Newcastle 1-0 Wigan – Highlights, interviews and a ramble for good measure!

Match highlights of the 1-0 victory over Wigan yesterday followed by chatter from Alan Pardew and Roberto Martinez before a summary of the performance from Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson.

I’m not gonna lie, I was expecting a full scale demolition of Wigan today. What I saw instead was a slightly disappointing performance even though we scraped the win.

Yohan Cabaye’s perfect strike sealed the three points for the Magpies, but we looked out of our depth at times. Especially going forward. A few seasons ago, it was in games like this that we weren’t winning. As scrappy as they are, it’s three points in the bag and our unbeaten streak remains.

Our game at the moment relies so much on Cabaye and Cheik Tiote controlling the centre of the park, allowing our wingers free reign to go forward and attack to their hearts content. This is where the problem, for the time being, lies.

Gabriel Obertan had a very disappointing performance, and it was quite ironic that his replacement Sylvain Marveaux, within minutes of coming on, set up Cabaye for the goal. He may have the pace to get down the wings and beat the opposing fullbacks, but his final ball yesterday was very disappointing. There were a number of times when he had worked himself in to a good position only to over hit the cross or not put it in the danger area. When we have a big striker like Demba Ba starting, these need to be targeted at him every single time.

Jonas is in a very rich vein of form at the moment. However, he is often prone to being a little bit over-eager and loses a lot of the ball when going forward, especially in the middle of the park. This is frustrating considering the pace we have on the counter-attack and against the bigger teams, it’s only a matter of time until times like that cost us.

Leon Best had a disappointing game, but it is very encouraging to have two starting strikers with such good goal scoring records. Shola Ameobi was reliable as always, and played his part when helping the Magpies in their search for the win. Hatem Ben Arfa’s performance was also encouraging but, as he showed in the Spurs game last week, he needs to look for the pass a little more often rather than go solo.

With a bit more work on the wing-play, and final delivery, Newcastle will look like an even more formidable opponent, especially at Fortress SJP. The team spirit we have at the club is incredible, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the dressing room. Alan Pardew has worked his magic and we’re still sitting pretty in fourth place.

Long may it continue!

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66 thoughts on “Newcastle 1-0 Wigan – Highlights, interviews and a ramble for good measure!

  1. Sorry about my absence lately but I’ve been searching the sewers in Tripoli looking for Gaddafi.
    What a small world. I saw Stardust, Thad, Tinooops and Brisvegas all scuttling round the turds and waste.

    Anyway, another crackin result. Ben Arfa brims with confidence and despite him being ring rusty (no one can ever accuse Stardy as being ring rusty) he oozes class. The new Pedro?
    He’s the closest thing that I’ve seen to the great man.
    Better looking of course.

    I believe there’s one player that needs special praise this season because of his outstanding performances. Tim Krul is by far our best player and is making an average defence into a class one!
    Saylor could have gave the points away again in the dying minutes when he failed to even put a challenge into stop DiaMe (dear me). Mind, Krul might have saved it with the form he’s in, if it had been on target.

    Great result again and Pards, Ashley and Deggsy are dishing out the humble pie at the moment. Pass the bowl.


  2. Anyone interested in playing 5 aside (outdoors astro turf) between 10-11am every Sunday at Newburn in the west end of the Toon?

    We’ve played there for about the last 15years and every so often the pool of players gets depleted. I’m looking to recruit a few more to
    keep the numbers up.
    The standard is poor and ages range from 20’s -50’s.

    Anyone interested, make it known.


  3. could never of imagined we would have a start like this ,cabayes goal was class 🙄 🙂 cough troy ,oh and it was nice to see carrol miss a sitter for pool 😆


  4. @batty

    Carroll wouldn’t miss many of those if Dogleash gave him regular playing time. 😉

    You enjoying your humble pie Batts? Dished out by Mike and Derek.


  5. Troy i admitted the other day i might have got it wrong aboot the guttless frog 🙂 but thats as far as it goes pardew is doing a great job 😉


  6. @batts

    He does play. He has to turn up in American football gear! 😆

    The thing is, he gets attacked by the hawks and buzzards as they are after his chicken legs! 😆


  7. @batts

    We were both in the same camp when it came to Ashleys policy of selling experienced premier players for inexperienced foreigners on less money.
    We both criticised the regime. So far, it looks like a stroke of genius.

    They’ve got the wage bill down and are getting results way and beyond anyone’s expectations .

    Sometimes in life you must hold your hands up.
    Pass the humble pie my dish is empty again. 😆


  8. I agree with top 6. I’ve seen nothing outside of that to worry us and with a bit of luck we can finish there. Still early days, but we’re picking up the points ready for those three hard game next month. If we keep doing it we could still be 5th or 6th after them 😯


  9. Marveaux deserves a starting spot IMO. He is one of those little nippy players that can create something out of nothing, someone like samir nasri. I’m not writting Obertan off just yet, but I believe we should tweak our formation a little, as Marveaux adds another dimension to our attack, other than relying on Obertan’s direct attacking play.


  10. was a tough game. I thought at one stage wigan went 4-6-0 to stop tiote & cabaye

    for me the big diff. in the 2nd half was marvueax and HBA

    they unlocked the wigan defence and you could tell it was only a matter of time

    good win.


  11. I’m honestly really worried about stoke. this WILL be our hardest game of the season. i hate stoke fans so if/when we lose the pill will be even more bitter to swallow 👿

    i think pards needs to get obertan on the training ground and get him to practice sprinting down the line then whipping a decent cross in. if he manages that then he’l be class ❗

    I’m not sure who it is but norwich’s RW played some lovely balls in against liverpool yesterday, obertan can take a lesson from him.

    cabayes goal.. beautiful and marveux showed a touch of class with his control whilst under pressure for it! 😎


  12. Lokking forward to the Manc derby today. Draw would be the best result for us.Make sure the rest of the title challengers don’t get away from us 😉


  13. batty

    i hate stoke fans because they think they’re hard and in the 1970’s still. their travelling fans smash up places and make a mess everywhere.

    i think they’re above their station – getting too big for their boots 👿

    their football is far from beautiful either – effective – but not beautiful.


  14. Not sure about the top six tbh. If we assume the top three is sewn up with Man U, Man C and Chelsea that leaves Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal for 4th 5th and 6th. We don’t have a squad anywhere near as good as any if there’s. Bit of luck needed there. 7th well up for grabs and after this start I’ll be disappointed If we don’t finish 7th.

    But at the moment we’re only two injuries away from a midtable side.

    January couldsort all that out though, wonder what fat man will do if we’re still top 5/6th then. Pieters, a striker and a centre half would do us ok. Oh and nobody sold.


  15. nobby could not agree more! I hate that stoke team with track suit jolly pulis! A win against them would be class!


  16. agree – 7th would be great, expecting top-6 is a bit daft considering the other sides in the mix for it. Having said that, it isn’t out of the question if we steer clear of injuries to major players, reinforce the squad in January…. and continue to enjoy a nice juicy slice of luck


  17. stu remember bobbys 2nd season in charge ❓ they sed we had no chance,i just think this season has a simular feeling to that 🙂


  18. Didn’t play well today at all but grinding out results is the most important thing, no one can say that Man U have won the prem so many times by playing well every game or deserving to win games they play badly in.
    In our relegation season I could imagine we would have crumbled yesterday and conceded a couple of silly goals and the heads would have dropped. This year there just seems to be a little something in the squad that I havent seen for quite sometime, team spirit is definitely underrated I think. I have a feeling this year could be the year we pull a real suprise out of the bag. Ultimately the top 10 would be a good season for us on the whole considering 2 years ago we were playing championship football. But what do we have to lose by having a real go. Liverpool spend over 100 million on over rated players such as Stewart Downing and Charlie Adam, Tottenham steal other teams midfielders even if they dont need them, and the top 3 teams spend big every year..for the most part and City have spent over a billion pounds, it would be fantastic if we could finish in the same vicinity of these teams that buy success while I think all our success this year will be down to hard work, grit and determination. 🙂


  19. Aye, Batty. Hopefully we’ll add a couple of new faces in Jan which will help us, but there’s people starting to notice Cabaye now too unfortunately.


  20. Although imo it was one of Cabaye’s more subdued performances, his goal was pure class and just confirms what a great technial player he is.

    The turning point of the game was the introduction of Marveaux cos that bloke is a real magician, Benny too, though he’s still rusty and trying too hard.

    But all a luxury problem for the toon. Wouldn’t discount Obertan either cos he does so much great defensive work that he takes the pressure off Simpson..


  21. Agree about Stoke fans. I remember when it all kicked off there between us and them years ago. Some of them haven’t forgotten.

    Its a tough place to go though and I’d settle for a draw. Been there the last two times we’ve played but I’m missing out this time 🙁


  22. Just made a B-line for my mate who follows Liverpool as soon as I got into work.

    He begged me to take Carroll back 😆

    I stuck up for Carroll though, whatever happened, he’s still one of our own


  23. Bottom club Blackburn Rovers host Tottenham Hotspur looking to claim only their second league win of the season.

    Spurs, in stark contrast, are undefeated in their last five and victory could see them move as high as fourth.<<<<< i see sky are on top form ,so spurs can go 4th with a win 😯 ,how come we dont get 6 points and 5 goals for a win 😆


  24. Apparently we set a new premier league record yesterday – the luckiest team in history!

    Thank god we haven’t been tested yet 😆


  25. Batty – nice to see you admitting I was right about Barton. Surprised you didn’t cotton on earlier though – you’ve known me long enough to know I don’t get much wrong 😉


  26. TC you will never catch me slagging any player while he plays for the Toon 😉 but when they leave its a diffrent matter 🙂


  27. I like how Pardew said if we’re able to get results our way before we get to the games vs the top 3 we’d be able to ‘attack’ them a bit. If we’re still up in 4th by the time those games come around, the lads will believe they can be as good as them and really fight for the points. It’s going to be hard, but I can’t wait as I think it’s going to be very very interesting.
    Loving supporting the toon at the moment. One beautiful sunday after another.


  28. A draw in the Man derby might be the best thng for us. But as we have no chance of actualy winning the league, I want a City win and City to finish top at the end of the season.


  29. I lov being lucky TC! …….. I’m thinking that with the addition of a genuinely quick striker – like Miga suppose to be – we will stretch the game create more space and chances for the talent; hba .. Marv etc to exploit ….. We a little one dimensional ATM – we currently have 75 percent of plan B in shape of the aforementioned talent but the pact quality striker is the last 25pct we need …… IMO


  30. I think it will work to our advantage not playing the likes of Marveux, Santon and HBA a lot at the minute.

    Just get them match fit and sharp gradually and then when it comes to the big guns and the likes of Fergie, they aren’t going to know what to expect and how we are going to play.

    On MotD they were saying that 8 of our first team have started every game and whilst there are advantages to this, I think you need a bit of a surprise up your sleeve to beat the top managers.


  31. Agreed pipes! 😀

    Seems to be general consensus that y/day was a bad performance.

    That to me is a sign of just how far we’ve come.

    End product was lacking but passion, commitment and work rate were not.

    We kept going, kept pushing, kept trying to create.

    Gary Player was accused of being lucky in his career. His response? The harder I practice, the luckier I get.

    Allez Alain!! Tres Bon Monsieur – tres Bon!!!


  32. Toonsy/ Tom/ any admin – any idea why my comments won’t post? Could it have anything to do with having a link in it?


  33. TP – you can really see the need for a maiga type now. Cabaye’s options for long through balls are limited to the wings; when obertan gets up a head of steam, he’s often ahead of every supporting player so can’t cross and turns back inside; also i don’t think HBA was as selfish as some were saying, i think the major problem was just putting a little too much on most of his passes, a faster striker would be a great outlet for him (though he hasn’t played with ba for long), and sharpness will come for him


  34. Not a great performance but a good result. Its a sign of a good team that we still get the 3 points after a poor performance , which you have to give credit to wigan for , they pack thed midfield and kept us contained to a certain extent.

    Think Marv is pushing for a starting spot and I would like him to start in the league cup.

    But I would go for obertan against stoke , the term horses for courses spring to mind and I think his pace would be more effective against Stoke.


  35. I couldn’t control myself 😯 batty told me to 😯
    Nah just a good read in the sun about our recruitment process. Ah well, cheers moreno


  36. Dub – Yeah its because of the links. The spam filter “learns” as things get approved but I reset it not so long back so it needs to “learn” again 🙂


  37. Newcastle boss Pardew said: “Yohan is a really class player”

    Knows what he’s on aboot does wor Alain 😉


  38. Missed the game yesterday as I was at work. Looking at the highlights though it didn’t look like I missed too much!

    Still, a brilliant result! Watching the highlights a second time and focusing on Obertoon, I can see why people have been disappointed with his performance. I genuinely think he was a good signing and despite what Manure fans say about him, I think he has class control of the ball on his day. The dribbles he makes as he’s tearing up the field and stepovers look brilliant!

    I had a strong feeling that yesterday would be Cabaye’s time to shine! He was so unlucky to have that goal against Villa denied by the brilliant Shay Given. What a goal it was!

    Why Cabaye Man!!! 😉


  39. Newcastle finally seem to be playing as an all round unit, which for the average Prem fan, is good to see! They’re a classic English side at the end’a the day, and their recent slide didn’t do their passionate fan-base and tradition any justice.
    Pardew finally seems to be a manager that’s using positive tactics to full effect. A lot of the Newcastle gaffers in the past would look to take a lead and sit back, but Pardew’s more of a fighter than that and even 1-0 isn’t enough for him. It’s brilliant that Newcastle give everyone a fair and proper game of football, and not just a lesson in the art of defending scrappy leads which sends the fans home bitter/sweet. I like the way he uses wingers and fullbacks properly, on overlaps etc. Tiote breaking stuff up in the middle of the park to free his more adventurous team mates on the wing is as good as any in the League so far this season. I know the bigger tests are to come, but the signs are good. Maybe they need to try out playing through the middle a little bit more? They’ve mastered the wings!
    Ben Arfa’s doing okay after his return but I’d say its quite premature to say that he’s back to his best and you can’t blame him – he’s been out for a year! It took Ramsey at Arsenal months to resettle and make attacking midfield his own again.
    But the amount of technically sound players Newcastle have now is pleasing on the eye, even if it doesn’t always culminate in beautiful football. You always know in the back of your mind that Gutierrez, Cabaye, Tiote and the like have the ability to produce something special. As for the legend that is Demba Ba, he should be considered as one of the signings of the season! I hope he isn’t ignored just because Newcastle haven’t traditionally been in the top 4 in the last few years. He could do a job for any of those usual big boys.
    As for Obertan – well lets just say that Fergie wouldn’t let one of his better players to walk out of a contract! The potential is there though.
    As a fan of classic Premiership times, I’m happy to see the Magpies doing well! Keep it up (just not at the Emirates!)


  40. Thanks for that Zee. Tiote seems to have added range to his passsing this season and has gotten better after a shaky start and jonas is playing his best football since coming here, going forward and back. I don’t think anyone believes ben arfa is at his best. He needs game time to get his sharpness but has shown one or two flashes; hopefully 90 minutes in the league cup will do him the world of good. Best of luck to you


  41. moreno @42 not much at all realy ,i only slag some players ide put gazza in the same cat as carrol feel abit sorry for both of them 😉


  42. “shola was reliable as ever ” nah he was awfull as ever , not fair he does 1 good thing every 10 games . Best was poor i agree and i agree about pardew his substitutions have been spot on and game changing .Ben arfa in time will be outstanding imo but could all season but al in all good stuff and long may it last and i think colo is one of the best centre halfs iv ever seen .


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