Is Graham Carr our biggest asset?

Graham Carr
I was talking to a realistic Sunderland fan (I know, I was shocked I found one too!) the other day and he was saying Niall Quinn was their biggest asset at their football club.

It got me wondering just who our biggest asset is. Not just players, but in general. Who is the man we couldn’t really do without?

Now as things stand we could probably get a big fee for Cheik Tiote and a year down the line even Yohan Cabaye, Tim Krul etc. So we do have players that could command a lot of money who are very important to us, but are any of these our biggest asset?

Could it be Fabricio Coloccini, our best defender and captain, who without not just our defence but our whole team would be weakened badly as his composure and ability to lead by example is crucial?

Could it even be our manager, Alan Pardew. He wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea when he arrived but he’s got our team playing some very nice football AND is getting results. I would argue if we secure the striker we clearly want in January this is best squad I’ve seen us have since Sir Bobby, and Pardew has to take a lot of credit for that.

The guy that has to take most of the credit for assembling most of our squad is our chief scout, Mr Graham Carr. I was doing some number crunching and noticed that we’ve brought in Hatem Ben Arfa, Davide Santon, Yohan Cabaye, Cheik Tiote, Gabriel Obertan, Demba Ba, Sylvain Marveaux, Dan Gosling and Mehdi Abeid for a combined Β£23 million give or take – Staggering when you see what other teams are spending.

Now I’m not saying Carr is responsible for all of them players signing with his scouting but sometimes it’s not just what he knows, it’s who he knows too. For example; Dan Gosling, we found out early that Dan was having a contract dispute with Everton, we pounced and got him on a free transfer ahead of a few clubs.

Yohan Cabaye is another. The French press were all quoting Β£8-10 million for him but we found out he had a release clause of Β£4.8 million, again we were straight in there and not many people could believe Yohan had joined us ahead of the lure of Champions League football.

So if we were to lose Carr, could he be replaced with someone as good as him? Possibly, but it would be a huge risk because without him, Ashley’s whole plan for the club has a massive flaw in it.

There is a big chance he won’t be replaced with someone as good, and Carr actually made a good point himself when he said;

“Being a Geordie and having supported Newcastle gives me a bit of an advantage, I think. You look at some players who are talented, but you just have to say: ‘They’re not a Newcastle United player.'”

So the likeness of Carr being replaced with A) someone who can do as good of a job as him and B) someone who supports us and knows exactly whether a player would suit the football club is very slim.

That is why I believe our chief scout is our lynch pin of the whole club and what we are trying to achieve. He is our biggest asset.

Who do you think is our biggest asset?

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54 thoughts on “Is Graham Carr our biggest asset?

  1. “So if we were to lose Carr, could he be replaced with someone as good as him? Possibly, but it would be a huge risk because without him, Ashley’s whole plan for the club has a massive flaw in it.”

    Never thought about that, although now I’ll add that Carr seems to have the trust of Ashley, so in that sense I guess he is kind of key 😯

    That lost of players for Β£23 million πŸ˜† We’ve pulled some pants down recently πŸ˜†


  2. He certainly seems to know what he is doing. I really like the bit about “he’s not a Newcastle United player”. That’s the way to build a solid team with spirit.


  3. He’s doing ok ish I suppose πŸ˜‰ ……although I suspect Finding out Cabaye’s release clause wouldn’t have been too difficult as I imagine his agent would be dying to tell anyone who was interested.

    Any news on Ba’s injury?


  4. Rich – All the players (apart from those on int duty) are back today so I bet we’ll find out more either layer today or tomorrow πŸ™‚


  5. Lets Rock the boat abit im gona say…

    Mike Ashley

    He is the man with the plan. It has taking longer to come to fruition than we as fans and i am sure he as an owner would have liked but the proof is in the pudding.

    -He paid most of our depts of

    -He has upgraded alot of the facilities for the team

    -He wants to bring through as many youth players as possible

    -He is buying players in their prime (22-26) for as cheap as possible which imo is much better for the long term future or NUFC

    -He has put a wage cap in place which same as above benifits the team in alot more ways than it hurts the team

    -He brought in this great scouting team and this great coaching team that i hear so much about

    Their is alot more reasons he is an asset but just cant be arsed listing anymore.

    Or in the words of the man himself “Newcastle’s best asset has been, is and always will be the fans”.


  6. Rich – Yes of course they would. In fairness I could buy them all and set them up on the front of my house just as they were. I still don;t think the mrs would be overly impressed though πŸ˜†


  7. Whey thats the local team here top of the league now, if they keep it up I’ll be watching the Real Madrids and Barcelonas here next season :mrgreen:
    Same amount of games as the Toon and same goals for and against 😯


  8. N,Irish he paid off the debts ?
    We still owe the same if not more now than we did when he biught the club.
    On topic I think Carr has done a good job, and will keep doing a good job for us even if his Son is a muppet πŸ˜†


  9. πŸ˜†

    “However, in some people, anything negative is practically ignored – with them retaining a positive world view”……Troy in a nutshell that like πŸ˜€


  10. Richie seems as if things are going good for ye from you turned your back, sorry I mean moved to Spain your ‘new’ local teams doing well and Spain is a top team.
    I bet Carroll wished he had the same luck. πŸ˜€


  11. I still believe it is early days to decide whether Carrs buys are quality.

    Far too early.

    Certainly doing well so far and I’m hugely optimistic compared to the days following the first few games but we’ve only played a fifth of the season.

    If we don’t end up atleast 7th having Β£35m unspent in the bank then it’s bad transfer policies IMO .

    I’m optimistic at the moment but these players have achieved nothing yet, neither Graham Carr.


  12. One has to wonder how much travelling could a man, who is turning 67 this month, take. It’s quite worrying considering one has to scour all over Europe for top young talents, instead of the adopting Wise’s Youtube talent network. On a brighter note, I do see him being head scout for 5 more years, hopefully which by then we’ll break-even.


  13. [email protected] – Yes, as Dan says really. I’d like to hope that in the next few years we’ll expand the scouting network. It’s something that has been neglected at NUFC for far too long now. With Carr as Chief Scout he’ll know who he can get in to do the leg work if he struggles.

    Mind you, Benidorm does OK and that is full of oldies, and Ice gets about a bit aswell πŸ™‚


  14. Ritchie @25. Dur, it’s because it’s the N from Newcastle and not the one in United. Thought that would have been obvious, like. πŸ™„ πŸ˜†


  15. Richie

    I was thinking the same thing, how do they know which one was the N from Newcastle. Haha.


    How do we know they were Carr’s buys and not Pardew’s/Hughton’s recommendations for scouting?


  16. aye, I read up JC’s interview the other day, on how the club is now making sure no more local talents wander away from our watchful eyes. Seeing the likes of Sammy Ameobi and Shane Ferguson coming through the ranks, plus the potential overseas bargains, I sense really exciting times ahead. And it’s bout time too, considering the amount of flack we have to put up with for the past 6 years or so.


  17. @JJ

    You’re right about the buys. According to Pards, he was responsible for a couple of them.

    My general point is that, it’s too early to claim the players brought in for this season are going to be successful or not.
    Certainly Cabaye looks like a good one so far but we are only 7 games into the season.

    Let’s consider the situation at the end of the season to assess the qualities of all the players, coaches, manager, scouts and owner.

    No one has proven themselves yet. πŸ™„


  18. JJ…Aye,they won’t know which ones which as they’re both exactly the same….hence one photo for both πŸ™„

    Micky Toon…. I’m guessing you’re the high bid for one of the N’s? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  19. TOONSY been to benidorm,didnt like it owr many english there and nee footy πŸ˜† and nee body to chuck your empty cans at,kna got to gan where theres a bit of footy on show at some point πŸ˜‰


  20. HITMAN hope hes ok,but have we been just waiting for this to happen? things have been ganning owr easy for thr toon lately its not like us πŸ™


  21. Nick yeah maybe that was a bit OTT as he can be funny I just dont feel there is any need for people to be OTT in the Camp dept πŸ˜‰
    Richie hows it going anyway mate, hows the Lass ? And still no regrets ?


  22. Dave fine mate, miss the footy like. Be better when/if we get our own place and wor lass is fine though doesn’t cope with the heat as well as me 😎
    agree with you over the ott campness bit though, it grinds on me.


  23. big dave this will cheer u up >>>>SkyGraemeBailey Graeme Bailey
    Nigel Worthington confirms that he is to stand down as Northern Ireland manager after Euro 2012 qualifier with Italy πŸ™‚


  24. Yeah Batty he’s away after tuesday yeha.
    Toonsy have have nowt against gay’s but even a gay Fella I tattoo can’t stand the camp ones, and he thinks they give gay’s a bad name. ❓


  25. One of the best lines ever !

    Even a gay fella I tattoo can’t stand the camp ones and he thinks they give gays a bad name.

    Woo hoo hoo hoo!

    There’s logic in there somewhere or possibly not! πŸ˜†
    I mean, do two butch gays give gays a good name?
    It looks even worse to me. πŸ™‚

    It’s not the builder out the village people Dave, is it? πŸ˜†


  26. The passionate fans are our biggest asset. Graham Carr is a fan which helps him do such a great job behind the scenes.


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