QPR 0-0 Newcastle – The return of the final inquest

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I would like to start off by saying that this has been a long while coming.

Owing to the fact that I have been away for both personal reasons as well as prolonged illness, I was unable to start writing again any earlier than this.

When Toonsy first asked me whether I was keen on writing for his new blog, I was nothing short of psyched. It was a brilliant offer as I was brought on to .org by him. I also noticed that I was getting some unnecessary stick on there for some of my articles. Anyway it’s all in the past now, so without further ado, idle banter, and after an exceptionally long break, here goes:

The entire game left much to be desired and even more to ponder on. A completely abysmal performance by the team in general, and we were dominated from the 12th minute right up to the closing stages and could have potentially ended the game 4 goals down. I was personally keeping my fingers crossed for one of Alan Pardew’s supposedly game changing half time team talks. The man did of course fail to deliver in fine fashion.

And while I’m ranting, why make two changes with 5 minutes to spare when we performed poorly all throughout? Those changes should have been made earlier for the new lads to have had a chance of changing anything at all. After a game that was a story of a poor performance by the lads, the analysis in my opinion, stands as follows.

Tim Krul – For me, the lad has been nothing short of outstanding all season long. A couple of nervy moments on and off, but we’ve seen some fine clangers over the years from even the most seasoned veterans. Last night, he once again put on a fine display in general with excellent positioning, shot stopping, and decision making, and justified his being in the number one position.

Danny Simpson – Normally, I tend to be a bit of sceptic when it comes to Simpson. His positioning has been suspect. It was once again the case last night, with Traore having all the time in the world to put in a perfectly placed cross to Wright Phillips who, fortunately for us, is a tad vertically impaired and couldn’t make the most of it. Keeping that one mistake aside, however, he was rock solid throughout the game, and I was particularly pleased with the manner in which he took the ball forward.

Steven Taylor – Our best defender on the night by far. A goal-line save, several crucial tackles, 100% dedication to the cause, and many timely interferences. There’s not much more you could ask from a defender. Except for one of the most unnecessary bookings I have seen.

Fabricio Collocini – Seemed like a school girl of prom night to be honest. Seemed completely shaken and jittery. And made quite a few missed as well as mistimed tackles. His recovery after moving forward seemed particularly poor too.

Ryan Taylor – After a great start to the season, I think we are going to see the return of the boo boys for Taylor. Perpetually found wanting by a section of the fans, he managed to start the season proving his doubters wrong. I for one, have always been a fan of his, but tonight left me wanting to tear my hair out. He was constantly beaten on the left. Which had happened in the earlier game as well, though not as often. Countless mistimed tackles, a large number of fouls, and losing the ball far too easily weren’t helping his case either.

Cheik Tiote – Another one who completely failed to impress me on the night. Countless mispasses, and endless stupid tackles. And of course, yet another needless booking. Which could cost us dearly in the future.

Yohan Cabaye – I’m honestly tempted to just leave this section blank. Have never seen a more pedestrian performance. He didn’t go missing for sections of the game, he missed the game entirely! One good corner, is the only significant contribution I recall although I guess it doesn’t help matters when the ball is orbited over midfield from defence to attack.

Gabriel Obertan – With the kind of pace he has to burn, I honestly foresee good things to come from him. A huge amount of application, and I think with a greater work rate from the people around him, he could have, and will, do even better.

Jonas Gutierrez – Like Obertan, I was impressed with the level of dedication. A lot of productive runs, a few decent passes, and seems to have picked up Nolan’s knack for being in the right place at the right time. Still hasn’t learnt to cross, but here’s hoping that that will improve just like the rest of his game has.

Shola Ameobi – Another game that provided no real display of the kind of form he produced two seasons ago, and in a way highlighted the need for more firepower.

Leon Best – I was rather impressed by Best to be honest. I thought that he had great movement both on and off the ball, and a few tricks in his repertoire, but was lacking the service required for him to do more.

Demba Ba – I’m completely in the dark as to what his role is. He has failed to win me over so far, and just looks like another Ameobi to me, except a bit faster. Once again, a reminder to the powers that be at our great club, that we need to buy.

Sylvain Marveaux & Sammy Ameobi I honestly can’t comment on, as they were given far too little time to do anything about anything.

At the end of the day, I feel that this was a game that at the onset was ours to lose. Yes, we came away with a point, and yes, we retained our unbeaten start to the season. But this was a team that we should have taken 3 points from. Not because we were better. Not by a long shot. In fact, we were lucky to have taken that point. But these are the kind of teams that will be challenging us for places at the business end of the season. And these are games that will play a huge factor in deciding where we stand. All that being said, roll on Saturday. We’ll be better prepared.

Howay the lads!

P.S: Anyone think that Shaun Derry looks like a younger Alan Pardew?

65 thoughts on “QPR 0-0 Newcastle – The return of the final inquest

  1. Fernando – that was a king sized hissyfit – 😆 welcome back fella 😆

    Funny isn’t it – every Centre Back we have ever had looks terrible alongside Taylor – and now Colo. As I stated weeks ago now Taylors back in the team, the more confidence he gets, the raggier the back line gets, the more the whole team looks like a giant jelly.

    Forget last ditch tackles, he plays for himself – for the glory, In his own man he is Newcastle.

    Steven Taylor shouldn’t be anywhere near a backline. He is shocking.


  2. Did we watch the same game? Collocini was man of the match for me (for our team) with Saylor/Simpson a close second. Collo’s work rate was unbelievable, after an attack would sprint the full length of the pitch to get back into position everytime, 1 or 2 mistimed tackles but nothing too shabby and caught out once. Tiote was his abismal self but towards the end did show us what he is a capable of with a stong powerful solo run although he got dipossed at the end it was a glimpse of his magic.
    I have faith in Ba and think he’ll prove the doubters wrong, he’s just not settled yet but I’d start him over Shola everytime. Shola did break a sweat and never went faster than a jog, I was disgusted at the lack of work he put in. What let us down on the night was passing completion. It was abismal with Tiote the main offender. SWITCH ON CHEIK!!


  3. I just don’t get why Ba was left out. I mean there were signs of him improving against Fulham so why not let him continue? Ba and best linked well when they played together in the last match, so if you’re going to play two strikers then why not them two?


  4. Toonsy – pards is obssessed with playing ameobi yet he offers nothing really

    Anyone know what happened to gosling was he just dropped?


  5. Pardew is going to come a cropper sooner than later by his persistence in surrendering the midfield with 4 4 2, it wouldnt be so bad if he had a front 2 on fire and wingers producing but they arent and he is not big enough to change it although he strangely admitted the system wasnt working in his post match interview.
    I think the criticism is harsh on Cabye and Tiote, they grafted and chased all night despite being outnumbered, same as Best who may as well have been a lone striker for all the help he got off Ameobi.
    Santon has to start on Saturday and we need to ditch the twin strike force or at least bring Sammy into the team at the expense of his brother, at least he threatens in the short time he is on the pitch.


  6. robert correct…he keeps changing are strikers why..just play best..and pack the midfield..why have them all on the bench…why not have more midfield players…santon needs 2 play just 2 give us balance…ben arfa is going 2 play off the striker…should give him last 15 mintues saturday see how he is…he is fitter then are players already..people are saying at the club…we need 2 look at what the french fitness trainers do when they are getting him fit…or am i talking crap…tiote is well off the pace..what was he trying 2 do outside are box with 5 mintues 2 go..trying 2 take on 3 players and lost it..and nearly cost us..he was like that all night..


  7. For me Best has earned over a long time Number 1 status for CF. Shola dropped to bench, I’d bring Marveaux onto LW, Santon to LB, and allow Jonas a free role across midfield – he has the energy and ability to terrorise teams.

    Thatd do it – if we can see it why can’t Pards


  8. “toonsy

    September 13, 2011 at 10:29

    I just don’t get why Ba was left out. I mean there were signs of him improving against Fulham so why not let him continue? Ba and best linked well when they played together in the last match, so if you’re going to play two strikers then why not them two?”

    Bang on. I would like an explaination from Pardew on this.
    simply beggars belief.


  9. bbc interview pardew said back 4 were great last night..thats why we kept 2 upfront which allowed us 2 give it time..he needs 2 watch a video of the game…some1 said 2 me u always see it different off the bench and watch it on tape after…but if he couldnt see taylor getting raped all night then he must realy be daft..it looks like the same back 4 saturday no danger…clean sheets dont hide the fact taylor and simpson have been let off the hook by are centre backs and goal keeper not in this game but others..


  10. i agree with [email protected] collicini was man of the match from what i seen ! i agree with you s taylor had a good game but if that is the start of the theatricks and acting comeing back we could do without it , i think tiote will come good again and i would like to see r taylor given a run at right back with santon on the left and for gods sake play ba ,
    your spot on when you say we need to spend there is no where near enough goals in our squad in my opinion . Do you really think shola had a good season 2 seasons ago ! how many goals and assists or motm awards did he get ? I will sound like a broken record when i say our season depends hugely on if we sign a stricker in january but sadly we cant rely on that and even if we do at what cost would it come , the sale of colo spidey tiote or krul and thats not being negative its being realistic .


  11. I think a bit of credit to QPR and Warnock in particular for getting them so organised. I think he won the battle of the managers; our lot did not look cohesive and weren’t set out to deal with the 4-3-3.

    Tiote was pretty awful for me; very wasteful and I’d rather have seen Guthrie in there. Again. Saylor did some great stuff but needs to get his ego in check and stop thinking cheating is clever. He just comes across as a cock, which is only partially compensated by his remarkable guts and application. He just annoys me.

    Simpson had a great game and triggered a lot of what attacking moves we managed.

    One weird thing is that Krul didn’t actually have that many saves to make. Most of the attacks were thwarted either by defenders or sheet blind luck.

    What you can’t argue with is another clean sheet (one goal against in 4 games, is it?) and 4th in the Prem.

    Tis good.


  12. Generally agree with the opinions on here. Would have liked to see Obertan try a bit harder still, but his workrate is improving.

    I didn’t think Marv or Ba got long enough on the pitch, but both played well for the short time i saw them – Ba was basically isolated but had some good touches.

    Best for me was very good. Made a few chances for himself as, let’s face it, no one was making them for him.

    It won’t happen, but against Villa i’d like to see: Santon, Marv LW, and Gutierrez in the role HBA has been earmarked for behind Best. Bring on Ba and Fergie if things aren’t working out…


  13. Asim – Raylor got such a severe botting last night I don’t expect him to be fit to play for a few years.

    Rumours are that he is in stirrups today trying to get his legs back together 😆


  14. I like how we’ve so far managed to grind out results despite not-so-scintillating performances.
    Absolute credit to the team and Pardew for the 8 points, no question.
    I fail to see why wanting to see improvements in performances and tactics is akin to being negative and not supporting the team.

    I hope santone impresses in the reserves. and that gosling plays to his full potential. Tiote needs a shock to get him back to his best and maybe a game on the bench will do it.


  15. JOESOAP, not only is that link out of context, it is an article from yesteryear, which ads nothing at present. Everyone on here read nearly a year ago, so please explain why on earth you would give that a re-run now. He has invested money, that is well documented, but we didn’t get another striker, eventhough we, and Pardew, were promised that would be the case. Yesterdays performance in general and Shola’s performance in particular, highlighted the urgent need for more cutting edge up front. Our three clean sheets so far flatter to deceive to say the least, as we were unbelievably lucky not to conseede 1-3 goals yesterday. So your act of support for Mike Ashley here is totally misplaced …


  16. I agree with most of you in that we where shite and did not deserve anything out of the game. But I am happy with the point. It all comes down to expectations. It´s normal for a midtable team to be inconsistent and I am truly amazed that we have 8 points from 4 very avarage performances.

    5 players did what I expected of the today, Krul, Colo, Saylor, Simpson and Best. I think Fernando was very hard on Colo in his ratings. The midfield was shocking, Tiote and Cabaye where outnumbered and Obertan and Jonas afraid to challenge the opposition. I don´t understan how you gave them good ratings. Obertans greatest strength is his pace and I have not seen him use it at newcastle yet. He NEVER tried to beat his man. Jonas had a bad day at the office but he has been really good so far this season so a dip in form was expected at some point. I think we need to play 4-5-1 this season, whats the point of playing with 2 strikers when we don´t even have 1 that´s good enough. Our strength is our midfield so I would like to use this formation for the coming months (If everybodys fit):

    Marveaux/Obertan- Ben Arfa- Jonas/Ferguson


  17. Any one of the writers on here watching the reserves games today? I prefer these match reports to the official ones. More truth normally!


  18. Still unbeaten. That’s the main thing, even though we were hanging on to lady luck last night. But you need some luck, and good defending off the line at times.

    Maybe when we do eventually hit some sort of form we will be unstoppable.. lol


  19. “Steven Taylor – Our best defender on the night by far. A goal-line save, several crucial tackles, 100% dedication to the cause, and many timely interferences. There’s not much more you could ask from a defender. Except for one of the most unnecessary bookings I have seen.”

    That foul was actually very necessary as there was absolutely nobody back in defence and everyone was out on their feet.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody speak a bigger load of tripe than you.
    Taylor has been outstanding this season, in fact I’d say better than Colo overall who himself has been outstanding.


  20. Hydeous – I tried to get one of the writers to go along but it’s at 1pm on a Tuesday which isn’t great for people who are at work/studies etc.

    Off topic. I see Sion have been reinstated into Europe. See ya later Celtic. Might get an article up for them in a bit 😛


  21. I think we really missed some midfield options last night – particularly Gosling and Guthrie. I think they would have outplayed Cabaye and Tiote comprehensively.

    No idea what’s wrong with Tiote; he looks completely at sea this season.


  22. Have to agree, that you can have as much blind hatred of STaylor as you like (stardust) but you cant deny he saved our bacon twice at least last night.
    Credit where its due.


  23. Ressies line-up: Harper, Soderberg, Perch, Santon, Folan, Dummett, Kadar, McDermott, Richardson, Guthrie, Gosling, Ferguson, Moyo, Edmundsson, Donaldson, D.Taylor.

    That’s going to be well worth a watch!


  24. Whumpie – Aye it should be good. I mean if that is the starting line up we have 16 players, two goalkeepers. WE should win

    Sorry. In a silly mood 😛


  25. I think the problem with Tiote is he was given a heads up by the board that they would accept an offer for him during the t/f window if one came in, and that is why he had to have his visa issue sorted out asap.
    Hence him saying in the ronnie gil, he didn’t want to leave.
    Unfortunately no offer came in, but I think his head is all at sea.
    He needs an arm around his shoulder, and I’m sure he will improve again.
    He must know tho that he has a noose around his neck.


  26. [email protected] i have spent some time reading that and im still calling for his head and berating him for lack of signings ! he purchashed an asset that he dident do his homework on and had no experience in the industry and surrounded himself with his mates who also knew nothing about the industry , made a string of choices that made no business or football sense , for the same or a little more investment the club could be in a much superior position on and of the field and the losses due to relegation are also his fault , then he tells us he tried but fell short , boo hoo for him , he is making a tidy profit from newcastle united and will continue to do so with no thought into the football team or the fans . And just because freddy ripped us of isnt an excuse two wrongs dont make a right , in my opinion nothing good has come from his time here and never will .


  27. I hope they can get his head straight; it’s a big loss when he’s not firing properly. I still think Guthrie is a more viable alternative than he’s given credit for. For a start he doesn’t have to skip a game in every six due to bookings and he knows how to pass forwards.


  28. The biggest problem last night was that our midfield was outnumbered. The misguided passes and trickery that didn’t come off isn’t new. It happened last season too. Blackburn at home springs to mind immediately….

    The only difference is that last season people couldn’t see it as they were too busy rimming him.


  29. A genuine 6 pointer on saturday versus the villa.
    A win will gap us from the chasing hordes.
    I expect stoke to beat the unwashed, spurs to beat L’poo and wolves to draw with qpr. That would leave a gap of 3 points 😆
    Call me a dreamer, I dont care, just got a good feelin ’bout it.
    Think we hit rock bottom yesterday, so the only way is up (performance wise anyhoo).

    Whats the odd’s on agent bruce being 1st manager sacked 😉
    Either him or the Blackburn chap?? (forget his name?)


  30. On Obertan – Looking at clips of him he’s always running and taking on defenders with a bit of flair. We’ve not seen that yet and imo – he looks scared. As soon as he’s got the ball he wants rid of it straight away. This looks like a confidence issue then and as soon as he gets some I expect big things. OBERTAN…. GET SOME KNACKAS!!!


  31. Our biggest problem is that we have too many players that have no idea about off the ball movement.

    Often people blame the players who have the ball at their feet, but if nobody is moving, creating space, or making decent angled runs, or making themselves available for the ball – the player in possession gets closed down and loses it.

    Players that I’ve noticed are terrible in this department are:
    – Shola (big surprise, he’s useless), and Raylor, (playing on the left is not natural for him), Simpson (doesn’t support his wide midfielder anywhere near as much as he should).

    This might only be three players, but it makes it so much more difficult for others.

    Someone like Best for instance would be way more effective he wasn’t the only striker needing to be tracked. Shola just stands still, so they ignore him…

    Jonas gets criticized for poor final ball, which is fair enough, but Raylor hardly ever gets forward enough to give him a short pass option, and Shola makes any ball into the box look poor with his poor anticipation and snail pace. Jonas needs and attacking fullback overlapping him (all Enrique).

    Obertan has been very neat and tidy, holds the ball up, tracks back well, and has pace to counter, the problem is when he gets to the byline and is closed down, Simpson should be up in support ready to whip a cross in. Which he seldom is.

    So Leon Best comes to support Obertan, leaving Shola alone in the box to finish (bad idea).
    Raylor would be a far better attacking option on the right, but he cannot defend as well as Simpson. Still prefer Raylor though.

    I really believe people under-estimate the effect three bad players can have on a teams performance. One bad performance can be carried perhaps, but not three positions, that from players that consistantly make the same errors and never improve.

    Shola has always been useless. Always will be…

    I am SICK that he got a new contract!!!

    Raylor is always played out of position, and Simpson needs to learn some composure and work VERY hard on his positioning during a game, both in attack in defence.


  32. @Funkness…..Yeah ok it’s old news but no less valid and as I said apologies to those who’ve already seen and digested this. Trouble is there’s none so blind as he who cannot see and given the months of sh*t on here from people who just want to hate Ashley I think it’s very much in context. People are still whinging about lack of a striker last night blah blah. Again your remark about my act of support for Ashley is blindly ignoring the facts which are….the club could not continue as it was and a huge chunk of realism had to be introduced, it’s not a case of supporting Ashley more a case of supporting the existence of a football club in Newcastle….this may well involve not buying a new striker in January but I’ve no doubt the usual suspects will be on again with their foul mouthed tirades against the club owner


  33. Nobby

    So, Obertan takes on and beats three players, then what? He has to pass to Shola who messes up.
    So he holds the ball and waits for support, or slips in an intellegent pass.

    He does the smart play, he understands it, his team mates at Man U would too, but he has too many thick footballers playing alongside him.


  34. JJ

    Very good point, well made it’s just that I think he’s been signed for his skill and we haven’t seen it yet. I wish Shola would eff off now. His time is done.


  35. Always wondered what a tactically great manager can do to an average squad. Obviously better players will execute a managers plans better, but very good tactics should win football games vs equally skilled teams.

    Pardew takes care of the defensive side of things, right? Is it Carver who is the offensive coach?


  36. JJ, I think last night was a lot worse than it usually is. The midfield was really in shambles. I’m guessing it won’t be that bad most of the time.
    I’m concerned about Best playing when Ben Arfa is back actually. Best doesn’t seem to have the greatest movement and HBA is all about the final cute ball between defenders to get a quick forward free and at goal.
    I really hope Ba gets some game time in the next two weeks so he’ll be up to speed by the time Benny boy is back.


  37. Cabaye and Tiote were overrun in the first half but seemed to nullify QPR in the second half. The extra man made it impossible for Cabaye to move forward and Coloccini was often picking up the extra midfielder or covering for Ryan Taylor. Likewise Jonas struggled to get forward as he feared Ryan Taylor was not coping. Obertan seemed to lack any intelligence with or without the ball though supported Simpson well. We need to get the ball to Bests feet in the box and he will score but i just can’t see who will provide those passes. Not sure why Gosling isn’t playing.


  38. Steven Taylor shouldn’t be anywhere near a backline. He is shocking.

    some ppl can’t accept players can get better. I think Taylor has been excellent in games so far. why the needless criticism?


  39. Two goals for Gosling and one shot that hit the bar. An assist for Santon and several promising runs. Kadar at right-back and playing well. $-0 to our ressies with half hour left


  40. JOESOAP, I just realised, that after 50 comments, I’m still the only one who even bothered giving you a reply. I should have done the appropriate thing, and just have ignored your post like everyone else. You’re the blind one here, if you don’t see, that your post was totally irrelevant to the current discussion. You’re just winding people up at best – nothing more …


  41. [email protected] i have spent some time reading the article but i am still calling for ashleys head and berating him for the lack of investment in signings , so he spent hundreds of millions on an asset he dident do his homework on and knew nothing about , got his mates who also knew nothing about it to help him run it , stuck his nose in and changed his plans/managers at the drop of a hat and is surprised its all gone tits up, boo hoo to mike . and lets just wait and see nufc figures next year eh …. he is making a tidy little profit from newcastle and will continue to do so . Nobody questions he has put money in its how badly and inefective he has done it that is the problem and just because freddy robbed the club blind doesent make any difference two wrongs dont make a right . In my opinion he is not our saviour he has not saved the club he is not now and never has been running the club well on or off the pitch a constant conveyer belt of bad financial and footballing decitions , and they wont stop well lose the likes of colo tiote or spidey to fund a stricker in january and make a profit like in all of our transfer windows . So ill continue to call for his head thanks .


  42. I appreciate your answer Keith…unfortunately we’ll have to agree to dis-agree. I’m not praising Ashley…I really don’t care who owns the club to be honest, I just want someone who has some business acumen which is not just related to robbing us blind and from what I can see everyone prior to Ashley has been doing exactly that. That’s not to say he should make a tidy little profit as you say…surely that’s what business people do?…you can’t really believe any of them do it because they love the toon do you?….. I don’t for one moment believe that Ashley is a benevolent benefactor who just wants to see the Toon successful, he wants to make money. But after reading sensible articles like the one I linked to, it just seems obvious that things couldn’t continue as they were under FFS…we would have gone bankrupt and probably ceased to exist as a club. He may very well sell expensive overheads such as the players you mention because their wages are high, but like it says in the article the reality is we are not in the big hitter league anymore…but at least we are in a league, and I for one would like to stay there. As he has done with the previous players who have gone, he will replace them with cheaper alternatives, but they’re not necessarily worse…football has always been a revolving door with players coming and going, so no change there.


  43. “Obertan . . . This looks like a confidence issue then and as soon as he gets some I expect big things.”

    Well seeing as they’ve been saying that about him ever since he was playing in France we can only hope someone gets him a big slice of courage cake soon, eh?


  44. Don’t worry Stardust, I think I understand you.

    If Taylor plays poorly and the rest of the team play well then he is crap.
    If Taylor plays well and the rest of the team play crappy, its all Taylors fault because he’s crap.
    If everyone on the team plays well including Taylor, then he is just flattering to deceive as he is crap anyway.

    LOL. It must be so lonely for you having your vast intelligence crammed into that Melon head, and yet having so few people who can operate on your superior intellectual wavelength.


  45. and hes not robbing us blind ? id love him to make a profit i want him to have sack fulls of our money but not at any cost the treatment of keegan joe kinnear shearer the sacking of hughton the lies the carroll sale the lies not spending the money RELEGATION selling our top two goalscorers and not replacing them the promises and the lies etc. I certainly dont think hes a toon lover i think hes a incompetant tosser but my main point is with the money he has spent we could have been in a much better position if him or any one of his cronies had a clue what they were doing and had the balls to stand by it . Do you really think we would have ceased to exist thats as dramatic as s taylors dives , generally you get what you pay for in life and selling experience and signing young players is very risky they wont all come good now will they ? and we are running out of experience , with no older players around the whole thing could fail again . To finish hes not steadying the ship hes plugging the holes and im worried in his hands its likely to be the titanic


  46. Overall a very poor performance. If they could finish they would have won 3 or 4 nil. Only Saylor and Colo in central defence kept us in it. If we play like that against Aston Villa they will kill us. What good is Pardew doing by saying central midfield struggled and the forwards didn’t help? Why didn’t he change things at the half? Go with 5 in the midfield to stop the attacks down the wings (Raylor was even worse than usual defensively). Poor tactics from Pardew. Should have had Ameobi off after about 25 or 30 minutes. He was hopeless. Our luck can’t continue much longer. Excuses, excuses from Pardew.


  47. ‘Excuses, excuses’…. you only make excuses when you fail…. and we haven’t. Totally agree re tactics and subs, and hope Pardew makes a better show of it on Sat….. but there’s no need to excuse onself for being in 4th position! Not all the points are going to be comfortable ones, but they count!


  48. QPR should have been out of sight by half time only plus point for me was a few seasons ago we would have caved in.Still unbeaten but we have not been really tested yet and i am afraid villa this week-end is when the bubble bursts FACT -WE CANNOT SCORE GOALS.


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