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Money money money...
As we know in this day and age of 21st century football, money is “god” and football clubs whose aspirations are to fight amongst the elite must splash the cash.

Because one club is spending crazy cash, other clubs are having to try and do the same or else face the prospect of being left behind. Manchester City are the club who, right now anyway, are at the forefront of this crazy spending spree.

The reality though is, Newcastle United were the front runners of the latter 20th century with Sir John Hall and his cohorts taking on an ambitious plan to rule the roost, and it very nearly succeeded. It was a gamble, in fact it was a mammoth gamble at the time, but he had a vision of propelling this club into the 21st century as the elite, top of the pile club with worldwide recognition..

At some stage he even wanted a team full of Geordies. Anyone remember the “Geordie Nation” malarkey?

Unfortunately, his vision and his stance on eventually creating a team full of Geordies was flawed because although we as a club were looked on as rich at that time, we were only as rich as the borrowing Sir John and crew relied upon and it was reliant on a success that would require continuity.

The first phase was all but completed until Sir Alex Ferguson psyched out Keegan and we went on to lose a 12 point cushion from which we should have comfortably won the title. While this wasn’t the start of our decline as such, it did start to hammer a few nails into the coffin because building the stadium whilst also trying to compete at the top was becoming a bridge too far in terms of what financial resources we had at our disposal.

Of course we had ‘The Entertainers’ tag which was very befitting of the team that Kevin Keegan built with the money afforded to him and the players he could bring in based on his stance as a superstar in the game.
Unfortunately, the first team squad was relied upon while all else was disbanded or put on the backburner, meaning we didn’t really have a future in terms of homegrown talent coming through the ranks, which naturally was the major flaw in Sir John Hall’s vision as he allowed Keegan to call the shots at the time.

Now Keegan done a fantastic job at the time and created a team that all others envied. Yes that’s right, ALL others, because not only was it enjoyable football but it was winning enjoyable football with a mindset of ‘we will score more than you’. All those who lived through that era will realise just what it was all about and the excitement of seeing excellent football coupled with some excellent signings in Ginola, Shearer e.t.c.

The shame of it all was that we were living in a wonderland dream world that from the outside was forever but from the inside, it was collapsing. The vison of a team full of Geordies was a pipe dream because our future was effectively killed stone dead whilst the money was available to recruit outsiders who wanted to ride this rollercoaster.

Sir John Hall and Kevin Keegan was a marriage made in heaven, and hell. The vows were real, the vision from both were real, the potential for immediate success was real. But unfortunately the potential for a sustained future wasn’t to be because the funds became chicken feed with the emergence of another man with a vision ….Roman Abramovich, who was to do what Sir John Hall and Keegan failed to do. He bought and bought for immediate success and managed it only to be outshone by the new kid on the block. Enter Sheikh Monsour who’s vision is the same and looking like it will come to fruition at Manchester City.

Newcastle United. So near yet so far and yet we will never experience the buying power of a Sheikh and we will (probably) never experience the pulling power of a Sheikh who can hire the type of manager to persuade just about any player on the planet to slip into a light blue shirt in rainy Manchester. But do we want that anyway?

Do Manchester City run on any real sort of in house finance? Of course not. We all know it’s “in” wallet Sheikh hobbyist pocket money isn’t it? And kids with toys do get bored don’t they. Imagine Monsour getting bored, shock horror. Would it kill off Manchester City? Probably not, but it will render them ordinary once again.

Abramovich has spent obscene amounts of money and seemed to get a bit bored because he doesn’t believe in just allowing all managers to buy what they want. He wants to choose a few players himself. Torres and Shevchenko spring to mind.

In doing so, he is reaping what he has sewn with his impatience replacing managers that do not bow down to him and also buying players that he likes. Chelsea are known as the best of the rest now, instead of the best of the best.

Newcastle United are a different gravy in the financial times stakes as we are doing it all from the ground up and it takes time and it takes change. In fact it takes a 21st century outlook to gain as much momentum as possible in raising the clubs stakes to compete from within the club (academy) all the way up to the clever dealings in the transfer market and being able to gain the upper hand by identifying the rough diamonds that can become the experienced backbone of the club for years to come and to nurture the home grown potential diamonds of the future beyond that.

Our dealings are cash on the hip so to speak and we play within our means whilst storing the excess change into a massive bottle to be used later and we live by that as it builds and matures. Hire purchase items break down at times but the finance company will still knock on the door, it’s better owning your item outright so nobody knocks at the door!

Financial times…….. Buy now pay later?……… Pay as you go?

Are we doing it right? I’d say so.

About wolfie

Newcastle Uited fan. Always have been, always will be! When I was 14 I was invited for trials at Newcastle United with the blessing and full backing of my family who raised the fare and money for digs for me but I spent the money on cigarettes and pop, plus a few canny bags o Tudor and some kets and missed the train. I ended up being a total waste of space as far as football ambition went and I ended up in a factory and moved on from there to build my life up to what it is now, a self employed complete waste of space hand to mouth dribs and drabs grab it when you can tycoon. So there you go, that's about my life in a nutshell apart from piles and one in grown toe nail. Thanks for reading and I hope this somehow has a reflection on the way your life is going and maybe this could shock some up and coming kid into knuckling down and not ending up like a dip stick like me. lol

150 thoughts on “Financial Times

  1. icedog, you can have all the opinions you want, I’m telling you go with what you want to go with, it’s no skin off my nose.

    For all I care mate you could have seen Stan Seymour make his football debut but the fact is, we are still a club that got out of jail because of Ashley and the outlook was bleak had he not come in.


  2. @wolfie I agree he should be applauded for putting us in good shape but I dn’t agree he’s here for the long haul. He’ll sell as soon as he gets the chance, cashing in on good player while he waits. He won’t rock the boat too much tho while he waits for an offer to arrive.

    1:He’s here to either promote SD or he thought he would of made a quick profit but FF shafted him and the recession kicked in

    either way he’ll never show true devotion for the Toon and happily make us great again.. that why im oot 😀

    I wish I could believe youre fairytale m8, i really do & if it did end up that way I’d be very happy


  3. @Lesh oooh who rattled your hoop m8.
    Sorry if I dont share your opinion m8 but wolfie had the decency to answer my question, I don’t think I asked you 😆


  4. WOLFIE aye have your opinion its your right,but dont keep ramming it down the fans throat who differ its there right too,move on and try talking footy instead of your world of money and jabba comeing down from heaven to save the toon


  5. Wolfie,

    Agree that the Keegan appointment was a mistake, but Ashley has made a few other as well in fairness.
    Batty will have your guts for garters as he loved Keegan 😆


  6. Wolfie @58 , I dislike ashley for many reasons the main one being the way he runs the club keegan was just the start .
    [email protected] exactly he is a fly by night cockney wheeler dealer , not the clubs savior he he


  7. Big [email protected], I don’t know if we would have done a Leeds for certain but I’ll put it plainly.

    When Ashley took over, this club was wrecked so badly that the rats deserted it.
    If Shepherd carried on regardless we would have sold all our players as Leeds did, just to pay off a potion of our debts.

    Now unless we somehow managed to build a team from the kids who turned out to all be Maradona’s, I think the death knell was just around the corner.

    Don’t think because we are Newcastle United that we are immune to going to the dogs because it’s a balancing act when you are in the doldrums.

    Look at Leeds, that club if ran right would have a massive stadium now and fans to fill it and would be pushing the boundaries at the top end of the prem if things had been done properly.


  8. tgs loved kna man >>love ,ide choose king kev ten times out of ten over the fat lairing c unt who owns the club ,fatty would sell his soul too the devil if he could the only reason he is still with us is because the fat inbred [email protected] wants his cash back


  9. [email protected] he he he yeh , u can just hear them now “the tiote deal is of , pull the plug on maiga then I’m not spending money I must make money in every window ” ” whilst saving the club by producing more cheap or free players than the rest of the league every season with one scout who’s nearly 70 and works for free ”


  10. [email protected], I’m ramming nothing down anyones throat mate, you have your side and I have mine, that’s what debates are.

    If we all agreed, then it’s not a debate and things would be dead in the water as everyone would just agree all the time.

    I’m giving out my opinion based on how my thought process works and I’m not saying, “I know this is happening so you all better believe it”

    Make up your own minds it’s fine by me, I’m just giving my side of what I think. 😀


  11. Did Fatty bring Shearer back, hail him as the best thing he had done…………….then ignored him during the summer of discontent (2009).


  12. Wolfie your convinced that Jabba has saved us from doing a leeds etc etc and that he is our saviour, but I don’t see it that way IMO Jabba has done fuk all for us except for fix a few mistakes HE has made and the only thing he cares about is his money and SD, he has no love what so ever for The Toon.


  13. TGS

    To be fair he took a huge gamble, (probably following the wishes and advice of Milburn stand posh seaters) and gave Shearer the managers job. Then Shearer inserted one of the least successful managers at fighting relegation of recent history as his no.2 because they were mates. I think we all know Shearer isn’t managerial material if we’re being honest. For one thing he has a huge ego, poor man-management skills and a holier-than-tho attitute.


  14. DJG,
    Understand where your coming from, re Shearer’s credentials to manage.
    But Fatty still displayed his lack of class and arrogance.
    The man is a complete wanker and couldn’t give a toss about the fans.


  15. DJG dont think you can judge a man on 8 games,imo he holds the right to have a air about him, fergie,wenger the speical one all have a “air”about them its what makes them winners,and from the whispers apart from judas the players that have gone were on his list of players to go


  16. lads i have been on here a few months now and this is the first time more people have agreed with me than not , im so happy i am going to use all of toonseys faces …. 😉 😐 😡 😈 🙂 😯 🙁 🙄 😛 😳 😮 😆 💡 😀 👿 😥 😎 ➡ 😕 ❓ ❗
    But on a positive note when he leaves after flogging everything he can we can lord it over people for ages …


  17. I can see Ashley been here for a long time. We all know he is here to make money , or to get his money back or whatever way you want to look at it. And this will be a good thing. I think history will look back on Ashleys tenure of the club alot more favourably than Fat Freddie’s.


  18. I don’t think that because someone was a great player though they should be wiewed as being a premier league manager after zero experience.

    Okay fair enough,

    Is eight games enough to gudge someone… no.
    Should he have been treat with such disrespect.. no.
    Should he have been let anywhere near the job in the first place.. probably not.


  19. Icedog, which part? A lot of great players have tried management and failed. Mourinho on the other hand was a pretty bog standard, league 1 level midfielder or something like that.


  20. Ice not sure you can use Barca ( or most european clubs ) as an example as the way their clubs are set up. The club sets up a structure and the manager fits into that , not the other way around as it is in England. Plus Pep was in charge of the youth team at Barca ( and maybe the Barca b ) so he had the expericence and was fully aware of the ethos of the club and managment structure.


  21. Also I would stick my neck out and say O’Niell will turn Sunderland around before eight games although it pains me to say it. It is possible by the top guys. 😉


  22. what ime saying is you cannot judge a man on a few games be it 2div or pl, there are plenty of good ones done it ,plus they were not working for a guy like jabba even though he said at end of season “we” want alan 110% for the job ime not saying he would have made a good or bad manager just we shoudnt judge and rubbish him un-fairly,he was well payed for what he done but always wanted the best for us fans


  23. TOONSY your thoughts are like many others i think,thing that seems strange is there saying he had 2 medicals both came oot the same mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  24. could stuff the guys future up this like,what gans on at wor club,mind if its right well ok,but ime nee medical expert like


  25. Hitman when you add Jabba and owlheed into it thats whats not right. I just found it strange that it was leaked that he was here for a medical in the 1st place. But then it was leaked that Jabba sent his chopper for Ruiz too 😆


  26. have faith its 100 % a done deal , nearly over the line , the line is in sight , we wont be selling not in this window blah.
    Toonsey well done on this site a lot of straight minded level headed people on here .
    I forget who it was wolfie , sharpy , keithrtoon , solano but someone was giving it to me bigstyle how negative i was and i simply asked “in this window do you think we will lose more than we will gain ” and the answers ranged from we will sign 3 to 4 and some even 5 but as i have said many many times history has a knack of repeating itself and this window the club will turn a profit as in every other , some people use opinion some say there glass is half full i just deal with facts plain and simple ,
    Ashley and his croneys are bad for this club always have been and propoply always will be .


  27. i’m with wolfie on this one,i think ashley will be here for the long run,but i can also see other peoples views,everyones entitled to their opinion,the thing with having shearer as a manager,is that none of us knew what his demands were,but i can imagine him wanting top wages.I do think ashley will make money available,in the near future,because we are on a much better financial footing now,


  28. Always makes me laugh when we are compared to the likes of Man City and Man Utd (which we are – constantly)

    Maybe our fans should start accepting that we belong with the Villa’s, Stoke’s and Bolton’s and forget about linking NUFC with the top 3….

    My gripe is that we are lied to constantly and fed bollocks as the board think we are a set of idiots. Unfortunately, they are generally proven right…myself included. I probably gave them the benefit of the doubt 3 times. Not again.

    If we study the past we can generally predict the future. Ashley will get us financially sound no doubt. We won’t see any ambition and will always be an Aston Villa team, then we will be bought for a leveraged buyout landing us right back to square one


  29. Mike Ashley does not care about NUFC and it’s supporters as a club and an institution….only as a business.

    I don’t follow NUFC as a business.


  30. hmmm Wilfried Zaha, sounds a possibility.. if he doesnt get a start up front, put him in goal..have u seen the length of his arms! 😯

    Perhaps Maiga deal fell through cos he did fail his medical coz his knees are dodgy..just a thought 🙂


  31. IS Ba on a pay as you play deal coz there were doubts about his knees? if so I wonder if we’ll tie him down before another club comes sniffing.

    Gosling, Marveaux, Ba and Santon all had dodgy injuries in the past, we got all but one for free. I wonder if Mikes playing hardball and this might eventually happen for less money or we might just get a centerhalf instead..


  32. Gosling, Marveaux and Ba were all free transfers so it was worth taking the risk. If Maiga has a dodgy knee and hasn’t played much this season then it’s a risk to pay £7 million for him.
    I don’t believe the conspiracy theories that we pulled the plug because we wanted to sign a defender with the money. Why would Ashley go to all that trouble just to hoodwink Toon fans -he’s never worried about what we think before?
    Maiga has a knee injury – nothing more IMO


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