Our Toon invincibles – well so far, so good!

Pardew and Co on the verge of history
There has been fantastically buoyant mood amongst NUFC fans for obvious reasons at the start of the 2011-2012 Premier League season.

Despite losing a number of supposedly “key” players since January last year, Newcastle United are yet to be defeated in competitive football this season.

It is an achievement which has given the fans a reason to be proud and the players a major confidence boost, in what was always going to be a defining season, during which many supporters feared the dreaded “second season syndrome” could come into play.

The unbeaten run has been mentioned, but I wanted to take a look at the statistics to see just how significant, and how big an achievement it actually is.

The results of my search actually surprised me, in a very positive way:

Newcastle have now gone a run of 13 games unbeaten, since their last defeat, a 3-0 loss away to Liverpool on May 1st this year.

That run includes 11 Premier League games and two Carling Cup ties.

Of course we keep hearing by many pundits that we are “yet to be truly tested”, while in the same breath we are told, “there are no easy games in the Premier League” – smart bunch aren’t they?

Just for interests sake, that unbeaten run has included playing the likes of Chelsea (away), Arsenal (home), Sunderland (away), Wolves (away), Aston Villa (away), QPR (away) and Spurs (home), as well as two tricky away cup ties, playing some youngsters.

Now if that not being tested yet, it doesn’t say much for the strength of the league these days does it?

Newcastle are one result away from equalling their longest ever run in Premier League history of games without a defeat – that of 12 games undefeated in the 1993-94 season (May 7, 1994 –  October 29, 1994 – five months and 22 days) under Kevin Keegan, in which Newcastle finished in 6th place.

It was during that same run that Newcastle had their best unbeaten run in a single season by going 11 games undefeated (August 21 to October 29 – two months and eight days).

The latest unbeaten run began on May 7, 2011, in a 2-1 win over Birmingham City at St James Park. Interestingly, the same day (Saturday, May 7) and Month as the previous unbeaten run.

Victory, or even a result against Wigan on Saturday, will see our record unbeaten run in the Premiership in terms of results equalled, leaving just a tricky cup tie away at Blackburn to set a new record in with regard to both time and results unbeaten.

Adding to that, we are are one of only three teams in the league this year, including Manchester City and United, to have not lost a game in the league so far, and only ourselves and Man United have not last a competitive game to date.

That’s one heck of a “lucky” run, I say extremely tongue in cheek. There is no doubt we’ve had our moments of luck, but if I look back on the moments of luck I’ve seen Manchester United have on the way to winning numerous trophies over the years, I think we’ve had it coming.

Now, while in no way do I see us going on to match the invincibles of Arsenal, who have the longest English league run with 49 games unbeaten, or even get through November, which is an incredibly tough month for us, I will say one thing.

We could not have wished for a better start.

Not bad for a net spent of £500k in the transfer window, not bad for a manager many weren’t happy with on appointment, and dare I say it… not bad for an owner who couldn’t give a s%__ about our club! Eh?

Good on ya Mr Alain Pardeaux and staff, let’s try keep it up for as long as we can!

About JJ

Toon supporter since 1993. Living in South Africa. I’ve been following Newcastle since the days of Andy Cole and Peter Beardsley. Despite all the turmoil recently, the passion only grows with time.

196 thoughts on “Our Toon invincibles – well so far, so good!

  1. Simon so have I mate but my Lass kept going on about getting a Golf or something like that, because it would be cheaper on petrol, tax, insurance etc, but nows my chance so rather than always wish I had of got one 😉


  2. Golf might be a nice car, but the Jag is the one. Your Lass will love it when you get it anyway. As Nike say, just do it, you will always regret if you dont.


  3. Never read through this many replies before, honestly it’s better then an episode of eastenders, so much drama….what was this blog about again? 😛


  4. Belter99, bollocks to Eastenders, this is a Home and Away blog anyway. Fuck off back to Coronation Street if you can’t handle the truth.

    Harold Bishop.


  5. A few points to make.

    Firstly, cracking thread JJ, kind of shite I will spout in the pub and claim it as my own, well done. 😉

    Secondly, Stardust, I actually agreed with a couple of your posts, you must be pished 😉

    Lastly, the question “Does Ashley actually give a shit about the club?” is interesting depending on how you interpret it.

    Of course he does, he owns it and has ploughed millions and millions into it.

    Does he give a shit about the fans, our players or our heritage? No, but isn’t that, in essence, the club?

    He gives a shit about his business acquisition, which happens to be the club, which he doesn’t give a shit about 😕


  6. Haha, I remember Harold bishop, what a legend, I wud def let him shag my wife.

    Great article by the way 😆


  7. I’m not really married but if I had a wife Harold cud have her 😯

    I’ll work on getting in the clique then :mrgreen:


  8. Hmmm running prey on stolen MacBook – apparently its in Knightsbridge – only have photo of his arm at moment – hopefully next report will show his face


  9. SteveP, my proper computer radar just picked up a stolen Mac somewhere around East Anglia. It’ll all come out in The Wash.


  10. Anyway fuck that, I’m off to tuck into my bird-eating tarantula lollies. Been in the freezer 24hrs, the cinnamon must’ve infused by now. Yum yum bye bye…


  11. And Batty, Troy and Rodzilla you inbreds, you can all suck my big, fat, bigger than a bread basket, black c*ck.

    And Rodzilla, stay off the crack.


  12. GS….what do you expect when you come out & openly criticise people? In the same way you found it necessary to highlight 3 individuals, they found necessary to take the piss. Is it time of the month or something?


  13. witters
    October 21, 2011 at 07:01

    “GS….what do you expect when you come out & openly criticise people? In the same way you found it necessary to highlight 3 individuals, they found necessary to take the piss. Is it time of the month or something?”

    This ^^^


  14. Great Article. Everyone at newcastle are doing a great job, i can maybe see our run ending either the stoke game or away to manchester clubs in november


  15. GS no clique on here were all toonsy followers ,more of a cult 🙂 so if you dont like it you could easely stick too your cock suckers and corporation blog ,Toonsy i blame workyticket for sending his idiots over here 😉


  16. I do find it amusing. He cries clique yet the one thread over there is made of six individual posters talking about NFL, stadiums, nothing in particular…..

    Either hypocrisy or irony. Can’t decide which one yet…


  17. Toonsy when you open your blog up it was like a remake of the great escape ,they couldnt wait too jump ship on org and come across here ,just shows how disliked he is across there 😉 all the comments people saying ive found you at last ,but the 1 that cracked me most was toon chicken ,just a little bit of ego rubbing for you there 😆


  18. Oh and GS run along and tell wanky ive gotta nip oot get a new pc and iphone 4s cash of course from my ill gotten games ,that will cheer him up 😆


  19. I don’t see anyone mentioning the comments made about Colo’s contract in Pardew’s interview.

    According to NUFC.COM he said it has been difficult because his agent is based in Argentina and that if a big club came in it would be hard for Colo or the club to refuse. Don’t like the sound of that one bit.


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