The beginning of the end for Danny Simpson?

Simpson set for exit?
Danny Simpson has come under intense scrutiny over the past couple of seasons at Newcastle.

Many fans believe he is the weak link in an otherwise strong defence. Others believe he has come on in the past two years, still is improving, and should be given a chance to prove his doubters wrong.

Personally I think he, like a couple who have left, was a top player in the Championship and is a Premier League standard player, but a top six to eight full back? I`m not convinced. There are too many errors in his game which don`t show signs of improving.

Ability aside I think there is a number of subtle indications that Simpson may be coming to the end of his time at Newcastle. The main one would be the now long running contract negotiations. Still to this day there is no indication that a deal is close to being agreed upon and more often than not with these things the longer they run the less chance of a new deal.

It is merely speculation on my part but the logical conclusion to draw is, to date Newcastle have not offered Simpson a deal he is happy with. Whether it be length of contract or a money issue is unknown but based on the standard five year deals on offer to others I presume it is down to the financial aspect.

It was rumoured in the summer that he is currently on a modest £10K per week so no doubt he is looking for an improvement on that, but how much? Is he worth £40K a week? I don`t think so, and I don`t think Newcastle do either. Would that be what he is looking for? Who knows. Fact remains there is clearly something holding up a deal which, to my knowledge, still remains on the table.

Next indicator that he may move on would be deadline day and the rumour that only for Alan Hutton agreeing a deal with Aston Villa, Simpson was set to sign for them. Now of course this has never been confirmed and could be paper talk and nothing more but there is a distinct difference between a rumour about a player maybe moving and a player on the verge of signing for another club. It rarely gets reported in that context without some substance to it.

Next up is the signing of Davide Santon. Obviously as things turned out he has been earmarked for the left back spot given he played there for Inter, but ideal scenario for both himself and Newcastle he would be playing in his most natural position which is on the right. Add to that the attempts to secure a left back during the summer also and Simpson may be of the impression his days are numbered as first choice right back at St James Park.

This fire was fueled by the substitution made against Spurs at the weekend. I`m sure when Santon emerged from the dugout everyone expected Ryan Taylor to make way but it was Simpson who trudged toward the touchline, looking fairly displeased with being substituted. Not only that but Santon didn`t even switch with Ryan Taylor but remained as a straight positional swap for Simpson.

The there was this course case where Danny boy used the fact that he could be leaving Newcastle in an attempt to avoid a driving ban.

“There is a chance in the future that I will be moving, whether in the transfer window or in the summer, I have 18 months left on my contract and I don’t think it will go past that,” Simpson said.

Now given the club are unlikely to let any player wander away for free in the same way Jose Enrique looked like he was going to do, they will probably cash in their chips on the former Manchester United man.

Of course it’s all been denied and has, apparently, been taken out of context and is all one big misunderstanding. Really?

Finally, since the weekend there has been rumblings of Newcastle being interested in young Coventry right back Cyrus Christie. This would fall under the new philosophy of acquiring promising young talent and would be the type of player happy to spend a year or two developing as an understudy to the likes of Santon rather than a player like Simpson who may upset the dressing room harmony somewhat if not playing every week.

As far as Christie goes, it has been reported that Alan Pardew is said to have been impressed with the performances of the right-back and is confident that he will be able to persuade Coventry to part with the youngster because of the difficult financial situation at the club. Although the sources are not backed up with quotes I do know we have had scouts at Coventry games on more than one occasion in recent times and personally believe there could be some truth to this one.

With all the above taken into consideration and the obvious fact that Newcastle are an improving side with higher aspirations going forward than some may have thought, I genuinely think that both Newcastle and Danny Simpson could be assessing the situation for the future.

Simpson probably would move for a decent wage and the guarantee of first team football every week. I think Newcastle and maybe Pardew are beginning to look at Simpson and seeing that although he is a decent player, he is not and may not ever be up to the standard we are aiming to have in that position.

I don`t think any fans would be too upset to see Danny go. He seems a good lad, has had the right attitude and does give his all when he plays but maybe the time has come where unlike the last two seasons, his best isn`t good enough any more?

What do you think?

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45 thoughts on “The beginning of the end for Danny Simpson?

  1. If we’re getting better, we need to constantly improve. Decent young players with potential to improve will always fit our new model better than decent players playing at their best.


  2. Also, he backs off too much! I want to see Santon start on Saturday, but it won’t happen because Pardew thinks Simpson is going through a tough patch and dropping him will not help. Good man-management I guess, but I would drop him.


  3. I think what we need to realise is that we are going to have to be content with players such as Danny. Lets be reasonable we are not always going to be able to afford top prem or european players. So players like danny are going to be found at our club. Give the guy a break, do we need to judge players so harshly? who have shown committment to us…..


  4. Difference will be who’s had the better start to the season Simpson Or Raylor in my opinion Raylor after all even thought he is probably our 3rd choice RB at the moment he’s done a fantastic job at LB he has made a few mistakes so far this season but so has Simpson at the moment i have to say Ryan Taylor brings more to the team than Simpson.


  5. Danny is a good player , but if we are looking to consently improve the pool of players we have , players like Simpson Raylor Guthrie are the players who imo will be replaced. They are good players but there are better players out there. I know that is harsh and lacks commitment from a fans perspective but if the show was on the other foot and these players were in the form of their lives and top of their game and Man Utd came to re sign Simpson , what would he do?

    Its a sad reflection of where the game has gone where loyalty between fans players and clubs is more or less gone but its the way of the world at the moment


  6. They could replace him without much dificulty in all honesty, Onuoha and Ridgewell who can play full back and centre back comfortably would be a step up for little expense.

    His crossing, passing and at times some defending is quite useful but the backing off and half arsed attempts at stopping crosses is annoying and should have been dealt by Hughton and Calderwood both international defenders in their careers or Pardew with his supposed hours of defensive coaching should have sorted that or dropped him until he started to listen.


  7. Part of the best defense in the league, hardly any goals from his side.
    Doesn’t have the assistance of Jonas on his side, who made Jose look very good and now Raylor looks equally competent and he is also having a lot of personal issues with his kid,

    Pardew wanted to sell him in summer so he could bring in Ridgewell, Simpson refused to leave and we ended up getting no one..
    I don’t get the point why get rid of Simpson, when we have likes of Perch on our books, because Perch will be happy sitting on bench, if we want to reach the next level we need to have a good bench strength, someone who is willing to fight for places. We shouldn’t be shipping players like Simmo out just to make our first team players assured of their places in the near future, so as to maintain the so called “dressing room harmony”.


  8. I think he can easily be improved on without much hassle at all in truth. Not gonna say he is a bad player or anything as he has had his good and bad moments, but he is a player we could easily improve on. Even signing someone like Pieters and playing Santon on the right or something like that.


  9. Hutton
    Young L
    Williams A

    How many of these do you rate more highly than Simpson?


  10. If we win on Saturday and Manure win or draw on Sunday we’ll be 4 points off the top of the league after 9 games! 😯


  11. We need to stop being so fixated on getting into the top 6. We want to evolve to be part of it rather than just spend loads and hope.
    Simpson is a decent player, there are far more important gaps in our team. Central defence and a striker first.
    Also two of the main complaints we had on here over the summer:
    1) Enrique and Carroll are traitors for leaving for a bigger club. Well if we chucked Simpson we would be just as bad.
    2) We are going to lose the team spirit by selling everyone.

    I agree Pieters would be a terrific signing, but lets stop with all the Simpson slating. Clearly the world isn’t chocker with world class right backs, so lets appreciate what we have.


  12. Oh right, ST, am with you now.

    Thought you were suggesting all thems was better than wor Danny for a moment. My bad. 😉


  13. For what its worth I don’t think Danny is anywhere near as bad as many on here make out.

    Plus he’s relatively young and will hopefully continue to learn from those around him.


  14. The issue is after this year he has one year left. Someone out there will probably offer him significantly more money than we’d be willing to. So we either sell him or let him run down his contract.
    I think we should replace him first and then in the summer sell him if he’s not going to sign.


  15. Simpson is not a bad player. But he has obvious weaknesses with backing off too much and more importantly, being panicky in possession of the ball, and sloppy with distribution…

    If he could sort out those two things, he’d be really good.

    He is young enough still to do it, but if he stayed at his current level, he’d only ever be good backup for me.

    Fullback and centre back are certainly an area we still need more competition for places. So Pieters would be a fine purchase.


  16. Are success this season has been built on a strong back 4. All you guys slating him are brainless, simo is a good we player. An for all you talking about getting a new RB we wont because Tranvier is doing really well on loan, so if we sell simo were covered!! thats the point in building this youth team. Raylor is a Top 6 LB IMO far more skillful can pick a pass and class at FK’s the best trainer in the team. He’s better than the spurs LB I think he is better than enrique, better than gibbs, andre santos, clichy. an every other LB below the top 6, The main position we should strenghting is CB and if we can get a striker!!


  17. He can just go for me – not good enough even at his best. The backing off, the lack of physical strength, poor distribution. Looked good in the CC but has been consistently weak in the PL. I’d play Tavernier and move Santon to left back.


  18. Sound a little harsh? Much has been made of effort and team spirit and the dangers of losing it if we move too many players on. Can’t see it myself and even us diehard fans must see there’s no room for sentiment any more.


  19. Personally I don’t rate Tavernier either. The only time I’ve seen him in the flesh was at Leeds in pre-season where he was decent for 45 minutes before being shit for the second 45 minutes. A little early for the bandwagon to start with him IMO.

    And as for Raylor being better than Gareth Bale 😕


  20. In agreement with Solano’s Trumpet.

    What get’s my goat is not regognisisng the skill and effort that it takes to get into the top 10 of any profession, and personally I think that Danny is one of the best 10 English RBs at the moment. Respect due.

    Now we may be in the position that we have Raylor & Tavernier able to push for RB as well as Santon of course so yes his position is under threat, and He may well decide to move on although both he and AP have denied it in the last couple of days.

    I personally think that his commitment given his current domestic scenario is to be applauded.

    Good to see we have not as yet had any of the “He’s gash – end of” type moronic comments that have appeared on previous threads.


  21. And as for showing loyalty to our players? Naaaa

    if there is a chance to improve we must take it. Football players don’t know the meaning of the word loyalty so if there is someone out there that will be an improvement we should take it.


  22. Premandup
    October 21, 2011 at 12:08

    “What get’s my goat is not regognisisng the skill and effort that it takes to get into the top 10 of any profession, and personally I think that Danny is one of the best 10 English RBs at the moment. Respect due.”

    Hmm, it’s pretty small sample. It’s like me saying that I’m in the top ten people sitting in my living room when there isn’t really ten people here.

    What I’m saying is that he’s not there in your top ten on merit. He is there because there is a lack of other English right-backs at Premier League level.


  23. Maybe you’re right Toonsy – maybe I’d just like to see another kid come through. I’m really impressed with the Toon kids at the moment and the likes of Abeid is ready for the team. Pity about Ranger. As for Raylor being better than Clichy etc . . .
    Are unicorns fast?


  24. It’s a pretty big sample Toonsy, loots of English RBs, but not many shown the skill or committment to play at the highest level.

    There is no doubt that he is a premier league standard player, maybe not a top european club player, maybe not international standard but in these days when clubs can go abroad and by cheap talent he’s done well to play where he is. My argument is that without the current domestic situation he would be pulling his weight no probs.

    Why is our defence ridiculed anyway. Now that Tiote has Cabaye working withim rather than Nolan playing for himself the whole back division has tightened up.


  25. I’m going to cut simpson a bit of a break for now after the news about his bairn. We expect these guys to be 100% focused on the pitch but how many of us would be in our own jobs under a similar situation


  26. I’m glad Pardew cleared the situation up last night on the radio about him.

    I like Simpson as a player, he’s not a fantastic full back but he’s worth keeping in my opinion. If he left I wouldn’t be that bothered as long as we replaced him with someone better.

    Obviously he has had a hard time lately with his baby arriving 8 weeks early then becoming ill, can’t be easy for him.


  27. Still have the problem of whether or not he’ll sign a new deal. If he gets a better offer from somewhere else, he’ll take his loyalties elsewhere.
    If he doesn’t sign by next summer he should be sold.


  28. The board will be offering him what he is worth.

    Due to all his retweets when anyone mentions him in the England frame, he obviously thinks he deserves more.

    As I said at the start of the season —> when Simmo was bragging about how many selected him for their fantasy football league, I noticed that was due to the fact he was the cheapest defender on there.


    He offers nothing in terms of assists or goals, the stats reflect that hence him being a cheap (the cheapest even) buy on the fantasy football. We also struggled to keep a clean sheet with him in the side last season. Granted, that has improved this year but he still isn’t as good as he thinks he is.


  29. never rated him from day one but thats just me 😉

    oh by the way the dick heed with the tash said we will win 2-0 first time this season hope its not a bad sign 🙁


  30. [email protected]

    Thing about football for me, is that for that 90 minutes playing on the pitch, nothing else matters other than winning that game. If anything, he should be blessing football and be happy with the release it gives him from off the field problems.

    Just how I have always felt, dunno bout you lot. Maybe when you get paid for it and it’s your job it’s not the same though 😕


  31. @38. Don’t disagree really. the fact is he didn’t impress me last year either. Just going to take a break from railing on him for now is all as it “could” be affecting him. I get paid to go to work too but if I was sleeping in a hospital room all week and thinking about a sick bairn, ther eis no way my job would have my full attention


  32. Im in the school of thought that Santon and a new LB should come in, with Raylor a utility player and Tavernier back-up. Don’t see a place for Simpson on a new bigger money contract unfortunately if we are gonna make the step-up to top-6. He just isn’t good enough.


  33. I don’t mind Danny. He seems like a nice guy, and I think he does a ok job. He’s a little limited going forward, but gets the job done in defence even though he seem a little out of position at times.

    I have always thought the full back position is over rated in therms of spending. How can any player provide a value to the team in excess of £10mill from full back position?

    That’s why I think someone who just gets the job done is enough and would prefer to spend money on players upfront. I don’t think anyone would really be able to provide the team with a signiffically higher number of league points from full back than Danny, that would cost a lot and a striker would be better value for money.


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