A true demonstration of our character?

Credit where it's due?
The match against Spurs was one that saw us extend our unbeaten run in the Premier League.

In my eyes I thought we were unlucky not to gain all three points in the final few minutes as we were on top of Harry Redknapp’s side, but I guess you can’t have everything!

We fought back twice for the match eventually to end two all. When we went a goal down in the first half the team could have easily caved in but straight after the start of the second half we equalised. Personally I think Alan Pardew said some inspired words to the team to convey that they were not out of the game.

During the first half both teams tried to play a very defensive game, there weren’t that many chances on goal but I certainly felt that the Toon were on top. Several of our players grew into the first half and we played some lovely football.

Whatever Pardew said at half-time to the lads certainly did the trick. Three minutes after the second-half restarted Newcastle found themselves level with a really well worked goal with a cross coming from Jonas Gutierrez allowing Demba Ba to latch onto the end of it. It was a fantastic piece of football and I felt we deserved to get ourselves back on level terms.

However the momentum that we had been piling on Spurs was lost when Jermain Defoe produced a sublime finish to give Tottenham the lead. His goal came from nowhere and knocked the wind out of our sails. In response to this Pardew brought on Hatem Ben Arfa and Shola Ameobi into the fray.

Now I wasn’t sure at the time whether Ameobi was the right person to bring on but he certainly proved that he was when he produced an absolutely stunning finish for us to once again draw level. As the game neared it’s conclusion, the way we were playing certainly showed that we were going for all three points and I thought we may have just edged it in the dying moments.

A draw was a fair result between both sides but throughout the game Newcastle overshadowed everything Spurs did. Ryan Taylor dealt very well with the threat of Gareth Bale so much so that he ended up switching to the left-flank as he had no joy down the right-hand side. Yes there were mistakes that led to both goals but what was evident was that twice we came back from a goal down. We could have easily caved in and allowed Spurs to add more to their tally.

The fact that we showed the resilience to plough on and even things up is a tremendous demonstration of the way that Alan Pardew and his players operate. It’s this kind of spirit and determination that will help us throughout the season. Pardew wasn’t afraid to use his substitutes either, he clearly understood that we needed to make a difference if we were going to gain some points from the fixture.

The spirit and togetherness that the team showed against Tottenham is a clear indication that they won’t give up when the chips are down, which will come in handy later on in the season when we do eventually lose a game.

Hats off to everyone for not only dealing with the loss of last seasons team spirit, but also for seemingly improving upon it!

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A lifelong Newcastle fan. Currently exiled in Sunderland studying Sports Journalism at the University of Sunderland Follow me on Twitter: @ZoeVicarage

184 thoughts on “A true demonstration of our character?

  1. Tempowatcher you’s the Spuds Fans are getting as bad as the Arse whingers, you’s were lucky to get a point so stop fuking whinging and making daft excuses and just admit that you’s arnt as good as what some of the deluded fans think you’s are 👿
    Moreno @ 144 wonder if they would be interested in Smith aswell we could do them a BOGOF


  2. @148

    You cockney c*nts will come up with any excuse. your just butt hurt your team played shit. God i cant wait for modric to join chelsea and ballsack redknapp goes to jail or joins England and see your team fall apart just like west ham and pompey.

    Now fuck off back to thinking your a CL team you dirty cockney c*nt


  3. Tempowatcher:

    You need to worry about your own team mate, modric didnt look at all interested. And you we’re shyte, kicked you off the park for 70% of the game and we are in our second season back.

    Where as you lot think you are some sort of massive club cause you spent one season in the champions league and then got shit on by the big boys. Stop trolling and fuck off.


  4. Ok so sunks started the match better than us, but for all their huff and puff they made nowt until we gave them a stupid pena.
    Nufc then went on to boss the 2nd half, except for a moment of excellence from De Foe. But once we brought on Shola the cockney slayer, the match was ours for the taking. They couldn’t wait for the final whistle lol.
    If I was a spunks fan I’d be wanting to know why ‘arry started VdV instead of Defoe? Ha Ha master tactician…….NOT. And King is a joke. I dont care how good he is, if he cant train, then whats the use? He is a liability to the team.
    Yes we are enjoying where we are and how we are performing at times, but not delussional enough to think it will last.


  5. Forgot to mention. you’ll be even more fucked when Bale leaves for champions league, and arry gets the England job!


  6. Just reading that Richardson interview post Reserves match on club site.

    Sounds like a top lad with his head screwed firmly on


  7. Great interview with Kadar as well! Just the fact that they have an interview with him on the club website talking about pushing for the first team is great!


  8. Can I counter the FALSE position malarkey?

    The league is ranked in order of points won. At the moment we’ve gained the 4th highest amount of points which is why we are 4th. This principle applies throughout the league.

    Will we stay there? I doubt it and so do a lot of other Newcastle fans, but to say our position at the moment is FALSE is, well, bollocks 🙂


  9. I might start off animal farm on here 😆

    Munich I hope you are bearing up well after the (unpunished and ignored) racial abuse you were on the end of last night on another website. Pure shocking marry. Can’t believe that nothing has been said about it…


  10. finished watching the spurs game 2nd time..anyone else notice lack of understanding between cabaye and collocini??numerous time cabaye seems frustrated when collocini didnt see him


  11. Ranger on fire for the ressies last night. Could have had a hat trick if he hadn’t of missed a penalty


  12. [email protected]……aye the bloke racially abused me, and then I asked him a question about himself and he gave me the rubber ear cos he knew he had made a fool of himself. I also asked the Blogmaster if he was watching what was going on and he gave me the rubber ear too…laughable…

    Follow the anti pardew, anti Ashley, doom and gloom line or you’re not gonna be welcomed at all. There are a couple of good lads over there who REALLY know what following the toon means….the rest just love to moan about wor club, and it just gets my goat mate…. 😆 😆 😆


  13. I mean the majority of the fans would want to have an irate word in Ashley’s and Lambias’s ear, but this constant whingeing is way out of order. If they want to be all so delusional they should just follow spurs with that bloke crusher and the rest of his mutant family… Cannot handle it that we are “falsely” above his favourites….and long may it reign !


  14. I saw all that MM. I decided to back u up a bit, but the cave people didn’t have a way of attacking me. I may be banned now though 😆


  15. Good pieces in the journal this morning talking about our credentials and maiga. Pappas Cisse is apparently still on our short list


  16. Just on train home. Will get something up when I get in. I have a belated yet funny archie’s alternative assessment of the Spurs game to come. Gewat read imo 🙂


  17. Toonsy i dare say Archie wont be very kind to Saylor 😀
    MM you know not to question wanky tissue too much or you will end up like Batty and Me banned. But im sure you have been fuked out of better places than that before, and sure you will still have us


  18. Chuck, and Worky still being the lame tosser they always were I see.

    My first post there in ages. Lets see how long it stays up 😉


  19. Toonsy,

    This is no time for watching midget Mauri porn! Please get a new thread up and stop thinking about yourself! 😆


  20. Enjoy your shy high position it will last has long has Hull did West Brom last season Blackpool relegation beckons you played a tired team from midweek games and injuries. Very soon the petrol will run out and and all this extra running will STOP?


  21. [email protected]….try [email protected] mate….

    Divvent worry though man…I can handle the flack… 😉 😉 …I was just really surprised when a bloke over there pulled the racist card on me and the blogmaster just stood by and let it all happen… 😆 😆

    ffs…I’m from the toon, but the fact that my nick is “Munich Mag” obviously confused the flock out of the prat……


  22. Richie….Davspurs knows that his teams time has passed, and we’re on the ascendency…that’s why he’s bent out of shape cos we give them a real hard game at the weekend…

    howay the lads… 😆 😆 😉


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