time he’s spent at Newcastle. They have pictures round each other’s houses on Facebook and when Vuckic scored his goal in America himself and Mehdi did a little bit of a dance and a high five. Nice to see them Haris helping another young mover. Haris did the same when he was young, he moved to Newcastle and it’s nice to see that he’s taken Mehdi under his wing and helped him out, as he knows how difficult it is.

Unlike my other articles we’re touching more on the first team with answers to the funniest player and best mate at Newcastle. This is because I’m led to believe that Mehdi trains with the first team, unlike the other players I’ve interviewed. He finds Leon Best very funny, I do too, but I’ve never spoken to him, he’s just got one of them gormless faces I think.

Mehdi models himself on Xavi and if you’re going to pick a player as a central midfielder you may as well go for someone who is almost perfect. I’m not sure if I see Xavi in Abeid, but I do see something special, a little bit of spark and creativity and calmness on the ball. Something I did find very interesting was that Mehdi said that he sometimes watches videos of Xavi and tries to replicate how he plays, that shows he’s very keen to learn, and that can only be a good thing.

He seems like he has a real determination to get into the first team in the next season. He’s currently on the fringes and if he’s training with the first team lads he may get chances in cup games in the near future. Whenever I’ve seen him he’s impressed me so I wouldn’t be upset to see him on the team sheet, I’d pick him before Alan Smith certainly.

Mehdi seems very excited about his move from Lens and he kept mentioning how good Newcastle is as a club. He seems like a very good lad and the sort of player I like to see at the club. Someone determined, talented but down to earth at the same time.

Over the summer there was a lot made of Ben Arfa trying to persuade players to come to Newcastle from the French league. Mehdi confirmed that he did speak to Ben Arfa who told him how good Newcastle are to play for, and that he’d enjoy it. So a goes big thanks to Hatem Ben Arfa who’s been pulling his weight in other areas of the club even though he’s been unable to do his primary job on the pitch. Ben Arfa must really like the club because although he’s had a torrid time at Newcastle with injuries he’s still singing the clubs praises.

Mehdi Abeid recently picked up an injury playing for the Newcastle reserves against Sunderland where clumsy ex-magpie Titus Bramble injured him. Mehdi told me that he was trying to return before the Nottingham Forest game, but it could be a three week injury.

Many thanks to Mehdi Abeid for taking part in this article, it’s something he didn’t have to do, and it’d have been easier for him not too, but he was kind enough to do it, so thanks for that. You can contact Mehdi through Facebook here, and if he’s not busy he usually replies to you.

Mehdi’s one to watch over the coming seasons, hopefully we hear a lot more about him!

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  2. Toonsy sorry about some of the lingo on the last thread 🙂 but bloggers like him and Leonbestismint really do my head in, they seem to think that their opinions are the only valid one and any that are different are void and then then start the name calling abuse


  3. Loving these interviews Jobey. Well in!

    This site is now the go to place for anything NUFC. I don’t think anybody can deny that.


  4. Wow!

    B&B is certainly putting Big Dave under the spotlight yet he has failed to answer my question on Pards on the previous thread.

    You can’t have it both ways. It hasn’t taken long for the crew to find out that if you get a hard question you turn into a politician which I’ve been saying for years.

    What should Pards have said following the window closing? 


  5. It looks like B&B is on the Alan Hansen website on how to answer difficult football questions without giving an answer. Genius. 


  6. I’m on .25p a post. I hope hes not paying more than that as I’m contracted to be the best paid blogger. 


  7. Troy – Pardew done the right thing, he pissed off somewhere gathered his thoughs calmed down and returned, he’s not our first manager under the big lad to have his fingers well and truly jammed in the transfer window. Looking forward to the 14 answers from the club tomorrow. Then again don’t think it we be a surprise to hear more spin.


  8. Big Dave

    I comment on many different blogs. Can’t remember if I commented on TOTT though. If the picture was Enrique/Santon, yes; if otherwise,no.


  9. Good read jobey … Quick question for you? Does anyone know how long abeid out for after he was carried off against mackems in reserve game?


  10. Hey guys, been quite a while since i posted last, don’t know if this has been mentioned before and i hope i’m wrong but has anyone else noticed that we haven’t had a captain last for more than a season since Shearer? i may be wrong and i certainly hope Captain Colo doesn’t leave! but still food for thought


  11. Jobey – good interview mate well done.

    I hope this lad pushes the 1st teamers for a place, thats the best way to keep them on their toes. I’m sure his time will come when he is good enough.
    Respect to Haris too.


  12. Yep Jobey – enjoyed the interview. Respect to the Mehdi for giving the interview and you for getting it! The blogs very own George Caulkin


  13. Jay I’m pretty sure it’s just one ticket each. Have to make my daughter a member to try and get a ticket for her as well,


  14. Great article Jobey, thanks! And good on Mehdi for giving us his time, sounds like a good lad and I think he’ll do well. Ditto Haris 😀


  15. Still no sign of B&B to answer the question I posed several threads back.
    To be fair, he did answer without answering several times .

    So B&B, as you know I don’t believe in letting people off the hook when they don’t want to answer a question, I therefore pose it again;

    What do you think Pards should have said post transfer window?    


  16. Jobey, really good interview mate, it’s really good to see the younger players are making time to do things like this and not acting like big time charlies… Haris would be good next interview for you to do.
    It’s also good to see a good team spirit and friendships forming with the younger lads as hopefully they will breaking into the first team together


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