Man Utd 1-1 Newcastle – Highlights and interviews

Video highlights of the rather creditable and perhaps fortunate 1-1 draw with Manchester United at Old Trafford yesterday.

Both goals had an element of luck in them to be honest. Manchester United’s opener got two huge deflections before finding the back of the net via Javier Hernandez’s hand before the Red Devils were pegged back courtesy of a penalty that, well, wasn’t really a penalty in my view.

I decided against using the Match of the Day highlights as they fail to really show anything we managed to do during the game so instead we have these more balanced ones to take a look at.

Meanwhile Alex Ferguson was suitably bitter about the whole thing.How dare anything be given against Manchester United! It’s a travesty I tell thee…

Meanwhile Alan Pardew was left to gush over his Geordie Heroes who put their bodies on the line once again to bring home a point on what was our 130th anniversary as a football club.

To me we were fortunate to get a point, but only in the sense that Manchester United had enough chances to win the game and laid siege to our goal in the last ten or so minutes. However on balance of play, and for our defensive work, we deserved a point. I mean we equalled them in the first half before they got a slice a luck to take the lead when in reality they’d been running out of ideas.

It’s Chelsea next for us in front of a sellout St James’ Park crowd and Sky cameras next Saturday. We can get into them and we can win that game. I’ll be at the game and I can’t wait to see what we have in store for Andre Villas-Boas and his charges. Perhaps we can consolidate that 4th place for ourselves?!

Howay the lads!

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27 thoughts on “Man Utd 1-1 Newcastle – Highlights and interviews

  1. Well deserved and earned point for me, we matched them first half and yep it was never a pen but plenty decisions went their way, ref was shocking actually. Yes they battered us for the last 20 but I’d have expected that even with 11 men on the pitch, you sometimes earn you’re own luck and feck me did the team earn it yesterday, happy and proud as feck πŸ˜€ :mrgreen:

    To be honest I’ll be a disappointed with anything other than a win v Chelsea, As a top 4 side we should be looking to win all our home games no matter who the opponents are πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  2. The bitterness from Man U is music to my ears, im so pleased it wasnt a penalty, now they know what its like to be on the end of a stinker and on 94 mins when Hernandez netted, how many times have they scored from dubious offside positions?
    A supreme effort from our club and the run from HBA into the box for the pen was world class leaving 3 class defenders in his wake, but overall a huge lack of dignity and class by ManU on and off the field with their behaviour towards the officials and Ferguson saying we could have had more than one red card whilst ignoring the thuggish behaviour of one very badly behaved spoilt bastard of his own.


  3. And also, congratulations to Steve Bruce, a true legend who is about to enter the Geordie hall of fame alongside Lawrie McMenemy.


  4. hell yes we deserved a point.

    They may have battered us in the last 12-15 or so mins following Jonas’ red but on the overall balance of play we were well worth a draw. In fact, for long spells we were the better team


  5. great result yesterday and fully deserved imo,i seem to remember us having a few stonewall pens not given at old trafford in past.What goes around comes around sir alex so stop the whinging πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  6. not sure whats more pleasing, ManU’s bitterness towards the officals and the Toon or Cauliflower faces comments, last week was “if we win this one everything will be hunky-dory”, this week in his softly softly tone, like a talking marshmallow was “win against Wigan and win the next game ppl will be asking what’s was the problem” I think ppl are realising HE is the problem… hope he stays… πŸ˜†

    can u believe Ba’s pen was the 2nd of his pro career… should take them more often..very cool


  7. I see it Sunday sell speculation again in the papers. Pards is reassuring fans that players might go…great.. something to look forward to πŸ˜₯

    fair enough one but why don’t we sign up Colo, simpson and refuse to even consifer selling Krul. that leaves Tiote. Would be gutted but he looks the obvious choice. Apparently Spurs are also keen too.


  8. Ferguson never checked his wach once !its good to see some decisions go against the top teams,even very close ones (without the aid of TV replay.The call was “close”.Take away the rant,spluttering from Fergie the linesman was exposed to pressure.What happens to next close decision at Old Trafford ? PS a long term follower of Man U,but lets draw the line on decisions that do not please AG.


  9. its like i have said all week, the game head a draw all over it. i think most of us said it too. i think that we shaded the first half and they had the better of the second esp in last 15 mins. if the halfs had been reversed around nad we had the better of the second they would all be saying the manure were lucky to keep the draw IMO.
    looking at the state of all the whinging coming out of manchester today i cant really believe it either. you would think there had been a mass murder or even worse, that NUFC are so shit that its incredulous that we should dare take a point away from their scanky ground.
    Of all the clubs in the prem to go on about ref decisions you would think that manure and thier 7 minute fergie time etc and team of professional divers would keep quiet. they seem to want their cake and eat it.


  10. The best thing is the whole football world outside of Old Trafford is actually realising the irony of Man Yooo grumbling about decisions not going their way πŸ™‚

    How dare we take a point from Old Trafford 😯

    I actually want Man City to win today πŸ˜•


  11. Some Man Utd fans saying Ben Arfa is a cheating scumbag and should break his leg all over again….

    Need you say more about them.


  12. well lets hope that manure dont get past the group stages of this CL and loose their last game, hence a massive drop in revenue, i hope they get beat by the spuds to second place or even worse. they have had the prem and CL in the bag (always in the knock outs) for so long now that they seem to think its their god given right to have everything their own way always. i have gone right off them as a team and him as a manager. piss head jock fuckwit.


  13. Brrilliant game played good stuff in first half and battled in second wene down 2 ten fergie is a tosser he dident mention rooney and fabio should have been sent of they cheat and still can’t win I love it ha


  14. We were good value for the draw I thought. Also I’ve had the benefit of looking at the penalty and I think it was a pen because Ben Arfa took a touch and played it onto Ferdinands foot before going over so technically it was a foul and a pen. In my opinion anyway ,with the benefit of scrutinizing it.


  15. Just seen the game. Thought the entire back four was outstanding apart from Raylor who was ok.
    Jonas had a very poor game. Needs a rest so the red card is good. Wish we had Marveaux fit though.
    Guthrie, Cabaye were excellent too. Good to have Gabby back.


  16. JJ, I thought Raylor got better as the game went on but I agree the back line were brilliant and well marshalled by Colo.
    I think Jonas is running on an empty tank but still tries and tracks back brilliant.
    You could see that his attacking was fizzling out and he basically looked like he was running into brick walls without knowing how to get round them.

    I have to say that I’ll be gutted to lose Guthrie once Tiote is fit as I think he worked excellently with Cabaye.

    We have some real quality in this squad, even quality that we didn’t think we possessed at the start of the season.

    Great stuff. πŸ˜€


  17. Ive seen alot of talk about their penalty decision which again could have gone either way on a different day, strangely enough from all the highlights ive seen there seems to be no mention of rooney’s 1st half kick on colo after he had cleared it (when ben arfa got booked)….


  18. From both man u and man city games we defantly deserved at least a point and i think we have a good chance to win against chelsea next week


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