Who Could We See In January?

Can we realistically compete in the market?
Most clubs plan their season hoping to avoid getting involved with the bedlam of the January transfer window but injuries and surprise bids can often change that in an instant.

Newcastle are no different in this regard. January meant two more signings, more than likely early on and quickly shutting up shop to push on from our extremely productive start to the season.

Unfortunately the last few weeks have changed all of that. Injuries to some key players and others struggling to get back to full fitness means that the plan may have to be revised, and quickly.

If the summer is anything to go by we should not pay the slightest bit of attention to names mentioned by the media in relation to Newcastle. Most of our signings came relatively out of the blue and those tipped as all but signed by the media turned out to be nowhere near.

In saying that there have been a few names that have come up time and again. As well as that we may be forced to go into the market and maybe even shell out over the odds for once due to departures as some think there may be, namely the likes of Cheik Tiote.

Below I have listed most of the names that have come up linked to Newcastle in the last month and a few who have been strongly linked and definitely scouted over the summer and since.

For the ultimate optimist there are some big names in there and some with smaller names but massive potential. It makes for exciting reading at first, but dig a bit deeper and you will probably see that the list can be narrowed down very quickly.

Anyone linked with a top club, domestically or abroad, will more than likely not be signing. We don’t have the financial clout to start a bidding war and even if we match the highest bid could easily lose out to those clubs with crazy wage structures.

Others virtually rule themselves out with their personal desires to play in certain countries. Marvin Martin and Ryad Boudebouz would be two who fall into this category. The former all but saying he will be moving to Spain and the latter preferring to stay in France, even if he does move club.

Then who have those who are ruled out due to age, stage of career and probably desire to be playing every single week. In this bunch I would include the likes of Sebastien Bassong, Scott Brown and possibly even Liam Ridgewell.

There are umpteen reasons we could hit a brick wall with a lot of these targets and to secure the top prospects of the future included would be a real coup on our part given the interest and competition. You never know what may happen come January and I have faith there will be great signings in the future, just maybe not this soon.

I will spare you the epic read of going through each individually but look forward to the comments and debate on our chances and who people may expect to see in a Newcastle shirt come February. For now I will simply list off the ones I could honestly see us having a chance of getting….

Cyrus Christie or Nathaniel Clyne… Depends on whether Danny Simpson signs contract or moves on and could see either one being good back up for Davide Santon.

Douglas Teixeira… Stiff competition but good chance. Possible pre-agreed contract for move in the summer, in final year of contract. Real talent from what I have seen.

Mapou Mbiwa… No real competition that I know of and rumoured £5m valuation is not out of our ball park. With Taylor out for the season, good chance we could see Mbiwa in January in my opinion.
Cheikh M`Bengue… Strong links in summer but chose to stay but has stated he would like to move to progress career since. French contingent would obviously be a draw. No real competition as yet.

Charles Kabore… IF and that is still a massive IF a big bid comes in for Tiote and we decide to cash in I think of the midfielders linked to date Kabore is the most attainable option.
Alain Traore… If he keeps up the form he is in I could see us making a bid to snap him up before he goes to a big club. Versatile, young, speaks French, all the ingredients we look for.

Modibo Maiga… Seems to be all but a done deal for January. He has been in good form but from what I see is no better than Ba or Best. A strange one for me but seems to be on his way to Tyneside.

Olivier Giroud… Would normally say Arsenal would have the jump on us here but with the formation they play and the fact we would provide more first team football and the French connection I think it`s a realistic possibility we could get him.

To my count that’s nine of a possible twenty seven linked. Obviously we will not sign nine players but those would be the ones I could see us going for either in January or the summer to add to what we have and replace what we may lose.

As always, feedback and comments, and any inside info on those coming or going in January, would be much appreciated.

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183 thoughts on “Who Could We See In January?

  1. [email protected], yeah mate, I see NUFC shirts everywhere, and have posted about it before. The ‘shirt-wearing-out-of-town-zone’ thing is a difficult one to call, I’ve asked myself the question a few times.

    It could be either:

    a) We have a large amount of non-Geordie NUFC fans living outside the North East.
    b) Geordies are just one of the most passionate, vocal and proud regioners in the UK – therefore more of them display their colours wherever they are.
    c) A bit of both, due to the stigma attached to NUFC and Geordies in general, which attracts outside support from other regions.

    Personally, I’d go for C, bordering on A.

    We were everyone’s 2nd favourite club until the turn of the new century, when we started becoming a laughing stock. This brilliant start we’ve had this season was just starting to win all that back. I hope it hasn’t gone to waste, and Fatboy does his maths homework before the end of January, and doesn’t leave it to the last minute again.


  2. toonitis

    December 12, 2011 at 21:43

    feck me, i must be as old as icedog as i have no expections at all , bar being let down
    nee offence only thing that lets me down is some of the bloggers that comment and i can see they know fuk all about footy,but it takes all sorts in life i just accept it 😉


  3. Rod, I support the club outside of the north east and i know of a few other people who do too. But generally near me the london clubs and teams like man u are supported more here.


  4. Rod a few good points there 😉 I have always believed if it wasn’t for KK we as a club would never have experienced as many good times as we have. I don’t even know if we would have experienced the Prem, thats what really annoys me sometimes when our own fans diss KK as some sort of tosser.


  5. @rodz

    There’s no doubt about it. If we had the Man City owners and had success for a few years, only Man Utd could beat us for fanbase .


  6. @rodz had good following in the late70s early 80s when we were shite and it has kept growing,mainly southerners.bastards not there when we lost to hereford 👿 feck that was bad


  7. On the supporters outside of the N/E to me if you support the Toon or other teams with no real recent history of winning things then you are a football supporter.
    But if they follow Manure, Liverpool, Chelski, etc I count them as 99% gloryhunters


  8. TROY the only thing is 90% of toon fans live in quite a small area where as m/u fans live well away from there club (bandwagon)comes to mind as it has been shown a few times that 60%/65% of footy fans that live in the area are city fans


  9. @icedog

    I’m aware of the manure fans and their worldwide fanbase .
    They have had decades to build up their fanbase.
    You rarely hear a manc accent whenever their fans are interviewed on TV.

    I despise those type of fans. I take every opportunity to embarrass them when I meet them. I feel no guilt whatsoever.


  10. 3 defenders i would love to see come to newcastle in jan

    gary cahill

    if we can get one of these in that would be great!!

    i am more botherd if we keep tiote and colo tho !!


  11. troy @161 tv wanted to interview at ipswich years ago. we were good then, did not want to be seen as a glory hunter 😉


  12. Fuck me, 4 replies in a row, CONNECT 4!!!!! I win!!!! 😀 hahahaha

    …ahem, er yeah.

    From post 154…..

    I can understand that Zoë. I’m sure you’ll see a few more sky blue garments in the next few years too. Liverpool were the big team to support in the 70s, I can remember loads of my mates ‘switching brands’ at school in the late 70s/early 80s. I can remember getting mi haversack yanked off mi back one afternoon and stamped and gobbed on, after Chemistry, which got me into trouble. I’d spent about 2 weeks painting the top with coat after coat of white gloss until it was dry enough to draw our then club crest on with permanent markers (this one)…


    [email protected], yeah the KK years were pretty amazing first time around, but on the flipside I can understand why some people don’t hold him in such high regard, given his Fulham, England and 2nd tenure with us. A lot of people can’t see past last week, never mind a decade or two.

    [email protected], if we had the Sheikhs steering our money barge, I’ve no doubt we’d be second to Man U, regards to fanbase.

    [email protected], I ain’t seen you ’round these parts before, so I’m a little wary of outside folk 😉

    ( I meant C bordering on A [email protected], but what the hell – A+B+C = NUFC squared)


  13. Rod, my mum’s family are everton supporters and I bucked the trend and followed alan shearer to newcastle when he moved. I was fIairly young mind when I decided to follow the club.

    I still get some flack and banter about the club which is understandable but it is nice when we win things are play really well. Such as the 4-4, i just annoyed my friends as they had been having a go at nufc.

    Mind you it will only get worse as the place I go to uni will see me get endless banter, insults etc


  14. rodz long time reader. man of few words . even less of any sense but have read your ramblings in the middle of the night.more pu 😆 nk u-tube links please


  15. im not sure if i keep reading crap but how true are these rumours tiote will be leaving in jan?? its starting to remind me like last jan when carroll was repeatedly linked with clubs and i thought it was a load of shite then got the shock of my life when i seen him shaking dogleish’s hand!! i really dont kno whether to believe tiote is going as he has always said he loves newcastle and signed a long term deal with us , but didnt carroll do exactly the same?? how true are these rumours that tiote is off in jan people?


  16. Zoë@169, sounds like you made the right choice eh. Everton are up shit street at the moment. Regards to uni, nah mate, you’ll have nee bother. The banter is always good anyway. At least you don’t support Wigan. I think people in NUFC shirts outside NE tend to get looked at with either respect or caution, rarely ridicule.

    In fact, living in Sheffield people occasionally comment to me when I’m in town, but it’s usually something about how much of a twat Ashley is 😆


  17. Toonitis, ahh, you must’ve experienced my twin brother’s nonsense then. 😛 He usually takes over my laptop when I’ve long gone.

    Army, your guess is as good as anyone’s, but the fact nobody has been disputing these rumours speaks volumes to me. 😐


  18. …gona have a late nite Rodzilla Youtube disco at this rate (if mi next door neighbour but one’s sunroof is still open, fkin Borbry ervakert on the back seat man, boonti be some coin in that)


  19. Good article although could easily be read as who is leaving which will ultimately decide who is coming in
    Tiote – apparantly a done deal (soon find out)
    Simpson – sign or leave, no chance ash will let him go for nowt

    Tiote will be a big loss, but 25 mil will snap Ashley’s arm
    Simpson – 3-5 mil and he’s a goner
    Guthrie – another one on the edge of running his contract down – fully expect him to sign for villa for about 5 million


  20. @stevep

    You forgot to mention Ba and Colo.

    Surely with their form and Colo not having long on his contract left, I can see them being vulnerable to a move away.

    Ba has been a revelation and would grace any top 4 side squad. Other than £10m hidden costs, he was a free.

    I wonder whether Lambias mentions the hidden costs he bleated on about when trying to convince us it was the right financial decision for the club to sell.

    Surely he can’t forget about that £10m hidden costs that paid for 4 months of football. (of course this is if he is sold). 😯


  21. [email protected]….I was just pointing out your figures of 1 out 2 in are incorrect, you can’t just select the players you want to make your figures look better 😉 …..and no you couldn’t use Benny and Gosling, even if they do “seem” like having new players, they weren’t so would distort the figures…….in your favour funnily enough, but you already knew that you wiley auld fox 😉 😆


  22. Troy, class comments. Our window will be a bad one I expect and at least one big name will leave to cover the cost of this prolific – 4 goals this season striker we have landed. Also colo will be gone come summer as it’s taking way too long to sort his contract out.


  23. Maiga has been injured this season and has been used sparingly because he has no future at Souchaux. Don’t think we can read too much into his goal tally this season. Apparently he has scored 19 goals in 41 games for Souchaux – not too shabby. If Carr and Pardew think he is good enough that’s fine by me – certainly not going to write him off before he has kicked a ball for us. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modibo_Maiga

    Tiote is happy at the Toon according to the Journal – he may or may not go but personally I doubt it will be in January


  24. Read something very interesting last night on Tiote saga, will post link if I can find it again. Would be nearly sure he is not leaving in January unless it is to fund multiple signings in January, and by that I mean 5+, which I would also be sure is not going to happen. In saying that it is almost a sure thing he will go in the summer, if he keeps injury free, to fund replacements for him and a number of other players who will be sold or out of contract.

    As for Coloccini I believe the contact talks are being dragged out until after the January transfer window to try and entice a big bid to cash in on. If he is not sold in January I would fully expect him to sign a new deal in February and be very surprised to see him go in the summer, may even all but finish his career at Newcastle.

    Danny Simpson in relatively the same boat contract wise. If we can`t secure a replacement or a bid of over £5m doesnt come along we won`t sell and he will be offered more money in February to sign a new deal. Good chance he could go though with feelers being put out on Nathaniel Clyne and Cyrus Christie

    Danny Guthries latest injury may have cost him a new deal. Again, dependent on whether a bid worth taking comes in January. If it doesnt he will be offered a new deal in February.

    The ones who will 100% be gone by next season imo are Smith, Lovenkrands, Kadar, Ranger, Forster, and possibly Harper and Best.


  25. Is there anything more irritating than Jim White and David Craig making a point of saying the latter is reporting from the Sports Direct Arena? So much for Sky’s North East correspondent. Not for me he isn’t.


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