Deals need tying up.

Sign him up!
With January on the horizon and teams swooping around looking to sign players for free on a pre-contract deal in time for the summer made, it me want to look into the contract situation for our own team, and see who we could potentially lose for next year.

Deals could be concluded before that time, but we’re cutting it fine as these players can be tied up by other clubs as early as January in time for them signing in the summer, something which we wouldn’t want. Unless it’s Smith, then I’d be chuffed.


Alan Smith
Danny Guthrie
Peter Lovenkrands
Michael Richardson
Ole Soderberg
James Tavernier
Bradden Inman
Tamas Kadar and a few other unused youngsters

The reading for this summer isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, with only one senior player in that list who I wouldn’t want to lose. That man is Danny Guthrie, after a string of very impressive performances deputising for the influential Cheik Tiote, I feel Danny has done enough to earn himself a new deal on Tyneside.

I’m sure that his wages won’t be too big, which shouldn’t be a problem, and at 24 he still has his best years ahead of him just as he starts to mature into the player who managed to break through the ranks at Liverpool. The problem with this deal is the question mark over Guthrie’s willingness to play second fiddle after getting a sniff of Premier League action. He’s a very good stand in, but he’s unlikely to force Cheik Tiote or Yohan Cabaye out of the team, which will see him as a bench player for long periods.

I think a new 4 year deal should be put on the table for Guthrie with slightly increased wages, and promise him Carling Cup football and make him aware he’s currently the first change in the midfield. With Tiote away in January and February he’ll get his chance then, but with rumours Aston Villa are snooping around looking for a bargain we should try and tie him to the club in the very new future.

The others aren’t really important for me, Peter Lovenkrands and Alan Smith will not be getting new deals I can assure you that. Ole Soderberg, James Tavernier, Tamas Kadar and Bradden Inman are all players who have looked bright at a lower level but have not really cut it any higher yet. One or two year extensions should be given to them to give them a little bit longer to make the grade.

The summer of 2012 doesn’t look too bad for players outgoing on free transfers, but the following summer could prove to be a bad one for Newcastle if they don’t secure most of these players on new deals.


Leon Best
Fabricio Coloccini
Ryan Taylor
Steve Harper
Danny Simpson

Four out of five of them players would get in the Newcastle first 18, and they have their contracts running out in the summer of 2013. I know that’s quite a long way away, but when a player has 12 months left on his deal his value drops, so even if these don’t go on frees they may be candidates for cut price swoops in the in the summer window, or the following January.

Three players out of this seasons very strong defence are on that list with Ryan Taylor, Danny Simpson and Fabricio Coloccini’s contract running out in 18 months’ time. We should be acting quickly secure all three of these on long term deals.

Firstly Fabricio Coloccini, captain fantastic, relentless wife shagger, rock of our defence is a player that many admire, and I’m sure a few clubs will be licking their lips seeing his deal running out. At 29 Coloccini is getting older, but defenders can play till they’re a lot older if they’re good enough, and he certainly is. He doesn’t rely on much speed, because he reads the game so well which means he will be able to play longer. A five-year deal on good money should be offered to him, and sorted as soon as possible, because without him we’d struggle.

Ryan Taylor and Danny Simpson both have their critics, but frankly, they’ve both been a part of a very good defence this year. Even if in the future they’re not going to command starting berths in our first time they should definitely be kept as back-up or another option.

It seems that a deal for Danny Simpson is trying to be thrashed out, and it’s not moving very fast even though Pardew has come out in the press and pleaded for him to sign. QPR were interested in Simpson in the summer and I wouldn’t be surprised if they renewed their interest due to stumbling contract talks, hopefully we can push a contract through soon.

Ryan Taylor is a player who’s gone quite under the radar in regards to contracts, in the summer nearly every fan would have wanted him to run his deal down and leave, much like Alan Smith. But a rejuvenated Ryan Taylor has started the season well and is winning over some fans, with his important goals. At 27 Ryan Taylor still has years left in him, and a new 3 year deal would be something I’d look into.

Steve Harper’s deal is also running out, and I think it’ll be the end for him. I’d offer him a deal on the coaching staff and try and keep him in the club, if he says no, and he wants to carry on playing, we need to get rid. Some might say it is harsh, but there’s no room for sentiment in football, not when it comes to an old keeper anyway.

Leon Best is a no-brainer for me, the lad has just started scoring goals for us in the last year and he looks to have formed a great partnership with Demba Ba, so he needs to be signed up. Best come from Coventry, so there’s not much danger of him being on high wages, and in a team with very few forwards at a young age we really need to keep a hold of our better ones.

At 25, Best has a good few years left in him and we should be offering him a four year deal on slightly improved terms, which we can pay for with the money freed up from the next man I’m going to briefly abuse.

Xisco, new deal? Nee chance.

That’s my look at the players who could possibly lose in the coming few years, and it gives us an insight into the players we really need to sign up. If no new deals are signed we could potentially lose 5 or 6 of our main squad players in the next 2 years, with 2 or 3 of them being nailed down starters.

Get the cheque book out, Ash.

Who would you keep?

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40 thoughts on “Deals need tying up.

  1. Now no Guthrie for 4-6 weeks.

    From lofty heights to frightening lows, all in the space of a week.

    All aboard the NUFC Rollercoaster!!!


  2. Bet Ashley can’t wait for the day when Smith’s contract expires!

    Rod, if Colo plays vs Norwich then it will only be 2 positions out of our usual starting XI that are unavailable so it’s not that bad!


  3. Hope you’re right with the Colo news there Dan. Must admit, it’d still be a concern though, playing him, as he’d obviously still be carrying a back and a thigh niggle. Last thing we’d want would be a bigger injury from pushing him too hard.

    Despite the amount of “real tests” we’ve had so far this season, this Saturday is the first real test for me I.E. taking a look at the bigger picture with regards to our squad, rather than team.


  4. …on a sidenote, the image you have of Guthrie up there. It’s not so apparent on the article, as it’s cropped differently, but on the home page it looks like he’s just took a right hook from a boxing glove.

    Well it does to me anyway. 🙂


  5. Colo, Guthrie and Simpson seem obvious, Tavernier and Kadar would stay for me, Give or take the rest its hard to see which of the others would bring much to the table long term.

    Not sure about Best, I would keep him but there was all that talk about them telling him he could leave in the summer and if their buying Maiga and chasing the likes of Giroud. Along with Ba, Ben Arfa, Shola who has signed his new deal and Sammy who can play up top as well signing on its hard to see where he fits in with the clubs plans…


  6. Off-topic, but both Manchester United and City both out of the Champions League.

    This really irritates me. The elite teams in World football get knocked out of the Champions League tournament, and re-appear in the next tournament down – The Europa League!!!

    Just what the fuck is the point exactly, of having two different tournaments showcasing two different levels of class, if the big boys just end up in the lesser league?!? It’s a pisstake giving them two bites at the cherry to win a trophy, while the lesser teams just have to roll over and accept another trophy-free year. 😡


  7. Agree with you CC – and if we sign a new striker in Jan then I’d be happy for Best to leave. I know a lot of people like him and in terms of effort he’s been first class. However, which other Prem club do you think would want him?


  8. Guthrie has shown he deserves a new contract but the main issue will be how desparate he is for first team. He could walk into any CC team and certainly half the prem teams but for me Tiote is still far away ahead as a defensive mid. Guthrie can certainly cover better for the Cabaye role, but Cabaye himself is better and we have other players who could also fill that role in Barfa, Vuckic, Gosling etc.

    If we sell Tiote he’s a must sign obviously, but will he want to be in solely as cover?


  9. Rodzilla-Don’t complain, being in the Europa is just embarrasing for United. If they or City fail to win it will be hilarious just as their match against Basel was. Bring on the injuries! 😉


  10. I know what you’re saying Newkie, but it’s the other teams that qualified for Europa that I feel for. I know if we were in it and both Manchesters dropped down to play us I’d be exceptionally peeved.


  11. Rodz-Aye that is true enough, I’d be pissed as well. Problem is that you might get the problem of teams like manu getting into Europe at all, and that’s bad for Uefa revenue, and all the top clubs would whine. Alternatively when you actually get the odd hard groups it makes watching the Europa League worthwhile, but ManU had such an easy group they should be booted out regardless. Add to that they play shite football.


  12. Rodzilla – on the contrary its an incentive for smaller teams to be able to progress. Its not often the “favorites” gets knocked out of CL or into EL. But dont worry, they are embarrassed both players and fans(those who havent given up since yesterday).

    Anyway on topic. Colo, Simmo and Guthrie are priorities for new contracts.


  13. Yep, the only reason those two “big teams” are in the Europa is that they were shite and played worse than the little ones. And I have to admit that I find it hilarious. 😈

    One comment on the article: while I agree that Loven probably won’t be renewed unless he’s very, very cheap, I thought he did really well against Chelski. Best performance for ages, and out of position.


  14. Newkie and Parsons, yeah I suppose it can work on two levels, and UEFA obviously need to pull in the coin. I still don’t like it though. 😛

    Back on thread, I’d agree Colo, Simpson and Guthrie should all get new deals, but that’s another gripe of mine. Contracts tend not to mean shit these days. They’re nothing to do with employment any more. They’re just there to guarantee a higher transfer fee. They mean very little to me and seem only there for the benefit of Fatty’s wallet. I don’t breathe a sigh of relief when one of our better players signs nowadays, I just think ‘right, that should filter out all the insulting bids and only attract the big boys’.

    I’m not worrying too much about players signing anyway. It took Saylor about 36 years to get his tied up.


  15. Whumpie – that’s right about Lover, he totally surprised me against Chelsea when he looked far better than Obertan (not hard) and Sammy. However that was only for about 30 mins and will probably be his swan song. Won’t miss him.


  16. I reckon Guthrie will be attracing interest from good CC teams and perhaps the Norwich/WBA’s of the Prem. I think at 25 he’ll be looking at first team football. I wouldnt be too uspet if he left as we have Vuckic, Gosling and Abeid.

    Wouldnt be too fussed about Best either if we are interested in a host of other forwards.

    Collo and Simpson with Raylor to follow and give Krul a massive new contract.


  17. If Guthrie is out do we think Goisling will get a game? I am hoping so…a little scared he may play perch there if Collo is fit! Unless Tiote is fit? Any news?


  18. Another article on Maiga;

    Translates too; ‘This is the dream of every player to play in a club like this. I hope it will happen in January or next summer, “said Modibo Maiga on November 14 about a transfer to Newcastle. Well his dream will soon come true. Reportedly, Sochaux fell agree with the English club around a compensation of € 7 million for the winter transfer window.

    A few weeks ago, the British press for its part announced that the Magpies striker and Mali 25 years had agreed on contract terms. The series Maïga will therefore be completed in January side Sochaux, after several months particularly agitated. Eager to leave the Doubs at the last summer transfer window, the player went to the clash with its leaders, including drying workouts.

    Sidelined and reincorporated in Sochaux, he never displayed the best steps to improve the situation. His departure was inevitable and knew the Cubs. With the money, they can dig up a replacement for him as at the winter transfer window.’


  19. The news is not good. Both Tiote and Guthrie are out for Norwich. Colo sounds extremely doubtful to me. With no real midfield cover our stand in centre backs will get a real test. Still not sure how Pardew will play it. Certainly Perch will be in and to me Santon deserves a place not Kadar who has been off the radar screen for too long to make an immediate appearance. Keep Raylor and Simpson at their usual positions. Try to take the heat off the defence by keeping the ball more than usual. This means Jonas and Obertan will be very busy. Cabaye and Gosling in midfield might not be too bad. Two big men up front or Ba plus Ben Arfa? I fancy starting Ba and Best with Bennie to come on later.


  20. Anyone else think it’s weird all the groin injuries we’re getting? is reporting Tioté’s mystery problem is groin…Marveaux’s out, Cabaye had a niggle, now Guthers. Could it be the training? Or just working too hard in games?


  21. Billybull, I think it’s down to working too hard in games and on the training pitch.
    The hard work n the training pitch has paid off at this moment in time but we are seeing the wear and tear of that right now. It happens and we always get our fair share but I’m looking on the bright side.

    The youngsters and the fringe players can have the opportunity to either show what they’re made of or not.

    It’s a gamble but a gamble that we have no choice in, all Pardew can do is to tell them that this is their chance to prove to him and the fans that they are capable of cutting it where it matters.

    Realistically, we only have to get to January and that is only a little over 3 weeks away.

    Whoever gets brought in will be fresh, raring to go, busting a gut to impress and nail down a regular spot in the side.

    It’s easy for us to sit back and say, ‘ oh god we are knackered now, the kids will get tonked ‘ e.t.c but stranger things have happened and they won;t get a better opportunity to display what they have been taught since joining.


  22. Wolfage I’m not really worried about giving the kids a shot I’m glad in a way they get a chance to show what they can do as you say, I’m just worried about January. If Cashley wouldn’t buy a centre half when Willo got injured and the window was still open, it doesn’t bode well for quality getting brought in, maybe more Perch likes, and if that’s the case stick with Perch and buy a striker because we needed one of them before the injuries and Ba is going end of Jan for ACoN.


  23. I like your ideas Wolfie but I would be careful about saying that all our problems will be over once the window is open as Billy Bull also says. Our owner doesn’t exactly have a great record of spending on players and Llambias is on record as saying January is the wrong time to buy from previous seasons. Colo will recover fairly quickly if we rest him now but Saylor is a long term problem. We just don’t have the players (even young ones) who are ready to step in at centre back yet it is one of the hardest positions to fill. The next 4 games should be very interesting indeed to see where we really sit as far as squad depth goes. The depth just isn’t there at this point and the January window probably isn’t going to fix that. Guthrie has been good for a few games but he also has an injury track record that isn’t too promising. I just don’t have the feeling that the owner will be willing to spend to keep us in the top seven. Hope I am wrong though.


  24. Billybull and Geordietwo…I know what yous are saying and obviously there is a chance that they could gamble in the market on their terms and lose out but I think the opposite will happen this January.

    The players that were identified …for e.g Pieters, Maiga, and many others, I’m sure that the interest is still very much alive between both parties.

    We played hard ball and lost out on targets due to fees and we took a gamble….it was a gamble and even someone as optimistic as I am can’t deny that..

    The gamble paid off but now we are back in the mix again in 3 and a bit weeks time and I think the players that have been identified will have a different outlook on this team now, knowing how quickly our foreign players have settled in.

    Ashley has a reputation of a tight arse I know but I don’t think it’s for the reasons many fans think..

    I think he’s just been shrewd and not willing to go gung ho just yet until we were in a position of togetherness throughout the club, which I think we are just about at that stage.

    We don’t know what’s been done in the background but I’ll bet there’s been a lot of hard work with the scouts and the board sorting deals out.

    They obviously have to be within our wage structure but I think we are in a healthier position to attract players of quality due to how we are run.

    I’m fully confident that January will see the cover we have needed , I say cover…what I mean is, the quality to walk into the side and take us that step closer to something special.

    Ashley will dig deep enough if the quality deserves the release of the readies.
    My opinion of course but I’m really confident.


  25. Love your optimism Wolfie wish I was the same but the cover we needed was a centre half, left back and a striker, now with Staylor out for the season do we need another centre half also? I can’t see us signing all those and you say with January coming we are in a good position and that, I can’t see Derek Dipshit going in on the 1st of Jan and getting all we need, like we should do. I hope this is the case but as someone above said about him on record saying January window is overpriced so they really can’t do their last day trick as the prices will probably rocket and even though you say cashley is tight everyone knows we’re desperate for the above cover and haven’t even spent half the 35 million for Carroll plus 30 grand interest.


  26. wolfie , wish i could be as hugely confident as you . To clarify you think Ashley will spend more on the first team than he sells from the first team in this window ?


  27. Billybull, yes we need a centre half and I think the club will have identified that…obviously I know many don’t share my enthusiasm but I have a gut feeling that this window, plus the summer will make this team/squad solid as a rock..
    I don’t expect you to agree mind as everyone has their own thoughts but mine are super confident and change happens throughout a transitional period which we are going through….we are by no means the finished article and whoever we lose for whatever reasons cited, we will replace with equal or better and some.

    Keith, I can’t say if the club will spend more on incoming’s than they receive on outgoings because transfers tend to throw up all kinds of strange and sometimes mental scrambles.

    Our biggest asset in terms of transfer fee is Tiote I think and it will be a major test if someone like Chelsea come in and offer upwards of 25 million.

    If…and I say “If”, we lose Tiote and another quality player, I would assume we would be looking at 30 million plus for the both.

    Taking that into account and basing it on theory, I think we will use that transfer money or as near to it, to replace those that leave, plus adding an extra 2 or 3 players on top of that.

    In essence I’m saying “in my opinion” If 2 go out, a minimum of 4 will come in..
    A striker… left back…centre back (possibly 2) 1 quality and another out of contract or cheap maybe.

    Also there is a good possibility we will bring in another centre mid but that will depend on how Abheid or Gosling or whoever comes in to the fold up until Christmas.

    All this is based purely on gut feeling and a feeling of confidence by “me” and I’m not at all gonna say this is a definite.

    My philosophy has always been to focus on positives, even when there isn’t any to be seen by some.

    Let’s face it…when we were kids, we always hoped and wished for that elusive present that we knew in our heart of hearts our parents couldn’t afford and we went to school in the run up to Christmas daydreaming of that present but knew it was just that “a dream”

    You would throw hints and puppy dog faces at your mother for the chance to get that toy, only to be told that things were tight and maybe next year son.

    You wake up on Christmas morning and open your presents , excited but knowing you are missing that special toy, until you pick up your last wrap.

    Bingo, it’s all I hoped for, I got my toy…they managed it, they dug deep and got me it.

    And to think I lost all hope of getting that toy only to be surprised and shocked and excited to find that no matter how hard my Mother and Father struggled to keep the ship steady, they knew how happy it would make me to get the toy I dreamed of.
    It wasn’t always that way because some years I wanted presents that were way out of their league and I knew it and I didn’t get them nor did I expect or hope to get them, because a 6 foot snooker table at that time was too expensive for their budget , especially when they had to keep many other members of the family happy as well.

    The moral of the story is…. even though you had your hopes dashed for the things you dearly wanted, there are reasons why it didn’t happen but there are times when they do happen when you least expect it and that’s why you have to hold out hope that you will get what you ask for but never expect.

    I told this to my daughter when she asked for a doll that cried and pissed and even shit , I said I can;t afford it but during the night, I placed the doll beside her on Christmas while she was asleep.

    She woke up that morning crying and really upset and called me a bad bastard. 😕
    I said ” but I thought that’s what you wanted” and she said, ” I did but the little plastic bastard has pissed and shit me bed”. 😕

    😆 😆 😆 😆


  28. Wolfie : “Taking that into account and basing it on theory, I think we will use that transfer money or as near to it, to replace those that leave, plus adding an extra 2 or 3 players on top of that.”

    Andy Carroll theory?


  29. Billybull, the Andy Carroll one , again in my opinion was one that was out of the blue and left us with no real option to replace other than a panic buy, which thankfully we didn’t do.

    As for where the money is, I can’t say for certain but I would guess it’s gone a long way into putting affairs in order withing the club, helping it edge forward plus still allowing some of it to be splashed on transfers as they come along.

    The fact that we got a good few players on board in the summer whilst releasing those that thought they were bigger, I would say that the club done well not to use most of that £35 million.

    Imagine if we had panicked and bought Crouch for 10 million plus a few dodgy signings for another 7/10 million based purely on shoring up the team.
    What we would then have is high wage earners who really don’t give a rats arse about the club but their bank balances are another baby.

    Some fans call it greed, I call it brilliant because all clubs are under no illusions about us being easy pickings or mugs in the market.

    Sometimes bowing to what fans want can be the death knell of a club….

    We needed a strong owner who would say “no, bollox to fans wanting this player or that for 10’s of millions, I will do it my way”.

    Freddie Shepherd is a classic case of giving fans what they craved and it nearly crippled this club.


  30. “Imagine if we had panicked and bought Crouch for 10 million plus a few dodgy signings for another 7/10 million based purely on shoring up the team.”

    Are ya daft man? Are you related to Ashley? That’s what they ‘tried’! But knew it was too late.
    Bidding 10mil for the Zog when it was never going to happen (Oh well dekka tried) but when he was available for less in the summer we didn’t get him?
    Bryan Ruiz was at fulham discussing terms and we put a bid in the same value 10.6 mil, you can use the cashley chopper etc but obviously weren’t getting him either because he’s a man of his word (Oh well dekka tried).

    The better players we have bought Tioté, Cabaye, Ba all cost less than 6 million each, so why can’t we have 3 or 4 players like that, no fans want 20 mil signings again we know that’s never gonna happen under cashley we just want to build year on year without every single window worrying about who will be sold. Fair enough one or two gems will inevitably get sold but use that money to buy new ones.

    Trying to say that the 6mil agents fees, Tioté’s 6 year deal money was put aside out of the 35 mill is just bollox, will that happen with money from our next big sale?


  31. Billybull, are we not moving forward since relegation?

    Have we not steadied the ship?

    Everything is in place for this club to continue to move forward.
    You say you worry about who will be sold every window….. we only sold those that wanted out mate, no one else.

    We brought in 2/3 times their quality for a lot cheaper due to Ashley employing fantastic scouting in Carr plus Pardew getting the best out of them..

    That to me is major progress and I don not see any backward mentality at this club.


  32. What we could do with colo is take him off at half time if he looks a bit shakey and put kadar in. If Norwich isn’t the team to play our lesser players in which is?


  33. wolfie @33,
    2 out 4 in wow if we sign more than 1 player and he costs more than 4 mill i will make a new year resolution to be as positive as you 😉 😉


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