Have the press begun to warm to us?

Stop! Press.
Last year I found the offerings for Newcastle United in the press rather limited.

Now that may be down to the fact I live down in the South but every day I would look for something positive about the club but I always found that there weren’t many articles on us apart from ones that criticised the decisions at the club.

This week has been completely different in terms of articles about the club. Imagine my surprise on Monday morning last week when I opened the middle of the sport pullout in The Independent and found an interview with the two Ameobi’s. I was genuinely surprised that there was this interview as I can’t remember the last time that our players were interviewed. It made a welcome change to see us focussed on in the press.

Now I did not expect on Saturday morning just gone to find an interview with Fabricio Coloccini in the Telegraph Sport, two in one week? That certainly made a change but these interviews have certainly made us look like the press are taking us seriously. Then as I read on to where all the match previews where, I found that Alan Smith had dedicated most of his column to evaluating Newcastle and how Yohan Cabaye has performed.

It makes a pleasant change for the Toon to make it into the sport pages and be focussed on rather than the traditional teams that usually get mentioned every day. Now with Spurs game being on Sunday, I didn’t expect the match preview for the game against Spurs to solely focus on us but it did. The article praised our buys in the summer and that the group of players have stepped up to the mark, highlighting that Pardew focuses on stats and makes sure that everything is perfect in training.

I’ve found that over the last couple of years that we have been given a lot of bad press and that is certainly down to decisions that have happened at the club, but are we seeing a change in attitude to us? With a start to the season like we have are the press are perhaps taking us more seriously than they have ever before. Could it be a tactic by the club to allow the players to be interviewed more or is it the fact that we have played so well that the press want to come and interview our players?

I’m not complaining it seems as if we are being taking more seriously this year and the fact that we have one of the meanest defences in all the English Leagues is a talking point for the press but the interviews that the players have given over the past week or so have shown that, we as a club, have ambition.

Long may these interviews and praising articles continue!

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34 thoughts on “Have the press begun to warm to us?

  1. Its all about results and league placings and its almost as if the match content is irrelevant, anyway most match reports only contain details of the goals and controversial incidents and its almost as if some of the reporters have viewed the match from afar ( they wouldnt dare do that would they?).
    I see it as an uneasy truce, they will be hunting for and storing quotes they can later ram down our throats, such as Champions league spot etc.
    What i have noticed is the Brewsy is getting a relatively easy ride from the national media despite their perilous position, can you imagine the flak we would get if we were in their position?


  2. I’ve noticed this with fans of other teams too, people are really starting to open their eyes with regards to Newcastle. I live with an Arsenal fan and he was telling me how he never used to think much of Newcastle but our performances this season have really impressed him. I dunno how much of this is down to the more positive press we are getting, or if we just genuinely are impressing people. Either way it’s so refreshing.


  3. Zoe good one,
    I think a lot of it is down to Pards, last year Hoots wouldn’t speak to the press, so the press just wrote what they liked.
    But now Pards talks to them so they dont need to make stories up, plus if they did harm us Pards wouldn’t be just as willing to talk to them.
    The press love managers that will talk to them and if you look around it’s the managers that talk that get the easy ride from the press.


  4. Robert as you said Brucie is getting an easy time from the press, and thats not becayse of wins and standings. It’s because he talks to the press all the time.


  5. Big Dave, good point on Pardew. Probably very well a combination of performing well and Pardew knowing how to give the media a little bite


  6. Yeah, but how long will they keep going along with his excuses about finishing higher last year with a totally different team?


  7. Good article, agree with dave at 3. If managers speak to the press then they have quotes and stuff to write, thats there job after all. The more they get the better it is for them.

    I never thought the press were too against us anyway to be honest, all teams get it when times are bad.


  8. Dave mentions something that me and him have spoken about before, and a few others I’ll add.

    Some say he talks too, but for me a lot of this media swing IS down to Pardew.

    Don’t get me wrong, I used to love it when Hughton used to keep hip lips sealed but after a while I got bored of it. I imagine the media did the same after a while and I can reveal that they are already getting cheesed off with him in Birmingham as ultimately his refusal to say anything of note is not helping to shift papers.

    The press don’t get that with Pardew. They don’t have to sensationalise because he gives them enough to work off so they can go about their job happily and keep busy with what he is churning out.

    All in my opinion of course πŸ˜‰


  9. I think the main reason the press are being decent to us is simple, it’s because we’re currently a ‘decent’ team.

    We’ve been a shit-magnet as a club for a long time, with under-performing squads, over-paid mercenary players, in-fighting between players, player arrests and incarcerations, fan protests, chairman(men) in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, new managers every 5 minutes etc etc. the list goes on…..

    We’re currently unbeaten in 8, sitting 4th in the table with a good manager and competent TEAM with the required work ethic. Because of this, the fans are also quietly content. We are stable, so the only thing left for the press to talk about is our performances ON the pitch!

    It’s nothing to do with the press “warming to us”. It’s just that the main focus for them at the moment is the fact that we’re playing good football and appear to finally getting some stability. As much as I didn’t like it at the time, I think selling Andy Carroll and Joey Barton has helped us gain this stability – they both love a spot of bother.

    I hope I don’t get a kick in the bollocks this coming January. I’m currently enjoying all this, and feel like we’re on the rise again, at last!



  10. I see the club are holding a open training session next Friday with chances to go to a signing session and to Pardews press conference after it.

    I’ll be going to that like πŸ˜€


  11. Rod @ 10 , I think we are unbeaten in about 11 games from the tail end of last season πŸ™‚

    Think I read that between the 1st team ressies and the youth team we have only been beaten once in the 20 odd games this season.

    Hope the team that let us down were given extra laps as punishment πŸ™‚


  12. Dan – You’ve just picked the winner of the scarf competition. The funny thing is you were one number off picking yourself πŸ˜†


  13. Dan – Not really. It was just quite amusing how close you came πŸ˜†

    If it’s any consolation, SteveP was also one out πŸ˜†

    And Jobey was the only one who got it wrong πŸ˜›


  14. Johno, I doubt Sy will tell you in a comments box. He’ll probably want to keep up the suspense and milk it in an article πŸ™‚


  15. Toonsy ide just like too tell you what a great blog this is with great posters ,and your the number 1 blog master and we all love you xxxxxx πŸ™‚


  16. This is what trot was worried about the love in turning into when everything’s going well 😯 he was right about something. Go relieve yourself and stop scaring our saviour lord toonsy 😈


  17. I think it’s important not to get too carried away though. We could well be in the ‘other half’ come January.

    Saturday at home against Wigan should be nailed on. It’s games like this we have a bad habit of slipping up on though. 3 points is imperative this weekend. After that we have….

    Stoke (a)
    Everton (h)
    Man City (a)
    Man Utd (a)
    Chelsea (h)

    ….so plenty of time for a few slip ups this year!


  18. Ye Roz,

    But if we beat Wigan and only get one point from those five fixtures…

    We’ll still have 20 points from 14 games!


  19. Yeah JJ, our good start could prove to be invaluable. I reckon the only two games we can’t win out of those 5(6) are both Manchesters. It’ll be very interesting to see where we are come Boxing Day!!!


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