Luuk there’s another name on the list!

Will he doing this for Newcastle after January?
The Sunday Sun claims that Newcastle are eyeing up FC Twente striker Luuk De Jong as they continue to add names to their “January striker hitlist”.

They claim that Modibo Maiga is still the clubs no.1 target but they’re eyeing up alternatives in case that deal hits a snag, which it probably will after the problems between the two clubs in the Summer transfer window.

I’m not doubting anyone’s football knowledge here, but Luuk De Jong is hardly a household name so most may not have heard of him, so I’ll give him a little overview, with help from my online friend Wikipedia.

I’ve had a little look around the internet and I THINK that Luuk is no way related to Nigel “I can’t make a tackle without giving away a foul” De Jong.

Luuk De Jong is a Swiss born centre forward currently playing for FC Twente and the Netherlands. That’s possible because at the age of 4 he moved to Holland. Luuk has represented the Netherlands at Under 19, Under 21 and senior level. He has three caps for the senior team scoring 1 goal.

Luuk turned 21 this August, so he’s definitely in the age group of players that the current regime wishes to sign. For a 21 year old Luuk has certainly had a very good start to his career, which is why I think a lot of clubs will be after him.

His career began at De Graafschap and although unspectacular he scored 2 goals in 14 games, most of them substitute appearances but showed a lot of promise at a very young age. Luuk’s second goal for the club was an overhead kick, a couple of games later he got injured and De Graafschap got relegated.

Luuk then signed a 3 year deal with an option of a 4th year for FC Twente in July 2009. That is where his career really got going. Luuk has scored 22 goals in 51 games to date for FC Twente and he was the top goalscorer and assist provider for FC Twente in the 2010-2011 season.

He stands at 6 foot 2 inches tall which would stand him in good stead if he was to come to the Premier League, as he’s got a bit of presence about him.

Something which sprung out to me about his move to FC Twente is the contract length, I’ve had a look around and I can’t see that he’s extended it but I may be wrong. If he hasn’t that means his contract could potentially run out this summer if he doesn’t take the option of an extra year, meaning he could move on the cheap.

We’ve also got the added pull of his ex-team mate Cheik Tiote who he played with for a year and his international team mate Tim Krul. Possibly they could have a little word in the lads ear and direct him the right way, a bit like Ben Arfa did to the French players.

Anyway I’m certainly no expert on him but I’ve had a look around and done my best. Now it’s time for the obligatory Youtube video, sit back, relax and act like Dennis Wise.

Would you take Luuk?

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72 thoughts on “Luuk there’s another name on the list!

  1. Great article.
    He’s a player I’ve seen a couple of times whilst watching EuroSport and the Euro round up, and I must admit he has bags of potential. Twente will want top dollar but with no contract extension I think £6m-£9m would do it.


  2. I’ve seen him quite a few times and he’s certainly a talent, a bit like Roux at Brest but a tad more physical.

    Could definitely see us moving for him if his contract is running out as you say 🙂


  3. Just to add I dont think we will be spending money in Jan Lambs arse has stated before that player prices go through the roof in Jan and dont over value for money.


  4. Great young prospect and would be a brilliant signing , the lad just keeps getting better and scores at will . The great thing about him is he has tremendous self belief and makes scoring look easy , His brother is a defender that plays for Ajax and they went head to head in the last game of last season that Ajax won meaning they and not Twente ended as Champions . This lad would be a fantastic signing but can’t see it happening , if he is allowed to leave in january then bigger clubs than us will be in for him . Would be estatic if we pulled a double swoop off , this lad and Pieters .


  5. MORENO …SkyBet_Dale Dale Tempest
    by SkyBet
    Steve Bruce now 10/11 1st prem manager to go @SkyBet sustained support after an online gossip column said he was about to go


  6. I hope Brucie gets until crimbo so he can throw himself back into his widow twanky work with a smooth transition, Never nice to lose your job and wonder whats next, Everyone needs a calling.

    Never seen this lad play so cant judge him but i agree about Cisse looks class everytime ive seen him, Rather we went back for him and Ridgewell in january…


  7. Bruce sacked rumour was probably started by this bloke. Get’s almost everything wrong and makes stuff up:

    cwarr07 Colin
    Bruce agreed settlement package to leave #safc Short has already spoken to 3 managers, all currently out of work. Announcement imminent
    11 minutes ago


  8. This De Jong fella reminds me a bit of Andy Carroll just from the clip posted. If he is out of contract next summer we would probably get him for a decent price.


  9. A guy I fancied all of last season Wolfywinkel moved to Sporting Lisbon early summer and rumours are abound that Manure are interested in bringing him to the premiership. Don’t think we were ever in for him as he didn’t seem keen on England at the time but the lure of money can change minds


  10. Yeh get him in we need a stricker big time , i wonder if he has much pace tho i think we need a fast player next to ba to compliment him but the more talented footballers we can get on the books the better 😆


  11. I’m right with ya Keith. We need a striker who is clinical in front of goal, but also has a bit of pace. Pardew has even said that he wants a striker that offers something different from Ba or
    best. That’s why we were in for maiga, cisse, and Ruiz. Quick strikers.

    It’ll be interesting to see if anything happens in january


  12. Yeh lets keep the spirits high and not sell our top players in january and add a striker to the squad i would be over the moon its just that ittle feeling in my gut that says it wont happen i hope im wrong …. what do you think will it or wont it ? 🙄


  13. I have a strange feeling that we’ll bring in at least one player. Especially with the ACN coming up, we’ll need some quality to replace Ba.
    We desperately need another defender too


  14. Hope so really do i would be over the moon if we kept what we have and added to it with a striker and if we got a centre half as well i think i would pass out 😳


  15. One thing with Twente is although they will look to get the best price possible , they dont stand in the way of players moving to bigger competitions /teams . Their chairman is realistic about not being able to stand in the way of players moving to bigger leagues .


  16. Thanks for that info Johnny.

    Not sure if I’m totally sold on getting excited about him if he came. Although I would still support him if he put that black n’ white on


  17. I mentioned this during the last window. not everyone’s cup of tea. but he’s still young, nearly out of contract and has prem experience.. Salomon Kalou..


  18. @11

    It’s Chinese whispers man. All started when some mackem texted his mate saying he had a Bruised Sack. 😛


  19. Alright lads, I’m back from my match 😀

    I would love for us to add a striker in the january transfer window, haven’t seen this guy and can’t make an opinion of him based on the video. Although I totally agree with what you say when he fits in with the regime’s model. I think if we do get a striker it won’t be someone we have been linked with etc


  20. ICE we won 3-1 well I was in a good position in the box but didn’t get the ball passed to me. Got a bit annoyed though but feeling a lot better

    DAN: There’s sure to be someone out there who we haven’t been linked with yet! 😆


  21. @TLR

    aye, I know what you mean m8. I just think he ticks a lot of boxes for the kind of player we’d likely sign. ppl were suggesting a world class player the other that will never happen under MA.

    Kalou must be rated tho if L’pool and Arsenal are supposedly interested.


  22. He’s not Swiss born, but born in Switzerland. His dutch parents lived there while they were playing professional volleyball. His older brother Siem plays for Ajax.


  23. Troy Stavers

    Were you being sarcastic on the last thread?

    Why on Earth would I favour England over the Toon?
    I hate the England cricket team (South Africa B)

    Can’t stand the football team. And can’t stand the rugby team.

    But for me, MY country edges the Toon. Just…


  24. I think even Shola would score against those defences, quite possibly the worst “sighted ” defending I have ever seen, you cant just allow the striker you are marking to roll you and then just stand still until he scores 🙄
    Nothing in the vid to say either way for me but good write up Zoe.


  25. I hate the England cricket team (South Africa B) 😆 😆 😆

    the players commit to a country in another continent in search of glory. And surrounded by Englishmen (and an Irishman), they achieve it to become world number 1.

    South Africa B 😆 😆 😆 😆



  26. Shnurgmeister
    October 9, 2011 at 19:34

    “I think even Shola would score against those defences, quite possibly the worst “sighted ” defending I have ever seen, you cant just allow the striker you are marking to roll you and then just stand still until he scores”

    And the overhead kick? The dink over the keeper?

    Are they yet again the wrong type of goal? The same type that Leon Best scores? I don;t remember all of Alan Shearers goals being screamers?

    End of the day he is in the right place at the right time and knows how to finish. Sure it may “only” be the Eredivisie, but we’ve not done too badly in bringing in players from other leagues…


  27. @JJ

    Not being sarcastic. I can’t understand how anyone could love the country before the Toon.

    I take it you are not a native of Tyneside?


  28. Moreno
    Four South African’s and an Irishman walk into a pub… Howzat? 😉

    Talent wise our cricket team is matched only by India. But they are a bunch of chokers. Hopefully under Gary Kirsten and with AB de Villiers that’ll change. Everyone in South Africa thinks Graeme Smith is a douche.

    Never heard of Luuk de Jong, but he doesn’t Luuk de Jong to me… *Ba dum Tish


  29. Troy,

    Nope, and I do understand how you passions towards the Toon would be far greater given your roots.
    I love the Toon, despite not being a native. But my country, is my soul and spirit. The Toon is too. But not to the same degree.


  30. Rick,

    You kidding me. His brother’s name is Siem de Jong… Hahaha. Good one.
    What’s the youngest brother, Appiah de Jong?


  31. JJ,

    That’s what has made us such a great nation all these centuries. We manage to snare the opponents greatest weapons and use them against them to spread our glory across the world. They practically beg to join our ranks.

    Why waste our time and energy flying our flag when others are so willing to do it for us? 😉


  32. Shola back in full training tomorrow.

    Does anyone know how far away Vuckic is from returning. His hand injury was only meant to keep him out till end of September.
    Got to get Guthrie and Lovenkrands off that team sheet


  33. Moreno
    Many of them have been forced out of South African teams by affirmative action.
    We must by law have at least five players of ‘colour’ in the team regardless of ability. 👿
    You’ll be getting a few more goodn’s when the next crop leave… 16-year old talents forced out despite not even being born when Apartheid ended. But let me not go there.
    It’s sad we lose the talent. Also has a bit to do with the mighty £.


  34. JJ – Is that what happened with Pietersen? The 5 in a team thing? for Natal or someone? I remember reading something about it in his autobiography a while back.


  35. Oh. Those quotas start at club level, not just International level. But ye.

    With regards to a striker for the Toon. Until Shola is pushed to the reserves I won’t feel easy. Very glad Best and Ba have shoved him down the order. I hate it when he plays. He slows down every attack.


  36. Jobey,

    Ye, KP was told it was best for him to move on because he was told he had no future in South Africa. He was displaced in the team by Gulam Bodi. Who isn’t bad, but nowhere near KP’s ability.

    Amen thing happened to Jacques Rudolph, but he stuck around and averages in the 60’s as batsmen, but can’t displace some players averaging 25 in the same team. It’s so politcal. Sad in sport. And it happens from age 6 and up.

    If I have to send my child to the UK to excel in sport I will. And I’m fiercely patriotic. It’d break my heart but many parents do it over here.


  37. @JJ

    Nothing wrong with your passion for your country but if you were a Geordie then it would be unforgivable to support England before your club.

    Geordie first. English second.

    The same thing can be said for those who don’t have passion for Englsnd.
    It’s your bloody country and it’s important.

    I just don’t get people who don’t have passion for their country. 😈


  38. October 9, 2011 at 22:05

    That;s awful. I;d feel bad if I knew I was just in the team because of my race or skin colour etc,”

    They do feel bad, Justin Ontong cried in apology to Jacques Rudolph when he had to pay in his place. Rudolph was told an hour before his debut he was pulled out because the quotas weren’t met and Ontong played instead. Ontong made a first ball duck and it ruined both players mentally.

    Charl Langeveld retired because he was selected ahead of Andrew Hall. He said “I don’t want to be picked on colour”.

    Money talks for many players though. They know they don’t deserve it butthey get a fat 5 year deal. Like Xisco at the Toon.
    Who can blame them. nit their fault, its the ridiculous politcal laws.


  39. Jobey

    It won’t change too soon, but hopefully through natural progression.

    There are some very talented ‘players of colour’ coming through that will probably deserve their place. But they problem is they are forcing it.

    In ten years or so, it would have happened regardless.

    But there will always be a colour divide with this “liberation” government.


  40. On the club and country thing (sorry, been away for a couple of days) nobody’s brought up the immigrant position, so I will.

    After you’ve adopted another country it’s no longer clear where your allegiances lie. I’ve lived in Australia for going on 33 years now. I love to see Australia lose at cricket, in fact I like to see them lose in every sport except football. I’d support Australia against England in football every time.

    I like to see England win in cricket, and most sports actually (curiously netball is one I would also support Oz girls in), especially against Australia. I’d support England at Euro Championships, but it wouldn’t bother me too much if they got knocked out at the group stages. I just like to watch the different football styles.

    I even have problems with Newcastle and Brisbane Roar. There’s probably nothing I’d want more than Newcastle to be European Champions … unless it’s to see Brisbane become Asian Champions.

    And what if they played each other for World Club Champions, who would I support? I suspect I’d support Brisbane, simply because of the repercussions it would have for football in Australia as a whole. However, if I was given the choice of supporting one or the other I’d choose to keep Newcastle. Newcastle has been a passion for 50 plus years, Brisbane has been a passion for 6.

    For similar reasons, I’d prefer Australia to win the World Cup than for Brisbane to be Asian Champions. It would simply have a much bigger effect on the sport (you have to realise that football is the 4th biggest football code in the country atm). So my loyalty there is governed by politics rather than passion.

    The thing is, at least for us migrants, it’s sometimes difficult to know where your loyalties lie. And when you live in a country that doesn’t have much of a football culture and which has a media that is downright hostile to football, the mix becomes even more scrambled.

    It ain’t black and white, that’s for sure.


  41. Ferguson has blocked Welbeck being called up for the U21S, they now have only one fit striker? Stuart Pearce says he understands and goes along with the decision as Ferguson thinks the player is tired from travelling? Heres me thinking Pearce was a big bad guy who takes no shit off anyone but it shows that if a club dont want their player risked, they can block the call up ( or is it another case of different rules for ManU?)


  42. “or is it another case of different rules for ManU?”………nail on head mate, we’d probably be fined if we did it 👿


  43. Can’t wait for the spurs game. That will be a true test of our ability.

    Beat them and the rest of the league will have to start and realise our results are not a flash in the pan.

    Get beat and it could shatter our confidence and the critics will be out in force.

    A draw will still be a decent result providing we play well.

    I predict a win and a full house. 😯


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