Are international breaks worth it?

Let me first off start by saying that I hate international breaks!

I find that whenever I watch England play that the players look like they can’t be bothered to be there. Friday’s match was an example of this and I always feel that the team don’t put the effort in.

Now I might not be that interested in the international fixtures as we have no representative of NUFC in the squad. But there is nothing better than seeing my beloved Toon playing a match. There’s something about our games that really gets me interested, it’s just a different type of game to the international ones.

The other thing that makes me question the international breaks is: does it disrupt the flow we have? We have had a tremendous start to the season and I would love to see this run continue but does it affect the players if they have to participate in international matches?

This may not be the case but the run that we have had has been one that has seen us consolidate our position of 4th in the table. Yes it may be great for the players to have a break but surely if there was no break it would allow us to keep the momentum going.

Another thing that gets on my nerves about these breaks is that there seems to be so many of them and I always get worried about our players who are on international duty. My case in point being Yohan Cabaye. There were numerous reports saying that he had suffered an injury that would see him miss their next game. However it wasn’t a problem in the end as Cabaye came through just over an hour last night and looked as though he’ll be fit for Spurs on Sunday.

The players already have a punishing schedule with the league and cup games they have to play and it seems as if FIFA are trying to make more money by adding more international games and friendlies into the calendar. Sometimes the timing of these can be absurd, like the Holland match which was called off due to the riots. Why on earth was it scheduled a couple of days before the season? We’ll never know but with the schedules they already have it will no doubt place a strain on our players’ bodies.

I would rather see my team play week in and week out. I don’t want to waste my time watching the England players who don’t really seem that bothered to be playing representing my country. If you want to play for my country could you at least sing the national anthem rather than looking glum? If I ever got the chance to do that I would sing my heart out as I would be proud to be playing for my country.

Nothing beats seeing the Newcastle team line up on the St James’ turf before a game, there’s just a real buzz that doesn’t occur when international games are on.

What do you think?

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38 thoughts on “Are international breaks worth it?

  1. I can understand the problem with some of the friendlies but there is no alternative to competitive games, they have to be played and they have to be played during the season. No way of avoiding it I’m afraid.


  2. I don’t mind them too much, I think I just hate waiting a fortnight for the next toon game, I can get through the long summer of no toon by getting in on all the transfer controversy – it get’s me by.

    You’re right though, it’s crap and there doesn’t seem to be any passion and – although England fans spend a lot of money going to matches i don’t think the atmospere matches SJP, infact the crowds are boring especially at Wembley.

    I went to an England game years ago at SJP, I think it was vs Albania. Anyway It was my first – and last England game, we won 2-0 but i was sat in the middle of a load of cockney twits singing ‘stand up if you hate man u’. pointless.

    Englands colours are crap as well… you’ll never see me wearing red and white.


  3. Maybe it’s our era we live in, as a kid watching Italia ’90 the atmosphere looked amazing – comapre that to last years world cup.


  4. Shit. I forgot to put an image in 🙁

    On subject, I think they can be good and bad. The question is would people bemoan the break had we just lost the last few games? Would it then be viewed as a chance to regroup?


  5. The internationals also give the players not away a bit of time to recuperate……not that I buy into this “tiredness” crap anyway, they don’t know the meaning of the word 👿


  6. Sorted a featured image but couldn’t add it into the article on my phone 🙁

    Rich – sometimes its not about tiredness, but instead it gives a chance for those not away to recover from little niggles etc

    Like I said, if we weren’t 4th and hadn’t been a good run of form i really don’t think the break would have been an issue. It would be viewed as a help rather than a hindrance 🙂


  7. Richie

    Now you see i think (especially at the start of the season) it would be better to be playing week in week out to keep your fitness up to match level.


  8. Toonsy

    Shamelessly plugging 🙁

    You’re right they shouldn’t be tired, they are paid to keep fit. I’d be running round like a blue arse fly for 50k a week 😳 , although a pork pie on a fishing rod may be needed. 😀


  9. Im afraid International Breaks have to take place. All the qualifying for world cups and Euro championships have to take place at some point.

    What i dont agree with is Friendly games. The only time they should be allowed is for just before Major tournaments like the World cup and Euro Championships. Whats the point of having a Friendly games any other time? Waste of time for me.

    International Breaks are good when your team are on a bad run. Helps everyone regroup abit, this applies to championship teams more with less internationals in there team, nearly the whole squad sticks together as they dont have any games either.


  10. Nobby….aye, I started going 80/81, they played more or less the same amount of games, pitches were like a mud bath by this time of year, diets were diffferent, half the feckers probably smoked, the training was whey physically harder than now, nae technology to help…..and they didn’t play with penny floaters.


  11. Richie –

    well I wasn’t born till 82 so i wouldn’t know about that! 😀 my first memories are the mickey quinn days, controvertial but one of my fave strikers for us. he loved a pork pie n’all! :mrgreen:


  12. Quinny was great, 4 on his debut v “Dorty Leeds” 😀

    Toonsy…she doesn’t want it, apparently there’s a coloured on coming out and she’s waiting for that.


  13. she says the battery life is shorter on the new one,1 month not enough apparently, but she wants the colour one for the diagrams in her fitness books etc 🙄


  14. I not only can’t stand the International breaks, I also preferred the Championship for it’s 46 games. There can never be too many games. Let the countries play on a Wed night – injuries? Tiredness? Don’t care!


  15. Of course its worth it dont forget these games lead to great tournements in the summer that gives us lots of football to watch.

    Friendly’s on the other hand are a waste of time. they should be used to try out new players but they arn’t and just become awaste of time with the same 15 players all the time.


  16. Imagine if we kept playing like they do in the rugger and cricket? It’d be a great leveller for the so-called smaller teams.

    Maybe not so good for middleweights such as ourselves.


  17. Think we’ve had enough talk of the international breaks. We all hate them but they’re there. Deal with it.


  18. Should play the internationals mid week, on the weeks when there’s no Euro games. Should have 26 teams in the Premier League and play all year with a 2 week break for the players to go away with the family to Blackpool or Brighton or something.

    And there should be a salary cap of 100 quid a week and no more than 20 players in the squad.

    That’d sort the wheat from the chaff. And fine the players a months wages for diving or getting sent off.

    And admission prices to games should be half a crown. And nuts should be the only thing you could buy at the match, and they should only be a tanner.

    … as long as they can afford to keep beaming the games live into my lounge room every week.


  19. I can’t believe how unpatriotic some of you are, yes we all love to watch NUFC, but its our country for pities sake, get behind them and back them, you should be ashamed of yourselves


  20. Question, who benefits for the ever increasing number of international fixtures clogging up the football calender?
    ( answer cant include the parent clubs, their staff or supporters)


  21. Patchty1 @ 30

    Get a grip man!

    “You’ll never have a quiet world till you knock the patriotism out of the human race.”


  22. Patchy – I’m fiercely patriotic about my country. I argue that is why I’m so utterly disillusioned with the state of the current England team.

    I can’t see “JT” doing a Butcher or Barry doing an Ince and giving blood for the cause.

    We’ve never really been very good but usually our heart, hunger, and desire makes up for that. Not at the moment though. Not with this current crop of players certainly. They can’t eve be arsed to sing the national anthem FFS 👿


  23. Robert – I’ll take a stab at that…..

    Is the answer ££££ for the respective FA’s?

    I see we’re playing Spain in November? Should be amusing to watch 😆


  24. Toonsy, the attitude of some of the players is questionable, but when you have so many supporters slagging off the international breaks claiming that it just gets in the way of club football and club managers doing as much as they can to prevent their players from playing, then phycologically its hardly going to put them in the right frame of mind is it, before we criticise the platers we should take a look at ourselves.
    Richietoon, read the first line of the original blog, all sites are critising the international break, its wide spread m8


  25. Patchy1, I understand where you are coming from, but these are professionals, and honestly, I don’t care if the Queen of England is slagging the team off, they should be giving 100% for every single game, international, league, cup, even a friendly. But unfortunately, that’s just not how things are.


  26. I’m quite sure that people in lets say the Netherlands, Germany or Spain aren’t too upset with the International Break… A lot of the critisism I think has to do with the fact that England are playing quite poor (have done for a while now)
    Also, keep in mind that a lot of countries don’t have the kind of talent in their leagues as England do and are actually looking forward to these international matches…


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