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Thinking of you Lee: From
On Thursday night Newcastle under 18’s beat Darlington in the youth cup to progress to the next round in a competition which our young stars are taking very seriously.

I have already spoken to some of our young stars for this very ‘blog, which is one of the reasons I like to check out how well they’re doing. For instance Adam Campbell, a player we’ve previously interviewed, scored his first goal at St James’ Park in the 3-0 win the other night.

The game was a big one for the lads who dedicated it to Lee Toland’s brother Gary who died aged 25 this week; my thoughts go out to Lee.

Remie Streete gave United a first half lead which had us already half way into the fourth round, second half goals from Marcus Maddinson and Adam Campbell secured the win and a spot in the draw.

Newcastle United Under-18s (4-4-1-1): Alex Baird; Alex Nicholson, Remie Streete (c), Louis Storey, Michael Riley; Marcus Maddison, Brandon Miele, Dennis Knight, Michael Hoganson; Adam Campbell; JJ Hooper.

It was said that Darlington made a good account of themselves but on the night they could not cope with Newcastle who are joint top of their division at the moment. With 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss we’ve had a good start at youth level which bodes well for the future.

Newcastle have seven goal JJ Hooper and England youth international Adam Campbell in their ranks alongside Remie Streete, the youth team captain who has already played at the level above for the club.

Last year our youngsters were knocked out by the eventual winners Manchester United and then the previous year they got as far as the semi-final only to be knocked out by Aston Villa in a two legged tie. This year they’ve pledged to go further and they believe they can win the competition.

This is the level where some potential stars can be unearthed with Andy Carroll and other talents finding their way through the youth system. Adam Campbell has already made the step up and regularly gets his chance in the reserves with others such as James Tavernier and Bradden Inman.

I’m not sure when the draw is, but I’m hoping for a local away game near me so I can attend, as I take a great interest in our youth team who are a force at that level.

I know it’s not always practical for some of the fans to get down to watch these kids because of the distance some of us travel, and I’m not saying you have to, but it would be brilliant If some of the local fans could pop down and cheer these lads on when they’re playing their hearts out for the badge.

One way of supporting the lads if you cannot get to the games is by acknowledging their achievements is by letting them know on Twitter.

Adam Campbell – @adamcampbell_
JJ Hooper – @Jay_Hoops
Dennis Knight – @DennisK67
Remie Streete – @RemieStreete80
Michael Hoganson – @MichaelHogie
Lee Toland – @Lee_Toland
Alex Baird – @AlexBaird1994

Give them your support!

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46 thoughts on “Support the young guns!

  1. They might be first team plaets soon with the injuries and suspensions we keep getting, not sure whether i’m looking forward to the transfer window or dreading it 😕


  2. Jobey good one Lad 😉 I have high hopes for young Campbell, he seems to have a good attitude and has still got his feet on the ground.
    Twas nice to see the younguns wearing their tshirts in support of their team mate Lee the other night.
    Jay what has you on with us paupers 😀


  3. Good start by O’Neil at Sunderland. His team of all-stars have limited Blackburn to just the one goal…. Wehey….the makkems in the bottom three the neet 😆


  4. Chances are Newcastle’s Cheick Tiote is set to sign for chelsea for 25m. Oh well,Mike Ashely what a shrew businessman if is true.

    You can say what you want about MA but when it comes to business getting 60m for Andy Carroll & Tiote represents impressive business. LMAO.


  5. Anyone else very concerned over our squad? I am. Yesterday was pretty predictable really, considering. I’m with Jay Jay on January. I really really hope Pardew manages to talk some sense into that fat bastard. If we don’t do some serious reinforcing we’ll drop like a stone. I’m convinced.


  6. @AoD

    It’s only great business if they can get a cheap replacement who can slot straight in and attain the same standards.

    Otherwise we will never improve. We are desperately missing him!


  7. @rodz

    I’m with you . Pards needs to work his magic with the regime or we will end up where I predicted at the start of the season. Mid table mediocrity! 😯


  8. @Rodz

    Snapped my bicep tendon whilst boxing.
    Operated on on Friday and now in a cast for 6 weeks.

    Nightmare! 😯


  9. yikes!

    …sounds painful that mate. kinel. Presuming it’s your ‘good’ arm? I.E. writing, lifting etc… Suppose it’ll have a lot of implications. Public transport for yee. 🙁


  10. Dave, I’m dreading another defeat mate. All the fuckwits will be saying “told you so” and “knew it wouldn’t last” without taking into consideration our depleted squad. I wonder if Kadar will get the nod over Perch next weekend? At least he’s a centre back and can jump!


  11. @rodz

    Some of the fukwitz have a point tho.

    By the way. The Fukwitz. Are they related to The Fockers? 😯


  12. The Fukwitz did always suggest the squad was not good enough and demanded that the Carroll money was spent.

    You can’t argue with that surely? 😯


  13. Rod some of the fukwitz said that Jabba was raping the club while some others said the club has never been run aswell in yrs. I say by not buying the players that we clearly needed he has fuked up and not run the club as a football club. But its just sad that it has to be a near disaster that happens before some fans realise that the fukwitzs had a point 😉 if Jabba the cunt invested the Carroll money as he should have and promised he would then we mightn’t be in the hole we’re in now ❓ ❓


  14. Troy, by Fuckwitz I was referring to fans of other clubs, ex-footballer pundits and journalists. I think most of our fans could see the gaping holes all along.

    (and no, they live next door to the Fockers)


  15. @Rodz

    The press, fans from other clubs. You should have said, The Tozpotz. 😛

    They lived 3 doors down from the Fukwitz and next door to the Fockers. 😛


  16. most young players are disscoureged from twitter and fb cos they want to look bigtime .best to stay off the social websites when you get your 1st contract…………its the second one that make a player


  17. These young guns are the future and if they know they are getting the required attention, it can only spur them on to want to better themselves and push harder.

    Big Dave @39…
    Naturally I can see why you and many others think Ashley does good then bad like a yoyo but my stance is, I think he’s doing it the right way even though it does look bad at times.

    For instance…from relegation to now, it’s been nothing short of amazing not only in league position but also the fact of these young guns as the article suggests.

    Let’s cast our minds back briefly to relegation and potential move backwards that many predicted..
    I saw many on the footymad forum predict that this club would do a Leeds the minute we were relegated and many said we would finish below mid table or be relegated from the championship…

    So from that point on, regardless of the things that happened, all we have done realistically and amid all the Ashley the devil speculations is…move forward..
    We have not once took a step back since relegation…
    Is that down to pure luck ? Doubtful isn’t it….

    Yes we sold Carroll and to anyone with no knowledge of the internal finances it appears that Ashley and co have done a down the sock job with it…
    The point though is…. we still move forward..
    The adverts change……..we still move forward…

    The stadium name change…..we still move forward..

    It’s all positive even though it’s easy to drive out negatives from it all, depending which way you view things.

    We now have another hurdle to overcome and that is shoring up the team to compensate for the injury crisis plus back up in January..

    Do we know what we will do in January?….Nope we do not…
    But…. judging it on the fact that we are moving forward and have been since relegation…my view is to assume we will continue to do so, even of we finish 10th…because it still means we have moved forward…

    Naturally we hope or expect for more… but do we have a right to just now?

    No we don’t…but we do have a right to “hope” for more.

    The kids that this article is about are our future along with the other academy up and comings right up to the fringe players.
    The thing is…gelling them takes a time but slowly we are gaining an inch every so often rather than losing a foot.

    Patience is a major key to the future and it’s what we have to accept and that includes the gradual build up of a strong powerful squad to compete at top level.

    As a yardstick, look at arsenal….. they lost some great players and played some kids plus relying on new signings to produce the goods…..what happened?
    They suffered and looked like they were going on full meltdown….
    Now look at them…

    We have got to be patient and not get over expectant based on an 11 game start of the season run. 😀


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