Who do we turn to?

Tamas Kadar

Tamas Kadar
Will Tamas get his chance?
Saturday seemed to be the day where the luck ran out as both of our centre-backs succumbed to injury.

This was one of the sore points for Alan Pardew in his post-match musings as he, quite rightly, bemoaned the loss of his first-choice centre-backs through injury.

In the 28th minute of the match against Chelsea, Fabricio Coloccini was replaced by James Perch due to the Argentinan suffering a thigh injury. The wind was knocked out of our sails in defence as we truly missed the qualities of our captain, but credit must go to James Perch who became more settled as the game went on. Perch impressed many with his display on Saturday and Pardew gave a clear indication after the game that Perch will find himself involved against Norwich City at Carrow Road this coming weekend.

What was more devastating was the way in which Steven Taylor flopped straight to the ground in the 89th minute of the match. Immediately it was obvious to all those in the stadium that Steven Taylor had suffered a bad injury, he eventually did get back up and carried on running but it was obvious he was in huge discomfort.

The news came through on Sunday that Steven Taylor had suffered a serious achilles injury and that he is set to miss the rest of the season. This must be devastating for the Geordie as he has put in some very strong and solid performances over the course of the season so far.

There is now a dilemma for who Alan Pardew includes alongside James Perch in the game against Norwich. For me the obvious option would be the Hungarian international Tamas Kadar, although the messages coming out of Pardew seem to suggest that the lad needs to do more in training and focus on a career at Newcastle.

In our Championship winning season, Kadar found himself involved in several games for the Magpies and he put in several performances that showed he is capable of playing for us. Making the step up to Premier League level from Championship will be a big one for the young Magyar but to me he seems the obvious option out of those available at this current time. You never know, if he puts in performances that shows Pardew that he truly wants to play for this club then he could find himself alongside Fabricio Coloccini in the near future once he has returned from the sidelines.

Mike Williamson could find himself involved again in the near future for Alan Pardew, although he is not fully fit yet. Pardew said last week that Williamson had just begun running again and that suggests to me that he is nowhere near match fitness. If Williamson regains his fitness in the next couple of weeks, he may find himself back into the fold after having his place taken by Steven Taylor when he suffered a freak training ground incident.

I think Williamson could do a good job for us but he will have to stop holding on to attackers as that may prove costly at one point, if he works on that then perhaps he will make a claim for a place in Alan Pardew’s defence. I suspect he won’t be risked until he is fully fit and perhaps by then our captain, Coloccini may have recovered from his injury and we may see him alongside our Argentine captain.

Ryan Taylor had a game to forget on Saturday and perhaps now is the time to introduce Davide Santon into the fold. Sturridge had the run around of Raylor all day and he has been outdone by the opposition in the last three games. With Pardew having to make changes to the side in central defence, I think it would be worth a try introducing Santon in the next few games against Norwich, Swansea and West Brom. Up until now, the Liverpudlian has kept out the Italian U21 International but based on his last few performances I would like so see Santon given a chance, he was signed as a LB so surely we should start to use him?

The priority for Pardew in the January transfer window must now be a centre-back due to the injuries that we unfortunately suffered at the weekend. Liam Ridgewell looked set to make his way to the club only for the deal to break down in the last few hours of the summer window. I would like to see us go for him again as he proved at Birmingham that he is an accomplished centre-back who can chip in with his fair share of goals.

I’m sure Ridgewell would jump at the chance to come to a club that is doing very well at the moment and with Birmingham seemingly looking like they are out of Europe then we can offer him a return to the Premier League. Ridgewell can also offer cover for left-back as well so if anything does indeed happen to Santon then we have someone who can offer cover at that position.

Now this is just wishful thinking and only a suggestion but this could be a potential lineup if we do indeed sign Ridgewell: Santon, Williamson, Coloccini, Ridgewell. Santon could be operated at right-back as he is capable of playing there and then that would allow Ridgewell to fill in at left-back. I can only dream but to me that would be a very strong back four if we did manage to sign Liam Ridgewell.

It will be interesting to see who will play alongside Perch this weekend and to see who Pardew is after in the window in order to strengthen his backline.

Who do you think will partner Perch? Who would you buy in order to strengthen our backline?

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116 thoughts on “Who do we turn to?

  1. Scottwilsonecho Scott Wilson
    The Echo also has an #NUFC injury update and info on their transfer targets – including a former player who they’re set to be offered.
    2 minutes ago

    Bassong, Baye?


  2. Knowing Spurs, if they’re offering Bassong, it’ll be for a fortune. I think he’d be a good pick-up, but I’d be surprised if Ashley can agree a price with Harry.


  3. Im not sure Perchy is up to it at centre back Im sure Colo wouldnt have let Drogba score in the Chelsea match. maybe put Kadar or Williamson(if fit) with Simpson and bring in Santon at right back or even drop Tiote back a bit and bring in an extra midfielder?


  4. Dave, I’d be surprised, Freidel signed a two-year deal with them so will be goal to at least end of next season!


  5. Well it seemed obvious to me that Perch lacked the size and strength to play at CB against Drogba. Norwich have a big strong CF Holt who would just batter Perch and Simpson. Its Kadar time IMHO. And even then he would only really be filling in the Collo role. When ever I have seen him though he has looked like he has some class in defense and I can’t understand why Pardew doesn’t like him.


    I think Simpson is the ‘lesser of two evils’ at Cb between him and Perch if that makes any sense.


  6. I think we have a lot of people on here that have never actually played 11 a side football.
    Playing RB and playing CB are two positions worlds apart, it isn’t as easy as just slotting someone in there, a defensive mid like Tiote would be a lot more suited then Simpson, even then why are we against Perch? He can actually play there, it would be nonsense to not to.

    Two points on Raylor, firstly the reason why he hasn’t been subbed for Santon is that it is very rare defenders get subbed in a game, i keep harping on about it but defending is done as a unit, you want as little disruption to the unit as possible, people who say the old Fergie fact about him rarely keeping the same starting line up might want to delve a bit deeper, i can guarantee that it wont be the defenders he is rotating if he can help it.
    Secondly before last game we had the best defence in the league, why would Pardew have risked changing that?

    Finally most of us on he questioned the abilities of Best, Raylor and Guthrie, all three have proved to be very able squad players.
    Be real fans and GIVE PERCH A CHANCE.

    Stop idolising our youth players without reason, did you see our team in the championship? Course Kadar looked good, he was playing for one of the best championship teams there has ever been.
    If he is ready for the premiership then why was he loaned to league 1 last season?

    I personally would play Simpson – Perch – Kadar (then Williamson) – Raylor
    Santon will get his chance, but he needs Coloccini next to him to ease him in, Raylor and Simpson need to be the experienced members of defence for the next few games


  7. If we got someone at same level as gary cahill it would mean we dont fall too far back if colo doesnt renew, don’t think there is a lot in the krul rumours as he is well settled with a local lass


  8. SolanosTrumpet @ 88

    I take it some of that was aimed at me.

    Simpson HAS played at CB in about 3 or 4 cup games and he has actually looked better there than some of his games at RB IMO. I’m not ‘against Perch’ he just hasn’t got the strength to play against Holt. Simpson is a defender, he doesn’t offer much going forward apart from the v rare cross/shot goal and about 1 decent cross in 10. He has played CB before so he’s hardly just some random winger or midfielder ‘slotting in there’. You say ‘keep as little disruption as possible’ Are you implying that we should stick with Perch because he has been in the side for 70 minutes of football? That is a nonsense IMO, work out the best defense and then stick with that, if Santon isn’t ready then Perch at RB. Perch is NOT a CB though and you will find this out again and again when he comes up against physical Centre Forwards. It’s not all about height, Simpson is stronger at winning the ball in the air than Perch.


  9. i’d have jonas at rb and raylor on the wing, santon and perch in the middle…reasoning is that jonas likes to make runs forward, i think raylor is the type of player who would provide cover when he does, and hes got a better shot on him… i also believe jonas is a stronger tacler than raylor is, wasn’t he played at rb for argentina?


  10. Wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular.
    I just don’t see why we would reshuffle the whole defence without need?
    With Williamson/Taylor/Colo out injured Perch is by far and away our most senior centre back Simpson’s several cup games, and Kadar’s sporadic appearances are nowhere near Perch’s dozens of games at CB in the Champ.
    That’s not to say i wouldnt partner Simpson with him. It’s just i dont understand all the Perch slating and those that wouldnt play him. Granted he’s crap, but easily our best option.


  11. Still not sold on Bassong. I think a lot of people overrated him based on the fact that he was the best of a bad bunch when we went down. He’s dobe bugger all since he left and he’ll be away for ACoN if Cameroon qualified.


  12. I think people maybe looking too high up the league for the former player, more likely Hughes or O’Brien imo…….Bassong a possibility but I wouldn’t want any “rats” back.


  13. Plus don’t talk too hard about Bassong as I’m doing an article about it. Save some chatter for that 😆


  14. Witters I said the samething lastnight, and I knew Richie would agree cause im always right 😀
    On him I would take him back cause he imo wasn’t one of the rats that couldn’t wait to jump ship.


  15. good article Thad…

    Not sure if Ridgewell is ideal, fair enuf for a back-up, but I’m sure Carr with Uncle Mikes fat cheque has someone lined-up. I’d rather have Willo instead of Ridgewell for back-up.

    We’ll probably lose Colo soon so maybe Bassong would be a good choice and another from france.

    lol Obertan as centerhalf? that made me laugh, the guy bottles 80-20 (in our favour) challenges, not sure if he’s ever used his monkey-nut shaped heed before. I think I’d rather use smith than any other midfielder if we had to go there..


  16. @toonsy

    must agree with this “Still not sold on Bassong. I think a lot of people overrated him based on the fact that he was the best of a bad bunch when we went down”

    I did think he was the new-best-thing. but maybe that was 1st season syndrome, harry doesnt normally get it wrong with defenders.


  17. Dave…his only saving grace/excuse was he was young and naive and he did say he would stay if Shearer stayed. If Spurs are “offering” him though, they’re after something 👿

    Witters….you’re a sick man 😕


  18. Mark/Toonsy……or possibly that even though Colo didn’t have his best season then he was still able to guide and encourage a young Bassong and help him play to his potential.


  19. @richietoon

    aye, maybe m8.

    I still think Bassong is a good footballer & would love 2 have him back, but would throw insults at him (while smiling) for leaving us 😆


  20. if we got rid of Krul for any exchange or just sold krul it would be total madness.

    you should always retain an excellent keeper if u have one. Every top team has one, why shouldnt we if we’re aiming high.


  21. Troy I cant remember him asking to leave but I can remember sloppy chops asked big Al who would the No1 player to buy and Al said Bassong.
    But now I think about it more maybe he did ask to leave.
    But he wasn’t 1 of the culprits that relegated us


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