View from the away end – Fulham

Mr 'As loyal as they come' now at Fulham.
I know it’s been a while since I penned a ‘View from the away end’ article. In truth it’s been hard finding fans for the last few teams in the series. I have been searching ‘blogs, fan sites and Facebook groups trying to find the last few teams to interview.

Fulham is one of the teams I struggled with being honest. I don’t know any fans personally and so I went on a bit of a search to find a willing supporter to take part. It was a little random how I found the man for the job to be honest. I was browsing a website, some of you may be familiar with it, For those of you not aware it’s a website that sells football T shirts, including some Newcastle ones.

It’s a great site and the lads running it seemed to be decent, genuine down to earth guys who love their football. Whilst browsing the website I noticed that one of the chaps – Paul that runs the place – is a big Fulham fan. I immediately emailed Paul and asked if he would take part in the Fulham edition of view and he kindly agreed to do so.

Fulham are a club that made a slow start to their Premier League campaign. With the distraction of European evenings, the London club have maybe been a little jaded during the early stages of the season. However Martin Jol’s men appear to be ready to make up for lost time following their impressive 6-0 thumping of QPR on Sunday afternoon. Here’s what Paul had to say:

How do you rate Newcastle fans?

Have always known a few Southern fans that are sound, but only through Cult Zeros have I integrated with proper Geordies. I’ve met a couple that are involved with the True Faith fanzine and they seem decent folk. On a broader scale they are always well supported and loud.

If you could have any one Newcastle player at Fulham who would it be and why?

I rate Cheik Tioté. Exciting to watch, works hard, high skill level.

Who is your favourite Newcastle player of all time and why?

There have been a few. Super Mac, being Fulham born and bred and a player and manager with us. However I got into football just as he was winding down at Arsenal. Philippe Albert was great to watch and did a good job on loan to us. Gazza of course. Though without doubt it would have to be Peter Beardsley. What a player both for his clubs and internationally. Seems a decent bloke too. I was very proud when he wore the white of Fulham and he was excellent despite being in the twilight of his career.

Certainly some legendary names came up there, good shouts indeed. Next question What do you think of St James’ Park?

A decent stadium, but the away end is a bit too up in the gods to enjoy the game.

What do you think of Mike Ashley?

I’m a football fan. So if the Newcastle faithful don’t like him, then I would have to agree. Renaming the stadium was odd, but it was never going to stick, well apart from in Sunderland perhaps. Though as I type, Newcastle are undefeated, so on the pitch things look good for you.

Fulham have brought in a top experienced manager in Martin Jol, but what do you think of Newcastle manager Alan Pardew?

Hmmm… not sure. He was touted around as potentially being our manager a few years ago. I wasn’t excited by the news I have to admit. Steady, perhaps a bit smug, however is doing a great job so far considering he lost some key players.

How do you think we did in the transfer window?

Time will tell I guess. Yohan Cabaye has had a lot of experience at Lille and is in the international frame. Davide Santon is young, Gabriel Obertan had some experience at Manchester United.

Bryan Ruiz – a player who Newcastle allegedly made a last ditch attempt to sign on deadline day – ended up at Fulham. How do you rate him?

Yes it was a bit Hollywoody – very Sky hyped, that a helicopter was awaiting to take him up to Newcastle! Maybe he hates flying? Jol played him from the off against Blackburn. It wasn’t a good idea and he looked overwhelmed. I’m sure he’ll come good, but he will need to adapt to the pace of the Premier League.

Who will finish higher in the league?

I’ll say Fulham on goal difference!

I normally ask fans for score predictions. Of course we have already played the fixture at St James- Newcastle won the game 2-1. What is your analysis of the game. Fair result?

An awful game played by two poor sides on the day. I think if we both could’ve lost we would have.

What’s your score prediction for the return fixture this season?

Let’s say a reverse for parity. 2-1 Fulham.

How do you think we did last season in our first season back in the Premier League?

With all the off-field problems I thought you did very well. (Hope that doesn’t sound too patronising!)

Which Fulham player should we fear when we meet again at your place?

Duff seems a man possessed when he plays Newcastle, but think he might spend a bit more time on the bench this season. Dembélé is an exciting prospect. Writing this after the 6-0 defeat of QPR I have rose-tinted glasses on. Players tend to come back and haunt us, so, although he didn’t play for Newcastle, perhaps a goal or two from Ruiz?

Finally I like to end these interviews by discussing a player that has represented both clubs. There has been a few to play for both (as mentioned earlier) but two come to mind. Firstly can I get your opinion on a player that was well liked at Newcastle – Aaron Hughes?

An unsung hero. Possibly one of our best value signings, certainly in recent years. Goes about his business very professionally. Off the field he seems articulate and a model pro. Has formed possibly Fulham’s best ever centre-half pairing with Hangeland. This has been most of our fans gripe with Jol as he tinkered with this by playing Senderos in the middle and moving Aaron out to the right. He’s injured at the moment, which is rare. Love to see him return but I am a great fan of Baird, so perhaps his place isn’t guaranteed. Nothing but praise for Aaron.

And one that isn’t remembered so fondly at St James’ (for the manner he left) Damien Duff?

I can appreciate the Newcastle fans gripe, though remember he did sin before by playing for Chelsea. As a Fulham player he has had some great games. I like him, that’s of course my own opinion.

Who could forget Duff’s infamous quote following Newcastle’s relegation – ‘I’m as loyal as they come’. This is what the Irishman said after promising Newcastle fans he intended to stay with the club. He will not be remembered fondly at all.

I must admit I forgot to speak with Paul about Clarky. Lee of course made himself an even bigger hero with the Newcastle faithful after wearing a certain T shirt whilst playing for a certain Micky Mouse outfit down the road.

I would like to thank Paul for his time and his feedback. It was nice to hear him mention certain legends he has admiration for. He clearly knows his football, although as always some of his answers will cause a bit of debate. Please do check out the Cult Zeros website, I’m certainly going to order the Coloccini shirt. Please stayed tuned for the remaining view from the away end pieces.

Here’s the website along with the Facebook and Twitter sites for Cult Zeros:

Go to their website
Go to their Facebook page
Follow them on Twitter

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141 thoughts on “View from the away end – Fulham

  1. what a top read this was …………..if i had time i mean i am working here but if i did have time and read this id say TOPPP articule i like the away end view its refreshing


  2. 4th I mean 4th, who would have believed it? of course we won`t end up there, but top 7-8th?———— Where`s Troy and Pootle??—— Maybe when we hit a poor spell which we will, out the leeches will return, arses!!!


  3. Just got in form work. I see I got more spicy replies on the Ben Arfa thread. In my opinion there is nothing as bad as this e-mail someone sent in via the “contact” tab at the top. I’ll just copy and paste it as it is from someone who is quite clearly a regular reader at least….


    where do you get off on wishing the club to fail? why do you want there to be some harm when there isnt any? your trying to hurt the very thing we all love by willing harm on it. two can play the game if that is the case

    ive read this site for ages now and for the most part it is very good, but when you try harming something i love then i have to fight back. i know your mrs is preggerz as ive read it on here and i can only hope that something bad happens to even out what youve done today. maybe then you will know what it feels like to have something you love hurt

    Actually physically disgusted with some people!


  4. wtf man anyone who has wrote that stand by your convictions and say who u are….. wtf

    toonsy i hope your clever enough to find this ba$tard and out him on here the efing snake wtf man !!!!!


  5. p.s man postive thoughts toonsy like this man mentions your wife is preggerz u have much more serious grown up things going on in your life to listen to this prick

    type of bloke or supporter who sings thru minutes silences no doubt what the hell man i am angry for u !!


  6. Ice Pup – It’s a fake e-mail address, and the I is one that hasn’t been used to comment on here but I’m working on it. If all else fails I’ll refer it the authorities. It’s not on, and that is being kind. I’m actually seething


  7. yes actually do report it to the police IF you cant find out who it is

    i am sure u know some wizz who can track the address down type thing jesus as much as i hate the guy for saying it i couldnt wish the same on him its vile and disturbed

    is there anyway of making you be a trial member and u need to post say 10 succesful comments before being able to contact or email etc

    something needs to happen chin up son






  9. I personally think it’s gone way OTT now. Way past me writing a thread that people disagree with. That stuff is just downright malicious.


  10. Christ toonsy, what the hell happened on the Ben Arfa thread?

    Surely he would have said “long time poster” if he was one. Piece of shit that he is


  11. need to change how to join or something to keep these pieces of sh!t off the blog maybe need to have a full name and address type thing or something

    its a long shot but type it into say tagged facebook twitter etc and other sites see if u can pull something up on the person i bet they have used it before


  12. like i say id enter the email address into every site going and try and pull a picture up i really would its worth a shot


  13. Holy shit I just read it. Obviously there some venom from a couple of them that I’ve never seen post which would fit the long time “reader” mold. My guesses are at 56 and 86.


  14. sorry iv lost the plot iv even mentioned it to the lad im working with whos a makem

    even he said he couldnt wish it on his words “even a mag”

    terrible police it i really would or if say its hotmail or yahoo contact them maybe they can track or ban the person at least !


  15. the reaction of some of these tools to a perfectly valid article is astounding. As far as I’m concerned you can ignore the bulk of the critical comments mate. Over-sensitive, easily outraged, drama-queens who’ve embarrassed themselves

    But this scumbag talking about ur missus – talk about a disproportionate reaction. Think there’s something seriously wrong with this cretin

    Maybe you need to start screening comments… or validating accounts by email


  16. MDS – OHurley just popped up on Facebook when you said that. He’s watching you 😉

    M – Just talking with someone about it now. Like I said to him, even by locking down comments it wouldn;t have stopped it as it was a “contact” via the form at the top.


  17. back to work guys good luck with finding the lowest of the low….

    sorry toonsy u even had to read that its not nice but trust me people like myself owld dog and im guessing the rest of us guys appreciate all the articules and links and everything else u guys put on

    speaking for myself id be lost without the blog LONG MAY IT CONTINUE


  18. I would post some personal insult about the person that sent that to you Toonsy, but dont see the point. It’s obviously been sent by somebody that has a chemical imbalance in their brain. You cant try to reason or empathise with somebody like that. 😕


  19. That’s right MDS. Unforunately when you are a ‘public figure’ of any description, you will always get some unstable madman or woman wanting to shovel sh** on you for no good reason to anybody else, but to them it makes perfect sense…


  20. My God Toonsy, thats disgusting mate you have my sympathy, you shouldn’t have to put up with that crap.
    I would have a look at the Fantasy football entries and see if it shows up there too.
    Coward and prick spring to mind. Jeeez.


  21. What a low life piece of coward scum, have the balls to own up to your email and be careful what you wish on other people because you may get it back tenfold!!


  22. Toonsy that is low of the low, but please let it go over your head, DONT give them the attention they crave.
    If you do then they have won in that they have set out to hurt you,as they have even stated that they want to hurt you.
    Just rise above it as they are clearly thick as shit and dong deserve the attention.


  23. Holy crap toonsy, that is way too much. I’m expecting my first as well and would be sooo pissed if someone said that to me!

    First of all, that Ben arfa piece was just saying that he might be a bit grumpy. It’s not like you were thinking that HBA was filling himself with heroine and stabbing fellow teammates!


  24. Toonsy, have just read the comment and it is disgusting, the lowest of the low and how anyone can even think that never mind saying it beggars belief, it even tops the sick chants at Adebeyor, unbelievable.


  25. Toonsy

    I’m shocked. How anybody can say something like that is terrible. Don’t know how anybody can wish harm on anyone no matter what. At the end of the day all you did was put a view over about somebody who none of us really knows and nobody knows personally at all. We can all have views, so agree some don’t, but so what. Hopefully the player will come out and show on the picth when he gets his chance what he’s made of and we will all be happy. But for somebody to send an email to you with that kind of reaction and coments, is just disgraceful. Know there probably isn’t, but wish there was something you could do about them. Have them reported and have their ip address blocked, not just from this site, but as many as possible over the net.

    Know it won’t be easy, but you just have to forget about scum like that and know that you have the rest of the readers on here who support you and back you up.


  26. Attention seeking morons. Like Shamrock said above, if you’re a public figure of any sort and when a thousand people know who you are, there’s a good probability that at least a couple of them will be wonky in the head.
    You gotta ignore it toonsy, talk to any celebrity or semi-celebrity friend and you’ll know how bad it can get. They learn to take the good and filter out the bad.
    Anyway, the ball-less cretin has got all the attention he craves and more, I won’t be surprised if he has another pop at you. Just ignore it man, don’t even read shit if it starts off bad. You have better things to do with your time.

    I hope this doesn’t bother you too much. Also, I wouldn’t tell the missus! Great luck to her btw. and you. 🙂


  27. Can’t believe someone would stoop that low Toonsy – unbelievable and really sickening. Just rise above it mate they aren’t worth worrying about.

    The Ben Arfa article was perfectly reasonable and what a lot of us Toon fans probably thought might be a possibility when we first heard he was withdrawn from the reserve squad. It certainly crossed my mind. It’s the sort of thing that we’ve come to expect as there is always some drama just around the corner at the Toon.

    Keep up the good work Toonsy this is a cracking blog.


  28. Just caught what’s going on.

    Unfortunately there are some nutcases in the world and the internet gives them a louder voice.

    To respond is to let them win though. I get why you are angry but the best thing to do is to pity someone so pathetic with such a lack of intelligence.


  29. fkme @83, that is absolutely shocking mate. Obviously written by a lunatic. I hope you’ve banned them, they deserve a proper kicking for saying shite like that. Some people really are quite tapped. Jeeziz!!!!


  30. ….aye Bats, haha, it just came to me! Get that sometimes with awld words like. One just cropped up out of the blue for me the other day…..”fettle”, quality word.


  31. ….aye Moreno, ‘heed the baaall’ is class too. Quite a bizarre expression for a nutter actually. I do like ‘clarts’, although that one’s quite irrelevant.

    Mark, sorry mate, I did read your article, and it was quality again!

    A real no-brainer for the Fulham lad too!!! I bet he notices a spike in his NUFC orders. You should’ve bartered a commission referral deal with him! 😎


  32. “i know your mrs is preggerz as ive read it on here and i can only hope that something bad happens to even out what youve done today. maybe then you will know what it feels like to have something you love hurt”

    Wow, Some people seriously are beyond help…


  33. Toonsy, off-topic but also a bit on.

    Have you ever considered approaching fan merchandising sites, particularly t-shirt ones, to get a little revenue in for your troubles and contribute to hosting costs etc… There’s loads of room down the right hand column for some banner ads, and they’d all get hits. I personally don’t think it’d bring the blogs status down as they’d all be relevant. Actually, you might have some there already, I wouldn’t know as I use an add-blocking add-on! :mrgreen:


  34. I’ve just read this thread, thats a sick twat whoever that was. Hope you find him and ban him Toonsy, I don’t want to share a blog with people like that.

    Whoever you are: You should be ashamed of yourself for mailing that.


  35. Stuart thanks mate. Nice to know that tracking down fans, asking them qs, editing and typing up them all up is appricieted. Twat


  36. Lol don’t let him bother you mate. The rest of us appreciate them, good original stuff 😛 You got many teams left to cover dude?


  37. Cheers pal. It just grates on me when people say they dont like certain features when they dont realise how much effort goes in. Ive done like 16 of these and even tracking down fans is hardenough haha. Swansea blackburn and wba to go mate.


  38. Marktoon – Knowing Stuart I’m sure he does appreciate the effort that you put in. He is just merely saying that it’s not his cup of tea. I honestly believe that he’s not doubting the effort and commitment though mate 🙂


  39. Yeah I bet. It’s not just tracking down a fan – it’s finding one with a good football knowlege who likes to look at things objectively… The Blackburn one should be interesting with the crisis they are going through – They might actually see Ashley as the ideal boss!


  40. Toonsy- there is no need to comment though. If he doesnt like it dont read it, simple. Ive had good feed back from these articles and whatever the intention it annoys me that ppl slam stuff on here cuz we do it off our own backs for these guys.


  41. sweet read MarkToon. It must be hard work trying to find a different fan for each report, well done with your persistence.

    Phillip Albert was on loan? was that b4 he joined us?

    Nice to hear he rates A Hughes so highly. Such a superb pro, one of the best overall in my eyes. If he had of been 6inches taller he would of been awesome.


  42. @83 what kind of freak would say something about a pregnant woman. absolute twat. I’d personally take his I.P address and hunt the fucker down and bat the living daylights out of him if that remark was made to me, not suggesting u do that toonsy..I can’t believe ppl would get so hyped over an article. Disgusting comment, totally stepped over the line.


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