The fountain of youth

What a nice fountain...
We all want a successful team, not just for today but for decades to come and beyond.

Firstly though we have to start from brass tacks and build up throughout the club from the very bottom to the very top. And the we need to keep that up if or when we ever get to the top.

Naturally, to be noted as a “big” club, a club that’s capable of fighting on all fronts, first and foremost we have to be able to show that we can hit a level of at least giving the big boys a run for their money, not to mention sneaking in the odd cup. So firstly we have to build a team/squad capable of producing results whilst also bringing through the ranks a collective bunch of young players that we have the capabilities of nurturing through to the edge of that first team/squad.

The thing is though, we need to do it on a regular basis meaning that we need to get in the required expertise to identify and train these youngsters so they become the future.

In the past we have brought through some really class youngsters and some of them made it through to the first team, holding down a regular place. Lee Clark, Steve Watson, Robbie Elliott, Steve Howey aswell as earlier notables of Chris Waddle and Paul Gascoigne and so on.

Unfortunately, we lost a good few of our most promising players due to us being raped by bigger clubs and it always left scavenging the youth for any other possibles, but unfortunately the scavenging only produced average youngsters because that’s all we had and so we recruited second hand has been players from all walks of leagues right down to the Alan Shoulder’s from teams like Blyth Spartans.

Although Shoulder done reasonably well, that’s all he was ever going to be and that’s all our team was ever going to be known as…..”oh they play reasonably well”. To create a successful team, firstly gain the required quality through transfers, plus the odd star player in the making from your youth set up or reserves as we seem to be on the verge of doing now but it’s early days due to the transitional period we are going through.

Unlike years ago, when we lost a lot of our future stars, players like Alan Shearer, who the club had no faith in and let go, we now seem to have a better insight into the quality youth we have and are keeping hold of the promising ones for the future, and we seem to be encouraging them to make a fast track into the first team squad, meaning we get players who are willing to work hard and bide their time knowing they have a better than average chance of making the grade and the step up, rather than them becoming disillusioned and wanting away.

To keep moving forward, we have to have faith in our youth and have faith in those that are talent scouting them, whether they are homegrown or foreign and we have to add them into the fold at every opportunity, amalgamating them into the first team picture at every available opportunity to make them feel part of the set up and to send out the message to the next batch of youth, that this is the place of opportunity if you work hard and have the required skills to do the job.

To become a successful top club, you need these youngsters channelled along a quality conveyor belt, a constant stream of well nurtured quality that gives the club a way better than average chance of making another tentative step up that ladder until they reach a pinnacle. Then to make sure that it is kept up so that quality breeds quality plus added experienced quality brought through from excellent scouting.

For all this to work, we need a manager that becomes a part of the wallpaper and scouts that are the patterns on that paper and the owners that are the paste that sticks it all together. Once the quality is built up and the odd youngsters added bit by bit and assuming we have the manager in place to oversee it all as well as the owners, we as a club cannot fail in terms of sinking to lows then a quick high, we can push forward but keep it constant with a better than average chance of actually attaining things that most of us fans haven’t witnessed too much of, and that’s the elusive silverware.

It takes a long time and hard, constant work to ensure we achieve this but it can be done and in my opinion is looking quite healthy at the minute in terms of youth recruitment of quality and not just to make up numbers.

Alex Ferguson dared put faith in his school of future superstars in Beckham, Scholes, Butt, G Neville, P Neville, Giggs e.t.c and for those that don’t remember, those youngsters were unleashed against us at St James’ Park in the cup and not long after, they all were part of that first team with added experienced players which made them virtually untouchable.

All because their academy was based on youngsters with a winning mentality and a loyalty and desire to play for that club..

We can have the same and we can have the balls to give it a crack and in time we can benefit greatly from these youngsters who can become similar to the names just mentioned. Most thought Arsenal would collapse with the loss of their most influential players and wondered if the youngsters brought in could get them out of the mire. Yet after a period of will they wont they, they manage to do just that.

We don’t think too much about the youngsters who aren’t in the frame at the club because naturally the focus is on those that are in or about the first team, yet the players and the quality are there and can turn into our future coupled with the next batch of under 16’s and below.

Vuckic, Kadar, Tavernier, Abeid, Ferguson, Richardson, Sammy, the list is longer but you get my gist..

We think we are struggling and in a way as of this moment, we are as far as experience goes due to injuries. But out of bad ,can come good and out of inexperience we can unleash a few fast tracked future superstars that can shock us all.

The kids are our future and the transfer market is for fine tuning.

What do you think?

About wolfie

Newcastle Uited fan. Always have been, always will be! When I was 14 I was invited for trials at Newcastle United with the blessing and full backing of my family who raised the fare and money for digs for me but I spent the money on cigarettes and pop, plus a few canny bags o Tudor and some kets and missed the train. I ended up being a total waste of space as far as football ambition went and I ended up in a factory and moved on from there to build my life up to what it is now, a self employed complete waste of space hand to mouth dribs and drabs grab it when you can tycoon. So there you go, that’s about my life in a nutshell apart from piles and one in grown toe nail. Thanks for reading and I hope this somehow has a reflection on the way your life is going and maybe this could shock some up and coming kid into knuckling down and not ending up like a dip stick like me. lol

102 thoughts on “The fountain of youth

  1. Ah right I see Johnno 😀

    Big Dcae, I don;t think the sun sines out of Ashley’s arse mate, that’s where people get the wrong impression of me.

    Ok I clean his house with me wife, so what.

    Well ok, I’ve been to loads of his parties as a guest, big deal.

    Oh alright, I’ve washed his back in the bath, wow.

    I’ve made him breakfast , fair enough.

    I get his papers every morning, hooray .

    Well ok , he paid all my debts off for me and told me it was a gift, fair do’s.

    I wash his cars and helicopter.

    My wife bakes him cakes and I race over with then still hot.

    So what, it doesn’t mean I have any affinity with him and what I say about him is because I see him doing good things for the club. 😀


  2. Any of the “they are faking Tiote’s injury so he can be sold” brigade want to speak up?
    Bunch of whiners.


  3. ARMY but he’s beside Colo and Colo is a master drill sargeant, he will be fine, plus we have big willy on the bench. 😀


  4. Pardew has given Raylor a week off to have some quality time with his wife and baby and told to relax because he’s been under pressure with his wife suffering from post natal depression.

    His mother has came up to help with the baby while they have some time to themselves.


  5. Pardew probs cannot risk williamson with another couple of matches this coming week, Fancy us even with perch to win this now ive seen the team sheet…


  6. Wolfie one thing about you is that you have your opinions and you stick to them without backing down 😉 and you don’t resort to childish name calling 😉 that in my book is a good quality to have.


  7. We are at home so that’s a big advantage because that will gee up the players who’s just came back into the fold as long as we start off on the front foot and don’t allow Swansea to get into their Barceloan passing mode. 😀


  8. Big Dave, aye mate I just have banter and debate. I don;t want to rock anyones boat.

    There’s other forums with plenty of arseholes on that I can play with but I happen to like the discussions on here and the banter and the little digs lol


  9. Big Dave @93 I made that bit up about Raylor to deflect from the injury rumour, so I thought I’d do my rumour . 😆


  10. WOLFIE @46 its the fact that your positive that i enjoy reading your Articles and comments . You ever thought of writing a novel ? you seem too like writing long comments . 😉


  11. great article Wolfie. I hope the youngsters are given a chance and under this regime they have a better chance due to Ashley not wanting to spend.

    I hear we might be interested in a swap deal with chelsea for tiote. Would any1 swap Tiote for 20mill for S Kalou and Alex?

    I mentioned Kalou b4 the last window, seems a decent proposition?


  12. toonsy why do you rave on about some of our young players “only playing in confrence and league 1” where do you think they should go to get experience of regular first team football?… you feel that playing reserve level is better?


  13. John – Not at all. What I’m saying is that playing decently in the Conference or even League One is still hundreds of millions of miles away from being ready for a bash in the Premier League yet some fans seem to think that they’ll come back from the lower leagues ready to slip straight in to the first team.


  14. ok toonsy mate but i feel playing at a team like shef wed where you get a big crowd between 20 to 30 thousand like tav is .i feel its a very good level and recon the youngsters will be ready for first team after a high lg 1 club or a championship side,.i just feel this is the way forward for our youngsters as reserve level is ashington and blyth spartain standard with respect to the two clubs…..


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