Promising Homegrown Talent

Time to invest in quality squad depth?
Recent events have brought back down to earth those dreaming of a season to remember. With injuries beginning to stack up and a hectic Christmas schedule ahead the strength of the Newcastle squad is about to be well and truly put to the test.

Chances are that a couple more injuries will be picked up in that time. Add to that the fear of a couple of players leaving for pastures new in the January window and Newcastle may find themselves in a much more difficult position than our start to the season would suggest.

Plans were in motion to bring in two players maximum in January but with the recent injuries and ever-growing rumours of departures, Alan Pardew may have to revise that plan and push Mike Ashley to dig a bit deeper into those rather sizeable but hard to get into pockets.

The names linked with us already have hit double digits and no doubt that will accelerate over the next month or so. Of course we all hope for potential stars to grace the St James Park pitch in future and most at this stage have faith in Graham Carr and his team.

In saying that I do harbour concerns when it comes to the January window. Foreign talents are not too pushed on moving country mid-season and neither are their teams. This poses a problem for Newcastle given the fact our scouting seems to be mainly in Europe.

Stumbling block number two is something that naturally comes with talent that is known to the mainstream, competition. Arsenal and Liverpool have been linked with over half of names linked with Newcastle and unfortunately for the moment at least, chances are we would lose the race to sign.

That aside, the main problem for Newcastle is something else that comes with the January window, inflated prices, certainly not something Big Mike likes. With all of that in mind I wanted to leave the speculation on foreign or proven talent for now and concentrate on homegrown potential.

The English leagues and Premier League reserves are bulging with promising young talent at the moment, especially since the bigger clubs have resorted to buying proven stars. Chances for youth to break through are becoming more difficult at big clubs and some real talent gets overlooked as a result.

So instead of listing the names we know, I have put together a table listing the youth I personally rate and think would be attainable. Most of the players listed are at big clubs but some are plying their trade in lower leagues and could potentially be snapped up for the right price.

Although aware of their potential for the most part, my knowledge on some listed would be fairly limited. For that reason I will leave the paragraphs of hype about each for now. Hopefully those who comment can pick out who they like and maybe provide some info.

To follow up, I have put together my own 1st and 2nd choice selections of the players mentioned.

Pure speculation I know but with the mood being low at the moment and the papers recycling the same names from the summer for the most part as regards transfer targets, I wanted to do something a bit different. Anyway, see if you agree…

To conclude, personally I think many of the players listed would be worth going for either in January or come the end of the season. With the focus these days being on acquiring promising young talent for cheap it would be a smart move on Newcastle’s part to try and snap up some of the above before someone else does.

Apart from that what it would give us is what we do lack, especially when the injury list starts to grow, real squad depth, and more so quality within that depth. With no player listed being a proven star, big ego or getting much top flight first team football either right now, I think these are the type of players who we should be looking at.

As much as we would all like to see a 2nd team as strong as our first, it is virtually impossible to keep a squad such as that happy, unless of course you can afford to pay a bunch of reserves £50K a week!

I think for all the talk of the Cahills off the world coming to Newcastle, could you really see him or players in that stage of their career being happy to sit on the bench? Only a matter of time before someone gets upset.

Anyway, cheers as always for the feedback and comments. As I said, anyone with good info on players listed above or other talent they might like to see at St James, would be good to hear.

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30 thoughts on “Promising Homegrown Talent

  1. sorry – but i define homegrown talent as coming through OUR academy. Who’s to say that ANY of the names identified are better than we’ve already got – and are you advocating their purchase wholesale?


  2. I count homegrown the same as the the rest of the country does, as in eligible for homegrown status.

    This “our academy” bollocks is stunningly close to John Hall’s cringeworthy “Geordie nation” bollocks.

    Some of the brightest prospects in our academy were brought in from other clubs, even other countries.


  3. We’ve been linked with Dunk, Clyne and Zaha and that Sordell looks a goodun aswell.

    Clyne would be my first choice. Cracking little player in prospect.


  4. Also Tattyheed, didn’t want to come across as an arse there, but the reality is that a lot of these players are already ahead of our own as they are young and getting exposure to first team football.

    I get what you’re saying about our academy, but its still a new thing really and will take time to produce. I look at Arsenal. Look at the homegrown talent they bring in from other clubs, like Keith is suggesting.


  5. To be honest, not many from that list stand out. I’d rather do as we have done and Arsenal do and bring in young talent from overseas in their early twenties.


  6. Most of our academy players won’t make it at NUFC and alot won’t even make it in football at any level, unfortunately that’s the reality and that applies at all football clubs and hence the reason for looking elsewhere.


  7. “according to the Professional Footballers’ Association chief executive Gordon Taylor, of the 600 boys joining Premier League and Football League clubs at the age of 16, 500 are out of the game by the time they are aged 21″…….quite sad really 🙁


  8. Mcmanaman from wigan whos on loan at blackpool looks a player, I wouldnt mind us having a look at him if/when Wigan are relegated…


  9. Rich – Having had any skill coached out of them aswell no doubt. Seen it so many times, how skill players are often looked over as they are deemed to not be “team players” leaving a technically inferior player exposed to more playing time.

    That has not and will not change and it’s one of the fundemental things wrong with English football.


  10. Toonsy….aye and those are just the ones that sign pro at 16, the figures would be even worse for the younger ones, partly why I was gutted when Beardsley was “promoted” he would have encouraged skill and trickery (hopefully)


  11. @toonsy @9

    that’s why we’ll probably scour Europe for more technically gifted players that will be ready quicker. And I’m sure the temptation for alcohol and sluts 😀 have a lot to do with English players failing. not all but its our culture to get wasted 🙁

    I must be really hard to break thru, look at the likes of Forlan, Inman, Dummett, Tavernier, Richardson etc etc, loads of them that will end up in lower divisions.. its hard to break into the squad never mind the first team.


  12. “skill players are often looked over as they are deemed to not be “team players” leaving a technically inferior player exposed to more playing time.

    Were doing it right now with Ben Arfa who should be given time to get his form and fitness back which he was showing signs of at man city and man utd instead of dumping him and bringing back shola…


  13. Toonsy, really 😯 😥

    He was the first writer I seen when I started reading the previous ‘blog so it was because of him I read on!


  14. @aye heart problems, 🙁 he had an Op not so long ago. Just had a little bairn I think.

    I remember talking to him about kids nd that. very sad news, he seemed a cracking lad.


  15. seemed a difficult condition to work with. hope nobody thinks i’m insensitive for putting this up but Bowburn explains his condition and shows what a nice bloke he was.. I welled up reading it 😥

    Fair to say the last couple of weeks has been unreservedly the longest and worst of my daft little life and the original help thread I sent out seems a lifetime ago. There’ll be time for pisstaking and I’ve managed a couple of times in the last week or so to get on read the banter, and it’s kept me going. I’m not going to claim I’m not cliched because I am. And I look to some of the lads on here as older brothers I never had and mates I’ve never met. They said it helps to express yourself and let it all out so here we go, I know most of you generally care. Part of the reason I haven’t tried to update is my brain has been fucked beyong belief with the drugs and sedatives I’ve been under so I’ve been misifiring like hell.

    Basically after being stabilised when I got admitted on the 31st, I ended up transferred to Glasgow to a specialist team. The diagnosis/prognosis was not right at the time but they’ve since discovered I had a rare, unique condition (less likely than Ashley spending money on NUFC) brought on rapidly by something as simple as the common cold, whereby the infection attacks your heart (giant cell myocarditis), and this results in heart failure. There’s literally no research data on this as they’ve single figure cases around the world, so I’m a working paper and they need work closely with some ‘leading world experts’ to help my recovery, even some the medical lads on here will struggle to fathom.

    In short, what they’ve done is install a pump in my heart so the bugger keeps ticking and they’re hopeful with mininmal data published I’m more ‘bridge to recovery, meaning they hope my heart can reover itself in time and I won’t need a transplant. Everything I do is fucking hard work, sitting up, it’s uncomfortable but I keep thinking I’ve had a second chance. The staff here at the hospital are so utterly in my debt I always feel wrong when I don’t end a sentence by saying ‘thanks for saving my life.’ There are literally no words to express my gratitude. I was telling my surgeon how I felt knackered after simple short walk and I was a bit tender “Well we cut you in half and sowed you back up so it’ll probably smart a bit”. The man is cool as fuck and my fucking hero.

    So the upshot is, I’m safe for now and on a very tough trip to recovery with lots of life changing things to deal with, but I’m alive and by fuck does it feel good. These lyrics played through my head when I felt myself on the way out and I realised I couldn’t leave my family behind just yet.


  16. Jez BBM was one of the nicest guys you could talk to on the blogs.
    Cant believe that and he was as fit as a fiddle too.
    RIP mate. 😥
    Maybe SBR needed him for coaching his Heaven Eleven, as he was a pretty good player.


  17. I was under the impression from some of his posts that Bowburnmag was a fit lad who ran etc ❗

    He will be sadly missed, respected his views and comments.

    RIP fella.


  18. hitman – that translates to

    Reportedly, Sochaux striker Modibo Maiga should go to Newcastle on Tuesday to undergo the traditional medical use. A four and a half years waiting for the Malian.
    Wishing to join Newcastle last summer, Modibo Maiga (25 years, Sochaux) will see his wish s’exaucer. Reportedly, the Malian international striker is expected to visit Tuesday to England to undergo the traditional medical use. A four and a half years waiting for the old Manceau, which has already found common ground with the leaders of English. As we announced previously, the two clubs reached an agreement for a while now. The transaction is estimated at between seven and eight million.

    The Cubs are already searching for his successor


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