Man Utd 1-1 Newcastle United – Man Utd hold on for a lucky point!

Pardew's "Geordie Heroes"
I know this isn’t the usual way to start a match report, but I’m actually still in shock. Little old Newcastle United once again defied all odds today and got a 1-1 draw away at Manchester United.

I’m going to start by congratulating the lads on how much fight and class they showed today. Not only did we get a point away at Man Utd, but we survived the very nervy last 10 or so minutes with 10 men after the red card of Jonas Gutierrez.

The first half began pretty slowly for Newcastle, and Javier Hernandez had a couple of early chances to put Manchester United in the lead but he could not find the back of the net. At around the 10th minute mark was when Newcastle changed the game and started to take control, and shock every commentator in the land, despite being 4th in the league.

Hatem Ben Arfa clipped an inch perfect ball over the top of the Man United defence which set Demba Ba through with a volley at goal, but the Senegalese international failed to get enough on his volleyed effort.

Our midfield was running the game at that point and then the game sparked to life when Wayne Rooney kicked out at Fabricio Coloccini twice, which got Hatem Ben Arfa to run 40 yards to get right in Rooney’s face. The French talisman lost his temper and got a yellow card, but it just showed how much the players care for each other.

The best chance of the first half was for Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs. Tim Krul pulled off a ridiculously good save at his far post after a glancing effort from the veteran. Newcastle had the final chance of the half when Yohan Cabaye saw his right footed volley comfortably saved by David De Gea.

The second half began at the same pace as the first, and Manchester United took the lead rather fortuitously when a Steven Taylor clearance cannoned off Hernandez leaving Tim Krul stranded. Man Utd loving commentators will try to tell you that it was meant, but no, pure luck on Man Utd’s part…. again.

This was the point where I thought that we would struggle and potentially crumble but the Newcastle team spirit was once again there for all to see. They rolled their sleeves up, and got on with it. David De Gea pulled off a world class save from Fabricio Coloccini who volleyed towards goal after a Steven Taylor knock down, I had a weird feeling that something was going to come, and it did.

Hatem Ben Arfa jinked past a couple of Man Utd defenders and made his way into the box where he was scythed down by Rio Ferdinand, well kind of, or not at all. Rio Ferdinand got a blatant touch of the ball and a corner was given by the referee Mike Jones, but to the surprise of everyone the assistant referee had his flag across his chest.

The Manchester United players did their usual and ran over to him and surrounded him trying to make him change his mind, while Demba Ba placed the ball on the spot with only eyes for the goal. Demba Ba sent De Gea the wrong way and stroked the penalty home in the 64th minute sending the travelling Newcastle fans into raptures.

Gabriel Obertan had run himself into the ground after his recent injury and was replaced by Sammy Ameobi just after the goal, to the delight of Patrice Evra who he was giving a good contest.

Our midfield was tiring and picking up bookings at an alarming rate, we had Hatem Ben Arfa, Jonas Gutierrez, Danny Guthrie and Yohan Cabaye all on bookings for long periods during the second half.

On the 78th minute our task got even harder when Jonas Gutierrez flew into a tackle with Nani and got a bit of the ball, but also got a bit of Nani who did a triple twist that Tom Daley would have been proud of and Jonas Gutierrez got his marching orders.

Manchester United had countless chances after that and were denied by either Tim Krul, our defence or the excellent pair of posts we had at either sides of our net. Tim Krul pulled off the save of the game when he denied Nemanja Vidic with a header from point blank range.

With five minutes to go Ashley Young breached the Newcastle defence but was denied by the post with Tim Krul stranded. Michael Carrick and Wayne Rooney had shots blocked by both Steven Taylor and Tim Krul respectively.

Danny Simpson who had an absolute stormer in my opinion, showed another piece of defensive class when he cleared a goal bound Javier Hernandez effort off the line at the last possible moment. The ex-Man Utd right full back showed great awareness to drop back onto the line and keep the scorea at 1-1.

Then the inevitable happened, the ball got knocked across the goal and Javier Hernandez was on hand to tap in the winner for Manchester United and run away celebrating, before the linesman stopped the celebrations for the narrowest of offsides much to the despair of the Man Utd fans, not that you’d have known as they were their usual quiet self.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the final whistle was blown and I heard a huge sigh come over the whole of Old Trafford, as well as various media stations and TV programmes. I was extremely proud as I imagine you all are.

Nobody let the team down today, Gutierrez’s tackle was rash and unnecessary but he’d put in so much work that he’s allowed a lapse of concentration once in a while. The centre halves Fabricio Coloccini and Steven Taylor had another outstanding game, with blocks flying in left right and centre.

The full backs were also strong, and more notably Danny Simpson as he had Ashley Young in his pocket all game and kept the winger very quiet. Gabriel Obertan also made a massive difference to our right hand side and his pace caused troubles for Patrice Evra.

Tim Krul had an absolute blinder, he’s proving to be one of the best keepers in the whole of Europe. He’s up there with the best in the league at the minute and he showed that with the top class saves that he made today. The most notable from Vidic’s header and Giggs’ flick. He’s really proving that he’s our number one, by a long way. He was my man of the match, with Danny Simpson closely following him.

Danny Guthrie is really staking a claim for a regular spot after filling in for Cheik Tiote again, with relative ease. Guthrie should be given a new contract as soon as possible and given a chance in the first team whenever possible as he has a lot to offer to the team.

Yohan Cabaye was steady as usual, and Hatem Ben Arfa showed touches of class and a bit of his temper, but impressed me. Ben Arfa links up the midfield and strike force very well and allows us to keep the ball better and be cuter with our build up play. Ba once again tirelessly chased and won plenty of knock downs and held the ball up well. He also took his goal well, he must be getting penalty tips off of Shola Ameobi.

I also think that both linesmen had great games, Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias ran the line well and they managed to give us a couple of decisions which I felt were blatantly wrong, but I’m not going to complain.

I’ll once again say how proud I am of the lads, and todays point really just shows how far this team has come, after losing our “better” players in the summer. Alan Pardew is doing a cracking job and hopefully he’s in his job for many years to come, with his one year anniversary just coming up.

Just a quick message for a few other fans, firstly Sunderland fans, I hope you enjoyed today after your little laugh last week when we lost and you drew. 1 point from Fulham and Wigan at home, 1 point from Manchester City and Manchester United away, we all know who the top dogs are.

My final word is for Manchester United “fans”, you don’t like it when things don’t go your way do you? Why don’t you remind Rio Ferdinand of his hashtag, #stayonyourfeet.

Have we still played no-one?

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67 thoughts on “Man Utd 1-1 Newcastle United – Man Utd hold on for a lucky point!

  1. Good write up!

    Was never a pen and nice to hear Pardew admit it. But about time we got some luck. Wanted to belt Jonas for the silly sending off, ref had no choice, wonder how Sammy will do starting against Chelsea, hope he runs them ragged with Obertan doing the same on the otherside. Think we might just sneak 3 points next week


  2. Well done Jobey lad. Good right up.
    I think we may have had a real test now, but dont expect any credit from any media 👿
    Bring on the blues next week.

    Will be a big city fan tomorrow afternoon, even if it leaves a bad taste. lol


  3. Thought Raylor redeemed himself well today, Santon must be fuming, he’s never going to get a chance if our defence carries on at this rate 😆

    If Liverpool dont beat City tomorrow then we’ll only need a point next weekend to be 4th after playing ALL the top teams. Wonder what the pundits will make of that.


  4. Jobey very good job mate 😉 I still can’t get over that dirty bastad Rooney and the fact that he got away with it, I said at the time I was very pleased to see Benny run to get involved because to me it shows a real team spirit that they are together and will fight for eachother, I am really pleased with how Benny has turned out the last 2 games, imo he is a different player than what he was before and I think Pards has alot to do with that.
    So proud of the Lads today again


  5. Will be interesting to hear what the pundits on MOTD say tonight ,will we get the credit we deserve ? have to say the lads today were unbeatable ,the effort was incredible and all 11 deserve man of the match .


  6. The chelsea match has suddenly become massive. A win will put us 4 points clear of them, but a loss could see us drop to 7th depending on liverfools results.
    But there is a big gap to 8th now. 😉


  7. Great effort from the lads today, but apart from the penalty, we really got no decisions at all. Ba was continually bashed from behind and did not get one free kick, not even when Vidic assaulted him twice in one challenge with an elbow to the back of the head then squashing him on landing. Felt sorry for Jonas, another hard shift put in then in my opinion a soft red card but all in all I honestly do think we deserved a point. Was great to see Fergie and all the players have a major lip on, priceless. What I cant understand is why they only played 4 mins extra time as it is a requirement at OT you have to play 7. Bet the refs association get a phone call from Man U to remind them of their responsibilities on that one!


  8. Alan Pardew league record: 53 points in 35 games..!
    And we haven’t had a No9 for most of it! 😉


  9. Told ya HBA would be the difference if we would get anything but never mind that shyte… long story short, the team never gave up tried hard, I though here we go they will score in the last minute but to be fair to Jones and his officials after I doubted them at the start; I take it back they had a very fair game.


  10. Very good write up mate 🙂 Sounds like this was a nailbiting match with plenty of controversial incidents from both sides. Can’t wait to see MOTD….. Oh hang on, they normally edit out anyhing positive about us… Hmm, might give it a miss actually. They will only show Man Utd chances and the ignorant pundits will state we should have been annihilated. Think i’ll wait for some more balanced highlights to appear on here actually!


  11. Jobey I think you about summed up the match with accuracy and honesty and I agree with what you have said and commend you on a very good article.
    Now get your nob out for the lads. 😀


  12. well fair play, the guy was 5 points behind City (if city win at anfield tomorow) 7 points behind. I have absolutely no sympathy for either Alex Furgiisoon or my man u friends, oh dear what a shambolic shame… NOT 😈


  13. by the way the law on penalties says that it does not matter if you win the ball. If you take the player out in the process it is a penalty. On that basis the Assistant has a good case and it was not a travesty.


  14. Well Toby, mines out and the skin’s rammed back , exposing the shiny helmet and I can see my smiling, contented face in it. 😆


  15. Bring on Chelsea. Their fans weren’t impressed with them despite the win. With a full house behind us we can rattle them. 🙂


  16. Hitman I know you were one of the few like mesel that had faith in th Lads 😆
    Batts I guess Stardy will have some excuse like Colo is making him look good etc etc, he just doesn’t have the balls to admit that he was wrong. I know a few on here that slated Saylor but have now admitted that he is a cracking player, which takes balls, and as we know Stardy doesn’t have any because wanky ate them 😆 😆


  17. I have said it already but will say it again, I think Benny is going to be an absolute star for us, I was so pleased with his fighting spirit the last 2 games 😉


  18. Don’t tell me the score Im waiting for match of the day!


    1-1 Ba penalty!

    Jesus I hope I’m reet! 😯


  19. Proud of the lads again today!

    They put their bodies on the line for the cause and were possibly edged the 1st half!

    We will probably be slated and the southern press will say we were lucky, If it was anyone else its would be called winning ugly!

    Great effort again…..Bring on Chelski!!!!


  20. Listened to the end of the game and Sir Alex’s comments after visiting my Mam in hospital.So the result cheered me up.
    I feel for Sir Alex because not many people are aware that his Vineyard went bust, apparently not many people want to buy Scottish whine made with sour grapes. 😉
    Roll on Chelsea 😆


  21. Absolute gem of a performance we actually seem to be getting better and better fantastic.
    Simmo was brilliant all the back line incredible. We haven’t had a defence this good since the 60’s!!!
    What a team am worried how much we will miss ba at African nations though. But what a penalty. For the record I think Rooney is an absolute disgrace he is a complete dearth of a footballer he meant to lash out he knew exactly what he was doing and ruddy good on ben arfa for running over should have lamper him


  22. Great Battle from the lads today. A point was the fair result. Delighted. Get a point next week home to chelsea then we are nicely set up for the rest of the month to try.


  23. Wor lass has gone to bed so I’m back on for two minutes.
    Premandup @ 20. I agree with you about the Ferdinand tackle. If you take the ball and the man, it’s a foul. Just like I thought Raylor’s handball last week was not a pen because it was blasted at him from two yards; it was not deliberate. Rules are rules.


  24. Not wishing to sound negative (well it is strictly the day after and time for reflection) but … I reckon Jonas has been off his game ever since the Stoke performance. Whereas before he would go past two or three with ease, he is often falling at the first hurdle. I’ve said it before, he seems to have put on a few pounds across his chest. Is it only me who reckons this?


  25. Us two Johns are talking to ourselves here so we’re going to bed.
    G’night Mr B. Aye G’night Mr B.


  26. Never saw the match as i was at graft…

    however, I fookin love pards after that interview after the match..

    SAF was gutted, don’t care what happened….howay the lads!


  27. …you can shove your fkn ‘craic’, or whatever you call it, up your arse Moreno. As far as I’m concerned – we’re through.

    Talk to the hand. 🙄


  28. what a performance by perch when he came onto the park. when tiote goes to chelsea, we will have perch to come in and fill his boots


  29. Denzil Waterwash.

    Given the choice, money no object:

    Krenjil Splorrg, or
    Fwayjin Plooog?

    Both top new hopefuls from one of my planets.

    …Plooog comes with modeling rights btw, so the price is higher.


  30. Was never a pen but man u had two soft free kicks in the build up to their goal and got every 50/50 decision.We deserved that luck for the effort we put in. Also how did fabio stay on 4 fouls after he was booked including pulling ba back when he was running through and he kicked the ball away which cabaye got booked for. Rooney got nothing for lacing colo when he was lying down . They got all but 1 decision so just as well ours was a good one.


  31. B&B – Nope I agree about Jonas. He seems to have gone off the boil attacking wise, but he still works his socks off. Like you say, he’s having trouble beating the first man but lets not forget he’s been up against a much better calibre of player these last couple of games.


  32. WOO!
    Great performance from the lads, really happy with today. Maybe we shouldn’t have had a penalty, but can man u really complain about penalties anyway? I thought a draw was a fair result, considering how shit their own goal was, and credit goes out to the defence today, especially staylor with some marvelous blocks and timmy krul as well. Benny is only getting better as well!


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