The stats show overwhelming improvement on all fronts!

One United Era Coming To An End While Another One Is Just Beginning
Considerably pleased with a night in the local driving my best mate up the wall, I am now even happier than I was on Saturday when the ref blew the final whistle and Sir Alex blew a fuse.

For a man who is literally a living legend in football terms he doesn’t half get his panties in a bunch when things don`t go his way.

As for my mate, who is a Man Utd fan, and as stubborn as they come, I took immense pleasure in poking the bear to the point that he nearly stormed out of the pub.

Such jabs as Rooney is a thug, Hernandez can`t hit a barn door, Ashley Young was a waste of £20million and I wouldn’t let your centre midfield play 5 a-side with me got the desired reaction, but I wasn’t finished there.

My personal favourites of the night… cheers for Obertan, he made Patrice Evra look about as useful as a chocolate teapot… your wingers are so bad it took an assist from Steven Taylor for you to score.. and just when he was losing his sense of humour about it all.. after watching you against us its no wonder Man City made a show of you. He really didn’t like that one!

It’s so much fun winding up Manchester United fans, simply because they feel they have a divine right to win every game they play unless it`s against Barcelona. It’s Even more fun watching Ferguson lose all logical reasoning and respect for other clubs when they don’t win.

Anyway, suitably chuffed with the result and my nights work I thought I’d put together some stats to keep the smiles coming all round.

We’ll start with an update on an article I put together a while ago and one of the other lads posting done an update on recently enough.

I won’t list all the games as most if not all of you are aware of every result and how the same matches went for us last season.

All said and done we are now 19 points up on the corresponding fixtures from last season with every single result to date being either equal to or better than last seasons result.

From these fixtures last season we collected a total of 7 points which is a 0.54 point per game average. This season, 26 points and a 2 point per game average.

Last season we scored 12 goals in these 13 games, a 0.92 goals per game average. This season, 19 goals in 13 games, a 1.46 goals per game average.

Last season we conceded 24 goals in the 13 games, an average of 1.85 goals per game. This season we are one goal off the best defence in the league with 13 goals conceded in 13 games.

One goal conceded per game as an average is extremely impressive and is backed up by the fact we have kept four clean sheets in those 13 games in comparison to only one last season.

All of this has given us seven wins, five draws and only one loss from our 13 Premier League games this season. That translates into a 53.85% win percentage, 38.46% being draws and just 7.69% being losses.

Looking at last seasons corresponding fixtures the ratios are embarrassingly bad. No wins, seven draws, six losses, giving us a 0% win percentage and in turn losing 46.15% of our games.

Back to the good stats. With approximately one third of the season gone if we remained consistent with current form we would finish on 76 points.

This would have guaranteed a 2nd place finish last season, finishing five points above Chelsea and Man City and just four points off Champions Manchester United.

There has never been a season in Premier League history where finishing on 76 points has achieved less than a 4th place finish.

Newcastle only ever finished above 76 points twice in Premier League history, the 1993-94 season, where we finished in 2nd place on 77 points, and the 1995-1996 season, again finishing in 2nd place but on 78 points.

Only once in Premier League history has a team been outside the top four with 26 points from 13 games, the season being in 1994-95.

Only three times in Premier League history have Newcastle been on 26 points or better with 13 games gone, 1994-95 season – 32pts, 1995-96 season – 34 pts, 1996-97 season – 28 pts.

In those seasons we finished in 6th, 2nd and 2nd respectively with our final points tallies being 72, 78 and 68. These three seasons were instrumental in creating the legacy of the Keegan Entertainers era.

In terms of squad value, including substitutes, the team Manchester United used against Newcastle cost £154million. As for Manchester City, £233million.

Newcastle’s team, including every player used in both games cost a total of roughly £35m – the same figure we got for Andy Carroll, who has scored only twice for Liverpool since his move.

Speaking of Carroll, he scored 11 goals in 20 appearances for Newcastle last season, an average of a goal every 1.82 games. Demba Ba has scored 8 goals in 13 games, an average of a goal every 1.63 games, and was a free transfer.

I could find more stats to bring a smile to your face I’m sure but think that is sufficient smile material for now. That and the obvious pleasure taken from getting one over on Manchester United on their own turf.

It remains to be seen if Newcastle can keep up the fine start we have had to the season. No doubt there will be some turbulent times as the season progresses but the signs and stats are good, very good indeed.

A couple of sound signings in January and knocking on the door of a Europa League place come the end of the season will change from pipedream to realistic possibility.

It was also great to hear the Alan Pardew chants during the game yesterday. Well deserved. If he keeps it up he will have to be a shoe in for Manager of the Year.

Kevin Keegan, Sir Bobby, Alan Pardew. You never know!

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38 thoughts on “The stats show overwhelming improvement on all fronts!

  1. Wow that was quite the stat attack! Shows how far the club has come since last season. They say clubs struggle in their 2nd season in the Premiership, but it’s not that simple for us. We are not made up of a squad of players that have worked their entire caeers in the Football League. We have many players with International and Premier League experience, so the myth does not really apply to us. Newcastle IS an established Premier League club that suffered an unfortunate blip. We were never a Championship club and we should ALWAYS be aiming for the top 10 as a minumum.


  2. ❓ 😎 😐 😯 😮 😥 😎 ❓ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❓ 😕 😕 👿 😛 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Excellent remedy to the weekends ultimate emotional rollercoaster. Well written and researched.
    And Shamrock, well said bud, it had to be said we were never a championship side, it WAS just a blip, contrary to the belief of the nation south of the Tyne, we ARE an established Premiership side. 😉


  4. It’s a fantastic first third of the season. Our defensive play has been a revelation. Krul has been incredible in net. The total cost of the team on the pitch compared to Man City and Man U is the most revealing stat of all to me. Having said that I would still like the owner to bring in a couple of very good players to bolster the squad. A centre back and another talented striker are a must as far as I can see if we want to finish in the top six or seven. Still in shock about Gary Speed’s demise. Such a great man with a fantastic future ahead. He’s with Sir Bobby now I would hope. Condolensces to his whole family.


  5. Robert I heard mate. Apparently the mackems were going to announce it yesterday but with the sad news of Gary Speeds death, they postponed it.
    Can’t believe they sacking him, he’s doing a stirling job 😐
    😛 😛 😛


  6. I wouldn’t read nowt into Bruce ganin yet, Horseswill’s “ITK’s” is apparently some 17 yr old kid and some knacka off RTG so he knows as much as anyone which is nowt…….now that I’ve said that, expect it to be official any second now 😆


  7. Great start, but dont forget there were some memorable matches last season as well. A couple of 6-0 thrashings and a 5-1 against Sunderland 🙂
    We were 8th in the league this time last year and never dropped below 12th place.
    I think a top 7 finish is very possible this season. There are 10 points between us and 8th place Aston Villa, thats quite a comfortable cusion.


  8. I think Steve Bruce is 99% certain to go to be honest and I have a feeling that Short has had it firmly in the pipeline..
    But who ?


    Two managers out of work..

    How about this for a wild guess..

    Paul Lambert being coaxed by Short and Delia wooing Bruce to Norwich.


  9. Sillysod….I think a few teams are in for a similar thrashing off us over the course of the season because as daft as it sounds, we have only really started to fully gel over the last few games as far as all over the park .

    Our backline is well drilled and it’s basically spread out now in that all the players seem to have everyone else’s number.


  10. That’s right RICHIE, especially on bare bum cheeks whilst strung up looking like Batman from a joist and crocodile clips attached to your ball sack ,whilst a lass dressed as Cat woman whips and purrs and scratches your back . 😆


  11. Nice stats, but sorry, we just don’t have a strong enough squad to finish top four. I’ll be disappointed if we dont finish top 7 after this start as all the teams chasing that spot are probably no better off than us in squad terms.

    Having said all that a couple of good additions in Jan and we could push on if we had some good luck. Although I would also expect the club to get at least a couple of decent offers for a couple of players and I expect the club to accept one of them, so whether we’ll be stronger in Feb I guess is open for debate.


  12. Wolfie as for O’neill I dont think he is wanting back into management just yet, utv interviewed him a week ago about the N.I job.
    As for Hughes I heard an in the know player mention that Chelski were keeping a tab on him incase AVB loses the dressing room, or he might be approached by Wales again ❓


  13. RITCHIETOON & WOLFIE you pair of dirty buggers , still my hired help dress up as spider woman and traps me in her web 😀


  14. BIG DAVE i know how you feel m8 , still can’t believe or comprehend how or why someone so talented and so good at what he was doing would do that . Can’t even think what must be going through his families heads at this time . I will be going to light a candle in church the day of his funeral .


  15. Great stats and thanks for posting them. Feel sorry for Steve Bruce, must be hard for him with us flying high and the Makems struggling. Keep Sunderland up (6 easy points every season)!!!!!


  16. It was terrible when I saw Bryn Law on Sky Sports.

    When he said he didn’t get a reply everyone watching will have shed a tear. And like everyone’s saying I just can’t get my head around it.

    It’s going to be emotional vs Chelsea that’s for sure.


  17. If anyone else wants another fun fact, the average amount of points need to avoid relegation is actually closer to 42, not 40! :mrgreen:


  18. Looking forward to the chelsea game. Hopefully we can give the great Gary Speed a decent send off… if I remember rightly though we never used to sing ‘there’s only one gary speed’… does anyone remember what so we can start a fitting geordie tribute?


  19. MarkP…..possibly the case before the league was reduced to 20 teams but since then only one team has gone down on 42 points, all the rest have been less than that. In a 20 team league it’s 36 points(I think) 😉


  20. Can’t believe the gap of 19 points from last season… that’s hellish progress!!

    Can’t help thinking alot of it may be to do with that lacklustre final day performance against Fulham last season though, where its rumoured that Ashley did not speak to Pardew for months afterwards and when he eventually did he went through him like a dose of salts.
    Also heard that Pardew missed out on a £1mill bonus for not finishing in the top 10, reckon their lass would have give him an equal bolllocking at home.
    It’s definitely a mentality thing though and I think we have got rid of bad apples and replaced them with footballers with actual principles (not Joey Barton principles)
    Fortune has played its part as well to a degree with few injuries, but every team have a bad spell in a season and I fear that 4th spot is just a bit too far for us this season and 6-7th may be more realistic.
    I also think that we need about 4-5 more players in to provide enough cover for a Europa campaign as well, I would say at least 3 defenders a midfielder and forward to give cover for what we already have.
    Your so right though, it’s great to be able to smile again when talking football


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