Looking forward to Forest

Last time out against Forest
With a well earned point against Villa in the bag and the unbeaten record still intact, Newcastle should be in confident mood heading into Tuesdays Carling Cup tie.

Although Newcastle may feel they should have taken all three points I think the performance itself was very pleasing and should have a positive effect on the team going forward.

Despite grinding out some great results so far we witnessed a different Newcastle play against Villa, dare I say the one we were told about in pre-season, a good footballing side. We cut out the long ball tactics, got the ball down and played smart, simple, clever football from the back with our midfield having much more influence than in previous games.

We also showed that away from home when playing like that we have the personnel to be able to dictate play rather than absorbing pressure and trying to nick goals on the counter.

Even though the end product could have been better at times there are a lot of pluses to take from Villa Park for both the team and individual players.

I would expect there will be a few changes for Forest in order to keep us fresh for Blackburn, but like the Scunthorpe match I imagine there will still be a good blend of 1st team players starting.

Forest come into the game having failed to keep a clean sheet in their last five and have lost their last three, the latest being a 2 – 1 home defeat to Derby County.

They do look shaky defensively and can definitely be got at if put under pressure but Newcastle do need to be careful not to read too much into their recent poor form and take them lightly as a result.

Although they are on a three game losing streak and are conceding, they have had the majority of possession and chances in all but one of their games this season and do possess a goal threat.

For that reason the only change I would like to see defensively would be maybe Ferguson for Ryan Taylor. He put in a great performance for the reserves this week, albeit from the left wing, but is more than capable of playing left back as we seen at the tail end of last season.

In midfield I think Gabriel Obertan needs to start and be told to prove he is worth the regular starting spot. Even though he improved second half against Villa he was probably our only poor performer on the day.

I think Gutierrez deserves a night off to recharge the batteries. I have not been his biggest fan in the past but credit where it is due he has put everything into his performances so far and I think it would be wise to let him have a break when you can afford to.

Sylvain Marveaux would be the obvious replacement and he has looked very tidy in the two recent sub appearances. He seems to be a smart player who keeps it simple and picks the right passes. I think it would do his confidence the world of good going forward to give him ninety minutes.

Also think it may put a bit of pressure on Obertan to prove his worth too. With Hatem Ben Arfa coming back and Jonas being an ever present, there is one position in the starting line-up still up for grabs, and Obertan and Marveaux are the two in direct competition for the spot.

Central midfield is a tough one. Although it is normally a match I would like to see Cheik Tiote miss to eliminate the risk of a yellow I think he may need to play to improve on sharpness further and iron out a few mistakes from an otherwise much improved performance against Villa.

Yohan Cabaye is another that you might like to rest normally but it is the type of game he could really boss and further improve his partnership with Tiote. The obvious replacement if either are rested would be Dan Gosling for me, who had a superb performance for the reserves against Norwich, although I think that Danny Guthrie may be given the nod ahead of him.

Up front I would personally go with Demba Ba on his own with Gosling sitting behind, if Tiote and Cabaye do play or Guthrie comes in. It would also mean that if Ben Arfa is to get a half hour or so we would not have to change system to accommodate him mid-match. In saying that I do think Pardew will go with two up front. I can see it being Ba and Lovenkrands.

All just guesswork really. Regardless of the side that starts I would expect to see a very different performance to the Scunthorpe tie with Newcastle looking to push on with the same style as we played against Villa.

The performance has given me much more confidence in our chances of getting two good results in the next week but the first step is not taking Forest for granted. A good win and another dominant performance would set us up nicely for the Blackburn game at the weekend.

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50 thoughts on “Looking forward to Forest

  1. i see this cup as our only real chance this season as the bigger fish will not go out for it balls to the wall.. i say we field our strongest team and really make an effort to go as far as we can in this one.


  2. Agrre with Craig. Field a strong side. There are a cuple of international breaks coming up where certain players can get their rest. Also agree to rest Jonas as he has been doing the work of two players recently. I would replace him with Fergie or Abeid. From the glimpses of Marveux his game seems more suited to central midfield.


  3. He has to rotate to keep folk happy. We have a few players who no doubt be brought in to challenge for starts


  4. Nice to see some positivity coming out of newcastle! πŸ˜€ its amazing how quick it all changes with a loss tho… Any one else notice how bias the MOTD coverage was of the Villa game? We bossed them all game and every highlight was Gabby Agbon missing… Sums up the media’s view of us. HWTL


  5. “Henry angered Barton with some heavy tackles during a match between Wolves and Newcastle last season, and later aimed a verbal dig at the then-Magpies player, saying: β€˜Joey Barton was telling everyone on the pitch he is on 80 grand a week.

    β€˜That is him. I think he riles a few people when he says those things and tells everybody how great he is. It is just embarrassing really. If that is what he wants to do, he can carry on but that is why a lot of people dislike him. He’s on 10 grand a week more than last season, he tells me.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2038808/Joey-Barton-continues-Karl-Henry-row.html#ixzz1YNpyFkKc

    Only reason Barton left for QPR was for the money. I think any Toon fan that boos Shay Given and cheers Joey Barton needs their head read. Its disgraceful. It becomes clearer each week that him leaving our club is a blessing.
    Its only a matter of time before he has a bust up with someone at QPR.


  6. JJ – shay got a reception of ‘…there’s only one shay given …’ as he approached the away end on Saturday after half time. There were a few muppets who booed him intermittently thought.

    One thing that struck me on saturday was that the away end was no where near full. Is this the 1st sign of the membership criteria starting to kick in.

    In the past supporters from the midlands would have swelled the ranks, but with a Β£25 fee for a membership card it ramps up the cost for those one off ticket buyers.

    The powers that be may decide that they have made one almighty c*ck up with themembership issue!

    Great game though and deserved a win with Cabaye and Tiote fantastic.


  7. JJ I don’t know why he keeps showing up in newsnow. I am still waiting on his revealing truths about the board.


  8. Good article was a great weekend; i am really looking forward to this game but am hesitant forest have been rubbish but as its newcastle they will probably be well up for it; early goal key!

    Would like to see; (dont forget HBA back!)

    Harps (needs a game)

    Simpson, Kadar, Saylor, Fergie

    Obertan, Gosling, Guthrie, Marveux

    HBA, Ba (or sammy)


  9. Think Marv will start tomorrow, and Ben Arfa will get the final 25 mins or so, no start.

    So just about time for a HBA hattrick, then!


  10. Lads – here is why barton left for QPR – Henry has just had an interview with sky and said that barton goes on about how he is on 80 GRAND a week just to rile the players…. Heavens above!


  11. Also was it me or was le tissier an utter disgrace on the weekend. Slated best because he only championship quality yet he is 5th best goals ratio ever in premier league. He hated the fact we equalised and said villa dominated. What a twat.

    it was obvious he was watching other games and kept flicking back to our game. Maybe he had a huge bet on villa to win. Complete tosser used to like him but lost all respect.


  12. JJ – well said on Joey, mate. If Cabaye plays like he did on Saturday regularly he’ll leave Joey in the shade in every department. Including the “not being an utterly contemptible prick” department.

    Henry is a cock too, mind. πŸ˜‰

    Tomorrow – very exciting because of the huge amount of talent we have pushing for places. I know we need to field a strong side, but we can do that with some of these fringe players.

    I’d like to see more of Fergie, Gosling, Guthrie and Sammy for a start; they’re all worth a go, even if subbed later if we need to change the game.

    Shame Vukic is injured; this would have been a great game for him. I still can’t shake the idea that he’s actually a natural No 9 who just needs to be convinced of it. πŸ™‚


  13. I’m still trying to get my head around just how deluded a twat you have to be to spend hundreds of millions on players then complain about a lack of options in midfield.

    Every time I think footballing people can’t get any more stupid and detached from reality, up pops someone like the Citeh boss to prove there are whole octaves at the bottom of the evolutionary scale that remain unexplored.


  14. Liam I think Henry’s whole idea is to make Joey look worse, I wouldn’t believe a word he says because he wants to try to get Joey back for making him look like a tool.


  15. Dave – I thought that too but to be honest it seems like something barton would say and do!

    Cannot wait for forest game! HBA marveux hopefully starting with gosling give sameobi a run. Happy days indeed.


  16. Although I see the reasons for wishing to play our strongest 11 it just goes to show what a delicate balancing act that a manager experiences. He has a squad in real need of first team experience. Harper/Elliott, Perch, Kadar, Ferguson, Gosling, Guthrie, Sammi, Abeid, Marveaux, Ben Arfa and more could all be promoted to the first team at any time (Not bad players actually) and need the experience obviously. I’m not suggesting playing them all but what other opportunity is there? Of course this is also where Pardew has to put himself into the firing line as if it all goes wrong then he is ultimately responsible and there are many who will be quick to let him know that. The same applies if he plays the “stars” and we lose or someone gets injured. Who takes the flak? Who’d be a manager?


  17. Liam it wouldn’t surprise me as there is an ongoing fued between the 2 after last yrs game when Henry tried to put Joey out of Footie.
    I don’t believe that Joey left for money, and I think the QPR game made it clear how he felt for our club fans and players inc.
    If he got more money good luck to him, but I dont believe that Joey verbally abuseing Henry is anythink like Henry trying to hospitalise players because he is a thug which we all agreed to last season, except for Hooters who just said that the game needs players like Henry


  18. Cheers lads.. think we can afford a few changes, nothing too drastic.. would like to see Fergie, Marv and Gosling start.. and obviously HBA but would be very surprised if he played more than 30mins at the end. Think Sammy deserves a good run out too, not just 5-10mins. Have a feeling Ameobi and/or Lovenkrands will start, especially with Best getting a dead leg on Saturday.


  19. If half the stuff I used to say to opposition players on the pitch was true then I’ve done things with alot of players mothers/sisters/wives πŸ˜‰ ……..unfortunately or fortunately in many cases it wasn’t true, said purely to provoke a reaction.


  20. Tony I see your point and I know that Pards has a hard choice to make, when I say we should play a team to win there is a few places that we have loads of strenght and could swap players without really weakening the team.


  21. Dave you are right cant stand that henry he is an animal much the way cattermole is for the dirty mackems. How people like that get a chance to play footy at highest level is beyond me.


  22. Agree Dave, I don’t mind the odd change or 2 but none that weaken the team. Go for the win hopefully get it then a nice easy home draw in the next round please. πŸ˜€


  23. Richie yeah mate it was fortunate for the poor woman,
    But your spot on mate part of a players game is to rile the opposition, but not to try to harm players, so Henry hasn’t a leg to stand on


  24. Richie – i disagree really i think with four or five changes we would still be too strong and give some lads a great chance to shine; marveux, sameobi, fergie, abeid. Mix in guthrie or gosling and we could still have a strong team?


  25. Liam….I said I don’t mind changes if it doesn’t weaken the team, if we’re not going out to win this cup then there’s really no point.


  26. Aye richie i agree; i dont think we can make wholesale changes as not enough in the squad fit and ready ie in defence!

    Who would you play richie?


  27. Colo, Tiote and Cabaye would be rested for me, I think we would struggle without them for any period of time.


    I think well end up playing something like that ^^^^


  28. the reason shay gets booed are because of what came out after he left. He said that as he was nto happy with our ambition or direction under ashleys stewardship that he wanted to move on to have a chance of challenging. All of us said yeah, fair one.. but then after he had left it came out that he had instructed his agent a whole year previous to find him another club. I think thats what naffed some fans off. I was pissed off when i read about that too if i am honest. i aint bothered now though and i think krul is better anyway. Shay is a great shot stopper but its well known he has a big floor in his game, he cant control his defenders or organise the area very well.


  29. cc………. i would not rest tiote as he has been playing utter dog shit until this last game… i would keep him going now he is finding his feet better.


  30. Big Dave

    Barton cares about the club. But he left because his agent McGay, got him a bumper deal. And himself a bumper deal too.

    They published the details ofJoey’s contract at QPR.

    1.5mil pounds signing on fee/per season. (30k per week)
    250k if they stay up (5k per week)
    And 45k per week.

    Work that out, its 80k per week… So no doubt in my mind he blabbers on about it to players on the pitch.
    Not to wind them up, but because he’s an arrogant prick that loves himself.
    Thats why he does the whole thing on twitter all day.
    And thats why he thinks he’s Englands best midfielder.

    Thats also why he plays for QPR and not a top four team like his lying agent said.

    Lost all respect for Joey Barton. Think he’s a prick.


  31. How about:

    ————– Krul
    Simpson – Saylor – Kadar – Raylor
    Marv – Guthrie – Gosling – Fergie
    —————– Shola

    Bit risky at the back, perhaps. Gutted Vukic isn’t available; he’d be great in the attacking MF position.


  32. Bit of a mix for me. We need to protect key players and reward those on the fringe who deserve more of a bash at things, like Gosling and Sammy for example.

    I’d also play Perch against his old club in the hope he does what our old players seem to do and has a blinder against them


  33. Barton is acting like my ex wife (the last one, not the other previous two!) ffs…. he just needs to shut the fuck up now and get on with his life and stop dripping. no-one wants to hear it…


  34. Thinking about it, although it’s important to have a good go at this competition, we have two, more important considerations:

    1. A lack of proven-quality 2nd options in some positions, with a high risk therefore attached to injuries to 1st choice players.
    2. A lot of players who may well have the quality, but need the opportunity to prove it.

    To me that means: this is the opportunity. Go with those 2nd options and be ready to make subs early if it’s not working.

    Forest are a strong side, but we’re 4th in the prem and unbeaten, FFS.


  35. Yeah i agree richie not tav though he back at carlisle!!

    Those three are good additions and with HBA getting a half possibly will be interesting to see how they play


  36. If you’re worrying about injuries, which you shouldn’t be imo, then bringing the big guns on later if things aren’t “working” surely increases the injury likelihood?…..if the opposition is 1 up with 20 minutes to go, that’s when the last ditch. tired, dangerous tackles will be flying in.


  37. Richie πŸ™‚

    Toonsy i agree have funny feeling perch will play to protect colo
    Would like tiote, cabaye rested too


  38. ———————Harper——————–

    Bench – Krul, Lovenkrands, Sammy, BenArfa, Kadar/Colo, R.Taylor, Best

    (is it 7 on the bench, or 5 in the League C?)


  39. Def looking forward to this one. Live nearby. Don’t know if others have seen but Notts County have their bar open, food on exclusively for away fans when Forest are at home. Can also park there for Β£4. Canny liitle money spinner for County so worth supporting as often difficult for away fans to get in pubs near Forest ground.


  40. Don’t take us reds as a easy win. We may be under performing to say the least but on our day we can beat any side and that includes newcastle united. So see you all at the city ground and heres hoping for a good game of football.


  41. i dont get it, Why are people still thinking we need to fill the strongest team, we have about 20 top players that includes the young ones too.
    So fill in any players for the cup but (smith, Lovk, Shoba, prech & Troublesome Ranger)
    get the fringe players some game time… get samy and fergi some game time as well as other younggunz
    i am enjoyin this season so far… we holding well so far all our away games. lets get in some good players this jan (def n Strik)


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