Newcastle linked with several defenders

Toon chasing Motpellier captain
With the January transfer window looming Alan Pardew has stated that he wants two players, one being a striker, the other a defender.

Now with the striker seemingly all but signed up I thought I would focus on which potential defender we could sign, with a number of players already being linked with a move.

The first question would be which position in the defence should we target. I think we can safely rule out right back with Danny Simpson, Davide Santon, Ryan Taylor and James Perch all able to play there. Left back is a possibility but again with Ryan Taylor, Davide Santon and Shane Ferguson there we aren’t in desperate need of one.

One position we are desperate for though is a centre half, with Mike Williamson injured for the foreseeable future it leaves only Steven Taylor and Fabricio Coloccini, who have performed so well this season, as our only fit central defenders. With that in mind you would have to guess it’s centre back we’re looking at – or at least I hope it is!

The next question has to be ‘Who we can we sign?’ Well like in the summer we have been linked with a move for Erik Pieters of PSV Eindhoven who, if he were to sign, would kill two birds with one stone with him being able to play left back and centre half. But personally I cannot see the club forking out around £6 million on a player with us already paying around that for Modibo Maiga. Another player like Pieters, Liam Ridgewell, has seemingly been ruled out from various sources.

Another player we have been linked with is Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, a bit of a tongue twister I know. Mapou is a 22-year old centre back for Montpellier. He’s a commanding figure standing at 6 ft tall and is actually captain of his team whilst being named one of the best players in Ligue 1 so far. Again though with a lot clubs apparently interested in him it is going to take at least £5 million I would of thought and again I just cannot see us paying it.

The latest player we have been linked with and personally think is not only the most viable but is actually the best option is Lewis Dunk of Brighton & Hove Albion. Lewis is a 21-year old 6 ft 4 centre half who, for those who know him, reminds me off Craig Dawson who West Brom signed last year from Rochdale. Lewis’ height means he’s great in the air but he can also play a bit, not to the standard of Coloccini or even Taylor but being only 21 he can only learn and get better.

What makes Dunk the most viable option is that come January he will only have a year-and-a-half left on his contract which instantly means his price drops, something that the club look at when signing players it seems. And with Kazenga Lua Lua and Steve Harper being loaned to Brighton in the last few years you would hope we have built up some kind of relationship with them.

Dunk is also English and although we have had a lot of joy buying over seas players and hopefully that will continue, I still think you need English players in the spine of your team i.e. Steven Taylor and with Lewis being young and cheap he certainly fits the profile.

Now it might not be any of the above but out of all the defenders we have been linked with so far I feel Dunk would be the right player to go with.

What are your thoughts?

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54 thoughts on “Newcastle linked with several defenders

  1. When we signed marveux and obertan they kind of came out the blue… so maybe mr carr has lined up another little gem that we don’t know about. is this fella african or french? he has an african sounding name so will he also be in the ACON?


  2. I say we should go for mapou … he sounds like a star in the making … future nufc captain unless we sell him for 30+ mill


  3. Good read Dan, i don’t think 6ft is a “commanding figure” for a cb, even Colo is taller 😉
    I’d still be gutted if we don’t go for Pieters, Raylor and Simpson have done well but I still don’t think either are the answer long term if we want to progress.We will need a full back and CB so £6/7m for Pieters doesn’t seem so much then…….also Simpson will leave imo with neither side willing to budge on the contract seemingly.


  4. I somehow doubt that we will go for Dunk, I mean, would you be happy to play this young lad in our 1st team if Colo or Saylor gets injured, I’m not sure he’d make the grade for the PL just yet, maybe in a year or 2 yes but we need someone who’s able to fill in now & I hope we go for Pieters, as he can, as you’ve said cover both LB & CB…

    As for a striker being tied up, who’s that then, I’ve not seen any official notification that we’ve signed a striker yet, just loads of assumptions & speculation that we may have signed Maiga (sp?)

    Plus if Ba & Strola go to the ACoN, if we have signed Maiga, then he’ll be there too, so we’re no better off in Jan & will be 3 strikers down 😯 so I’m hoping the striker we do sign is either Nolan Roux or Luke DeJong as they can both come in & get to grips with the PL, instead of waiting for a month & then hoping they can get up & running in time to keep us in the top half of the table come the end of May 🙁


  5. It’s time to get the reality train out the station warehouse.

    The dreamers will be linking us with every world superstar in the next few weeks. 😛


  6. Toon69….Shola defo won’t be at the ACoN as Nigeria didn’t qualify 😉

    Troy….aye, it’s almost that time of year when you start offering to show ya arse in Fenwick’s window 😆


  7. Yang-mbiwa is apparently on the fringes of the French national team right now, so he would be good to play for us in January!
    Also, Pardew seems to rate Perch as more of a cb than a rb. Having said that, we obviously need more quality back there


  8. @Richie

    Fenwicks have told me they are going ahead with their normal Christmas display. They can’t afford to take a risk again this year.
    My arse was not required once last year .

    We should really change it this year so the dreamers need to show their arses when the superstars don’t arrive.

    Cancel your Christmas plans Tinpoops, Thud, Liam, Brisvegas, you’re booked in for a Fenwicks Moony display all winter! 😛 😆


  9. Aye, it’s that time of the year and it’s time to get the reality-train out the station warehouse…… or Herr von Stardust’s Ashley-bus?

    😯 🙄 😉


  10. I’d still prefer Pieters. Don’t get me wrong, I hardly know anything about any of them 😆 but I like the idea of killing two birds with one stone. Ridgewell would also be a good hit IMO. Good squad player who can play in the middle and on the left, our of contract soon I think, and Birmingham need the money.


  11. with Liambias admitting we need replacements in the summer I hope we secure Pieters soon, he seems just what we need. Maiga also seems likely, going off reports.

    I hope this doesnt mean Colo is set to leave, im not too hopeful he’ll stay tbh and I expect a 25mil bid from chelsea + S Kalou for Tiote either in the summer or Jan.

    Simpson seems to be off, he’s only on 10k per week and rumours that he’ll not sign an extension could be true.

    If there was any player I’d hate to see leave the toon out of Colo, Tiote or Krul it would be Krul. I hope he’s here for yrs to come but does look like a potential ManU/Arsenal keeper in the making


  12. Toon69; Although it’d be annoying that Maiga would be missing in January, I don’t think it’s wise to not sign someone because of it. ‘oh he’s brilliant but he’ll be missing for 3 months over five years so let’s just go for some average coot that won’t get international call ups’


  13. Can’t see us buying a first choice defender, but if we do it might be a sign that Colo is moving on. Would much rather us buy one for the near future.


  14. I know we do have to worry about losing our best players to ‘bigger teams’, but with each season, as the gap between us and those teams narrows, that draw lessens. Classic example is Liverpool; if the Carroll situation was happening now, would he still jump?

    I think Pieters has to be a frontrunner – he’s already scoped out so a quick deal is possible (important in the January window) and he’s got the versatility we know the club like to see. And he’s not off to the ACN!


  15. Don’t get me wrong, I think Pieters would be a great signing but unless we sell someone i.e. Tiote I can’t see the club spending £6 million on a defender if we’re going to spend around that on a striker, whether that be Maiga or someone else.


  16. @Whumpie

    I hope youre right m8.
    I wouldnt be happy but would settle for selling Tiote but keeping Colo, Krul with additions in Jan or the summer. We can’t keep selling.

    I’m just a little pi**ed off the fact we sould Carroll and it was mentioned at the time by DL that the sale helped us secure a long term deal for Tiote which his deal and wages were also part of the 35mil being used.


  17. sold* 🙄

    off topic but if any1 enjoys a horror movie. watch American horror story (series) on FX.. i dont normally scare easily..very gud show.


  18. It’ll be Maiga and probably a full back. Williamson will be fit soon enough to provide cover, and with Kadar and Perch on the books a centre back will not happen.
    Pieters won’t come, so we’ll be looking at someone in Ridgewells price range.

    Not complaining, I’d be more than happy with Maiga and Ridgewell with nobody going out. I think we’d be a very decent squad. Definately the best outside of the top six IMO.


  19. We should have signed Cissokho in the summer and if its true Lyon need to sell then we should be in first.

    Not just a replacement for enrique but a step up for me…


  20. @toonsy 😯 oooh matron!

    I bet u say that to all the guys.. 😆

    was that exclusively for me or can I bring a m8, make a night of


  21. I don’t think Kadar will feature for the first team again and will be released in the Summer 😕 …..and we won’t be getting Ridgewell, imo of course


  22. JJ 😆 not at all mate, I just think Kadar is finished, is contract is up at the end of the season and can’t see it being renewed which I think is a pity.
    Ridgewell I just think no chance, our transfer policy is or should be either bring in better than we have, which is generally costly or players that have the “potential” to be better than we have, for me Ridgewell is neither.


  23. Cheers batty, Toonsy beat me to it. Have to up early to beat him like 🙂

    As long as we have a defender n striker in Jan ill b a happy supporter 😉 In Pardew n strikes Carr we trust!


  24. Not that early nowadays. Getting old 🙁

    The shifts I have at work over the next 4 days really hit it home how much older I’m getting.

    Once upon a time, like most, I used to be able to go out all night, get smashed, get in at 4, go to work at 5, work a full day, then do the same again 🙂

    Tomorrow I start at 5, will be up about 3 trying to get some articles written for here, and end up wanting to go back to bed by 9am 😆 😐 😡 😥 🙁


  25. would love toon to buy samba from b/burn a great defender imo one of the best in the PL,but at aboot 12/15 mil theres nee chance 🙁


  26. toonsy how about a poll… will we keep the likes of coloccini and tiote this season or will they be sold for big bucks in the new year/summer?



  27. Whumpie I would say Carroll would still jump simply because of the wages he gets for them. He is on about 70K a week for them and would never have gotten above 50K a week for us. I don’t think the list of centre backs I see includes the one we will eventually get. They just don’t sound good enough. Dunk from Brighton? Not for the first team that’s for sure. Someone from Europe recommended by Carr would be my bet. Whoever it is we better sign someone in January if we want to go for 6th or 7th. A fit Willo gives us a little bit of average cover but that won’t be nearly enough. Still not convinced Maiga will be the answer. Is he pacy and good enough technically? Not sure because I haven’t seen him play enough.


  28. Rodzilla a pun that bad is a shocker. Surely someone out there is waiting to use the name Dunk as well! 😉


  29. Yes I think we have agreed on this before icedog, Samba would be fantastic, but probably far too expensive for our cheap owner. And he will want a huge wage no doubt.


  30. how the hell is james perch ahead of kadar or tavernier???????????all i can think of is the older lads contracts have still to run….and we lost kaz cos he was pissed off!!!……looks good at the mo but hope we dont self destruct after another season or two


  31. Feel like Dennis The Un-Wise,watched Mapou on Youtube,for £5Million well worth a punt..Dunk would be loaned back to the Mackem Beaters Brighton imo..Carr must see something in Maiga as the deals supposed to be done.. 😛


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