Is it time to credit Alan Pardew?

Pardew has every right to smile!
We are now seven games into the new football league season and we’re still unbeaten which has come as a surprise to a lot of fans.

Many expected a poor start when the fixtures were announced and we had the away Derby, Arsenal and Villa in the first 5 league games. But with 9 points from the first 5 games, with two victories and three draws we’re lying in 4th place.

We’ve also played 5 out of our first 7 games away from home which makes the fact that we’re still unbeaten an even greater feat. Granted we’ve only played against Scunthorpe and Nottingham Forest, but we’ve not played our best side, and still pulled out victories, albeit after extra time.

I know some will say that he didn’t get us that striker, but really that’s not his job. He suggests players and then the board then have to sort him out. The fact the board didn’t follow up their end of the bargain isn’t really Pardew’s fault.

I believe that Pardew side of the job is just to manage the players on the pitch, and on the training ground, and he’s certainly doing that well.

Pardew has got his tactics wrong a couple of times this season, the games that have stuck in memory are the away game against Sunderland where in the first half we really struggled to keep hold of the ball, but after half time we were much improved.

Also the away game against QPR was another poor decision by Pardew to play 4-4-2 against the four in the middle for QPR. In the second half Pardew changed the formation and brought on Sylvain Marveaux, who made a three in midfield which stifled the creative flair of QPR’s Adel Taarabt who was previously running the show, a tactical change which managed to nick us a point.

Something else which Alan Pardew is very good at is putting his confidence in his players. Since his arrival there have been huge turnarounds for both Steven Taylor and Leon Best who were frozen out by Chris Hughton. Recently Pardew has emphasised the importance of Hatem Ben Arfa to the team, and hopefully he can bring out the best of him.

I have to say that Alan Pardew has surprised me since he arrived at NUFC, he wasn’t my first choice, but he wasn’t my last either. I certainly think he’s an improvement on our previous manager Chris Hughton, which is hard to argue with in my opinion.

It may surprise you but Alan has managed Newcastle for 30 games to date. His record stands at 10 wins, 12 draws and 8 losses. That’s a very good record for the team he’s had to work with. A couple of these may be cup games, but to keep it simple if he sustained that record of 38 games we would finish the season on 53 points (rounded down from 53.2). That points tally would have been enough to get us 8th place last season, 1 point behind Everton in 7th, that’s something to think about.

Under Pardew we pick up 1.4 points per game, which is nothing to complain about. The most important thing for me is that we take points out of 73.3% of our games, which is a very good stat. Also a win percentage of 30% isn’t too bad either. Compared to some other managers it looks poor, but not many managers pick up points in as many games as Pardew, and lose less than they win, or lose less than they draw. Hopefully his record keeps on improving.

At the moment I’m like a lot of others and I’m just wondering how long this good start can be kept up. On paper it could go on for a while longer, but the game isn’t played on paper. Our next fixtures are…

Blackburn (H)
Wolves (A)
Tottenham (H)
Wigan (H)

Three of our next four games are at home, which is a positive for us as we’ll have the backing of at least 40,000 fans even if people are “voting with their feet”. Out of our next four games the only team who are better than us are Tottenham, the other 3 teams are on the same level. I’m not saying that we will remain unbeaten after those four games, but it is possible.

With Ben Arfa coming back and Santon reportedly beginning training after the Blackburn game we will be near to a full squad to choose from, so it could be exciting times again. But as a Newcastle fan, it’d be daft not to worry about the bump in the road, which hopefully we can avoid this season.

Time for Pardew to get some credit?

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82 thoughts on “Is it time to credit Alan Pardew?

  1. Wow. Some amazing plonkerage on here, but at least it’s an ever-dwindling minority.

    Those calling AP a ‘puppet’ etc. just need to be honest with themselves. He is largely aligned with the strategy the club set out to him when they hired him.

    What the hell is wrong with that?

    Truth is these slaggers-off just don’t agree with the strategy and seem to honestly think it would be a good thing if the manager was at war with his bosses. Anything else and he’s a ‘patsy’. Any state of affairs other than the owners being humiliated and leaving is “utter chaos”.

    We don’t have chaos; haven’t had in a while. What we have is a strategy that you don’t like, and you take anything not aligned with it to be some kind of evil to be resisted.

    BUT the good news is that this viewpoint is dwindling away as the club continues to progress as per the plan, with results steadily improving year to year. I wonder if Craig and others will still be calling for rebellion if we qualify for the CL in a couple of seasons?


  2. JJ @7 Nice to know you’re thinking about us. At least Thad is now making an appearance, I see.
    Can’t speak for Troy. Thought I’d find him here. As for me, I’ve had to take time out to do some of that thing I call “life”. I used to moan on to wor lass about the amount of time she spent on the PC with Facebook. I’m in danger of overtaking her on here.
    Credit to Pards for the results. Lets give him a season at least though before going overboard. That’s all I’ve been saying too of Cabaye. Lets just keep it real. I’m a critic of Pards not so much of his team selections or tactics (which of course is the main thing), but rather of what comes out of his mouth at times, namely lies and misinformation. If he wins us a cup, I’ll forgive him.


  3. Toonsey/Hydeous Yes – he’s from the same street in Southfields (wimbledon) I moved into. They don’t all speak like him though innit


  4. Nobody is putting forward the names of better managers. Same with the striker fiasco. Which strikers could we attract to the club? 95% of the named linked to us were underwhelming.


  5. I’ve rated Pardew for a long time, and have been on the other blog ( Ed) defendimg him lots. he’s a mile ahead of Hughton. He’;s a motivatormwhen he needs to be, highly analytical in advance of games, works well with Carr and hasnt bought a duffer yet. We’ve been lucky in games this season – a lot – but we have spirit, and more games to come. He’s also calm, and believes in defence, which is what we need, although he is lucky to have a guy like Colo…


  6. Pardew is skilled at ‘management speak’………all managers no matter what the business have to live on the balls of their feet, constantly adjusting to the political strategy being imposed from above, and quelling unrest below. I’ve said it before….getting a team to play at their peak week-in week-out is a psychological minefield and if you include the fans as part of the team [and you must, because their negativity will impact on the players], then Pardew is doing brilliantly. Considering most Toon fans probably didn’t want him he’s managed to keep stability at a club that was on the verge of another melt-down. Previous unwanted managers [Fat Sam Sourness etc] failed miserably…we fans if we are truly ‘supporters’ need to do our part and show solidarity with the manager, the players……and the club and let them get on with their respective jobs.


  7. Joe Soap at 81.

    Well said matey. Pardew is doing a fantastic job. He has had to put up with fans and players who didn’t want him, a “complex” owner to say the least and a very average squad. Given all that he has been 1st class.

    To call him a “puppet and a patsy” is unreal. Clearly he doesn’t call the shots and sign the cheques on every detail of tranfer ins and outs but not many managers do these days.


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