The indestructibles?

Fitting the pieces together?
Five games into the Premier League season and we are currently sitting fourth with a total of nine points and find ourselves unbeaten in both the English Premier League and the League Cup.

I have been delighted with the start to the season so far but the question I’m raising in this piece is whether or not we’ll be able to continue this run?

At the start of the season when I saw the fixture list for our opening three or four games of the season I thought it could be a very tough start to our campaign to consolidate our Premier League position. How was I to know that we would end up drawing with Arsenal, winning against Sunderland and with five games into the season finding ourselves in fourth place? Not that I’m complaining of course.

Defensively we already look a better side than we did last year and the work that Alan Pardew has done with the defence during pre-season looks to have reaped huge benefits for us. Both Steven Taylor and Fabricio Coloccini look a lot stronger than they did last year and both seem to have worked on their stamina to be able to sprint and not use their reserves. Steven Taylor looks like he has lost a lot of the weight that he gained throughout last season and that has done him the world of good as he looks like a very solid player for us. The addition of Davide Santon will be one that helps the defence to continue this unbeaten run although Ryan Taylor has so far put in performances to indicate that he is very capable of playing at left-back.

Tim Krul is now our number one goalie and he has certainly demonstrated in the six games so far that he is a very very good goalkeeper. Notably in the Carling Cup match away to Scunthorpe he made a number of saves throughout that kept us in the game. In the games that we have played so far I have felt very comfortable with him in goal and his performances will be vital in helping us to continue our unbeaten run.

There have been changes in the midfield with Yohan Cabaye taking over the place of our previous captain Kevin Nolan. Cabaye has been adjusting to the Premier League and the style of English play but I noticed in the Aston Villa game this was when he looked most comfortable. In the game on Saturday he certainly showed that he can produce the goods for us. The midfield does look very strong with Cabaye and Cheik Tiote in the middle of the park. Those two will be able to win the balls for us in midfield when the games need someone to take charge. In addition to this we have Gabriel Obertan and Jonas Gutierrez who are two traditional wingers who will be able to help the defence out in times of need.

Leon Best in particular has shown that he is able to provide goals for us. He has scored a total of three so far and I think he will be able to add many more to that total for us this season. He looks very nifty up front and his partnership with Demba Ba could be one that we will see more of this year.

With the return of Hatem Ben Arfa we have another ‘piece of the jigswa’ added to our side that will hopefully help us to continue our unbeaten run. A fully fit Ben Arfa (touches wood) will be devastating. He showed in the game against Everton last year that he has a phenomenal left foot on him. He will be the type of player who can run at defenders, crossing the ball and contributing efforts on goal. I definitely think that Ben Arfa will become a key player for us this year and I am looking forward to seeing him playing regularly in a black and white shirt.

The tactics that Pardew displayed during the Villa match show that he knew how to break other teams down and we were unlucky not to take all three points from that game. It also shows that he learns from mistakes in previous games. My case in point being the QPR game where we were unlucky not to be thrashed three or four nil. Pards made several changes to the way that we played in that game for the match against Aston Villa and it reap dividends as the team played considerably better than they had done. From this I think that Pardew is another key piece in our jigsaw for keeping this unbeaten run going and he has demonstrated this in our six games so far this season.

Overall there is a lot to suggest that we are capable of keeping this run going and as the team are beginning to click into gear. I think that the team will be able to perhaps punish sides that we play, although we haven’t seen any of it yet when the team finally begin to gel I think we may be a force to be reckoned with.

This is perhaps the making of a very strong Premier League side.

About Zoë Vicarage

A lifelong Newcastle fan. Currently exiled in Sunderland studying Sports Journalism at the University of Sunderland Follow me on Twitter: @ZoeVicarage

127 thoughts on “The indestructibles?

  1. yes I did bet against us, I thought we would loose so I thought I had a chance to make some money.

    We drew, the bet was wrong, I lost money, we move on.


  2. Spence…sorry mate. it’s shocking imo…..dozens of other games you could bet on. If you bet you always want to win that bet, therefore if you bet against Newcastle then you want the Toon to lose, no arguing against that I’m afraid. Dissapointed mate.


  3. I didn’t want Newcastle to loose, I never want Newcastle to loose, I just thought we would loose, also I did bet on other games also.


  4. Spence…nae excuse mate, ya neva bet against mate, even if we’re playing Barca wi me up front 😉

    Did ya ever fone Izzy after ya no show?


  5. No, I got an offer to play for foggy hall u17 so im just training with them mate, I wouldst have got in for them like, there to good.


  6. There were some people out there who wanted Barton to score for QPR against us to add weight to his delusional anti Newcastle propaganda…won’t mention names but suffice to say he’s on .org a lot & he’s a total cnut


  7. aye, its good thanks 🙂

    Better than shithole Sheffield, im still struggling to find a decent takeaway to fill my belly haha, got a kebab last neet and it had beetroot on it, I was like what the fuck is this haha!


  8. Witters….you havnt really narrowed it down there like 😆

    Spence…the big tests in winter and its minus 10c and ya not a.llowed a jacket 😆 ………for Kebabs try the royal chippy in Dudley..feckin huge


  9. Think we’ll have a better idea of where we’ll finish after November – we’ve been quite lucky in at least three of the unbeaten games where opposition finishing has been terrible – although we dominated villa they had some easy chances to win the game
    Man u / city / Chelsea prob won’t miss those chances


  10. Im not arsed about quantity its about the quality 😛

    and im solid mate, I can deal with minus 20, i played for Antarctica football team once, we were playing skins as well ;D


  11. see ya Dave

    Spence, ya could still try Izzy, just pop along……I wouldnt let ya cos yara [email protected] but Izzy is more mellow than me…or even pop along and watch them incognito to see what sort of standard they are.


  12. RT- ide feel a [email protected] now, ive let him down a few times like, and im so unfit, ive not played a game for like 7 months. Played 5-a-side last night, which imo is harder than 11 cause your always chasing but i was twonked after about 18seconds, and witters, if there was a bird i was trying to bang, i wouldn’t be a no show 😉


  13. Spencer…whey if ya watch them and want another go, I can see how the ground lies…subtley……….half the feckers play pissed anyway…or worse………..and nae Geordie lass would have ya 😆


  14. oh aye that’s what you think RT, they are over me like a rash pal 😉

    and nah its alright mate, im going to get my fitness back up then maybe next season like 🙂


  15. League cup show starting now..,

    A result against Blackburn will set us up
    for a decent season I reckon. Just got to keep up this habit of picking up points.

    Does anybody know of any good methods to alleviate shin splints?


  16. hahah you filthy little minx RT!

    I better be off as well, will never wake up in the morning otherwise like haha.


  17. Can’t help but feel sorry for Ruiz. He has had a torrid start to his Premier League career. It can break some players. Still, I think he has got too much quality to just disappear. Think he, Zamora and Dembele will be key to Fulham’s season and could potentially get the West London club a top half finish.


  18. Champions League all the way.

    fuck Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Spurs.

    I’m quite happy to live in my own deluded little Geordieland, where all the trees bear trophies. Piece of piss really.

    “the heady days of Champions League foorball have gone”

    ….my arse.

    HOWAY THE LADS!!!!!!!!!


  19. I love it how fans still sing “We’re gonna win the football league, we’re gonna win the cup…”

    Erm…no you aren’t


  20. I’d challenge you on that Moreno. I am a fan and frequently win cups. Admittedly I have longer than usual arms, and my fingers are webbed, but I am the master at hook-a-duck. It’s all in the wrist action. Sick of Bon Jovi mirrors though, gora fkn cellar full. Canit givem away.


  21. ….no am not.

    Moreno, genuine question, are you Scottish or Geordie? I know what you sound like. There’s a Glasgi-twang. But I’m also picking up other interferences.


  22. Born n raised North Shields mate, nowt scottish in me. Although I get in to something Scottish once every year at christmas…the wife…


  23. North Shields Moreno, aye, which bit? Just brought a tear to mi eye there.

    am a Whitley Bay lad mesel but all mi best mates were from Smith’s Park, Tynemooth ind Porcy Main.


  24. Lived in Whitley for a bit, Marine avenue. went to Marden in cullie so used to knock about Tynemooth more than shields as I lived just up from Linskill.


  25. Those were the days….mongolians (dunno where he was from but thats what we called him) booze buster over the road serving us at 15…


  26. Temples for me Moreno, on Whitley Rerd, a think. Used te sell ahlsorts.

    …would sell chicken to a marmoset that cunt.

    …parallel street to the Aletza.


  27. How many people cried and talked down Ashley and Newcastle at the beginning of the season no look.

    You all asked Ashley to communicate with the fans, well here is the communication unbeaten in 5 with the least goals conceded in the league.

    How you like them apples?


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