Pardew’s pre-match press call

Open day at St James'
Some of you may be thinking: what is going on with Newcastle United? But this time, you may be thinking it for all the right reasons.

Following the clubs fantastic start to the season, the club has given back to the fans in abundance. Starting with half-price season tickets for existing holders, an open training day at St. James’ Park, and half-price club membership if bought in-store. There is a lot more fan interaction at the moment although some will say that it is long overdue.

I was lucky enough to receive an invite to check out the media side at SJP as part of my course, and had the opportunity to listen in on Steven Taylor’s interview and Alan Pardew’s pre-match press conference and though I would provide you all with some quotes that are actually direct from the horses mouth.

Ahead of the game on Monday, Alan Pardew had a clear idea of what he needed to work on following last years’ 4-0 defeat at the Britannia: “It’s a different type of game, the pitch is narrow, the grass is long and they put you under enormous pressure. It’s a difficult place to go and try and get a result.”

“We had a terrible day there last year, where I had to take some fall. I set the team up to combat their style rather than focus on our own.”

The manager seemed very buoyed by the performance midweek: “The Cabaye goal was so late, if we had another two or three minutes I think we’d have won it. I think it’s very unusual for a professional football team to have three key decisions go against you, and that’s fuelled us more than anything with a desire to put it right.”

“We can’t let the loss affect our minds, we just go on to the next game. No team ever stays unbeaten.”

“I think if Tottenham would have come and beat us and won that game 2-1, and we didn’t respond like we did, I think we’d have had a much different feeling than we had afterwards. There was honour in the performance against Blackburn.”

“Santon experienced the Premiership somewhat, and he’ll learn from that. He thought he would get a number of free kicks, which he would have done in Italy. You don’t get those here, and things like that he’ll learn from. Technically when he had the ball and was going forward, you could see he’s going to add to us as the season goes on.”

“You understand that the trust from the terraces to the team is the key element of success, in my view. If they don’t trust the manager, or the team, if they feel that the wool is being pulled over their eyes or there is a lack of commitment, they won’t forgive them. I think there is trust from the terraces in what we’re doing, and that we’re trying to win every game.”

“I think based on the first half against Blackburn we could have been slightly questioned on that front, but in the second half we were outstanding and unfortunate not to win. I think the Chairman and the Board trust me, I trust my players, and the fans trust the players.”

“The one thing I took from Alex Ferguson, that’s very important, you keep momentum at a Football club, even in defeat.”

After the open training session yesterday, Steven Taylor said of his injury that he was “disappointed to miss the Blackburn game, and the focus is to play on Monday night.”

“I was sat on the bench last year, I was disappointed with that and the result, but hopefully we’ll put that right this time round.”

“We’ve changed the way we’ve played. They’ll be worried about us as much as we’ll be worried about them. We think they will be more cautious of us.”

“There is a ‘Never Say Die’ attitude at the club. For the lads to come back strong in the 90th minute against Blackburn, coming back from behind is really encouraging.”

“We’re enjoying our football and playing with confidence, and we’ve got that winning mentality.”

All in all it was a great day. Everyone seemed to enjoy and it gave a great insight into how things are run, not just on the media side of things for me personally, but also in terms of seeing what the payers actually go through and what is said to them.

Hopefully there’ll be another one soon!

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21. MA Sports Journalism Student at Sunderland University. Newcastle United Fan. Hull FC Fan. Follow me on twitter: @tomcarlisleuk

41 thoughts on “Pardew’s pre-match press call

  1. Like Pardews comments about Stokes style of play and credit to them for sticking to a plan and hopefully we will get at them which is what they dont allow for.
    They are identical to the old Wimbledon team in that they draw the opposition into a long ball fast physical aerial battle, if we can get it down and run at their back 4 i think we may have a chance, its going to be our toughest trip of the season so far and fingers crossed Tiote and Taylor are fit.


  2. Tom enjoyed that mate it seems different when your reading it knowing that the writer was there in person.
    As for Stoke will be happy with a point but I believe we have the quality to get 3 pts.


  3. Excellent write up Tom, well done.

    Regarding the upcoming Stoke game, it’s plain for all to see what a tall order it it to play away at Stoke, as is in fact every PL game. Hopefully AP get’s his tactics and team right on Monday night, for this reason Obertan needs to stay in the team for his defensive contribution, and his ability to break quickly. I hope to flock that Tiote is fit, cos we’re gonna need our minder for sure ! Saylor too, cos Crouch is a real handful…

    Howay the lads 1-1 will do nicely… !


  4. Tom…even at 21 you’re writing better articles than some of the experts in the media. With yourself and Zöe in the Toonsy blog team the future looks good !


  5. Thanks guys, was really surreal. Another learning curb in the business.

    It was kinda funny really, the pros were stood around Steven Taylor with their Dictaphones and there’s me scrambling to open up Voice Memos on my iPhone and stand a little bit further to the side. Cracking stuff.


  6. Tom, we’re relying on you to give it your all to keep us informed of movements at NUFC, get your elbows sharpened big man !
    As a younger guy you need to use all of the new media available to you to reach the top….I-phones will rule the world !


  7. Totally agree…. but Tom there’s a coiuple of things holding you back from proper journalism. You’re actually quoting exactly what the player/manager is saying vs taking 2-5 words and making your own headline out of it eg. “…the club is in trouble, I’ll wait until we’re safe to discuss a new deal as the clubs safety is my #1 priority” TURNS INTO Headline of ” (PLAYER X) LEAVES CLUB IN LIMBO AND REFUSES TO DISCUSS NEW DEAL!”. Also you’ll need to get REALLY good at kissing Ashley’s ass and ONLY telling his side of the story…. worked wonders for Luke Edwards.

    Otherwise keep it homie. Quality article like that at 21.. impressive. Much love from LA. to the only true Mecca… The Tyne.


  8. hahah Munich, I live in a place where the news dedicates 30 minutes to Lindsay Lohan’s court cases and a combined total of 2 min to Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya. Also lets not forget the immediate media black out if there’s a high speed car chase ( though I will admit they can be pretty f’in awesome at times)

    btw Munich, used to live in Stuttgart for 5 years when a kid… beautiful country homie, can’t wait to go back.


  9. Spoke to Pardew on the phone last night, what a really canny bloke, didn’t ask for any info didn’t think i could get away with that, but really is a nice guy. Got lots of stories from my cousin about him and all positive. just hope he can keep on going the way he has been for so much longer


  10. I notice that everywhere you look at Man City’s stadium you see Etihad or Abu Dabi. Same at our club only our says Sports Direct. I havent heard any City fans moaning about their stadium sponsorship.



    According to Chronicle we are still interested in Pieters (as well as Maiga). Pieters would be an excellent signing. Full Dutch International that can play left back or centre back. Could move Santon to right back. Hope this happens


  12. Stuart….maybe because they paid £400m for it and the club buys world class players 😉

    Pieters would be a great signing….hopefully.


  13. Stuart – Probably because its worth an obscene amount of money on a ground that is pretty much brand new with no history?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not overly fussed about the “branding” on SJP, but there are differences…


  14. Stu with the amount of money the owners have invested in Citeh and the quality of players they sign I dont think they would give a shit. Even if they wern’t being massively sponsored .
    So I dont really see your point


  15. Every club has branding these days, its the way the deals have gone etc. Its a way for companies to market themselves effectively as they know people will go to the games and see it and then on match of the day their company is broadcast to millions of people. Its a sure fire way of getting your company or brand noticed.

    Anyway I’m back off to doing my coursework 🙁


  16. Chelsea are really open under Villas-Boas, playing a high line and getting caught out a number of times each game. We might just get something from em in a month or so……


  17. Toonsy: I’ve finished my coursework, have to start my english essay later but going to have a break now 😀


  18. M – Was just going to say that. Chelsea have been built on being solid at the back. Right now they are anything but. Of course the plus side for us that we know they can be got at. The down side is that they score more these days:???:


  19. There you go, M 😉

    If Arsenal score another 4 we could go 3rd today 😆

    Must say I’m glad it was Terry who ballsed up 🙂


  20. some pretty mental results in the games between the ‘top’ sides this year –

    ManU 8-2 Arse
    Spurs 1-5 ManC
    ManU 1-6 ManC
    Chels 3-5 Arse
    Spurs 4-0 Liverpool


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