Ranger in danger of blowing it all

How much longer will he get?
Yesterday Nile Ranger was charged with drunk and disorderly behaviour after a night out in the City with his friends.

I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear that Nile Ranger has been once again in trouble with the law. This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last time, either.

The spokesman said: “At 1.40am on Sunday, October 30, police arrested a 20-year-old man for being drunk and disorderly in the Cathedral Square area of Newcastle city centre.

“Nile Ranger, 20, has been charged and will appear at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court on 17 November.”

This happened just at the time when I thought Nile Ranger was turning his career for Newcastle. He’d just been allowed to start training with the first team again and he got on the bench for the first time this season against Blackburn, but now it seems he’s just blown it all, again.

I’ve lost count of all the things that Nile Ranger has done to be honest, he’s constantly getting bad press and he’s in the news for either, drink driving, assaulting people or acting like an idiot in town.

Pardew’s already voiced his concern for his off the field actions and at that time he said he was his 6th choice striker, behind Best, Ba, Ameobi, Lovenkrands and Ben Arfa. I’d also argue that the likes of Sammy Ameobi and Phil Airey.

I really don’t know what we can do with Ranger at this current time; he obviously doesn’t care about football and his career at NUFC. Otherwise he’d make sure he was on time and he’d keep his nose clean and fight to get in the first team.

I know this one hasn’t been proven, but the fact he’s always getting into bother says to me that he’ll probably get charged and then what does he do?

We’ve tried to offload him, we accepted a bid from Blackpool in the summer and tried to ship him out, if it wasn’t for the fact that Nile didn’t want to drop his wages and go play a league lower we’d have gotten rid and he might have been actually able to make something out of his career.

We could send him out on loan, but would anybody want him now? He cannot keep himself out of trouble for much more than a week and he’s not that great of a player, would he be worth the risk for any club? I don’t think so.

I personally think we should just get rid of him and terminate his contract. Thanks to Chris Hughton we’ve got him stuck here on a 5 year deal, but I don’t think he’ll last half of that time. Of course we won’t want to spend a huge amount of money to release him from his deal, but if we can manage to get rid of him because of his off field behaviour I reckon he’ll be out the door in the shot.

I hope he gets no more chances, does he deserve another one?

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108 thoughts on “Ranger in danger of blowing it all

  1. Whay hay. 😛

    Hello Poopsy. 😛

    You jumping on my reality train. It’s stoked up and ready to go. My campaign to get Ashley to change his ways has worked.
    I told you I wouldn’t be a battered housewife like you and I stood up against him. 😛

    I bet you feel indebted to me. 😛


  2. evening all on Ranger im sure there is some way of getting shot he must be breaking rules if the club has a curfew on players out drinking etc it was less than 24hrs before a game


  3. Liam…the average of a gangster is 26, he won’t make 40!

    He’ll probably think he’s a twat when he’s staring down the barrel of a gun over some x-box related dispute 🙄


  4. Witters or when some real hardman is beating the life out of him for glassing someone 😉
    Troy I dont think there is room for anymore passengers lad, FFS the other night it was packed to the doors 😀


  5. Bobbs, why would i stand up to him when i agreed with ALL of his decisions from day ?!!! … Much like your terrible judgement that Cabaye was not class, you failed to see the benefits and scope for improvement based MA plans. You whinged and moaned and groaned and moaned and finally, you ran your bus into the ground. HAHA!!


  6. Toss Ranger out.

    Still smiling after the game v Stoke. Keep looking at the league table, and my grin widens.

    I look at Troy’s desperate attempts to save face and I just can’t help myself and burst into uncontrollable laughter.

    Love it. I just love it.


  7. @tinpoops

    Nibble nibble 😛

    The reality train has a new timetable with new destinations. Milan, Barcelona, Paris.

    You must come on board . It’s free, subsidised by advertising on the carriages.

    Toot toot! Toon ! Toon! 😛


  8. I was solely responsible for the change in tactics of the regime particularly the drop in season ticket prices. 😯

    You have me to thank Vegas and I will accept your apology with no strings attached. 😛


  9. Come on MDS.

    They always say, The path to love is a rocky road.

    Did you never watch wacky races? Troy Pitstops always gets to his destination despite the snipers like Dick Dastardly Tinpoops and Mutley Bris Vegas doing there best to derail me. 😛


  10. @Bris Vegas

    Come come my little friend. 😯

    You are chewing yourself up. 😯

    You sound bitter and twisted. 😯

    Don’t you want to jump on board. Even Ashley is looking to buy a ticket as he knows we were right all along. 😛


  11. Does anyone know if my new 56″ plasma screen telly will get damaged cos I’ve had German text on for 4 days showing the English league table ?

    Are we allowed to gloat, or is that bad crack ?


  12. If Ranger cannot get his heed sorted out, having spent the last 3-4 years surrounded by roll models such as Chrissy Houghton, Alan Pardew, Shola Ameobi, Alan Smith and all the star ensemble at the toon, then he’s obviously missing summat somewhere the lad.

    He’s had a trouble childhood apparently, and that’s not so nice of course, but so have several blokes and still made a go of there lives. Surely one day something must click with the bloke and he grows up finally ?
    I wonder if the toon have considered sending him to some kind of shrink ?


  13. Another great win for the reserves yesterday, now we’re clear at the top of the league by six points, though Man Ure have a game in hand apparently.

    See link below ……

    The Red Devils then make their way to Tyneside next Tuesday night (8th) for another attractive reserve team fixture, to be staged at Whitley Park (KO 7pm).

    Could be a canny game, would have perhaps gone if I wuz living in the Geordie Nation. Pity it aint being played at SJP like in the good old days, I remember watching a Man Utd reserve team including an absolutely immense 19 year old Mark Hughes play at the toon in front of over 7,000 fans. Those were the days….they cuffed us too by the way !..


  14. JJ…..maybe porridge would have a negative affect on the lad ? 😯 😯 something more to brag about…?


  15. For what it’s worth, I think Premandup and Big Dave were right about this one. It doesn’t really seem to matter whether or not Ranger is convicted of anything in a court of law. It just depends on whether or not he has breached his contract of employment.

    I was reading this article recently which looked at the legal obligations set out in a standard Premier League contract of employment:

    The key part is:

    … “the club is entitled to terminate the employment of the Player by fourteen days’ notice in writing to the Player if the Player:

    10.1.1 shall be guilty of Gross Misconduct;

    10.1.2 shall fail to heed any final written warning given under the provisions of Part 1 of Schedule 1 hereto; or

    10.1.3 is convicted of any criminal offence where the punishment consists of a sentence of imprisonment of three months or more (which is not suspended).”

    So the club could argue that he is guilty of gross misconduct, or has failed to heed a final warning (or possibly both?) and it wouldn’t depend on him having been convicted of a criminal offence (but if he had, it just makes it even worse!)

    I’ve no idea whether or not he’s previously been given a final written warning, and you can make up your own minds whether you think he’s been guilty of Gross Misconduct, which is defined in the standard Premier League contract as “serious or persistent conduct behaviour activity or omission by the Player involving one or more of the following:

    (a) theft or fraud;

    (b) deliberate and serious damage to the Club’s property;

    (c) use or possession of or trafficking in a Prohibited Substance;

    (d) incapacity through alcohol affecting the Player’s performance as a player;

    (e) breach of or failure to comply with of any of the terms of this contract or such other similar or equivalent serious or persistent conduct behaviour activity or omission by the Player which the Board reasonably considers to amount to gross misconduct.”


  16. JJ aye joey b didnt like having his back doors bashed in when he was in jail ,he vowed he would never go back 😉


  17. Batty you on the wrong thread 😉

    Actually, here in South Africa, you can go to jail for being drunk and disorderly. Its called drinking in public and it gets you a night in jail.
    Unless you bribe our corrupt police force of course.


  18. My bloody bramble bush Colo perm is ganna take some sorting this morning.
    I went to bed with it in.

    I look like Don King! 😯


  19. I’d like to know what the idiot was doing out on the razz less than 48 hours before a big game. If injuries struck, we might have needed him. Is there not a rule about that sort of thing? Like Cabaye said, the drinking culture amongst ‘pro’s’ in England is shocking. It is obviously a follow on from the English drinking culture, which is also out of hand thanks to the Government decideing 24 hour drinking was a good thing. Problem is, the youngsters dont know when to draw the line and that is when the fights etc happen. They lose their mind… 🙄


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