The Forgotten Man

Does Danny Deserve A New Contract?
Injury plagued and expected to leave in the summer, Danny Guthrie is a player all but written off by most Newcastle fans as one with no future on Tyneside.

However, as Ryan Taylor proved at the start of the season and continues to as the weeks pass, Guthrie has surprised us all by showing he is far from a spent force with two really solid performances against Stoke and Everton in the absence of Cheik Tiote.

I think we were all worried when news came through that Tiote was set to miss these two games. With both sides being strong physical outfits the loss of Tiote spelled bad news for our central midfield but credit where it is due Danny Guthrie done a good job against Stoke and was one of our best players against Everton.

He was obviously never going to match the physical presence you get with Tiote but he brought something else to the table in a composure under pressure, ever willing to get on the ball, linking play and using the range of passing he would be known for to good effect.

I expected as much to be honest as Guthrie has always been a promising player on the ball. Granted he still exceeded expectations in that regard but what really impressed me was his off the ball work. Positionally he was very rarely caught out of position, protecting the defence through the middle and busting a gut to get back and cover full backs when needed.

Most impressive of all for me though was for someone i`d consider a nice footballer who may get dominated in two physical games he more than held his own. He got stuck in well and showed great maturity in a couple of professional fouls in both games, taking one for the team to stop some really dangerous counter attacks.

Obviously with the international break and hoping everyone is back fit for the Manchester City tie you would expect the centre of midfield will be restored to Tiote and Cabaye. Not many would argue a case for Guthrie to start with everyone fit as that pairing are better players and compliment each other perfectly.

That said I think Guthrie has put himself right back in the reckoning should either of those players be missing and seems to have leapfrogged both Gosling and Abeid in Alan Pardews mind as the go to replacement and maybe impact sub.

Pardew has recently said that he is looking to develop Abeid before January and The African Nations and saw him as the replacement for Tiote when the time comes, but with Guthries recent impressive performances it seems that standpoint may have changed.

Personally i`m glad. Although I do rate Abeid as an extremely promising young talent I think January may be a bit too soon for him to step into the rather sizeable boots of Tiote during his international absence. Guthrie may just take a bit of pressure off the young lad and allow us to use Abeid as an impact sub in those matches, which may suit him and us a lot more.

Dan Gosling is obviously chomping at the bit too and wants first team football sooner rather than later but going off first team appearances so far this season and being fairly anonymous when he came on against Everton I can kind of see where Pardew is coming from in not showing a huge amount of faith as yet.

Still at the relatively young age of 24, after a few seasons of frustration and constant injury problems, Danny Guthrie looks like he could come good this season. He seems to have matured as a player, making better decisions and playing some good football and once he keeps his performances to the level he has at Stoke and Everton, in my opinion deserves to be the number one choice behind Tiote and Cabaye.

The only concerns are, obviously whether he can stay fit, that remains to be seen. If so and he keeps playing well in the odd appearance or cameos, I think we may be running a slight risk of losing him being that he is on the last year of his contract.

What do you think? Should he be first choice replacement above Abeid and Gosling? Does he deserve a new contract? Is there anyone that would have him in the starting line-up above Tiote or Cabaye? Or maybe with both in a change of formation?

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193 thoughts on “The Forgotten Man

  1. reet im outta here before I say something I will regret, im just glad that there is still people in our country that fight for things we value and dont all roll over for the prospect of some money. 👿


  2. Richie, we’ll not kna until the next audit of the accounts next yr if the club is to make any money or not from this name change.
    I still think he has a buyer lined up, but is ensuring SD remains in the spotlight long after his departure. I said before 5 yrs, but that could well be a 10yr naming rights deal 😯


  3. toonpipes , thats trusting that when he sells he will leave it in a good state for the next owner , i dont think so he will strip it to the core the only thing he will leave is the sports direct shite .
    And if he makes money he will spend money to make the team do well , wrong again this is the only time under his tenure the team has done well and he dident spend a bean and that wont happen again .
    Rodzilla you talk some pap like . 😉


  4. Dave: TBH I don’t want to focus on it, it’s just one thing that goes on and thank god it isn’t to do with anybody getting the sack etc etc etc

    This is part and parcel of football, more grounds will become commercalised as there is a better opportunity.

    Move on from it and get behind the team


  5. BB….aye mate, but will all the bitterness ya’d think it would be easy to release a statement saying that they’re payin for it(if they are)…..but what do I know, nowt about finances that’s for sure, just a plain auld thick Geordie 😉 …reet now I’m defo off.


  6. …it’s only a name for fuck’s sake.

    We’re still called ‘NEWCASTLE UNITED’.

    The fact that fatty maybe ready to change the stadium name only sets the precedent for anyone else who may want to buy it in the future.

    Money talks these days, in fact no, it fuckin’ sprints. It’s the way football is going, unfortunately. We’re all following the same path.

    (actually I would be pretty fkn narked if it changed to the Sports Direct Arena, in fact I may even scoop out my eyeballs with red hot rusty teaspoons, feed them to the cat, run around the house trying to find said cat, then strangle it in a primal scream of rage – which would ideally be filmed with a slow pan-out to fade, on top of a mountain type of deal, but in my house still).


  7. everything is going along nicely,and guess what ashley hits the self destruct button yet again,this man is a joke sooner we get this cunt oot the better.


  8. Not even pirate Westwood or mcceage stooped this low. More dark days ahead, and I’d you think this won’t have an impact on the team then you are mistaken. I reckon this is bigger than not buying players, selling players or shitting on keegan. Once again he’s hoodwinked everyone. He have us cheap tickets and then stabbed us in the back when we picked them up.


  9. The club say the change is a temporary measure to “showcase” the sponsorship opportunity to “interested parties”.

    Key word in that bit is TEMPORARY


  10. Do we have so little self respect that we are just going to ignore this? If he had just built a brand new 70k seat stadium that was selling out because he’d invested millions in the team and we were winning trophies then e would be entitled to call a new stadium anything he wanted. This is different and although I don’t post on here much I’m not saying pet else because I can see me saying something I might regret.
    St James park isn’t just part of NUFC it’s part of the city. It’s the heart of Newcastle. Where’s your pride?


  11. ….and I haven’t even got a cat, so I’d have to go out and find one first, ideally before I’d scooped out my eyeballs.


  12. Zoe, temporary until someone else buys the we might become the pound stretcher stadium or the allied carpet warehouse arena? Would you be ok with that?


  13. Right, I may come across as an ashley supporter in my comments tonight but I am not. I ignore most of his shops and that is why I never batted an eyelid when the branding went on the roof etc.

    The ground will always be St James’ Park people have to remember that and keep calling it that instead of getting angry. On matchday’s call it St James’ whenever you talk about games call it St James’. Why not creating a song that references St James’ in it that way you show loud and clear to MA that it is still and always will be St James’ nothing else

    Protests won’t work but something like a song sung every game might drum it into his head that we aren’t happy


  14. cheers rodzilla you have cleared things up its all about money now in football you say … wow
    and the three year deals and the ten year fixed rate season tickets and the half price season tickets to fill the stadium and the fact you cant blink without seeing a sports direct sign and now the renaming of the stadium , you think he might be thinking of selling the club …wow
    cheers at least i know now 🙄


  15. Keith, just trying to make light of a shitty situation. Of course I’m fucking pissed off. I’m old enough to understand heritage.


  16. Ill find a cat ,
    point is it will affect the team and the fans and maybe even the city (shock horror) but there is still a group of people out there who are saying what a fab job he is doing , because the team are on an unbeaten run ! fact is to make more coin he would do anything and that worries me for the longterm future of the club , he is the worst owner we have ever had .


  17. Ok now I’m being a bit daft here, but what if he decided we would be playing in a blue and red Dunlop strip next season? Is that still ok? How far does he have to go before people stop makin excuses for him?


  18. Aw well, nothing new. I guess there was only an embargo until someone broke it and then it was a free for all. Fat twat


  19. I’m glad the team are doing well, but I will always despise that fat twat and his Owlheed bum chum.

    I’m in turmoil because I recognise that he is balancing the books and thats good. We’re in 3rd for christ sake, I’m so chuffed with that. And yet, I am just full of hate for the bloke.

    I knew this would happen. They allow a feel good factor to get around the fans, then BOOM!! Heres your latest insult, you Geordie arseholes.

    Oh, and they have proven themselves to be liars. AGAIN!!


  20. Rodz used to watch that all the time as a kidda. I’ve put on weight recently, but half a ton is a bit harsh. Better get down the gym


  21. Toonsy, a few were suspicious on the announcement of or ‘fun for all open training day’! …a few weeks back.

    Weyy aye man, a canny bit of PR leyk, ad cleym a moontin! Said Mike, engaging his best native dialect impersonation.

    We’re currently top 4 for one reason only.
    Birds Custard.
    (that might be two, but fuck it)


  22. Leonard Nimmoy
    Barry Norman
    Fred West
    Terry Nutkins
    Anneka Rice
    Bernard Mathhews
    Adolf Hitler
    Susanne Sarrandon
    Pol Pot

    …yum yum.


  23. fucking mike ashley, fucking cunt. Knew there was a kick coming and here it is. Now we just have to wait for the next one.


  24. Figured something wrong was going to happen sometime, didn’t think it would be this bad though. I’m feeling pretty down about this, I can’t even begin to imagine what you guys are going through. 🙁


  25. whichever company eventually takes on the naming rights (if any of em do)… would engender a lot of good will by restoring the rightful name of the stadium. In the meantime I’m going to wholeheartedly ignore this and continue to call, know and refer to it as it should be known – St. James’ Park


  26. So we are now playing at the Sports direct arena or as I like to call it St James park, if we get upset by this we must have a vacuum in our life. I have been a fan since the 60’s which was easy when all my family supported that lot down the road,where was child-line when i needed them.Suppose i am just saying no one other than corporate groups will ever use anything but its true name. It is a sign of the times but i will stikk cheer my team on from the leazes end or as the season ticket calls it the Sir John hall stand.Let us see where the money goes. 😉


  27. That’s the thing Tommy, I doubt there is any money. If it’s being “showcased”(again) then that suggests to me he isn’t paying for it 👿


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