Tim Krul to become a goalkeeping great?

Timmy tipped for the top
Alan Pardew has spoken of how our Dutch international Tim Krul, can become a goalkeeping great much like former Newcastle United goalie Shay Given did.

Krul has produced some self-assured performances since gaining the number one slot and has been a key cog in Alan Pardew’s defence.

His displays this season have gained him many plaudits and many more were gained with his fantastic performance against Manchester United at the weekend. Pardew now feels that the Dutchman is capable of achieving similar success to Shay Given.

Pardew told reporters “Potentially, it is fair to say he could do that. But he has a long way to go. Shay Given was at the top of the tree for Newcastle for many years. Tim has a great future in front of him if he keeps his feet on the floor, works on his game. Who knows what he can achieve?”

It certainly seems as if Pardew feels that Krul can gain the cult status that Shay Given had at the club. Already Krul is becoming a hero in his own right for the way that he has performed during this season and I expect him to pull off another convincing display when Chelsea come to town on Saturday.

As a goalkeeper Krul has developed over the number of years that he has been at the club and that will be in part to the fact that he was able to have the guidance of Shay Given and Steve Harper. Having those two goalies as mentors has obviously done wonders for the Dutchman as he will have been able to learn many aspects of how to be a top goalie.

Tim Krul is fast gaining a reputation for being a top goalkeeper for Newcastle United and I expect him to continue these fine performances throughout the season. The Dutch stopper has the world at his feet and is impressing already, but he also still has an awful lot of time to get even better!

What do you think? Can Tim Krul become a goalkeeping great for us?

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33 thoughts on “Tim Krul to become a goalkeeping great?

  1. Krul will be/is class. Sorry to go off point so early but it pisses me off when people are talking about players leaving and saying well if you got offered more money to leave your job you would because it’s polar opposites. Say the average person is on 15k A YEAR and they are offered 20k a year thats a huge difference and can improve everything in your life but say that a player like tiote is on 40k A WEEK and they are offered 60k that’s not as big a difference in lifestyle/Familys well being. 40k a week works out at nearly 2million quid a year, There is very little you could want for with that money and if your not an idiot that sets your family up for life so if your happy and your earning that you don’t need to move for money. Going for trophies i understand but when its money it makes no sense.


  2. Good read Zoe and yes he can if he stays with us, if he leaves he’ll end up drinking bottles of white spirit out of a brown paper bag on a park bench somewhere….Fact!!!
    Well maybe not quite that bad, hope he’s our keeper for many years to come….Timmy, Timmy Kruuul…Timmy, Timmy Kruuul 😀


  3. Last week 5live had him and Hart as the best two in the league and on current form its hard to argue, He has everything Shay had/has (great shot stopping and sometimes ropey kicking) but has a better command of his area and claims crosses when we are under the cosh instead of staying on his line all the while…


  4. Rorycn…Well said, “the average person is on 15k A YEAR and they are offered 20k”…..funnily enough those figures(almost those figures) applied to me but I still turned it down, as I thought I’d be happier in the job i was going too, bearing in mind 2 years earlier I’d left the army and almost halfed my wages on leaving as I thought I’d be happier. Money isn’t everything, not to me anyway.


  5. Richie and bottoms up – It really doesn’t matter what Tiote wants right now it comes down to what Ashley wants. When he realises that Tiote may well jump ship.


  6. Krul is a fantastic talent. I can remember his debut in the UEFA cup against Palermo as if it was yesterday, nearly 6 years ago!!! And what a debut it was. He displayed immense promise back then and has obviously improved since. Not afraid to catch the ball when most ‘keepers would bottle it, flap and attempt a punched clearance. Hope we hold onto him for as long as we did with Given. He’s obviously not the finished article yet, and needs to work on his distribution but that’s minor really, for me.

    [email protected], yeah, but an extra 20k a week is an extra 1M a year! Like Giorgio says though, it doesn’t really seem to be up to our players whether or not they stay. Pardew expressing his concern over the January window seems to echo this.

    I wish they’d scrap the transfer window, load of fkn bollocks.


  7. Georgio…really?….A player under contract always has the final say. I dare say the fatman wants rid of Smith and Xisco but unless they agree, there’s not a thing he can do.


  8. Krul has been player of the season so far for me, i worry more about him being lured away than Tiote, best keeper in the league for me and the top clubs will no doubt be speaking to his agent behind the scenes.


  9. Zoe – I reckon he is destined for greatness for sure. He needs to sort his distribution out, but otherwise he is a great shot stopper and communicator already and has plenty of time ahead of him. All he has to do is keep his feet on the ground, listen to advice and take it on board and live his life the right way and he will reach the top. (Lets just hope he wants to stay here for a fair few years yet!) 😉


  10. Shamrock, I wasn’t sure if it was an intentional reference or not. Cool anyway, it’s probably got me on youtube looking at retro toy adverts for the next hour… 😀


  11. Same here mate, mi mam wouldn’t let me have one though. I think she anticipated the challenge it’d present, and the resulting broken toy and ruined carpet. I just made do with a Steve Austin doll instead, which incidentally was mint. 😎


  12. Krul can become a great for toon, providing he stays of course!
    An extra million a year is actually only 500k once you’ve paid your 50% tax. Thats still a tidy sum like but footballers have always earned a lot more than the average wage and there’s loads of em on the dole / skint now, having squandered it on bad business deals, drugs, drink, gambling or whatever (although think that mainly applies to british players)


  13. Krul has got the potential to be something special for us for over a decade and maybe more.

    FA Cup draw sunday :mrgreen: cant wait. I want Shrewsbury Town or Rotherham United away. Both grounds will give us a big allocation for away support :mrgreen:


  14. Rodzilla @7 – I remember that Palermo matchl; was it really six years back?

    Shit, I’m old. 😯

    What sticks in my mind and still makes me grin was Krul’s interview afterwards. I think he said “unbelievable” about 15 times in 2 minutes. 😆


  15. Will people PLEASE stop all this doom-and-gloom “everyone’s going to leave” crap? We’re ahead of Arse, Chelski and the bindippers in the league; we’re not exactly a bad option for players. And other clubs know they can’t just splash cash any more if they intend to play in Europe.

    Yes, we’ll lose some – so does every club. And Carr and Co will replace them with better, cheaper options.


  16. ….ahh, look at that line-up.


    What a dude, just thinking about him makes me go all fluffy. Got to be one of my all-time favourite Toon players. A real gem.


  17. To be honest, I don;t think the quality of keeper in this country is anything to write home about and I’d say Krul was on par with any of the top keepers int his country.
    krul isn’t the finished article as he is only young but by god is he learning at lightning speed.

    Call me biased but there isn’t a goalkeeper in this country I’d swap for Krul and I’m being serious.
    Once he’s ironed out a few flaws in his game like kicking , i think he could be the best on the planet.

    Well at least this planet anyway because I don;t think anyone will be as good as znag zoogie from intergaluz umph on planet zingzoo in the outer milky way like. 😆

    On a serious note though, I think we have one hell of a keeper who appears to be very happy at this club despite some fans worried that he will be sold if a decent offer comes in.
    If Krul wants to stay, I think he’s one player the club will happily keep because his ability is unquestioned and his worth to the team is there for all to see and replacing him will not be a walk in the park by any means.


  18. Wolfie, Znag Zoogle is out of this world mate. Did you see that save he pulled off last weekend against Foltram Baznooga in the Intergaloto Cup ? Baznooga must’ve hovered in the air at least 2 seconds before planting both of his heads sweetly onto that Fwiskrum Baab cross.

    …unstoppable for most ‘keepers, but not Zoogle. Safest flippers in the universe.


  19. Rod 😆 😆 😆 Aye I saw that and I remember saying to our lass ” bloody hell did you see that double header that Znag Zoogle has just pulled off there and she said”I’ll pull you off in a minute” 😀


  20. 😆 :mrgreen: Fair play there like Wolfie. You’ll be getting the missus in for all televised Intergaluz Umph games in future then. More of the same from the Zoogleister!


  21. Too right Rod, I can’t refuse an offer like that and to think, I’m getting space telly in next week, obviously it’s and illegal box like but it gets us all the inter galactic channels from as far away as 56 light years which means I can watch the mugoloids in their champions league final against tunglikki gorgonz on planet fanny.

    Yea I know, it’s a weird name for a planet like 😆


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