Which player can we least afford to lose?

He's Ba-rilliant.
I know this may seem a bit of a downhearted article, but do not take it that way.

It’s not who I think we’ll lose, or who we should sell, or who’s going to be sold or anything like that, it’s basically who do you think our most influential players are.

At the minute we’ve got a solid 20 players or so, and once you get past them you’re onto youngsters or players you wouldn’t want to see play for your Sunday league team, ahem, Mr Smith. I’m sure everyone’s views are going to be divided, but hopefully this should cause a little bit of a debate.

I’ve got a few in my mind who I really wouldn’t like us to lose, and players I think we’d massively miss, there’s about 10 actually, but I’m going to narrow it down to the very best.

Let’s start from the back, a certain Tim Krul has been doing the business for about 8 months now, and I can’t imagine him being dropped anytime soon. In the summer there were question marks over who’d be the number 1, Krul got it, and he’s really took his chance. We’d really struggle without Krul and we’d be at least 6 points worse off this season without his brilliant saves. Sometimes goalkeepers aren’t that difficult to replace, but it’s down to confidence and Tim has all the confidence in the world at the minute, and I’d dread to see him injured or leave.

The next player is our captain fantastic, Fabricio Coloccini, since his spell in the Championship with us he’s been a revelation and he really leads by example. He organises the defence brilliantly and with Steven Taylor out injured there’s going to be more onus on Coloccini to step up to the plate and to perform even better than he’s already doing. Without Coloccini at the weekend we looked a bit lost, thankfully it looks like he may be back for the Swansea game, and Pardew, GET THAT BLOODY DEAL SORTED.

The midfielder I’d least like us to lose is Yohan Cabaye, some may be surprised by that, but I’ll give you my reasons. Look at how well we performed in the midfield against the big boys without Cheik Tiote, Cabaye and Guthrie ran the show against Man Utd and really looked the part. Cheik has been missed, but we’ve done well with Cabaye and I feel we’d miss him more.

Cheik is a ball winner, that’s his game, win it back and give it to someone who can play. There’s plenty of them about, I’m not saying I’d like to lose Tiote, not at all, because his partnership with Cabaye was flourishing just before injury struck, but it wouldn’t be as bad as losing our ball player, Yohan. If Tiote was too leave we should look at the likes of Youssuf Mulumbu from West Brom or Beram Kayal of Celtic who are both good players in the centre of the park, who wouldn’t cost the earth.

Anyway, back to Yohan. He links the midfield and the attack brilliantly, he plays the ball in places which seem impossible and he seems to be able to play deep or bomb forward, he’s the all-round versatile midfield player, it’s a shame there’s not two of him, so one could sit and one could go forward, that’s why I feel we’d miss him more.

Last but not least, the magnificent Demba Ba, who is now starting show his class after Ramadan. Fans were quick to write off Demba, obviously because we didn’t spend 20 million on him he was useless, but once he finished fasting he’s really shown what he can do. With 11 goals in 14 Premier League games for Newcastle he’s fast proving to be many people’s favourite player on Tyneside, and in my opinion he’s the best striker we’ve had since that half decent striker called Alan Shearer.

Without Demba Ba we’d really struggle up front, he’s quick, he’s strong, he finishes most of the chances that come his way and he’s streets ahead of our other strikers. Some people will say there are plenty of strikers out there, but not like Ba, and certainly not in our price range.

He’s got everything and I’m very surprised that he wasn’t picked up by someone better in the summer, it’s probably only his dodgy knees that denied him a move to a team in Europe. Thankfully his dodgy knees have been fine so far and will be in the future, touch wood. **races into the dining room to find some bloody wood**

I’d say all of them players were very important and I’d be distraught if we lost any of them to be honest, but Fabricio Coloccini and Demba Ba would be the main two for me. We cannot afford to lose another captain, on the field we’re looking like a team, and that cannot be broken up again.

As for Demba, we need his goals, and at the level we are at the minute, we’d not be able to buy someone as good as him. Losing Andy Carroll looked a real bad deal at the time, but now I’m glad about that, who wants a 6 foot+ greasy overrated Kevin Davies wannabe? When you can have Demba Ba, a striker with a bit of class.

Who could you not take leaving the club?

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73 thoughts on “Which player can we least afford to lose?

  1. Ist… atm we can’t afford to let anyone go because our squad is so wafer thin we need a squad we got one of the smallest squad in the Premiership and there’s no way we can let anyone go anyway we need to improve the squad we need 6 players through the door we’re being found out now our squad is being hit by injuries, suspensions (Gosling) wouldn’t mind getting rid if players like McLoven,Smith, Ranger, Xisco, if Simpson doesn’t sign a new contract then he should go too bcos we only want players who’s going to play for the shirt and put in a shift


  2. Very hard to pick one as everyone you mentioned has been so vital.

    Was leaning towards Cabaye myself, he has been absolute quality, but Demba Ba’s goals are more important until we have others chipping in, has to be him.


  3. Spot on article. I would add Gutierrez in there too as he covers so much ground it’s exhausting just watching him run everywhere. He offers great defensive cover and poses a threat at the opposition winning us free-kicks and a break in play allowing us to get organized again. I would hate to see any of these leave and I feel these players are the spine of the team and essential if we want any success in the future.

    We need stability and these players are our backbone for that; Krul, Saylor, Colo, Cabaye, Tiote, Gutierrez, Ba, Ben Arfa. If we can make those players end their careers here at Newcastle and add to the team yearly I see no reason why we can’t win some proper silverware.



  4. Colo… We dont have anyone in the team who can fill his boots im afraid, with Taylor injured and Williamson not back yet

    Krul is immense, but we have a decent keeper in Harper if an accident should strike.

    Ba is also immense, but we would just about get the job done with Best.


  5. The players to keep that are capable of carrying us to the next level are Saylor, Colo, Cabaye,Tiote,Ben Arfa, Jonas, Santon, Ba and Krul.

    If we tinker around those players with similar quality, then we are a force.


  6. On current form, and taking injuries into account, Demba Ba is the player we can least afford to lose. Who else is going to score the goals when he is gone ? 🙄


  7. Agree with Wolfie at 8.

    However if Colo & Jonas leave at the end of next season we would cope, but not if they left now.


  8. 1- COLO . He is the best footballer at Newcastle and one of the best central defenders in the league . ( If not signed we will find it almost impossible to replace and i would be gutted )
    2- BA , a 20 goal a season stricker with the lot to his game ( and for nowt wow )
    3- KRUL , Top class , for some reason we have had good keepers for a while !
    4- SPIDEY , very good winger.
    5-S TAYLOR , seems to have sorted his head out and is looking good .
    6- TIOTE CABAYE , Still early days but look the business !
    Those seven players could get into most teams i think !
    however , imo ofcoarse perch , simpson , lovenkrands , shola , smith , and ………best ( my opinion ) as i am aware some people think he is good !are not good enough for a top ten premier league team .
    All in all a mixed bad .


  9. Actually it’s about time someone else started weighing in with a few goals, to take the pressure off Demb Ba. Obviously we don’t have goals elsewhere in the side, which is a bit worrying.


  10. The defence is weak but just for now and I know we’re leaving holes……but at least we have a striker……our demba scoring goals.

    I’m sure in time we will come good , then go on a decent run…. and when the season closes in it will be lots of fun.

    Fear not my fellow fans, we are the mighty mags…..I’ll catch you in a little while, I’m out of frigging fags. 😀


  11. for me def colo,still not sure about ben arfa and santon,i hope im wrong,but they’ve done nothing,to impress me at the moment,i know ben arfa looked the part last season,but has not looked the same player since coming back,i;m not knocking the lad,i just think people are rating him, and santon on reputation,and not what they’ve seen this season.


  12. There is without doubt huge potential with this squad, add a few more quality signings and we will be a very good side. (LB,CB,Pacey St)

    But hey ho, we are talking about Fatman and Throbbin hear 👿

    Can’t help but wonder what the next bombshell will be 😕


  13. Well considering Ba has scored 11 out of our 21 goals this season it has to be Ba. Where would we be without him? The more I see, the more I’m so impressed with him.


  14. Aye Stu,
    He has surprised me with his touch and awareness, looks to be a quality striker and a nice bloke as well.


  15. We have a great spine to our team, watch the big man paralyse us. We should be looking forward to strengthening and adding to this team in January not dismantling it, for money we’ll never see.


  16. Ba for me. You can’t win without goals and he is the only one seemingly capable of finding the back of the net. Having said that, Colo aswell after saturday’s ramshackle attempt at defending.


  17. I read at the weekend that Cabaye had covered more ground than any other Premiership player. I wonder where Nolan would have come if he had still been with us?


  18. Jonas is our main player for me. Amazing so many don’t mention him.

    His contribution is fantastic both in attack and defence….he gives us another dimension to our play


  19. Jobey thats a tricky one as there is 2 or 3 players imo Krul and Colo are the main ones, I would say Tiote and Cabaye would be a big loss too but just not as bad as Krul and Colo.


  20. MORENO i wait for the day we get a good full back so jonas can play a normal game as i just wonder the damage he might do with that amount of work in attacking mode??


  21. Moreno I would be gutted to lose Jonas he is one of my fav players, but I think he gets overlooked a bit because he is just an overall work horse. so thinking about it now he would be in along with Tiote, Cabaye and Saylor for me.


  22. BD,

    It’s his free kick winning, hold up play and the fact he draws about 3 defenders out of position when he goes on a run which also gets overlooked in my opinion


  23. 3 biggest players for newcastle have got to be krul , colo and ba!! without any of these in our team then we are in trouble!!

    maiga?? so are we signing him 1st jan? how many games would he miss for the acn? we need a center half and another midfielder in jan aswell!! rigewell and hoillet would be canny


  24. newcastles team end of jan if we keep players and buy

    simpson collo ridgewell santon
    hoillet tiote cabaye gutierez
    maiga ba

    the rigewell and hoillet 1s i guessed but im sure they would fit in great!! we are only a few players away from a strong squad but also a few players away from a very weak squad 😯 so get ya wallet oot fat ashley


  25. i would love to see pardew drop obertan and play benny on the right !! obertan is scared to run passed defenders but benny skips by them for fun!!

    my team for sat

    raylor simpson collo santon
    benny tiote cabaye gutierez
    best ba


  26. i didnt realise how much work jonas acctually did in a match , his work rate is unreal!! he was a big miss against chelsea!!


  27. Army @ 49 sometimes you don’t realise how important a player is until you have to do without him.
    I have also noticed that lots of fans watch Jonas and only seem to notice what he isn’t doing, but they miss what he actually is doing, and normally that is putting in a double shift 😉


  28. Agree that krul, collo, cabaye, tiote and ba make up the players who we would miss most although Guthrie has done a really good job covering – for me the rest are easily replaceable – I really like jonas but he doesn’t have an end product and flatters to deceive
    Bizarre that people are picking HBA and even though I think he’ll come good towards end of this season / next season he’s def not essential at the moment – I’d put shola ahead of him for this season
    Steve Taylors out of the equation as he’s now out for rest of season


  29. I am well aware that jonas is covering taylors ass but if we replaced raylor I still don’t think that would jonas end product would improve


  30. Actually someone should do an article about how far away we are from a good squad – personally feel that raylor, Simmo, obertan, jonas, best and ba are squad players rather than first choice although there’s no way fatty would sanction wages of better players to take thier place
    Suppose it ultimately comes down to what fatty wants for the club, without real investment we’re gonna be a mid table team that breaks even or even makes a profit dependant on who we sell etc
    Spending a ton of money obviously doesn’t mean we’ll win owt but we need to pay a going wage to everyone in the squad rather than paying half of em 10k a week


  31. Trains proper food today, someone jumped in fromt of a train in croyden at 4:30 then Brighton station had a fire – that was at 16:30 and trains are still up the creek – on a train to Bognor and hoping I get lucky or it’ll be sleeping on the beach !!!!


  32. We can’t afford to lose anyone unless an equal or better replacement is ready and waiting. We don’t have a big enough squad anyway so even our shit players are indispensable. So my answer is NO ONE.


  33. ‘Cheik is a ball winner, that’s his game, win it back and give it to someone who can play. There’s plenty of them about,’

    Aye but once he’s got it he can control it, turn and pass it. Don’t kid your self there’s not many DMF like Tiote about and I think the big boys are looking squarely in his direction rather than Cabaye or Ben Arfa. Would you rather have Clattermole or Nicky Butt ability player, or Tiote? He’s one of the best in the world and irreplaceable for a club like us in terms of like for like IMHO. The results have suffered since he has been out as well and it’s not just the back four, it’s him. ❗


  34. DJG – Couldn’t agree more, it amazes me how people posting on here seem to be alright with losing him as long as its for ‘big money’. Who on earth would we get to replace him? Anyone of equal better quality would cost a fortune which fatty won’t sanction…the mind boggles.


  35. The best teams have a world class DMF. Chelsea started winning things and everything fell in place with Makelele (and conseqently apart). Look at players like Yaya Toure at Barca and Man City. These are the players that lift you trophies. I’m not saying other positions aren’t important, far from it; but in recent years this position has been vital to teams winning things. With perhaps the exeption of Barcelona, who’s whole team rarely lose the ball and they hunt in packs to win it back quickly. They are on another planet though.


  36. Krul has to be up there as well. Its not that Harper isn’t decent, but Krul has the mits for the future so it would seem, and if we can get back into Europe its an area we wouldn’t need to strengthen apart from depth wise.

    As for those listed…I don’t think we’re really in danger of losing Ba, not any time soon anyway, unless its to injury/ ACON. Even if we did I woulnd’t be too upset with Arfa/Bambi Arfa/Best, as long as the rest of our team was fine.

    Tiote would be a big miss I think, we looked good against poor Stoke and United sides where his presence wasn’t really noticed, but against Chelsea it really told for me. Guthrie is a good player but he’s definitely not a ball winner and can’t read the game well defensively imo.


  37. I’d say our spine is actually:

    Taylor Colo
    Tiote Cabaye

    That is a terrifc six in the middle of the park…

    Id say out of that lot, the player I’d least like us to lose is between Colo and Ba. Simply because they’d be the hardest to replace.

    If we got in Maiga, then with him, Ben Arfa, Jonas, Marvauex and Obertan, we have more than enough for the flanks.

    If Santon comes good the only first choice eleven picks we are still short on quality is one more fullback.

    Then we need another CB and we are well covered. Guthrie and Gosling provide decent cover in the centre of the Park.


  38. I would love Alan smith to take on coaching role in Newcastle united. I feel that he has the ability to become a manager. 😎

    Same goes with Steve Harper.


  39. How come when ever I comment… everybody else f$#ks off?!?!

    Its because I’m South African hey! You Xenophobic bastards!!! 😛 😆 😆


  40. Tiote as much as i love is by far our most saleable assett, with Chelsea obsession of crowding there CM with ball winners we could get a decent price for him.

    Europe is cluttered with similar players who seem to come and go – remember Lassana Diarra, mohamed sissoko not to mention the current glut of up coming ball winners like yann mvilla, moussa sissoko the clubs of these players are quoting teams like arsenal and man utd 25m for them so if we sell tiote its the least we should get given his pl experience.

    we can least afford to loose Ba take his goals out the team and quite simply we would relegation fodder, we dont have the money to buy top forwards anymore and we got on who is keeping pace with the best for nowt this season.

    cabaye is replaceable just not for anywhere near the bargain fee we paid for him. i mean bloody carrick went to man utd for what 18m how long ao to get one of frances first choice midfielders for under 6m is simply amazing.


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