Santon set for starting role against Wigan?

Santon set for full debut?
Speaking to the Chronicle today ahead of the clash with Wigan, Alan Pardew admitted that our Italian U21 international Davide Santon is pushing for a start tomorrow.

Pardew has also spoken of how he has given his backing to Danny Simpson after rumours developed surrounding his future and personal problems of the pitch.

The headache for Pardew perhaps is whether to leave Danny Simpson in the starting line-up or allow Davide Santon to take up the mantle at right-back. Of course there is another option of moving Ryan Taylor to the right to accommodate Santon in the left-back position he was signed for.

This is what Pardew had to say on the uncertain future of Danny Simpson:

“I just felt that Danny got some bad advice, and things that came out shouldn’t have come out. I think he’s disappointed with that. It doesn’t affect me in any shape or form – he has my full backing. I’ll still look at him as a good person looking to play his football here for the forseeable future, and that contract being looked at by us and his side. The harder and better he plays, the easier that situation will get.”

Is it just me or does that last sentence say something about what Alan Pardew may think of the lad’s performances so far this season? Maybe he feels that if Simpson can step up his performances the contract situation will resolve itself in the immediate future. I know the lad has been going through a tough time at the moment but it seems clear to me that Pardew feels there is room for improvement in his defending game.

Commenting on Santon’s debut Pardew said: “Davide came into a good situation. We rescued a point, and he got off to a good start. All our new players have had a great start to the season, and that’s good news. The injury’s forgotten now, and that’s good news, as it could have come back. He’s pushing for a start.”

It sounds as if Santon is working very hard in order to make his way into the starting line-up of the current side. I know he may need time to integrate with the rest of the players during the game but if Pardew feels that he is ready to be included then why not give him a chance?

I really liked the look of Santon when he came on during the Spurs match, although he didn’t get many touches he did venture forward at times and certainly seems to have a burst of pace within him. Simpson seemed to be very annoyed that he was subbed off and maybe that has become evident to Santon.

I think it is healthy for there to be competition for the places at the moment as we have many players who can compete for roles that players are already playing in, however only tomorrow’s teamsheet will be the indication of who Pardew has given the nod to.

Would you prefer to see Santon or Simpson at RB?

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70 thoughts on “Santon set for starting role against Wigan?

  1. I can see what you are getting at here like, but personally I dont think Danny Simpson has put a foot wrong this season.

    Apart from pushing down on the acceleration pedal to hard 😆


  2. I have a sneaky feeling he could bring santon in too from what I’ve heard but who knows. Probably wont change anything again. From his interview last night I think oberton is definitely still starting and not marveaux and most likely ben arfa on the best. You could hear pards’ drool hitting the mic as he was talking about him though 🙂


  3. Perfect oppertunity to bring in Marv, Santon and HBA

    switch gutti to the other side same with taylor….obertoon out for marv n get santon on the right an HBA playing off BA imo that would rocking wigan all day….


  4. Santon to come in I think.

    Last Sunday when he came on I was watching his movement for a few minutes and the pace he has is immense. The speed he shot up the flank when we had the ball then the he got back to defend just as quick when we lost was impressive. His calmness on the ball too shows he will fit in with our new classy team.

    As for Simpson I hope he works even harder to keep his place or to get it back. Either way I don’t think this decision will have much bearings on the final result tomorrow.

    Don’t do predictions but I can see us outclassing Wigan tomorrow.


  5. On paper it’s probably the best game to bring some new lads into, but then we get the old “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” thing about changing the team. Thins is, if you don’t change it, how will you ever know if the player coming in will cut it?


  6. well i think the best we can hope for is santon to start if things go well he will tweek it a bit in 2nd half with benny and marv,mind if things go pear shape in first half he will change it there and then imo


  7. I would be surprised in Pards brought the 3 in we all hope he will.

    Based on the cup game being so close, they will all start that you would have thought.


  8. Ice – It’s only Caught Offside mate. That has zero credibility after the whole Raylor to Liverpool for £10m the other day 😆


  9. could be tougher than we think, spurs only beat then 2-1 to it was at wigan
    hopefully we won’t take our foot of the gas


  10. That link that Jobey posted….. This bit got me:

    “Firstly, the rule where a player under the age of 16 must sign for an academy that is less than 90 minutes away will no longer exist, so clubs are no longer restricted to a catchment area, so they can scour the country for the best talent.”

    Kind of coincidental with Pedro’s new role don’t you think? 😉


  11. Jobey – It just clicked when I read that one paragraph as it sound suspiciously like what Llambias said when Pedro got his new job.

    It makes sense. He’s out there hunting for bargain young talent, and Mikey loves a bargain.


  12. Santon is a current International, bought to play and he has to. The defence is lacking in height and pace which Santon has in abundance, h is now fit and must replace Simpson


  13. Bus driver:

    when you were so scared that someone had threatened your unborn child, did you call the police? Didn’t think so.


  14. GS,

    Toonsy may not ban you as he doesn’t censor his blog like other known blogs out there.

    Luckily for me, I am admin for the site and I am totally sick of your shite.

    Goodbye you silly little man.


  15. Just like to apologise to everyone who comes onto the blog and loves to chat about NUFC and have some light hearted banter who has been subjected to this complete arse of a human GS.

    Unfortunately, when a site is as popular as this blog, people tend to get jealous and attack it.

    We don’t like to censor what people have to say and their opinions but when we have someone coming on here to intentionally cause unrest and take the chat away from NUFC, they need to be removed.

    You won’t be hearing from this young GS again. Which I wouldn’t count as being a massive shame.


  16. Good job Moreno. That punk annoyed the piss out of me. When I scrolled to that one comment, I was in total shock. Keep him away


  17. Happy matchday everybody.

    Big day of football for me: Live games on telly from about 3pm until about 5am Sunday. And the women’s football starts today as well.

    Went to see Brisbane Roar stretch their unbeaten run to 31 games with a 3-0 win last.

    Life would be shit without football in it..


  18. Last night, that is.

    And if Alan Pardew Project is reading … Issey Nakajima-Farran had a good debut a few weeks back, but has gone a bit down hill since then. Caught in possession far too many times last night. Maybe it’ll take him a while to get used to the high pressing that defences do against Brisbane to stop them playing their football (unsuccessfully, of course). He seems to want more time than he has.


  19. Hmm, comment disappeared on me … try again …

    I’ve seen a couple of Wigan games this season, and I don’t think they are as bad as some people think they may be. They might surprise a few. They play some good football and attack with some pace – though it’s often disjointed and individual. They have a very suspect defence, though, especially on the flanks.

    It could be a good day for Obertan to show what he can do.


  20. I’d like to see Santon start. From comments made recently it would appear that Simpson has a self-confidence issue weighing on his mind just now, as well as some family matters.


  21. get him in.

    and Benny for Best some time in the 2nd half (earlier this time please Pardew!)

    Shola will almost certainly get a run off the bench too. Personally, i’d really like to see Marveaux today but we might have to wait until weds nite


  22. @Brisvegas

    There’s a little team on the west side that are hot on your heels…

    Can’t wait to see the team for tonight!


  23. Bris – If Simpson has self confidence issues then they are of his own making (the self part is pertinent I guess lol). As Moreno said the other day, he seems to believe his own hype far too easily. The sheer amount of retweets about him and England that he was dishing out seems to suggest that he actually believes it, and to me that is a dangerous place to be in.


  24. why am i up at this time on a saturday?

    Because i’m a bit under the weather 🙁 poor little me 😉

    That means i’ve got an excuse to not get ready, watch soccer am, have a bit bait then watch the match all warm and cosy in bed. 😛

    I know i know, i’m like an old woman – but i see it as i just enjoy the simple things in life 😎


  25. Simpson has been the one disappointment for me this season, he has gone backwards performance wise and contrast him with Ryan Taylor who has worked his bollocks off and grown into the position.
    His substitution last week was overdue, teams have sussed out his poor positional play and its where the majority of the opposition threat comes from, it seems as if he has taken his off the field problems onto the pitch and it appears that Pardew has had enough, give Santon a game, he cant do any worse.


  26. Here is a stat for you. Wigan have the meanest left side in the division having only conceded 11% of chances from that side. The second strongest left side in league is (drumroll) us. Only 12% of chances created against us have come from our left side. Raylor appears to be doing well 😯


  27. @Toonsy

    Surprisingly enough when I checked the EA performance index last night Simpson is right up there as the 3rd or 4th NUFC player ranked in the top 100. Very surprising, would have thought that Colo would be there but he’s way down in the rankings…

    Guess Mark Twain was right.


  28. I would rather still start with Simmo

    simply the fact of the old addage

    why change a winning team

    Santon will get his game soon; lets not fix whats aint broke


  29. I’d put Santon in. Although Simpson’s done ok, I cannot think of a game where he has excelled.

    Feeling confident for today, I’ll stick my neck out and say 4-0.

    Anyone know if you can pay on the gate?


  30. Pit Pony – Actually I do. You can pay on the gate, but only if you get there before 2pm. It’s £20 a ticket and no cash sales will be allowed after 2pm 🙂


  31. There is only one I think. The other option is to book it now and go pick it up from the ticket office, although booking online at the moment is a bit shitty as it’s not working properly 😆


  32. I’ll have a look online cos it’ll give me a chance for a couple more “cheap” pints before going in the ground 🙂


  33. I’d like to see Santon get given a run now. He must have bags of potential or he would not be an Italian International. We dont know if he will be a hit in the Prem or not as it is faster and more vigorous, but he took the chance on us and we should do likewise. Give him a good run in the side now and see what he can do.

    If he does not cut it then Simmo can have his place back naturally. Either way Simmo has taken his place for granted a little I think and he needs a kick up the behind – this might just do it.

    Good write up Zoe 🙂


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