A chance for the unlikely lad?

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On Wednesday night, Danny Guthrie scored a 92nd minute goal which led to an exciting finish in the Carling Cup tie against Blackburn.

It was a wonder strike and one that showed that the lad from Shrewsbury is able to contribute against Premier League teams.

However many fans still remember his performance in the 3-1 defeat against West Brom the Hawthorns last season and since then it seems like people have not forgiven him for that. It was one bad performance when the lad looked out of character and clearly struggled throughout the duration of the game.

During the game against Blackburn, Guthrie seemed to take on the role of attacking centre midfield. This is Guthrie’s most comfortable role having played their a number of times during his early years. Whenever the lad has played on the wing his performances have not been up to par and has been subsequently dropped. Playing in his more favoured role certainly seemed to pay dividends for the young lad, he seemed to be advancing forward and played a big role in our revival against Rovers.

Now with Chiek Tiote a doubt for the trip to Stoke tonight, Guthrie could find himself called upon to play a role in that game. It would see Yohan Cabaye drop into the more defensive role of central midfield and allow Guthrie to play the role of attacking midfielder. I think he is up to the job of playing that role, some may have hesitations about that but I think the lad is keen to show people what he is made of.

I almost think that too much pressure was placed on him when Kevin Keegan signed him. He was compared to the likes of Rob Lee and Paul Bracewell. During his first couple of seasons he performed well for us and in our Championship season he provided thirteen assists which was the most of any Newcastle player. Unfortunately for the lad he suffered a knee injury which saw him miss the start of our 2010-11 season. He was subsequently kept out of the side by the form of Joey Barton and Kevin Nolan.

One performance last season has seemed to have changed many fans’ opinions of him. I have always been impressed by Danny Guthrie and I think the fact that he has been played out of position has probably not helped his performances. He seemed really involved in the game against Blackburn and it is almost like he needs to play his favoured role to function. I would have no problems with him filling in for Tiote but taking over the attacking midfield role, yes we would miss our Ivory Coast international, like any team misses their best players, but I would not want to risk him if he is not fully fit.

And after all, it is a squad game apparently…

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33 thoughts on “A chance for the unlikely lad?

  1. I think he’s a good tidy player, who does little wrong during a match. He may not be spectacular, but he does his job and does it well.

    He’s a victim of the fickle Toon fan, and his face currently doesn’t fit. On the blog during the Blackburn match he got slated. Funnily enough his arse was well and truly kissed when he scored. Fickle.


  2. You’r right of course he is an excellent attcking midfielder and an able deputy for Cabaye. It would appear that neither Abied or Gosling are yet ready to be as good a deputy for Tiote. Maybe AP just lists CM in one to six and plays the fittest two?


  3. Not sure he’s good enough to be honest. He seems to be pushed off the ball too many times and if he hasn’t got time he tends to lose the ball.


  4. Looking at the league table, we will definitely finish second this season. Man City will probably just pip us on goal difference


  5. Guthrie is under-rated at NUFC but has had fitness problems for a long while. He has much more ability than Tiote but is a very different player. He can change the pace of the game, something most players can’t do. He beats oponents with ease and has great vision. He ran the game versus Chelsea at home last year and scores goals. Unlike R Taylor (generally) he can take a great free kick or corner. Of course Tiote is wonderfully effective and is our best player in the holding midfield role. He wont create anything ever but when I see how poor Best is (generally), I do wonder if 4-5-1 with Ben Arfa and perhaps Guthrie in a midfield 5 is a better format to employ, especially away from home.


  6. If Guthrie was given half the time others have been given, I’m sure he would prove himself to be a very useful player.
    When has he got a string of games playing in his best position.

    Completely agree @1. Fickle fans.


  7. Think Guthrie is a cracking squad player to have. Seems as though that one mistake at West Brom has done for him. Shame really. I mean its not like all players make mistakes at some point….


  8. Let’s not forget that Guthrie was good at Bolton too – he’s proven his credentials in the PL before.

    I, like most others it seems, think that many people have been fooled by the times he’s played out of position. He’s no winger, but he was (Nolan’s goals aside) our best MF in the Championship.

    That said, I would think twice about playing him in a 442 with Cabaye the more defensive minded. I don’t think he’s mobile enough to be the complete box-to-box midfielder he was originally described as, so I’d like to see him bridge the gab between Cabaye and Ben Arfa in a 451 tonight.


  9. Good squad player, decent cover but I think he’ll go at the end of the season for first team football and you can’t blame him for that.


  10. I think guthtri is a good sqaud player , I would see him more as a replacement for Cabaye than Tiote tho.


  11. well ranger wont be apart of tonights squad after being arrested for drunk and disorderly in early hours of this morning


  12. Will be an interesting formation if Guthrie and Cabaye play behind Ben Arfa. Guthrie and Cabaye both slightly deep, sort of the way Barry and Toure play behind Silva/Nasri.

    I like Guthrie. Slightly weak off the ball, but very good on it.


  13. How many chances does Ranger get before he is sacked – he has 3 arrests against him all pending a court case – drink driving, an alleged assault and now drunk and disorderly?
    At least Barton sorted his drink problem out but this lad shows no sign of wiseing up.


  14. Totally agree with you 3hours, we have given him too many chances. I think the hope is that they will be able to sell him in the january transfer window


  15. With his record Zoe I can’t see too many wanting to take a chance on him. A real shame – the lad has talent and is living the dream but he is going to throw it all away. Just got back training with the first team and then gets arrested again – unbelievable. 🙄


  16. Time to get rid of the little twat. Too many chances, he’s thrown it all away.

    If he wants to be a hard man gangster rather than a footballer, then thats up to him.

    He is scum, full stop.


  17. muck fee. Just realised Ranger has been nicked AGAIN! What a fkn tool. I was hoping he’d finally turned the corner, he’s obviously just gone ’round the bend.

    Can we not sack this imbecile? Absolute joke. And to compare him to Barton is pretty absurd. I just can’t understand the sheer idiocy of this lad. Pop an NUFC cap in his stupid gangsta ass. What a prick. Only acceptable explanation for his ongoing behaviour is some kind of psychological problem. He just doesn’t seem to grasp his position. I tend to nurture patience with troublesome players, but this lad has finally pushed me over the line.

    Grade A cock.


  18. 3hours, I can’t believe it mate! Honestly man, I’m livid! 😆

    …getting sh1tfaced on a night out, less than 48 hours before arguably our toughest game this season, just after getting back into the 1st team – straight after assault charges, and drink-driving, not to mention his slack-arse attitude at ‘work’ and history of trouble. It’s unfathomable how deluded this kid seems to be.


  19. @14. Again? Today? Or did they arrest him only now for the last incident?

    Guy must be a complete bonehead if he hasn’t gotten the hint by now.


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