A Tayl of brilliance

A team effort led by Taylor?
Newcastle United continued stretched their unbeaten run to 11 league matches this season (14 league games overall) with a 2-1 victory over Everton.

A thoroughly entertaining match and perhaps one of the most nerve-wracking ones with the pressure that Everton seemed to heap on us in the final ten minutes of the match.

The performance from the whole of the team was absolutely fantastic. We battled hard to make sure that we guaranteed those magical three points. I think every player who pulled a black and white shirt can be proud of the performance that they gave yesterday and once again we’ve seen this team really works hard for each other. For me though there are some players who gave outstanding performances yesterday.

Ryan Taylor had a brilliant game. He has settled into his role at left-back very well and yesterday he had to face Royston Drenthe, Seamus Coleman and James McFadden. He looked very calm in his position and was able to deal with these players who faced him. His headers out of defence were very good and that allowed us to push further up the pitch as well as making important tackles and blocks that stopped Everton getting past him.

Jonas Gutierrez had a quiet day for a change, but it didn’t matter to Taylor who also found himself advancing up the pitch and provide balls into the box for our strikers and midfielders to attack. What can I say about his goal? It was a goal of true craftsmanship and it seemed as if it required no effort to stroke it in to the back of the net. The topsin he generated was enough for the ball to dip under the crossbar whilst leaving Tim Howard with no chance.

On Monday night, Danny Guthrie replaced the injured Cheik Tiote and put in a decent display against The Potters. Yesterday he produced another shift that truly demonstrated that he is capable of filling in for the Ivory Coast international.

The impressive thing with Guthrie is that he does the simple things of passing, finding players and holding the ball very well. These are important aspects and Guthrie showed the Newcastle faithful that he can do this.

His vision was evident yesterday. He spotted Danny Simpson on the right and floated a ball across to him that led to the cross that found it’s way into the back of Tim Howard’s net via John Heitinga. Guthrie also was accurate in his passing and in one instance when Everton seemed to be attacking our box he took a yellow card for the team so that he could disrupt their attack. A very calm and assured performance from one of Kevin Keegan’s signings.

I have to give a mention to Danny Simpson as I felt that this was his best performance in a black and white shirt so far this season. He was venturing forward at times and the cross he put into the box certainly created trouble for the Everton defence. In addition he made some perfectly timed tackles and he certainly wasn’t afraid to go up for headers as well. The only blotch on his performance was the fact that Jack Rodwell managed to escape his marking but other than that Simpson looked very calm on the ball and produced a very self-assured performance.

There are so many other players that I could mention today and if I did I’m sure that this would become a very long article. Each player in the team was a vital cog in the machine that kept our unbeaten run going. I thought that the work rate of the team was very high and whenever Everton had the ball the players were busting a gut to try and pile the pressure on them. This worked a treat for us and it shows that Alan Pardew has installed this as a way to try and get results.

It was very nice to see Dan Gosling and Hatem Ben Arfa to come on today. Gosling was successful in all four of his tackles that he made. He was getting involved in the game and he looked like he was relishing the opportunity of facing his former club. Hatem Ben Arfa looked a lot better than in previous games when he came on. He was passing the ball a lot more and wasn’t afraid to go in for a tackle. These two players have been out for a very long time and it was great to see the both of them on the pitch.

Credit must go to Alan Pardew aswell. He had to deal with injuries to Yohan Cabaye and Sylvain Marveaux and he was confident in the ability of both Sammy Ameobi and Dan Gosling to take the roles of the two Frenchmen. One thing that I did notice was Alan Pardew trying to rally the crowd behind the players towards the final whistle to keep them going. That was fantastic to see.

A great way to go into the international break with another three points. The break will allow us to regroup and allow the players to rest from their gargantuan efforts that they have put in during the last few weeks.

Then Alan Pardew can begin to prepare his warriors to face the force that is Manchester City!

About Zoë Vicarage

A lifelong Newcastle fan. Currently exiled in Sunderland studying Sports Journalism at the University of Sunderland Follow me on Twitter: @ZoeVicarage

53 thoughts on “A Tayl of brilliance

  1. Another great Article Zoe , i agree with it all , Pardew seems to be the Manager that we have needed ever since Sir Bobbys reign ended . The bloke has tactical prowess and can certainly pick and train a team and get them believing in themselves . Now he has the crowd on his side as well , i can see Europe being a real possibility if not this season then next .


  2. Great write-up Thad. 🙄

    Yes, Taylor is starting to look the part, he looks an established left-back, I’m so chuffed for him since he stuck with us when he wasnt playing much. Same goes for Guthrie, I think Cabaye brings the best out of our midfield.

    Can’t believe I wanted ManCity to draw against QPR y’day. 😆

    Well done the team and hats off to Pards.


  3. Just watching the Wolves v Wigan game. If Wigan didn’t have Al-Habsi in goal I shudder to think just how many they’d have conceded 😕


  4. Oh and people are fizzing about our fixtures, have a look at Liverpool. They have City and Chelsea in their next two games 🙂


  5. Toonsy…what about the 2 manchesters and Chelski’s fixtures, they all have the Toon coming up 😉 😆


  6. “Oh and people are fizzing about our fixtures, have a look at Liverpool. They have City and Chelsea in their next two games”

    Someone mentioned this yesterday, that we are in a false position blah blah, but if it was Liverpool who are where we are they would be branded as title contenders. Bar Man Utd we have played ‘similar quality’ sides.


  7. Zoe good read and your spot on Lass, cant really add much to what you have said, although I will say I have always liked Raylor as he always gives 100% so good on him that he is now starting to reap the rewards and get the credit he deserves. Also glad to see some fans are starting to realise that young Guthrie isn’t the donkey that they thought he was, Same as Raylor I have always liked Guthrie and knew that he was capable of adding to our team, as I have said before I feel sorry for the lad as he is better than a bench warmer.
    All in all I am well chuffed with the whole team 😉


  8. Another good article Zoë.

    Guthrie was excellent.
    Gosling impressive considering how little he’s played.
    HBA looked far stronger.
    Will Pardew play him against Citeeeh & de Jong?

    Careful praising Simmo too much Zoë or you’ll never get to see Santon … 😉


  9. goal aside, Ryan Taylor was great in the 1st half…. and dodgy in the 2nd. Made some poor decisions and got caught out more than once. What a goal tho! F’ing hell…..

    agree with Zoe – best Toon player was Guthrie followed by Simpson. Also thought Cabaye showed a few really classy touches before his knock.

    Ba and Best didnt have the greatest of games…. then again, we were hoofing it all day long. Was that a tactic???

    Jonas struggled with the ball, but what a shift he put in! can’t fault the work-rate of this Toon side. Generally, another iffy-ish display…but another cracking result!


  10. It was a tough game. Some players looked a little tired; Monday was tough physically; Im sure AP/JC/SS will welcome the break

    Just keep it going lads; at the moment it seems their confidence makes up for the tiredness


  11. One thing that was a tactic was trying to pull their central defenders out of position. All of our long kicks went down the channels, all of them bar none.


  12. i saw myself on match of the day!!!!

    very small and only for a split second but if you want my autograph just ask! 😆


  13. I look forward to reading one of your articles when the cack hits the fan. You always seem so upbeat and positive.


  14. Cheers lads for the positive comment, making me feel a lot better after the problems I’m having with football at the moment.


  15. Well Hitchin lost today and I’m putting effort in to do training and stuff and it doesn’t get feckin noticed. One girl who doesn’t come to training and refused to play last week always starts. The offer from NUWFC has kept me going but i’m seriously considering packing it in until I go to uni


  16. Oh and i was sub for all of the first half and came on ten mins into the 2nd half 👿 👿 👿


  17. Nobby “very small and only for a split second”…..best hope your lass doesn’t say that to you on your wedding night 😆


  18. Imagine how Ryan Taylor felt 😉

    End of the day it’s part and parcel of the game. Just wait and keep trying and you’ll get your chance.


  19. Excellent write up Zoë, well done !

    Actually, some of the toons fast one touch play doesn’t get the respect it deserves imo. Take a look at the build up to the first goal, how quickly and intelligently we moved the ball around the pitch. It was truly excellent. The fact that the useless Hettinga scored an own goal attracted all the attention, when really the build up play from the toon was absolutely first class.


  20. Another fantastic 3 points. Just a note of caution though. We gave up the ball time and time again and they had the majority of the possession for most of the game. If we play like that against Man City we will face a very poor outcome. We have a mounting string of injuries to contend with now also. Who will be fit for the Man City game? Best, Cabaye, Marveaux all picked up injuries. Tiote is still recovering, as is Willo, and Obertan. Very difficult times ahead but the spirit of the team has been fantastic.


  21. GeordieTwo I hear what your saying and undersatand it, BUT I often find that when we play better opposition we can up our game, I don’t know what it is or why, it’s the same when I play golf, with my son in law I dont really play that well, but against my Bro I always play far better


  22. Another fantastic 3 points. Just a note of caution though. We gave up the ball time and time again and they had the majority of the possession for most of the game.
    I have to agree. Obviously, I am thrilled to have the three points and of course am beyond words thrilled with where we are and how we have played. But to keep ourselves near the top of table we are going to have to find a way to keep more possession in the second half when we have a lead. This has happened a couple of matches now and we can’t rely on the defense to bail us out forever. Something for the lads to work on during the break


  23. dannysimpson12 Danny Simpson
    Its being spoken about that I may be called up for The England Squad, b such an Honour to represent my country

    Surprise aside, congrats to wor Danny if it happens


  24. MDS…we beat Everton with a makeshift midfield, and with strong defence. I don’t think they put us under the cosh second half in any way, at least not the game I was watching.
    I also don’t think we are relying on our defence to bail us out all the time. Good defence is part of a good team. We are practicising defending, and as we know practice makes perfect. We have some good guys at the back benefitting from some good coaching, and long may it continue.

    There will be games when we see less of the ball, but it’s all down to how the opposition use the ball, and whether they are effective with it.


  25. yada yada yada….an excerpt from a web page from the current ongoing Fulham – Spuds game…

    “Relief for the visitors who should be given credit for the way they have defended against this onslaught.”….see it’s all a question of wording…

    Cos it’s Spurs it’s good defending. When it’s the toon we are lucky…yeah right… 🙄


  26. MM- it’s been more than just one game though….

    Please don’t construe this as being negative because it is impossible not to be overjoyed with were we are, but if there is something we need to work on, I would say that is it


  27. MM @ 35 your spot on mate 😉 oh no ofence but that is one ugly lass you have as an avatar, you would need a few brown paper bags to go with that, or spend alot of time in the beer garan


  28. how lucky were spurs, there were at least two certain handballs – one where kyle walker was cradling the ball !


  29. Big D…aye…the silence is deafening mate… 😉 😉 😉

    You only need to look at the latest comments to realise why the place is a ghost town.

    This is the only place to be for all things toon…. 😉


  30. “Tottenham survived a second-half onslaught at Craven Cottage to extend their unbeaten run in the Barclays Premier League to eight games and deny Martin Jol victory over his former side with a 3-1 win at Fulham.

    Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon struck to give Spurs a commanding interval lead in a lively London derby, but they were over-run when play resumed…..”…

    Says it all really…lucky Spurs… Maybe a lot of wor fans are suffering from lack of confidence and don’t know how to be associated with a top 6 team. Of course we’re not playing samba football, but there again who is these days ? Citeh, Man ure and Chelsea will win more games cos they have invested humongous amounts of money in players who can make the difference. We make up for that with effort and team spirit, plus a lot of skill too.

    I would really have liked to have seen how our full strength 11 performed against the big 3 over the next games. Sadly this probably aint gonna happen, which is a real pity. Maybe we will get cuffed, but maybe not…


  31. MM I think if that was mine I would use plastic bags about 4 of them with a bungy tied round nice and tight 😆 . and yeah the place is a ghost town, I guess if it wasn’t paying for the leccy and broadband it would be closed 😆


  32. Big D….I though wor Louise would go down nicely… 😆 😆

    Things have started buzzing in tumbleweed town…..hectic as usual, the bully boys have arrived.. 😉


  33. You a golfer Big Dave? Might be heading over to your island for a gold holiday in the spring. Got some good deals at the moment


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