Toon interested in Brazilian defender

FC Twente's Douglas
Yesterday we heard that Newcastle were interested in Blackburn Rovers centre-half Chris Samba, today we are being linked with another defender, this time Douglas Franco Teixeira from FC Twente.

At first this seems just another rumour but at closer inspection there does seem to be a bit of credibility to it. At 23-years old he’s a great age and with his contract running out at the end of the season, a cut-price move would be right up our street.

Personally I would love to see Douglas sign. Aside from Chris Samba, Douglas would be my number one choice to buy. He has the pace, the height, the strength and the ability to be able to play in the Premier League – and do well.

One problem with any potential move might be Douglas’ temperament. In February 2011 he was banned for six-matches for punching AZ Alkmaar midfielder Pontus Wernbloom and then went on to push referee Ruud Bossen, if you have seen Douglas, I have a lot of sympathy for Wernbloom for taking a punch off him.

One more thing that might swing a move in our favour is Cheik Tiote who used to be a team-mate of Douglas at Twente so hopefully Cheik gets on the blower and persuades him.

It would be a fantastic signing if we could pull it off and everything seems in place for us to bid and for him to come. I just hope Pardew feels the same as me!

What are your thoughts?

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172 thoughts on “Toon interested in Brazilian defender

  1. Hi everyone
    long time reader, plucked up the courage to make my first comment – (started on the xmas booze) been supporting the lads since the 50s now exiled in Birmingham,my problem is should i buy a ticket on the reality train or should i have another pint and put money on us being in Europe next season ?


  2. sirhc , yeh can you imagine the training ground it must be really plush apparantly the undersoil heating is that hot it is burning the oppositions feet and thats how we are doing so well .
    batty , big dave , you can hear them now “if they wont play for less money than anywere else then we dont want them ” “bad apple” “not the right deal ” yadda yadda yadda


  3. newcastleles , we could make europe just with no injurys and a slice of luck , but not through knackers talent in running football clubs , if i was a betting man i would say jump on board woooo woooo


  4. the wife’s just gone to bed, i’ve sneaked another can out of the xmas stock now convinced we will buy the right players in Jan to take us into seventh place. does the reality train travel abroard ?


    if ya wise you would give the ashley haters train a miss hear it ends at hogworts mate 🙂


  6. NewcastleLes

    Everyone on the reality train have their feet on the ground and are fully aware of the final destination. They aren’t delusional, don’t believe superstars will arrive at the Toon and expect very little money to be spent in the transfer window.

    However, those we look at who don’t have a ticket, live in a fairyland world, where clouds are made of cotton wool, the sea is fizzy pop, trees of marzipan and Ashley will bestow glory over our club by spending his huge wealth and communicating with the fans as if he was Jesus Christ.

    The tickets for the train are free and you get what you pay for. Nowt but the truth. 😛


  7. I believe we may pick up 1 or 2 max this January. They wont be big money signings, maybe players who’s contracts are due to expire in the summer who we can nick on the cheap, otherwise it will be some ‘gem’ type player we have never heard of. Either way I dont see us spending any more than £10-£12m as an optimistic figure based on 2 good signings.

    £20m plus is simply not going to happen and there certainly wont be any ‘marquee’ players coming in. It will be up and coming players that are hungry and have something to prove.

    I’m inclined to cautiously consider boarding the reality train for this one. Teams push prices up in the January window as competition is fierce. That will price us out of a lot of moves as our club will not pay over the odds. Simple as that.


  8. “we are deeply disappointed that the targets we identified have not arrived at the club. We placed bids but clubs are reluctant to sell in January. “.
    Derek Lambias February 2012 😯


  9. @the59sound – yeah I’ve sat in the neutral section at fulham – its ok, usually pretty full of toon supporters although stewards are a lot more forceful in making you sit down which is pretty annoying when you’re yards away from the faithful who are all jumping round
    Oh and you get the odd fulham twat who celebrates wildly when they score – which sadly has been too often last couple of seasons
    Will miss it this year as in colorado snowboarding in jan


  10. Right…I have been reading some of these blogs for a while, but, only now do I feel the needed to comment. Especially at comment 15. “Mike Ashley paid £15million for Coloccinni”, “And no doubt that he will spend net of £25million+ in January on players that we need and we have already identified these”
    Colo has turned into a class player but wasnt that highley thought of in his 1st season and is on high wages. Not many players that will cost £10m+ will fit into our wage bracket.
    I don’t think Ashley will spend £10m on 1 player!!
    Sol Campbell was brought in on high wages and I think Ashley got his fingers (and wallet) burned on that deal.
    I don’t think Ashley will offer big wages to anyone new!!
    Alan Pardew said that only 1 player was a definate to come in during January. That was obviousley Maiga. He was hoping for 2.
    So that leaves no one as a definate “identified”!!
    A striker, a left back and a centre half are positions of players that we need. This was also the case in the summer as we all knew that Tiote and Ba were leaving for the African cup of nations. Daniel Sturridge was offered in the summer for £10m. This is a position identified as what we needed to fill, he is young, homegrown and the same price as Coloccinni was!!
    So why were’nt we interested in paying the £10m???
    Ashley won’t pay!!
    Shefki Kuqi is one of a few panic buys, and the late, late “panic bids” for the likes of Charles N’Zogbia, Liam Ridgewell and Bryan Ruiz were embarrassing and would only have cost us more in the long run by not being thought out!!
    I would love us to buy quality and quantity. We can’t just keep filling gaps with young/injury prone/championship level players.
    That is not the way forward. ➡ ➡ ➡

    Here’s hoping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛


  11. HBK , injury prone championship players ????

    Who are these then?
    We are buying quality and we didn’t panic buy and Campbells wages won’t have been as much as you think.

    Kuqi wasn’t a panic buy, he was just a makeweight in case we got stuck, which we didn’t and that’s why he didn’t get much game time.

    If you think our players are on shit wages then I suggest you add it all up against the rest of the prem , barring the money bags clubs and you will see we pay better than most.

    Also, this club will pay what a player is worth in my opinion and if they think he’s worth paying 10 million for then they will pay it if it benefits us.


  12. Good as they maybe, but Abeid, Marveux and Gosling have all had a list of injuries. And the championship level of Perch and Smith is very clear to see.
    Panic buys/makeweights all amount to the same. No planning and leaving it untill the bitter end puts us in a position where we have to “make do”.
    Daniel Sturridge was worth the 10mil in a position that we need as oposed to the panic of offering 10mil to hijack Fulham’s purchase of Bryan Ruiz. If he was worth it and we were willing to pay then it wouldn’t have been to the last minute. Same wirh attempting to buy N’Zogbia last January at the last minute!!
    If they were worth 10mil and it would benefit us then why didn’t we try to buy them a few days earlier. Because leaving it late makes it look like we are willing to pay but it never comes off.


  13. Thanks Keith. Altho I am a bit of a Shola fan. I do think he offers us something different (I dont know what exactly) from time to time. And yes I also meant Kuqi, now plying his trade in league 1.


  14. KEITH yea lol good rhyme..

    HBKVIC…All players get injuries, but Gosling and Marveaux cost us nothing and Abheid was minimal and has had an injury but is not injury prone.

    Gosling came to us while injured but is banned, not injured now.
    Ba was supposedly running on brittle bones and could collapse any minute from reports you heard but he’s not doing bad is he.

    You could say Alan Shearer was ultra injury prone with the knee ops and ankle ops hes had and the time he’s spent out but he still gave us some excellent playing time didn’t he.

    We only looked badly off because we lost 3 centre backs , one who was already out (Williamson) and then in the same game we lose both our main one’s..
    So should we have already had say…Samba and Cahill or players of that calibre as back up???
    Are we really that big of a club where quality players like that would happily sit on the sidelines and wait for injuries??

    Shit happens and we got some and now we have January to put it right…
    These so called championship players must be the same players that Norwich are fielding then are they ??

    I’m not buying this championship shite to be honest….we aren’t Man City or Man Utd, so naturally we don’t have a full squad of players that are on par do we..

    We have tried little of our kids yet but look at what Arsenal have and Man utd…a canny few kids and we can follow suit in time but we can’t rush it, it has to be done gradual, so filling your squad with top top quality will only happen when we are pushing the Man Utd’s because only then will players of top top quality be prepared to sit back and be prepared to wait .


  15. Marveaux and Abeid are good players, we just need to keep them fit. I know Gosling is suspended but he’s been unfit nearly the whole time he’s been here. I’m not saying we’re in the buying class of the top 6, but we’re also not Norwich. How can you one minute say that we will buy a 10mil player and supposedly already bid for them in the past, but then still employ and play championship level players. I dont want a full squad of shite like the unwashed have, just realism that if we want to move forward then keeping below average players out of our team and being realistic and sensible anout transfers. Not offering 10mil on a non starter because it’s late or bringing in “stop gaps”. Just bring on January to strengthen, then bring on February 1st just as quick to stop any departures.


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