What can Newcastle hope for against Manchester United?

Rooney's rocket from a previous encounter
After feeling upbeat and positive about our prospects against City, I wrote an article about our chances that many of you may have already read. If not you can view it here.

Perhaps next time I should write less from the heart and more from the head. I’m going to try again, this time with our upcoming match against Man United.

I have to be honest; I was disappointed with the City score. On another day we could have had four or five – but if you don’t take your chances against top class opposition, you’re always likely to finish on the wrong end of the result.

It’s definitely a match we can learn from though. On another day, we wouldn’t have given away two penalties, and a few more of our shots might have found the back of Joe Hart’s net.

Ironically, after the defeat to City, I heard more positive praise from pundits than I have done for any of our previous matches this season. Dan Walker, presenter of Football Focus commented on twitter that he was impressed with us, whilst even Paul Merson struggled to criticise us, saying that we played ‘very well’ and that prior to City scoring their first, they were ‘running out of ideas’.

After a few days to move on and forget about the result, I feel that we played relatively well in places. As mentioned, we could have had at least one goal before City scored, which would have made the game and entirely different prospect. As it was, two bits of poor defending from a usually solid Ryan Taylor gifted City a comfortable lead, and from then on we were always chasing the game, something which is pretty hard to do against the league leaders.

For me it’s only positive from here. We have played the team, who on current form, are the best in the league by a mile. We can go into the match against Manchester United knowing that again, we’re expected to get beat, but that if we win, it will be massive for the team, and be an illustration of just how good we can be.

I think more NUFC fans are hopeful of a win this week than last. Against City, we did pretty well to keep the game competitive in my opinion, against a team who are streets ahead of us financially, and on the pitch. This week the outlook is somewhat better. Our squad still seems positive, so much so that Yohan Cabaye gave an interview claiming Newcastle will go into the game with United ‘playing for a win’.

I feel the game against United is a game we could definitely get something from. Really get something from, not like last weeks ‘I feel we give City a shock’, but really take more than we are expected to against the perennial title challengers.

Following their draw against Benfica in mid-week, they will be looking to bounce back in the league well. They best Swansea away last week, but only narrowly, and with Wayne Rooney just back from a spell on the sidelines and Danny Welbeck doubtful, their ability to freely score goals is dramatically compromised.

It’s in midfield however, where I feel that we can really prosper. Man United have looked poor in the middle of the park so far this season, lacking the drive or guile of previous seasons in which the likes of Paul Scholes have controlled the game. They have been a much better midfield side with Tom Cleverley included, but with him out injured, the door really is ajar for Newcastle to come in and steal something.

Man United have looked quite poor in my opinion for the last few weeks. I say poor, obviously they have to have been pretty good to be sitting in 2nd place. But they don’t seem to have that usual spark Fergie’s teams normally have. As I have already said, it’s well documented how poor their midfield has looked this season, and with our midfield arguably being one of the best in the league 12 games in, we have a real chance of going to Old Trafford and coming away with something.

I really hope we can get something. To me, this match is more of a test than last week. We were always likely to be on the wrong end of a hammering from City, if you were to believe the pundits, but it never really happened. Yes we lost, but it wasn’t the battering many had predicted.

This week we face the red half of Manchester who look far inferior to their neighbours, so it’s not impossible we could go there and surprise a few.

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In 3rd year of English degree at Leeds Trinity University. Hoping to go on and do something Sports Journalism related. Breathe NUFC. Follow me on twitter @nufc_blog

54 thoughts on “What can Newcastle hope for against Manchester United?

  1. Like the City game it won’t be easy, unlike we did v City, we’ll have to take any chance when they come our way, if we do that then who knows. If both teams are at their best then we’ll lose but that’s the beauty of football, it’s unlikely both will play to their full potential, so here’s hoping man Utd have an off day and we play a blinder :mrgreen:


  2. Is it me or do Man U not look that scary anymore?? Looking at there team, apart from a few, they really are no stronger than us and infact I think we have got a good chance of getting a result. Man City were different as there team is phenomenal and I can see them winning the league by Feb 🙁


  3. The one area we could have worried them was centre midfield with Cabaye & Tioté a lot better than anything Manure can currently put out.

    But without Tioté and with the return to fitness of Vidic, Young & Rooney, I expect to get nothing.

    I do not like the prospect of having Simpson & Taylor dealing with Young & Nani and providing ammunition to the nippy Hernandez who does what Owen used to do when he was young and is not STaylor’s type. Colo will need to be at his very best.

    They should be able to put out Jones Vidic Ferdinand & Evra in defence too, which is the best defence they have.

    From optimism early in the week, I am becoming more pessimistic as I think Fergie rates us highly at the moment (a lot more than the pundits) and has put out a team we will find difficult to break down and stong against our weak areas (FBs).


  4. Oracle? More like orifice 🙄

    I can’t see us getting anything again. Loss for me, but a creditable one in my opinion, like last week.


  5. Tiote definitely out then, and guthrie has a slight injury aswell.

    are we likely to see gosling or is Mehdi Abeid available?


  6. I’m confident about this one Toons.

    …well I suppose I’m confident about all the games really. At least our squad seem to be too, which will be the first time in about 10 years at OT.

    I’ll know more when I see the team sheets, but I’m still hoying a tenner on us, regardless. 🙂


  7. What can Newcastle hope for. Good question.
    One answer is NOTHING , if we go there in awe of them and their stadium.

    The other answer is, we can hope for a win if we turn up and give them a game and make them realize we aren’t there just to make the numbers up.

    Belief in your own ability is the key and each player has to have that belief no matter what player they are up against.

    If we show panic from the off, we are sitting ducks.
    We simply have to give them a game.


  8. …cheers for the career tips yesterday Wolfie. I’ve just been out and bought mesel a white lycra bodysuit and a hammer. Mi mate’s a fine artist who specialises in trompe l’oeil pieces, he’s gana dee me up like a wall.

    …off oot in a couple of hooas when it gets dark. 😎


  9. Ridzilla, nice one, you won;t regret it.
    In time mate you will grow in your business and be able to take on a few hoodies on minimum smack packets and they will happily do it.

    One problem though…With every hoodie, you need a mentor just so they don’t phuck off with your proceeds.

    In time you will probably end up with a fleet of snatch vans, where the muggings can take place in the comfort of the vans and the victim bundled out down some embankment a few miles away from the incident, making it an easy nights work.

    I’m doing that well now that I’ve ordered 3 stun guns just to add some excitement to the muggings because it’s ages since I saw someone doing break dancing. 😆


  10. MM, yeah I know, he’s a prime c*nt. I think he’s just there on MotD for the others to take the piss out of. At least he adds comic relief to the often dark world of football, albeit unintentional.


  11. Excellent write up Ben…good stuff mate.

    It’s a real pity that Tiote isn’t fit, cos I really would like to see our full strength side up against one of the “big four” to get a true idea of where we stand.
    However, that doesn’t seem as if it’s gonna happen tomorrow…. I would love to pick up a draw tomorrow, but fear that we’ll come home empty handed. The main reason being the Young / Simpson stand off….hopefully Simmo is up for it, and that Obertoon can also help him out, cos I think this is where the biggest threat is going to come from. Also not too happy about the Toon statistic that 50% of our goals conceded come from set pieces. If we can nullify those issues, then we have a real good chance of a draw.

    Howay the Lads !!


  12. Good article Ben.

    I really fancy us to get a result tomorrow whether a win or a draw.

    Gutted Tiote isn’t playing tho!


  13. y cart newcastle not go too man u and win ther back 4 are old men now we have young boys now how will run all day long cum on the toon and get a result and shut all the ones who say we have not played any one i wood go 4 2 1too us


  14. :mrgreen: 😆 @15

    …between you and me Wolfie, I’m keeping it to myself as a sole enterprise. I’m not too keen on the embankment idea, it seems a little wasteful. My long-term aim is to have my own fleet of kebab vans parked throughout the city centre, 3 quid a shot for my own ‘special recipe’ charv-grilled burgers. This should run perfectly in tandem with the night-stalking operations. In a couple of weeks I figure I could have enough meat to tout at least 200 burgers a night. Maybe I’m taking the mugging a bit far, but it’s a sure fire winner for me. Quids in!


  15. When tomorrow comes, we will be ready….we will show Man yoo that we are steady.

    We take them on, with heart and pride and we as fans ,enjoy the ride.

    Spirits are high, despite our loss and we will show them who is boss.

    These are the games that test our mettle….but we all know …we have scores to settle…

    If Ben Arfa plays and does his best….we could end up with a nice goal fest..

    Forget Man yoo…with Rooney and Nani……We are the Mags and we love our fanny.

    So up the toon and down the Manc’s ….let’s crush them dead like Tiger tanks..

    A small poem by wolfus stinkus nobendus in the pantus. 😆


  16. Skip…forget Rooney ..Man U have quality in any striker they put on and to be fair, I’d rather have Rooney on than that little bastard little pea pod knackers.


  17. from previous article
    screw 7 points, I want and think we can get 15!
    this article
    man u are injured let the magpies become the vultures! Three points me thinks. 🙂


  18. …I might drop the ‘v’ on the burger naming though. That way my special recipe wouldn’t be too obvious, but I’d still comply with the trade descriptions act, should I get found out.

    Anyway, I’m off to work. Laters………


  19. well if im hearing gurhrie out we should play

    simp col taylor raylor
    obertan gos cab guti

    simp col taylor raylor
    obertan benny cab guti
    best ba


  20. ————–Krul—————

    thats our best team for 2mora


  21. Army69
    we don’t know enough about Santon to decide he should be our current best XI. For all we know ferguson could be better. 😐


  22. ___________________Krul____________________




    what about that for an attacking team!!!


  23. true enough wolfie but rooneys got a canny record against us and the less said about the short arsed horse licker from cheshire the better.
    Rooney is always a worry against us for me like.


  24. Army69 (not a personal dig at you by the way, realise this is the second response)
    may be good at attacking but with manu’s wingers and us only having one cm we’d be f*cked with that formation, team.


  25. Sorry to be pernickety – good article by the way – but if you don’t take your chances against any team you won’t win, not just against the big sides. It’s a psychological battle this – like sticking one on your older brother, even if you have outgrown him. Early goal to us and who knows?

    I’m going 1-1, Cabaye from the spot first half. Second half man u equaliser. And hold out for draw.


  26. Army69
    I reckon he could be a star in the future but needs time at the mo. Though I’ve been strongly critical of r. taylor, generally this season he’s been ok, and will start tomorrow. 😯


  27. Skip, you’re right, Rooney is one of those players that pulls the cat out of the bag against us but I like to think if he plays, the shrek faced git will get sent off lol.

    That little Hernandez is an awkward little bastard and it’s like setting 200 mousetraps in your house only for the mouse to sneak through the only one that malfunctions .

    We have got to pass and move with the ball without panicking and when not in possession, we must harrass them consistently so they don;t get into any stride.


  28. I’ll take a 1-1 draw with Ba scoring for us. The bookies have it at 60-1 I think so a nice little pot of cash to win. ManU definitely aren’t the team of old but with Vidic and Rooney in there still a big challenge. The key is to score first but then not go defensive. Play the same style throughout. Sitting back will get us killed. Pardew knows this from the ManCity game. No clangers from Raylor or Simpson and we have a chance. Keep it clean in the box Saylor. Refs love to give penalties against the visiting team at Old Trafford.


  29. i’m not one for conspiracy but i’ve got a sinking feeling about tiote… i hope he’s happy playing for the toon… every week we’re told tiote is back and then the day before the game we’re told he’s still injured. seems fishy!

    what load of bollocks 😈


  30. @wolfie

    Forget Man yoo…with Rooney and Nani……We are the Mags and we love our fanny.

    Such profound meaningful words.
    Classic! 😛


  31. its the anniversary of george best death today too i think, 25th November.. i guess it will be a black band day where the reds will go all out in an effort to dedicate the win to his memory no doubt.


  32. I’m fizzin aboot the cuts in pensions!

    I’m gannin on strike next Wednesday!

    Nee bastard is gonna take my old age pension off me or my benefits!

    My grandad fought in the war for people like me to have the right to dole money and state pensions! 😯


  33. Missing Tiote is a real blow , with him and Cabaye i really thought we would control the midfield and get a win , but with a not 100% fit Guthrie and Cabaye our chances have receded big time . Maybe start with Gosling as the defensive midfielder but he has had little playing time to start such a massive game . My starting line up would be

    Simpson——-Taylor S———–Colo————Taylor R


  34. Axel, that line up could set the wheels in motion and it looks sturdy and could propel us forward whilst staying rigid at the back. 😀


  35. sooooo hope benny starts tomorrow , hes starting to look really good, him and ba linked up very well against city!!


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