Rumour Roundup!

Taye Taiwo on the menu?
With January just around the corner, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive over the last week or so, so I thought I would round up some of the more credible rumours going round at the minute.

I’m going to skip over Modibo Maiga because I think we all know that is more than a rumour now and has been talked about enough.

So, first of all we have AC Milan’s left-back Taye Taiwo, who has been linked with a move to Newcastle – a loan with a view to a permanent to be more specific. Now this is something I’d like to see happen and something that could happen. We’ve seen before the club signing good players that have lost their way a bit. like Davide Santon and Hatem Ben Arfa. Taiwo has also only played twice in the league this season and wants to play regularly and Newcastle can offer him exactly that.

Next on the list is Kafoumba Coulibaly, a 26-year-old defensive midfielder who plays for OGC Nice in France. Apparently we have lined up Coulibaly if, the inevitable in some peoples eyes, happens and Cheik Tiote is sold. Predominately a holding midfielder, he can also operate at centre-half or right-back and like Tiote, he is from the Ivory Coast and is available for £3.5 million – What we paid for Tiote! Again, this one I can see happening IF Tiote were to be sold because we all know this is the route the club go down these days.

Another player from France now, you would think we like buying players from there or something… Anyway, this time we are being linked with 20-year old winger Anthony Knockaert who currently plays for Guigamp in Ligue 2. Apparently we have had scouts watching him in Guigamp’s French cup game against Le Mans recently. He has an impressive four goals in nine games for the French u-20s. I don’t know a lot about Knockaert but I would be surprised if we moved for him in January, most likely see how he develops and make a move in the summer, if not later.

Last but not least is James Tomkins at West Ham United. As reported by Toonsy earlier, we’ve apparently had a £2.5 million bid for him rejected but we are expected to go back in for him once the window opens. Now for me as long as the price was reasonable (£4.5 million?) then Tomkins would be an excellent addition, he is very similar to Steven Taylor, tall, strong, relatively quick and still only 22-years old. Get him in I say!

Other players being linked are same old same old at the minute in the shape of Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Liam Ridgewell, Erik Pieters, Nathaniel Clyne and Olivier Giroud and I’m sure we have all read about these rumours. Personally I like a good rumour but they are limits and Mark Douglas said yesterday we have been offered over 50 defenders since Steven Taylor’s injury. So lets just be thankful we don’t hear all of them!

And it’s only mid-way through December…

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64 thoughts on “Rumour Roundup!

  1. i think taiwo is the strongest possibility – i think the pieters deal is dead and i think grey’s anatomy is boring.


  2. Erik Pieters still gets a lot of press coverage, however he is currently injured and not expected to be back untill sometime in february, so that seems very unlikely as we need defenders now, Tomkins does seem to fit MA’s criteria of being young with a sell on value, so I would expect a further bid, allowing the 1st bid to be public knowledge which would unsettle the player and give him itchy feet is the type of conduct we now expect from MA and DL.


  3. Also think Taiwo is out of wage range unfortunately. Realistically if we sign him he’ll be given a five-year deal which will take him to 31. He’ll be looking for a deal that reflects the fact that he is in his prime, plus he is high profile enough for some of these bonkers Russian/Chinese clubs to pay him £20,000 a second 😯


  4. Patchty1
    December 14, 2011 at 11:20

    “allowing the 1st bid to be public knowledge which would unsettle the player and give him itchy feet is the type of conduct we now expect from MA and DL.”

    Aye I mean if we only acted with more integrity in the transfer market…… Like Liverpool who had an ex-pro calling the Enrique deal weeks before anything official. Bastians of virtue that they are 😉


  5. Toonsy, yeah I agree with regards to the Russian team offering loads. I read that the two big Turkish clubs were in for him too.

    Guess it’s what Mr. Taiwo’s ambitions are…


  6. I didn’t really think of Alex’s age or anything, but the coincidence of sudden availability and our injury crisis made me think it’s a possibility. Don’t know if he’s a long term solution, but he’s a League winner and has Champion’s League experience, according to the story I saw. I don’t really know him as a player though to be honest.


  7. I think Martin will end up at either Arsenal or PSG. If Arsenal want to stamp their authority they should get Gotze but they don’t spend big so next in line will be Martin.


  8. I´m really more afraid this season than the last one. I think we´re more in a bind now with all the injuries. If we sell Tiote and Colo, or one of them, other clubs will come fishing for Demba come summer. I can´t really understand selling the best players if we fall in the PL and then we´ll get less money for the leagueposition. New players also tend to take som time before settling in. Remember how many that said that Demba wasn´t worth it in the first games. For once I would lite to see Ashley say NO to other clubs and YES to Pardew.


  9. Did I read about Maiga that it was all tied up except for Work permit. Lets hope we’re better at work permits than visa’s!! Could be another Lambsarse quote from Troy there 😉


  10. Toonsey, the difference is Enrique was already unsettled and made it clear that he wanted to leave, this lad hasn’t


  11. Moreno. We were trying to get Enrique tied down 12 months ago, he refused to discuss a new contract untill the summer, when the summer came he was stalling, it was his stalling which alerted Liverpool, it wasn’t Liverpool who unsettled him, that is common knowledge, so I am at a loss as to what point you are making


  12. Patchty,

    I wasn’t making a point. That’s maybe why you are at a loss.

    I was asking YOU to prove your point with a bit of evidence rather than the ‘I’m in the know’ attitude you are displaying.


  13. “Toonsey, the difference is Enrique was already unsettled and made it clear that he wanted to leave, this lad hasn’t”

    Can you please show me where Enrique made it clear that he wanted to leave before Liverpool showed an interest or not?

    Plus, how do you know when Liverpool showed an interest?


  14. Jose did not want to discuss a contract untill we were safe from the drop, once we were safe he then started to stall we all know that, releasing info to the press to unsettle players is wrong, it does happen but its wrong, if the bigger clubs start doing that to Cabaye, Krul, Tiote or Colocinni we would complain about it yet we are doing it on a regular basis, twice we have been reported for doing it with Maiga and Rob Elliott, question for you Moreno, do you believe that Liverpool’s conduct in the Enrique transfer was wrong or do you feel that it was Enrique who wanted to go


  15. To be fair to Moreno he never once said he wanted to leave until Liverpool came in from him.

    He may have been stalling on his contract, waiting to see if the regime were going to keep their best players and had suggested the regime had made false promises in the past but he never said he wanted to leave.

    This is like PMQ’s and I’m the speaker.

    Answer the right honourable gentleman’s question please. 😛

    Cameron won today. It looks like Moreno is the Prime minister unless Patchy Milliband comes back with summit out the bag. 😛


  16. Liverpool were linked with Enrique back in 2009 when he was making statements along the lines of ‘I WANT TO STAY AT NEWCASTLE FOR THE REST OF MY CAREER.’

    When he left 18 months later for his openly desired -Champion’s League football he said he feared for Newcastle. Well after 15 points we are level on points with his ‘Champion’s League team’ who are actually not in Europe and we have as much chance as them of finishing in the top 6.


  17. Patchty,

    To think that tapping up doesn’t happen indirectly and behind the back of the media would be very naive. It happens in every form of business around the world and all the main companies do it to get the best talent.

    Whether it is ethically wrong or not doesn’t really come into play. It’s just the way of modern business. The way Liverpool went about it will aggrieve us as NUFC fans but at the same time, how many of us are unhappy about the way we went about signing Ben Arfa? Swings and roundabouts in my opinion.

    Now the Fabregas situation….THAT was wrong.


  18. Patchy

    You didn’t answer The PM’s question.

    When did he say he wanted to leave like you quoted? Hmmm? 😛


  19. Troy,

    Did you see the bit where Cameron said “I can sum it up in 5 words! Let’s bankrupt Britain again!”



  20. @Moreno

    Aye . Class. It was good today.

    Milliband got stuffed particularly when Milliband was trying to rip it out of the strong bond of the coalltion fell apart when Clegg failed to turn up at parliament following the EU veto result.

    Cameron turned to Milliband and said, well it’s not as if we are brothers is it?
    ( the Milliband brothers stumped for a retort)

    It looks like Patchy is refusing to answer your question when Jose said he wanted to leave. 😛


  21. Moreno, I did state myself that it does happen, but it is wrong and we are starting to do it to often, that is what I originally was saying.
    Troy if you are claiming a refusal to sign a new contract is not telling everyone that he wants to leave then basically you are splitting hairs, he wanted to go and we all knew that well before Liverpool were mentioned


  22. Patchty,

    Again I feel you are jumping to assumptions based on opinion rather than fact. As Troy and Jose previously stated…he was waiting to see the ambition of the regime before signing..

    We know this as a fact as it came from Jose’s mouth. Nothing you have said did which makes me question your source?


  23. Here! Here!

    Order please! Order! 😛

    The right honourable Patchy Milliband can you please tell me where he wanted to leave? 😛


  24. Troy,

    He just privately brought up the topic of the UK’s charity effort in Bangledesh!

    Fancy changing the subject! 1-0 to the PM! 😛


  25. I have never mentioned any source, he was stalling on a contract because he was wanting to go, that was my comment I never claimed it was from Jose or any press release, but to me if a player will not discuss or stalls on contract discussions then to me he is making it clear that he wants to leave, so if I am guilty of jumping to conclusions then I’m not alone, what I am guilty of is believing that we were all of the opinion that Jose approach to his contract with us was his way of saying I want to leave, obviously I’ve got that wrong


  26. All I asked for was a backup for

    “and made it clear that he wanted to leave”

    in regard to the Liverpool situation. I believe he didn’t make it clear he wanted to leave at any point before I was widely known Liverpool would bid for him.

    Your opinion is a possible scenario of some of the facts. Not saying you are wrong. Just saying it’s opinion.


  27. In all honesty Moreno if he had any intention of staying then surely he would have at least sat down to discuss what was on offer, thinking back to the summer if my memory serves me right Alan Pardew was trying to get in touch with him but he wouldn’t pick the phone up, whether or not those claims were true we can’t say for sure, but the during the whole saga he did not give me the impression that he would stay, the way I read it Jose wanted out because he was of the opinion that Mike Ashley had no ambitions for the club


  28. Order! Order!

    I ask the Right Honourable Patchy Milliband to stop stalling and leave the Chambre if he refuses to answer the question put to him! 😛

    (raucous laughter from Patchys backbench ) 😆


  29. Troy, why should I get out, all I’ve done is take part in a decent debate where I have responded to points made to me in a good manner, so why @47 have you made me unwelcome and wish for me to leave


  30. Order ! Order!

    The Right Honourable Patchy Milliband has taken it too heart when I was being light hearted! 😆

    Can the House door keeper Mark, please prevent Patchy Milliband from leaving the Chamber! 😛


  31. I think it’s worth noting the big give away in the title…. RUMOUR round-up!!!
    I think the Thomkins for £2.5m is so much more a rumour that reality, there’s no way on earth Gold and Sullivan would sell him for so little, particularly when they are pushing for promotion. As for Alex, I think he’d see Newcastle as a step down and other clubs will offer him big wages.
    I don’t believe the Pieters deal is dead in the water, just won’t happen in Jan.
    I still fancy the incomings for Jan will be Maiga and Yanga on permanent deals and Taiwo on loan til the end of the season, then Pieters finally comes in the summer with afew others.


  32. The main issue here is , we don’t want to get into a panic buy situation for the sake of cover.
    We desperately need cover but I’m hoping we have already got enough sounded out for January, well vetted players that express their interest in playing for us, rather than having a player who we basically have to coax away from a club simply because he’s just desperate to leave.


  33. after Carrol left the refusal to sign a new contract started,big bucks hint from friend,would you stay at Newcastle as a pro,honest,double your money,same game,?..My hope is get American from Fulham,wrong age maybe but what a player !Black and white yes ,,attend match,s no,..footballer at Fulham…
    Dempsey is a knock out as was same name Jack


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