Match stats: Newcastle 0 – 0 Swansea

Newcastle 0 – 0 Swansea

Saturday, 17th December, 2011






342/429 PASSES 384/462


52.4% POSSESSION 47.6%

49.5% TERRITORY 50.5%


14/41 CROSSES 21/29

6/17 TAKE-ONS 5/18

4/9 CORNERS 0/1

20/26 TACKLES 21/29



1/7 CLEARANCES 21/41


13/22 AERIAL DUELS 9/22

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16 thoughts on “Match stats: Newcastle 0 – 0 Swansea

  1. its obvious what happened swansea p1ssed us off with their passing ( which is better than ours) and every time we got a shot away it was either saved or hit the bar (with the occasional miss).


  2. Overall a disappointing outcome considering how we battered them in the first half. They are extremely poor on the attack away from home. If Ba doesn’t score there is nobody else to take up the slack. I will ask again what is happening with Ben Arfa? Surely he needs playing time or why bring him to Newcastle. Pardew is often full of it. He has claimed we were solid against Norwich. What game was he watching? The man is deluded if he thinks we played well against Norwich. He is also deluded if he thinks we have enough depth at the back or at striker. Carr had better be working overtime right now if the Maiga deal has truly collapsed. We need a non-African striker and a very solid centre back ASAP.


  3. I’m still not freaking out despite the recent paucity of points (hey – get the alliteration) because the performance and spirit was very much in evidence, and the weaknesses have been no surprise given the key absences. As Pardeiu said, Swansea haven’t kept seven clean sheets for nowt.


  4. When a team plays one up front, why do we keep a back 4 to look after one man, no wonder our midfield looked knackered and the service to the front was poor, having said that we still did enough to win but my point is, if we had matched their 5 across the middle and left 3 at the back, the result would have been total domination.


  5. GeordieTwo: I don’t think what you’re saying there is any different to what Pards has been saying recently. It’s no secret where we’re weak.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean we’ll get who we need; we know Ashley will only sanction deals that are genuinely good value – not exactly what you expect in the January window. 🙁


  6. Those 22 attempts on goal are very misleading.

    The raw facts are we had 3 or 4 half chances, 2 of which were created by individual skill by Ba.


  7. A draw would be another poor result at home against West Brom. Let’s hope we re-discover our scoring touch i.e. that Ba re-discovers his scoring touch. Most teams will now focus almost completely on him with nobody else a real scorer in our side. Ameobi has 1 goal, Best has 3. Where are the goals going to come from other than Ba? What happened to the incredibly talented (Pardew’s comment) Ben Arfa? Has he suddenly lost all his talent? Or is it more likely Pardew doesn’t know how to set the team up to get the best out of him? Please prove me wrong Pardew.


  8. But why were we going after another African (Maiga) striker Whumpie? Why spend all that effort on him when the last thing we need is another striker who will be away when we need a striker most to replace Ba? The winter is the hardest time to get points what with injuries, suspensions and now ACoN. This whole idea that every incoming player has to either be free or a fantastic bargain is not going to work all of the time. We must spend to get a good centre back and striker. Along with the keeper and 2 midfielders that is the spine of the team. We are risking our brilliant start of the season by having Scrooge as an owner. Spending some of the Carroll money won’t bankrupt the owner or send the club into the red. Surely common sense must prevail at least some of the time? Or is it lack of ambition by the owner as many suspect?


  9. [email protected]

    Totally agree. Ba didn’t score on any of his attempts, but not a single one of them was a good chance that he flubbed. He created something out of nothing, and almost pulled off something spectacular. If he had gotten a chance like the two he scored last week, we would have the 3 points. The rest of our team created almost nothing.


  10. I think the truth about Pardew is that he is not a terrible manager, and not a brilliant manager. He didn’t have a lot of clubs chasing after him for a reason. He is average at best. Please prove me wrong Pardew! I realize he has 2 major problems holding him back at Newcastle: Ashley and worse Llambias. Some of what the owner has done is very smart. Invest in youth, invest in better infrastructure. An excellent scout in Carr. Some good coaches. All well and good. Stabilize the finances, also an excellent idea. But hire a drinking buddy with no experience as managing director who then slags off former great players with about a thousand times more character and talent than he has? Alienate the fans by not showing respect to them with your own companies advertising hanging everywhere? Changing the name of the venue without having any company come in to pay real money for it? Talk about sending a mixed message.


  11. I agree with you as well Troy, Ba is brilliant at creating chances from little service. He was our best player against Swansea. Best looked well off the pace. Without more goal scoring in the side all our games are going to be very close and that is only if we can field a decent pair of centre backs. We won’t get away with having Perch in there for long. He only looked good because Swansea looked terrible on attack and gave the ball away on numerous occassions. Get Willo in there now Pardew. Odemwingie will have a field day otherwise, to say nothing of Tchoiy (not sure of spelling).


  12. Geordie Two – I think the truth is that Pardew is like any and every manager, in the sense that he would love to work with a squad of players of the highest quality. He would love the board to say “there you go Al, £35m – knock yourself out!”
    But I think he and we all know that just it’s gonna happen, now or ever. As a result, I think we have to acknowledge how good Pardew is as a manager putting Newcastle where we are with such restraints. Yes 2 points from a possible 15 is far from great but Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea was always gonna be tough. Norwich set there team up right against our injury hit team, which highlighted how thin our squad is.
    The stats above show that Swansea did to us what we did to Man Utd. We cant pat ourself on the back for a well earned point and then be over critical about the Swansea game. I would have been more concerned if those stats were reversed.

    I think what is most important of all when buying a new player is getting one who wants to play for Newcastle. Obviously there are other factors but, for me, whoever comes in has to want to play for the club. Forget how much they cost, age, name, salary or anything like that. You look at Carroll for example, hes a different player in Liverpool than Newcastle, because he doesn’t want to be there!! forget the 35m or however much he’s getting paid. Carlos Tevez, another example, the list could go on forever.
    Read Cabayes comments, or Tiote or Ba or Santon, all players who have came in and cost little to nowt and they are all playing well because they are happy at our club.

    GeordieTwo – I think we there is also a lack of ambition to degree as well, I think they will accept upper mid table for the next few seasons, until the money squares itself out and we are this self sufficient club. I think he’d spend extra if we ran the risk of relegation again but while were not, Pardew will get some but not much money to spend in the coming seasons. However I still have confidence the right players we need will come in thanks to Al and big GC


  13. I find it incredible that Pardew is getting criticised by some.

    He’s done nothing otherthan a fabulous job since he arrived against all expectations.


  14. You just beat me to it Troy. I find some of these comments about Pardew ridiculous. It just takes a couple of not so good results for the critics to come out of the woodwork. Thje truth is that we were unlucky on saturday and our performance wasn’t bad at all. Pardew, the coaching staff and the players have done magnificent – 27 points at this stage is better than anyone imagined, including the critics above.


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