A recurring nightmare living the dream

Rnager on borrowed time at NUFC.
In an age where technology seems to take precedent over sport for youngsters, the talent pool is slowly but surely becoming smaller.

Dreams are aplenty for anyone growing up in modern times, but for anyone born in less prosperous times there was only one answer to the question of what you would like to be when you grow up. The answer was: A footballer!

Pubs across the country are littered with the hard luck stories of what could have been. For one reason or another the dream changing from realistic possibility to pipe dream is something you grow to accept.

However I think for so many, including myself who came close but never quite made it, there is one thing that frustrates more than anything – Watching someone abuse the privilege.

To see someone like Nile Ranger do his level best to throw away the opportunity many would give anything to have is quite simply unforgivable. Over the past few months he has eradicated any patience, understanding or respect I had left for him.

People can say he`s young, or that he comes from a troubled childhood and poor upbringing. They are no more than empty excuses to me given that even the bluntest of tools in the box have enough sense to know where being a professional footballer ranks in terms of things to do with your life.

Fact is a large percentage of professional footballers come from impoverished backgrounds. In my opinion, if you do it should only make you appreciate it more and not take a second of it for granted.

Growing up Ranger got himself involve in gangs. Fair enough he was very young, peer pressure, wanting to fit in, everything that comes with bad choices as a youngster can serve to justify.

He comes from a dysfunctional family. It can be hard but he is far from alone in the scenario. It is nearly more common than the traditional nuclear family in the past twenty years.

Lack of, or poor, education can be said to contribute too. We have all made mistakes. Some don`t dedicate themselves or show interest in school. Again, not a rare thing or something that should not be deemed a valid excuse to justify some of the things he says or does.

I could go on. Given the lads potential I have searched high and low for reasons as to why he may act the way he does and to be honest I`m stumped. Nothing justifies his actions or attitude for me.

Despite all the problems he had in his past or carried with him he has still been given chance after chance to put it behind him and literally live the dream, yet he continues to show no appreciation for it, nor does he demonstrate any remorse or responsibility for his actions whatsoever.

The catchphrase of “Gangster 1st, Footballer 2nd” can be laughed off as a sarcastic or flippant comment normally but in this case I am actually beginning to believe this is a motto he lives by. He seems to have much more interest in the bad boy reputation than progressing his career and shows no signs of changing any time soon.

We have had too many players in recent years who have bad reputations and cause nothing but headaches for the club. We have done very well to rid ourselves of most, if not all but one. I personally think it is time to finish the job and get rid.

The latest two arrests are the straw that broke the camels back for me. Being arrested on suspicion of assault is bad enough, but to be stupid enough to then get arrested for drink driving within weeks of it happening is a level of stupidity I can`t even begin to comprehend.

The assault in question was not a simple disagreement which got a bit heated and a punch thrown either. A man was left unconscious with a broken jaw after a sizeable row in a local venue, said at the time to be instigated by Nile, although that much is word around the campfire, not confirmed.

The drink driving sets the bar for idiocy. It should not be done under any circumstances, something I personally hate, but if you had any sense at all the last thing you would do is go driving about in one of the most identifiable vehicles in Newcastle. A giant black and white striped Range Rover with your name on the front in big letters.

My patience is gone with the lad. Maybe I am missing something, but he seems to be an idiot of the highest calibre and has abused the privileged position he finds himself in one too many times. The only way he will learn as far as I can see is either a stint inside or for it all to be taken away from him permanently.

Pardew has never seemed to like his attitude and going off recent comments has pretty much admitted the club have done all they can to try and get him to see sense. If he wants to be gangster first let him be, but in choosing that realize that the opportunity to be a professional footballer is not something that comes second.

How do other people feel about him? Is potential enough of a reason to keep giving him a chance?

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we want pride. we want pace. we want power. we want a team of bad ass mothas who won't take no crap off of nobody. https://twitter.com/vurnonmarveaux

104 thoughts on “A recurring nightmare living the dream

  1. lack of discipline, lack of desire, should be sacked. Not like we can even say he does well on the pitch, he hasn’t progressed at all over the last 2 years the wannabe rude boy gangster pussy clart.


  2. AndrewT, just the line-up I’d like to see. Fkn pisser it doesn’t seem to be getting streamed. Here’s hoping though……


  3. Elliot; Simpson, Perch, Coloccini (c), Ferguson; Gosling, Guthrie; Marveaux, Abeid, Ben Arfa; Lovenkrands

    Subs: Krul, Sammy Ameobi, Shola Ameobi, Henderson, Dummett, Obertan, Best.


  4. Subs bench: Krul, Henderson, Dummett, Obertan, Sam Ameobi, Shola Ameobi, Leon Best

    Stocked with big men just in case. Curious to see Henderson and dummett as defensive backup. No center mids on bench, but gosling and even marveaux can do well or even prefer it in the center! Gutted that I’ll miss this one


  5. Jay Jay, I was totally confused about what u were talking about until I realized u were talkin bout Ranger. Haha

    Thought u totally disagreed with Pardew’s line up and feared we were gonna get spanked


  6. Got nee faith in Lovenkrands doing anything as he never has for us. Hope Gosling performs as I would like to see him get some first team football.

    I can see Carroll taking the blame for their season when they finish below us in the table….. zzzz. zzzzz. Would anybody want Carroll back at the club?


  7. Just got in the door. Cheers for the comments lads. Seems to be a fairly unanimous get rid. Pity he got that new contract, think it`s the only thing stopping the club from ripping it up tbh.

    Delighted to see HBA starting tonight, and Marv & Abeid. Raging there`s no video stream, hopefully something pops up closer to kick off.


  8. Nice one Mark, like you say, if he hasn’t realised yet – he never will. Thing is, he obviously has some sort of pride in what he does or he wouldn’t have that bloody stupid black and white car.


  9. Oh and Gosling.. Think there`s enough there to get the result with Best, Obertan and Sammy on the bench just in case


  10. Game thread up lads!

    Keith, well done article.

    I’d take Carroll back for no more than 9 mil now as he wouldn’t really fit in with what our squad is trying to do now


  11. Olly Bernard was another that threw it all away. What a cracking little player I thought he was. went downhill at 25.. oh dear. think he’s retired nu


  12. Can see it been 2 or 3 nil tonight.
    Ranger is a waste of a pair of underpants, sometimes its better to cut your losses. The club has invested time and money in him and up to now he hasn’t repaid anything back, apart from being an absolute cock.


  13. @KeithRToon

    Keith just been tweeted off ranger

    NilePowerRanger Nile ranger
    any1 know where keithRToon lives so I can put a cap in his homie ass
    3 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    can I have your address pls 🙂


  14. Haha BS Mark, did you actually tweet him?

    The lad wouldnt last two minutes. That ridiculous looking Range Rover would be on bricks before he even parked up and got out of it. Quicker than an F1 pit crew the young uns round here! The grannies would beat your ass lol


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