Show some support for Pedro’s men!

Gan along and support Pedro's ressies.
I know everyone loves watching top flight football. As a fan there is no better feeling than the one you’ll get when the first team doing well.

We fill St James’ Park with an average crowd of around 47,000 a game. There is plenty of support about and yet there is more football for the passionate football following to digest should they choose to.

So what’s stopping us getting to our reserves games? There are only a few games are on display to the fans all season, but it’s worthwhile when you go. It’s a good atmosphere and a great laugh, and it’s where I first seen Sammy Ameobi in action!

The last game I went to see a game which involved the reserves was when we played Blyth Spartans. It was a cup final of some sort, I don’t remember which one, but I do remember that we won 4-0 and it was a great night. There was good banter between the Geordies and the Spartans, and it was a good standard of football, well, good enough to surprise me anyway!

There should be no complaints about the price either as it was only one pound, yes, the price of an Iceland microwave meal or a ride on Toonsy’s Megabus!

I also remember a league game I went to, it was against Arsenal reserves, who are good, considering their amount of young talent, and the lads won 2-1! I didn’t start going to these games until the end of the season, but apparently the reserve derby had a good atmosphere, and we beat their reserves too. It seems as though they are in our shadow at every level.

It’s definitely worth going to these games if you have nothing to do of a night time. The games that generally attract the interest are are at St James’ Park although not all games are held at the Cathedral on the Hill. It would be great if lots of people would give it a try. In the last game I went to the East Stand was full, although I’m not sure about how many people turned up.

Are you a fan of Peter Beardsley? I thought so. It’s him that runs the team and a few “Beardsley gis’ a wave” chants generally get directed towards him. He usually replies.

It’s not that long this article, but I just wanted to publicise the reserve side a bit more. You can trust me it’s a right laugh, just ask TheDimpleBoy! There are some cracking players on show and I know other writers for this site also go along and have much the same view.

I know a lot of you can’t make it to these games due to work, distance or whatever. But for those who can make it then why not go along and give it a try? It’s a cheap night out and delivers a football fix at the same time.

The next game, should you fancy it and have a spare afternoon on Tuesday, is against Norwich at Whitley Park. It only costs a few quid to get in so why not go along and have a look at what it’s all about?

Trust me. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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18 thoughts on “Show some support for Pedro’s men!

  1. It’s also a good place to have a look at those who are just gaining fitness. Now the biggies like Ben Arfa will play in behind closed doors friendlies, but it’s handy to look at some of the other squad players.


  2. The 1st game I took my little’n to was the reserves against Man Utd reserves a few years back. I live in Cheshire and it was a great introduction for a youngster as even as their were only a handful of Newcastle fans amongst about a thousand Man U fans their was no segregation friendly atmosphere and a great game. It was at the Northwich Victoria ground.


  3. Premandup – I think they use the ground at Alrincham now.

    Ressie games remind me of lower league football. There isn’t much about that suggests Premier league aside from the name. It’s refreshing in my opinion. No hassle, good laugh, cheap. It’s a must for anyone who can go and it supports the places who host these games. Like Whitley Park is nowt to do with NUFC so giving them a few kid is nice. You can drink and eat aswell 🙂


  4. Mind you some teams take the piss a bit. Swansea are charging £10 for their ressie games.

    £10 😯

    Off topic, I see the Premier League has a rather frightening look of familiarity to it already.

    People can piss and moan about Ashley, but if he went on a mad spending spree we’d get nowhere near the top teams. He’d be skint before we got near them.

    Puts it into perspective a little when you look at Man City. They’ve spent more than Ashley’s net worth and it’s taken them three years to finally start to look like that are capable of mounting a title challenge.

    It’s bad for a league when 7th is the best that the rest can hope for.


  5. I think Man U was a fiver, kids free.

    Agree re the spending Toonsey, however we in with a shout for 7th.

    3-0 at QPR and we go 3rd.
    Well done stoke yesterday.


  6. BB – I reckon Barton could flip the lid if he is on the end of some rough stuff 😈

    Howay Pardew, you claim to know what his buttons are….. Press them 😈


  7. Nice one Louis – I’ve never understood the low turnout for ressie games. Apart from anything else it makes it much more interesting when the ressies graduate to the first team. I watched Judas and Kaz years ago at Workington for about £3 and it was as well-spent a pint’s worth of dosh as I can think of.

    We claim to be the best supporters and that should apply to Pedro’s lads too.


  8. lol
    I used to go to the ressies when they played at kingston park, plus the odd occasion when they play at SJP and Intl stadium, but never been to whitley park yet. In fact I dont even know where it is. lol
    Is there a metro near by? or safe parking for a car?


  9. It’s good to see J J Hooper score again, Anyone know how Airey is doing on loan? It would be great to develop our own no 9 who isnt a pikey, money grabbing glass throwing alcholic.

    As a Geordie living in aus it would be great if this site reported a bit more on the u18s and reserve games. Hopefully the next few years can see a regular stream of talent to top up the first team while also accepting a few will be sold to cover costs and top up the academy which to Ashleys credit he is still doing.


  10. Sunday Sun running a story Simpson has not been offered improved terms. Too true he has not improved so why does he think he deserves more cash.
    Jog on mate nobody irreplaceable and the day you think you are irreplaceable you are in for a shock


  11. Yeah Toby and with the new lad in to play LB giving raylor the chance to play RB , i have a feeling that Simpsons days are numbered as first choice . We have Tavernier too come back too and he is playing fantastic for Carlisle united at the minute .


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