Could Newcastle swoop for Hooper?

Would Gary be a Sooper signing?
Reports in the Scottish Sun claim that Newcastle are lining up a £5 million bid for Celtic striker Gary Hooper.

We were first linked with Hooper when we were promoted to the Premier League but he then went to Celtic for £2.4 million and in just over a season his price tag has over doubled. I was disappointed when we didn’t get him then, because I thought he’d be a perfect foil for Andy Carroll at the time.

Gary Hooper is another player who learnt his trade at Scunthorpe after joining them as a youngster. Scunthorpe is somewhere that seems to nurture good young player’s season after season and sell them on to better clubs at a big profit; Billy Sharp and Jermaine Beckford were also from Scunthorpe but failed to make an impact in the big time.

Hooper’s record looks very good on paper with 43 league goals in 80 appearances at Scunthorpe he really shone. Some of them goals were in League 1, but his two seasons in the Championship for Scunthorpe saw him score 50 goals in all competitions.

I know it’s only the Championship, but it’s worth thinking about the fact that Scunthorpe were never big players in that division and he scored as many as, or more than our strikers that we won that league with and one of them was worth £35 million.

That earned Hooper his big move to Celtic where in his first season he scored 20 goals in 26 league games. I know the SPL is not great quality but still, that’s some goal scoring record. Hooper’s started this season with a ratio of a goal every other league game scoring 4 goals in 8.

I know some people will be sceptical from the start as he’s coming from the Scottish League but I really do think Hooper has talent. He’s not a Boumsong, he’s a hard worker and I think he’d fit in well in the Premier League. As he’s smaller he creates different opportunities and scores different types of goals to Ba and Best, which would give us an extra dimension to our play.

Also he’s only 23 years old and he has a lot of experience under his belt. That means he’s in the age group we’re looking to sign and at a price tag of around £5 million I feel that he’d be good value, compared to some other strikers on the market. Ahem Andy Carroll.

I’m not saying that Hooper is the answer to all of our problems, neither is he the best striker we could get, but I wouldn’t be unhappy with signing him. He’d be reasonably priced, he’s a good finisher and he’d offer us something different and he doesn’t seem like he’d upset the dressing room like Maiga could potentially do.

Whenever I’ve seen him play I’ve been impressed and I feel that he’d thrive on the opportunities that our now very creative team will give to him. One problem I do have with him is the stupid number he’s chosen at Celtic, I would not give him the “88” at Newcastle… but I wouldn’t give him the 9 either.

Here’s a little YouTube video for anybody who wants to check out the tekkers of another “potential” target.

Would you like to see Hooper in a Newcastle shirt?

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118 thoughts on “Could Newcastle swoop for Hooper?

  1. Hooper to Newcastle?

    If Hooper is going anywhere it certainly won’t be for £5million and it surely won’t be to some pish team that going to be fighting for survival come April / May.

    Dream on lads, ever Forster had the gumption to get the hell out of St. James.

    Enjoy the dogfight at the end of the season.

    Hope ye go down.


  2. I love how the celtic fans think there team is better than ours they arnt even the second best team in Scotland anymore Motherwell are far better 😀


  3. Yes thats right Chucky – our number 3 goalkeeper your new number 1. Quality squad you must have. Carry on making comments about a side more than holding their own in a league you only wish your team could be a part of buddy. Enjoy Hearts & St Johnston mate? Riveting stuff being a Celtic fan eh?! 😆


  4. Oh, so A Celtic fan? Fuck off you twat, you would be in a dog fight in the second league of English football you silly mug, run along, daddys waiting for you to suck his cock in his skirt…Kilt* sorry my mistake.


  5. Spencer – Is that what they mean when they say: ‘Here boy, toss my caber for me – there’s a good lad.’


  6. Forster got kicked out of SJP cause he couldn’t catch a cold and can just about manage your shitty level, the fact we have the Dutch number 2 means you can have our cast offs. I deliberately wrote this article for nibbles of Celtic fans, and f*ck me, you don’t disappoint do you lads? eveery time,


  7. Bit of a shame Celtic and rangers not in English football yet. People say it’s the “English” league but swansea and Cardiff welsh so what’s the difference plus with the old firm having the money of the premier league and attracting better players it would make the league even better. Dont think anyone can argue celtics fans are amazing


  8. Don’t think Celtic will sell hooper unless silly money offered as we don’t really have back up (samaras doesn’t count) or we buy another striker


  9. Tíocfaidh Ár Lá – I have nothing against celtic but foster went because he wouldn’t be first choice here. Best of luck to him and your guys but we didn’t make up the hooper rumour, just commenting on a report in the paper. Sad that u hope another club goes down based on nothing but a newspaper report but how never, enjoy your ignorance


  10. Don’t know if you guys have seen yet, but Abeid scored TWO worldy’s for the reserves. Fantastic long rage strikes. He looks a player


  11. Dave @79, not sure if you’re asking seriously or not given where you’re from but for anyone else that’s interested it’s english phonetics for the Irish of ‘our day will come’, referring to the hope of a united Ireland. Often misconstrued and used in sites of sectarian violence by the IRA, and whilst originally had nothing to do with inciting violence (referred as much to hunger strikes etc), people who use it often mean it like that.

    Adds to that ignorance I was talking about, those sort of sentiments have no place in the game and clearly something they still struggle with in glasgow 🙄


  12. The kid – saw that alright. Wonder what kind of player he’ll be in the end. Read that he was a defensive midfielder but he likes to be on the ball and has a lot more to him than that. Haven’t seen enough of him but maybe a deep lying passer in the mould of a Carrick? More of an engine than Carrick ever had though. Time will tell i guess


  13. How the fuck are the Gooners sitting fourth in the fair play table? The FA will make sure they win it if they’re outside the Euro spots come may i guarantee.


  14. FUK THAT!! ❗

    We do not want biggoted fans in our league ❗

    The sweatys hate each other for religious reasons… we hate the mackems because they’re cnuts ❗

    On topic though… On paper Hoops might look good on paper but i fear there’s a real danger of a jermaine beckford disaster 😕


  15. Toonsy

    Yeah he’s alright – But he was bigged up way beyond what he ended up like. Having potential is only good if you convert it.


  16. Hello my friends.At least we saw a real poacher and i think this is exactly the type of player we need.and also at the right price…i believe its the same class as goodwillie and shane long players who everyone can see that they are good and gives something different than big names who can damage your wage and team spirit…also.finally i believe that with this kind of players we can built a very very good team.


  17. @chucky r law

    Gary takes it up the Hooper and hes not worth the money Celtic paid for him.
    He’s slow, terrible first touch and only scores goals when they are given to him on a plate.
    The only striker worth going for in the SPL is Nickica Jelavic but there is no way to get him for less than 10million so thats a non starter.

    I think we would be better off going for that Cisse or the de jong.

    P.S chucky mind the gap 😆


  18. Funny how these Scottish fans value their players at £5 million + and that one about Jelavic being £10 million.

    You lot are in financial peril. Scottish football is not sustainable. If a bid of a few million comes in, not only will you sell them but the player will force a over through.

    Like most footballers, Jelavic and Hooper dream of playing in the Premier League and as soon as a prem league team comes in…they are away.


  19. Moreno i think you will find Rangers knocked back a bid of 6million for Jelavic from Leicester City and a higher bid from Fenerbache I think. Now leicester are not in the premier league and Jelavic has said himself that he would not go there and his dream is to play in the Premier League but had Rangers valued him at 6million make no mistakes he would have been forced out the door, so your point about bids of “a few million” and they will be shown the door is ludicrous!
    Allan Hutton, Craig Gordon and that shambles boumsong all went down to the premier league commanding fees of over 8 million.
    There is no denying Rangers are in a mess financially and have been for some time but to suggest Jelavic is not a good player and would not be sold for 10million is silly. A player is worth whatever a team will pay for him, look at Andy Carrol for instance being bought for £35million. need i say more.

    On another note im coming down to SJP for the swansea game and have not been down since the final day of the championship season against Ipswich was wondering where everyone would reccomend i get a seat? what is the sports bar section to me that suggests watching the game with a pint lol is that the case?


  20. The only problem is that the Scottish league is absolutely awful so anyone can score a lot of goals, even Shola would get 35 goals a season up there!


  21. Ba looks to be a good free transfer, but will likely be away for the Africa cup.
    Best is playing well at the moment, but if we were being honest, he’s probably going to be the one to give way to Ben Arfa.
    Thereafter, Hooper is better than Shola, Lovenkrands and Ranger…
    However, that does not make him a good player, it just makes him better than the shite we already have, and really need to get rid of first.
    At 5m, he may work out to be another none expensive risk, and that fee cld be brought down if Frazer Foster was part of the deal going the other way
    Either way, its not a transfer to get the juices flowing really, and as you have already said, he won’t be wearing our no. 9
    That is the transfer I want to concentrate on, then a central defender, then a full back so that we have the cover in areas needed now, then other strikers as I think HBA is to come in and I’d like to see Sammy have a really chance


  22. Sharpy….That’s why I’d like Pieters, he can play equally well at RB and CB then we have Santon who can play both full back positions so the defence would be ok for cover(for now), out of the names linked up front I’d prefer Cisse from Freiburg.


  23. I see the usual shit being spouted here when Scottish football and Celtic in general being mentioned.



  24. Ritchie, I thought Pieters was LB/CB, either way your right, we should have got him in the summer but defo Jan, I’d go for Luuk de Jong over Cisse, he looks real quality and only just turned 21 and is a Dutch international already as well, we should be able to get those 2 for around 15m


  25. “Toonsy your not the Pied Piper of Celtic fans your the numpty of Newcastle fans ya clown”….what a mupppet…….. 😆


  26. I’m always dubious of buying players from the spl where if you play for celtic or Rangers it’s not hard to look good. We’ve been caught like this before.


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