Which wingers would you pick?

Marveaux deserves a chance!
The last few games have seen us use a number of wingers, who are all vying for a first team place against Blackburn.

Not only are they competing for the Blackburn game, but the strength in depth of our wingers means we’ll have competition throughout the season, barring an injury crisis.

I’m sure everyone will have in their mind an idea who they want to start on the wingers, but with five players that can potentially play there Pardew has a big decision to make.

The options for Alan Pardew are:

Jonas Gutierrez – You know what you get from Jonas; you get a lot of hard work and constant running. Jonas is a good player to play when you need to help a full back, which we need to currently as we’re playing Ryan Taylor in that position. This was proved when Jonas made Jose Enrique look a lot better than he actually is for two seasons.

The end product from Jonas is the poor thing, he’d be one of the first names on the team sheet if he could actually shoot, or pick out a man, but it rarely happens. He also gets us a lot of free kicks, which is good as we’ve got plenty of aerial ability in our line up.

Sylvain Marveaux – A lot of fans won’t have seen much of Marveaux, but at the City Ground on Tuesday he was the stand out player, and he ran Nottingham Forest ragged. I know it’s only Forest, but he showed some brilliant touches and looked the all-round winger we lacked last year.

He’s got bags of pace, a good touch, great vision, a good cross and isn’t afraid to have a dig, which really impressed me. He may not bring the same work rate as Jonas but quality wise he is far better in my opinion.

Gabriel Obertan – There’s been mixed reactions about Obertan this season, but I am of the opinion he is a good signing and gives us another string to our bow. Last season we lacked pace after we got rid of Routledge, but this season that isn’t the case. Obertan can provide some moments of brilliance, and some poor moments, but his pace can destroy teams.

Obertan has a good touch and can pick out a pass, something that needs to be worked on is his final ball, but he pulled out a beauty of a cross on Tuesday night, so he can cross sometimes. Obertan scares the life out of teams with his pace, and when he runs at his defender at speed they struggle.

Hatem Ben Arfa – Ben Arfa isn’t currently an option to start but in a few weeks time he’ll be flying and he will then be an option. Ben Arfa can play off the striker or on the wing, Pardew has said he doesn’t like playing him on the wing, but I feel at home we’re likely to play one winger, Ben Arfa floating and two strikers which is why I included him.

Ben Arfa looked tricky on Tuesday night; he breezed past defenders at times like they weren’t there and put the ball on a plate a number of times for Lovenkrands. Ben Arfa brings a bit of class to our line-up, which we already have with Cabaye, but Ben Arfa will make us even more exciting.

Sammy Ameobi – Sammy has burst on the scene after an impressive pre-season with the club. He’s very raw at the moment, but he has already proved that he can change a game and Pardew seems to be giving him game time in front of other senior players.

Sammy is a mixed bag, completely. He’s got very tricky feet and glides past defenders but his end ball isn’t normally the best. Sammy seems to cross the ball in along the floor at all times, and it’s usually intercepted, but he’s very good at getting to the by-line. His height also means he’s another big man in the box, and as he showed against Scunthorpe he can strike a ball.

The fact that we’ve got four or five wingers to choose from really highlights the strength and depth of our midfield this year. I know will say that Sammy is only a kid, but he’s a good player to have in the squad and brings us another dimension, even though he didn’t cost millions.

I know some of you will disagree with me, but the two wingers I would go with for Blackburn would be Gabriel Obertan and Sylvain Marveaux. My reasoning behind that is because I feel we will have plenty of the ball, and these two will be able to get at the Blackburn full backs.

Obertan’s pace will cause them big problems, and Marveaux’s all-round ability is something that would give us an extra threat. Marveuax also seems like he’s not afraid to burst into the box or have a shot, which Jonas lacks.

So, who would you play on the wings?

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44 thoughts on “Which wingers would you pick?

  1. I agree with u, obertoon and marveux for me. We are at home and should be pushing forward. HBA is a forward and I’d bring him on after an hour. Think sammeobi will be used as ranger was last year, he’s impact and unpredictable


  2. 100% agree, I just never rated jonas. But maybe when santon comes back we should put Raylor on the wing and see what he can do from there rather than out of position…


  3. I would go with Jonas and Marveaux , if fit , with Obertan coming off the bench to attack tired legs with his pace.


  4. While we are playing Raylor at left back and 4-4-2 I think Jonas needs to start simply for his tracking back and the way he helps the full back out. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well Raylor has done at left back (I’m not saying he’s a world beater or anything) especially as he is out of position but without Jonas helping him out I don’t think he would have done half as well.

    I also think we need to keep faith with Obertan on the right for now because he is still building up his confidence and the more he plays the better he is looking.

    Moving forward…. When Ben Arfa is back to full fitness and hopefully Santon comes in at left back I would like to see us moving to a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3 with Jonas or Obertan dropping to the bench as an impact sub with Sameobi for the 4-2-3-1.

    Obertan–Ben Arfa–Marveaux



    Ben Arfa—Ba/Best–Marveaux

    Obertan–Ben Arfa–Marveaux


  5. Jobey I was at the city ground as well and was also very very impressed with Marveaux. It’s the first time we’ve had a proper winger that can actually cross the ball in ages!
    I would play Jonas on the right, he’s a player that will always attempt to drive forward. Underrated. Still cant cross though


  6. Good article mate. I think Pardew may stick with the side that started against Villa today but for the future I would like to see Marveaux left and Jonas switch to right, see if his crossing / end product improves when he doesnt have to cut back onto his good foot all the time. Have been impressed with what I have seen of Marv, very tidy player, has a to more to his game than just pace.

    I like Obertan too, as you said his pace scares the life out of teams, but his final ball needs to improve, cross on Tuesday was superb though, more of that please! Think he would be a great option for away games with HBA and Marveaux when we are forced to counter attack more than dominate games, pace of the three of them is scary. In saying that Jonas takes a lot of pressure off… it`s a tough one ha.

    I would say Jonas right and Marveaux left for the moment with as Johno said, Obertan coming on against tired legs.


  7. Jobey good article mate, but I wouldn’t drop Jonas he doesn’t deserve to be dropped.
    But I do believe that we have problems in who we pick which is a nice problem to have but not really nice for the good players that dont get picked 🙂
    How about this for a weird one Jonas as LB with Marv, Benny or Gosling or Sammi, and Obertan ?


  8. Away at Blackburn. Not the easiest but could have been worse. I see the team with least interest in the cup got tge plum draw. How fucking predictable…


  9. @ 13 I know thats a bit unfair on Raylor but to be honest Jonas has done 50% of his defending so it’s obvious he isn’t up to power.
    Jamie @ 3 im just glad you don’t pick our team if you think Raylor ( who is a player I like and think he gets a lot of unfair abuse ) is a better option than Jonas


  10. For me Jonas has to stay in the side. His protection of Raylor is vital at the moment.

    I’d have thought that watching Enrique and his indifferent firm at Liverpool combined with the amount of times he’s been ripped would have given people an indication of how important Jonas is but apparently not….


  11. Toonsy @ 18 for a change your spot on old bean 🙂 I just cant understand why Fans cant see how important he is, as I have said before instead of looking out for what he doesn’t do they should try looking out at what he does do


  12. Carling Cup round 4 –

    Wolves v Man City
    Cardiff v Burnley
    Blackburn v NEWCASTLE
    Arsenal v Bolton
    Stoke v Liverpool
    Aldershot v Man Utd
    Crystal Palace v Southampton
    Everton v Chelsea


  13. Marv & Jonas for me, oblong heed to come on later in the game when Marv is tiring. Jonas must be start as he always puts a shift in covering for RT, not calling RT just stating the obvious.


  14. @26. That’s why when Santon comes on, hopefully Jonas won’t have to cover as much and can shift to the right, opening up a spot or Marv. As you say Obertan as an impact sub


  15. Marveaux on the left Jonas on the right, but with a view to fetching Obertan on early in the second half. Give them all a chance that way.


  16. Jonas just has to stay in the side if Raylor is in the side, whether he is at right back or left back. As much as his free kicks and forward play can help us out he’s just not a defender. If Jonas is out we’ll see him getting skinned week in week out, likely carded more often than not with the possibility of a straight red.

    When Santon is fit we could move them both to the right so as not to break the new partnership, and then start Obertan/Marveux along with Santon, hoping they can form a strong partnership. The problem then is that we have a very untested left side and they’d also get muscled out fairly easily.

    Personally I’d whack Marveux on instead of Obertan and then use Obertan for the last 20 and maybe Sammy for the last 10 if we really need it mixing up.


  17. HaHaHa like them all on sky sime….rarararara…football was inveneted by sky…rararara….if you dont spend 100million you can go nowhere,,,,rarararara…..all clubs need to spend money so they need the sky cash,…..rararara….. 99% of it is bullshit


  18. If RTaylor is so shite that he can’t be trusted to play a half without Jonas in front of him maybe we should play Jonas at LB, Marveaux at LW and Obertan RW.
    I know its not Raylor’s fault he’s playing out of position (its entirely down to not getting Pieters, or sensible cover, during the transfer window) but the thought of having to arrange the midfield around protecting him until at least January is not particularly enjoyable.


  19. think marveaux will come on for Jonas and ben arfa for best or ba, then again suppose it all depends on how the game goes – if Blackburn are all over us then we’ll need to keep Jonas on to help raylor out


  20. I agree, Marv and Ober should start on the wings as we should attack straight from kick-off. Benny should come off the bench in the last half-hour so to tear the remaining life out of the Blackburn defense.


  21. off topic but seen how young fergieis as a left winger……but what are the thoughts on young tav when he gets back? and kazenga? i know they are young but great to see them doing well…..hope phil airey does well on loan.
    (tavernier moved out of a defence roll and put up midfield(right wing)…..he will pop them in the box all day long!!!)watching league 1 carlisle,and brighton….


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