It’s a results business, so how do ours compare to last term?

An improvement on last term against Sunderland
With an impressive start the mood among fans is one of renewed optimism and belief that a good season may be on the cards for Newcastle.

The performances against both Aston Villa and especially Blackburn have gone a long way in enhancing that belief. Although we all know tougher tests are to come the general consensus seems to be one of quiet confidence.

Some still say we have not been really tested yet. I would agree to an extent and believe Wolves and Spurs will prove to be tough opponents in the coming weeks. That said I think there are no easy games in the Premier League any more, newly promoted QPR proved that much.

Despite what peoples opinion may be on the strength of sides we have faced or the standard of some of our performances, the Premier League is a results business. Regardless of whether you play a team off the park or grind one out with backs to the wall, points on the board is what is most important.

So going off that train of thought I wanted to compare our results to last seasons corresponding fixtures to see if our points tally does flatter us somewhat….

Arsenal (Home)
Last season 4 – 4
This season 0 – 0

Sunderland (Away)
Last season 1 – 1
This season 1 – 0

Fulham (Home)
Last season 0 – 0
This season 2 – 1

QPR (Away)
No corresponding fixture

Aston Villa (Away)
Last season 0 – 1
This season 1 – 1

Blackburn (Home)
Last season 1 – 2
This season 3 – 1

As you can probably see it makes for promising reading. We have not lost points on any opponent from the corresponding fixture last year. In fact we have improved on last seasons result in four of the five games that were comparable.

Some can say we have not been tested yet and if it is a debate on strength of other teams it may be a legitimate argument. Personally I am only concerned with our strength and against the same opposition last season our results were not good, in fact we didn’t win any of those five fixtures.

All in all we are 8 points better off from these fixtures than we were last season. As well as that we have stopped the abysmal record we have at Villa Park, sealed our first win against Blackburn at home for seven years and beaten the Mackems on their own turf.

Hypothetical of course as other results could go the other way yet, but if we had achieved those results last season with the goal difference taken into account we would have finished 8th on 54 points, losing out on 7th position to Everton on goal difference, +6 to +4.

Aside from direct fixture comparison, simply based on league position and points tally after six games last season, we are five points better off, have scored two goals less but have conceded only three goals this time around in comparison to eight meaning that our goal difference stands at plus four instead of plus one.

The obvious conclusion to draw is, to date, we look like we are definitely a better team than we were last season. Results speak for themselves and there is a clear progression there. Although there may be room for improvement and tougher times ahead, we are no doubt heading in the right direction.

Next up is Wolves away and then Spurs at home. Both good sides and personally would not be too disappointed with the same results as last season. Two points from the two games would be acceptable but in saying that the aim for the team should be more.

I think we should and will go out to beat both given our strong performances home and away lately and four to six points would be an extremely good return

What do you think?

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we want pride. we want pace. we want power. we want a team of bad ass mothas who won't take no crap off of nobody.

121 thoughts on “It’s a results business, so how do ours compare to last term?

  1. Jubilant scenes at Carrow Road as Norwich go one up. The fans celebrate in the local fashion, giving each other high sixes.


  2. Dubtoon – That move for Sittu got cancelled. They had another cancelled aswell. Halliche? Neither could get international clearance for whatever reason.


  3. ICE – much happier with ba ba ba ba ba around, for ZILCH (and a couple of back handerz) …. wud have offered max 2 max 3 mill for WICKham .. thats the right price for a 17-18 year old like him … brucie f cuked it hasnt he


  4. @Andy lol

    Sunderland are crap, they should try some cheaps frogs instead of ManU rejects 🙂 saying that OShea, Brown must be gutted playing for S’land, its like working in Harrods one minute then finding yourself in the warehouse of the pund shop the next.

    ganning doon 🙂


  5. TP aye but i know we got ba for a few as you say back-handers,but 8mil plus back-handers racks up to a lot of bucks mate


  6. Cheers toonsy.

    My apologies valle. Just as well I’m not as “vocal” as some or I’d look a bit of a [email protected] 🙂 Could be a good idea so. Wonder if Newcastle pulled out so or they were genuinely pipped originally


  7. The realist’s were right when they said a little ambition goes a long way. I can see the Mackems getting all the way to Portsmouth on the back of this form.


  8. Evening TC .. aye, mebs we were wrong and we shud have spent some cash chasing connor WICKham or similar overpriced guff instead of Cabaye / Marveaux / HBA etceteraaaa etceteraaa … anyone else see brian ruiz miss for fulham the other day ..


  9. Alreet pipes.

    Did you see that Cabaye ran over 8 miles in the Villa game?

    That’s nearly as long as Barton’s rap sheet. And longer than Tugboat managed in 8 seasons.


  10. Always said Wickham would be a risky that neither us or Sunderland could afford. We both needed strikers who could hit the ground running and not ones that may come good in two or three years. Its all well and good signing potential, but when you need an immediate impact potential isn’t good enough.

    Bendtner also looked wank and has done since he went there.

    Mackems. Forever in our shadow.


  11. Bruce is still on target to beat the mackems all time record low of points.
    Would be surprised if he lasted til xmas, so I dont know why he was on a scouting mission at the Toon.


  12. Tugboat what a chump … 50k a week over 4, or is it 5 years even – money well spent by west ham very sensible good return


  13. Bender is wick .. every now and then he looks sort of ok ish and then he just doesnt give a s hit .. difference in hunger between him and Best / Ba / Cabaye / Tiote is unreal … brucie has bought all the s hit from teams he admires and they are s hit


  14. Don’t worry toonsy, im sure like big Andy he will have plenty of time to learn his trade in the championship. (then get a big contract off some american sucker) 🙂


  15. Aye tugger’s mugged himsel. But at least England’s best midfielder will be gracing the Champion’s League next season.


  16. Toonsy this one is class ‘The magpies, the seagulls and now canaries, think sunderland have a bad case of birdflu’


  17. aye, tugger knew we didnt want/need him same goes for barton + caroll has mugged it massively – no doubt his agent spun the business but he shud have known better than to mess with what he had even if he is thick as f uck


  18. Their match against west brom next week needs to be agent bruce’s last chance to stay in charge. Although, their mascot is a bird also. Tricky stuff.

    Saw some mackems wanting Gary Neville to take over. Yeah, that would work


  19. Good article and I must say I have been impressed with the way the lads started the season. I was worried about how they would start not because I thought they would be bad but because I thought they might take time to adjust like Colo and Enrique did but they were magnificent in the game against Blackburn and I hope they continue improving game by game as they have done so far. A bit off topic I know but I was checking out and saw that there are alot of youngsters who’s contracts end at the end of the season here is a list Samuel Adeji, Brad Inman, Conor Newton, Michael Richardson, Phil Airey, Tamas Kadar, Kazenga LuaLua, James Tavernier, Ole Soderberg and Sami Ameobi. Obviously that list is not including the ever green Alan Smith and Peter Lovenkrands lol. Danny Guthrie’s contract is also due to expire. Anyway just wondering if anyone watches the reserves regular and was wondering who they think we should keep. I have liked the look of Kadar, Lualua and Sami Ameobi from what I have seen and know Phil Airey was banging the goals in for the reserves last season. Heard Conor Newton is a Paul Scholes type player and Samuel Adeji has been described as a Ronaldo type player. Can anyone tell me what they think of the youngsters?


  20. Lua Lua….. out of those I’ve seen then I’d like to keep Kadar(seems to have lost his way a little) Tavernier, Lua Lua(think he’ll sign for Brighton though) and Sammy’s a must.Out of the rest I’ve heard good things about all of them so we’ll just have to see how Peter Beardsley rates them.

    ……..and back at the top of the predictor league after getting the scum score right………lets all laugh at them 😆


  21. Reet. Servers clicked over now. It clicked over right whilst I was writing something but hey ho 😆

    We’ve lost about 11 comments by my reckoning.Apologies for that but not a lot can be done unfortunately.

    Touch wood we should be fine to go now.Please leave feedback 🙂


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