Toon set to sign wonderkid?

After already snaffling Mehdi Abeid in the summer, we are apparently raiding RC Lens again for their wonderkid Sofiane El-Bekri.

Dubbed the next Samir Nasri, Sofiane has already attracted interest from a host of clubs, including Tottenham Hotspur but according to L’Equipe it is Newcastle who are leading the race to sign him.

Not surprisingly Lens want to get him on a new contract which might be the sensible thing to do but, with all the French players we have these days and of course Mehdi Abeid, who played for Lens last season it will make it a lot easier for El-Bekri to settle here.

Not I’m not going to pretend to know anything about the kid but I do know I the last few year Lens have produced some very good players in the shape of Adel Taraabt, Raphael Varane, who plays for Real Madrid, and of course our very own Mehdi Abeid who is impressing everyone at the club.

A lot of people in France have already heard good things about him too so with all of that combined it could just be we have the chance to sign a very special young player.

What also must be said is the club these days let the French media and journalists come into the club from time to time to watch the French players train and do interviews with them, these little things will be known in France and will reflect well on us.

Anyway, in another bit of news, again according to L’Equipe we are back in for Aly Cissokho of Lyon, it doesn’t say an awful lot other than we’re interested again but I’d presume being a further six-month down the line on his contract his price will be slightly lowered.

That sounds like Newcastle!

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25 thoughts on “Toon set to sign wonderkid?

  1. I see L’pool are now after Tiote. These guys have money to burn, they’ve just signed Downing, Henderson, Adams, and Carroll recently so where would Gerrard fit in? Mugs

    If he goes I hope its soon so we can go about our business of replacing him and any other that is sold.


  2. @Mark
    Dont worry, If they want Tioté, they would have to Break the Bank once Again, I don’t think they’re going to do that again.


  3. The only thing is, Carroll would be mad to walk away from £80k per week.

    The Toon wouldn’t pay him half as much so it’s never going to happen really.


  4. I would too Troy. Carroll is class & it’s sad to see him being unused at L’pool.

    I doubt things will change much in the future for him. He was loved up ere 🙁

    10mill for Samba… thats us out then 🙁


  5. none starter with carrol,as troy says wages,would be too high.i wouldnt want him back anyway,on front page too often, too much baggage.Nice too see us getting linked with top young french players,hope we can start beating,the so called big clubs for them ,we seem to be becoming a popular and respected club over there,


  6. I honestly don’t think Liverpool are interested in doing a deal with us after Delboy’s public pisstaking. They know to get Tiote it would take something similar


  7. @toonsy

    It’s a fact. Lambias more or less told Liverpool that they deliberately ripped the eyes out of them and were pissing themselves about it.

    What a pair of plonkers! 😯


  8. No to Carroll from me aswell. We’ve lost the two players who made him look so special. Barton, Carroll and Nolan brought the best out in each other in my opinion. This is why none of them have replicated what they did with us at their new clubs.

    Onto this lad, couldn’t even find an image of him on Google 😆

    Well I found one but it was tiny and looked shit when I tried to enlarge it…


  9. [email protected]

    you said..”If Tiote wanted to leave and Carroll wanted to return would you not strike a deal? I would…..”… How would that work ? That would be putting Tiote on a par price-wise with Carroll…

    I was just putting an angle on the Tiote to Liverpool gash, which will build as the transfer window approaches, for sure…….

    I would have Carroll back, but my desire to keep Tiote is much stronger.

    Andy Carroll and Chris Houghton are both part of NUFC history…


  10. To be honest, my biggest concern at the Toon is a combination of a couple of things.

    1. The impending approach of the January, or in fact ANY transfer window. Our best players will always attract interest from the clubs with a bigger financial clout, and who can also offer a greater sporting perspective in terms of Champions League participation…

    2. The second biggest fear is our fans insecurity brought about by point 1.

    We are traditionally a mid table/top 8 club, who did punch above our weight for a few Champions League years. A lot of our fans sadly don’t recognise that fact… 🙁


  11. @MM

    When I said strike a deal I didn’t mean a straight swap. Striking a deal can mean anything.

    It will be interesting to see if Tiote does leave whether he submits a transfer request.
    I’m sure the club will try and make him.


  12. toonsy
    Cabaye could easily do the barton job (if not better) and we’ve got Ba’s always in the right place at the right time to finish shots off like Nolan did. However where this leaves HBA I have no idea.


  13. @toonsy are u saying Carroll only looked good when playing with Barton and Nolan?

    I think he looked special because he is a decent player and is still young. Yes Barton and Nolan did enhance his style but these two arent owt special. Other players can chip/cross balls better than Barton (cabaye) and Nolan helped but isnt exactly world class. I’m sure we could accommodate Carroll. But as mentioned, his wages are too high..


  14. Carroll made his bed, let the bastard lie in it.
    We have moved on from him and I would rather us carry on moving on without the deserting rats.

    Carroll is a decent player and that’s it but he’s no more than a peter crouch to be honest, with attitude.
    If ever the club decided they would have him back or he begged to come back, I would say, fair enough but for no more than about 6 or 7 million because that’s all he is worth.

    If I owned the club though I wouldn’t have him back at all.


  15. ooh wolfie. don’t be so mean 😉 I’m sure Mike shafted him too and hes certainly better than Crouch. ppl have short memories. We were gutted when he left, well I was..


  16. No to Carroll for me aswell I’m afraid – hope he finds form coz he’s a Geordie at the end of it all but he left – full stop no returnies!!!

    Happy to be linked with young European talent and build for the future, that’s obviously the way Newcastle will be ran from now and I don’t have a problem with that – as long as we spend on players for now as well.

    Off topic, has anyone heard anything more about these sponsorship deals that Lambastard only had a short period of time to sort out, I was under the impression we were close to sorting a deal with Virgin Money for the shirts and Nike for the stadium but all that talk seems to have stopped over the last month. I thought it needed sorting so Puma could print?!


  17. Yes to carrol present market vaule is about 8 to 10 mil yes to samba think 8 mil might wrestle him away.Keep tiote, outs loverboy,smith if some mug will pay his wages but i wont hold me breath on that.


  18. He’s just joined Millwall’s U-21 squad. Hope he’s gonna be good for us! MILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


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