How will we do in the next three games?

It’s that time again. As I wrote last time round, I was concerned that we would slip in to a poor vein of form after our loss at the Etihad. Unfortunately, this actually happened and my third set of predications came in as my worst after defeats to both Chelsea and Norwich.

Now It’s time for what I can foresee in the next three games starting with Swansea. Now before everyone starts saying that we’ve played Swansea, I do realise that, but as Toonsy has been busy with stuff along with myself tying up some loose ends for the rem at Uni we struggled between us to get it published in time. However I’ll write exactly what I had in mind. There is no skullduggery going on!

Before that I’ll recap my predictions of the previous three games:

My first 1/3 result:

Manchester United – 1-1 Draw (Prediction: Draw)

Chelsea – 0-3 Loss (Prediction: Win)

Norwich – 4-2 Loss (Prediction: Win)

Week: 33.3%

Overall: 55.5%

Looking to our next three games:

Swansea (h)

We should have won this. We had the bulk of the game and but for the woodwork and the Swansea ‘keeper we would have won it. It wasn’t to be though and we had to settle for a point even though I’d have predicted us to take all three.

My Predication: Win

Actual result: Draw

Wednesday 21st December – West Brom (h)

West Brom come to the Park on the back of a huge win against Blackburn. Roy Hodgson’s team are desperate for points and are having a generally poor, West Brom style, season. Pardew will be looking at the prospect of a full-strength side with Coloccini and Tiote having proved their fitness and Mike Williamson will be that little bit closer to a return. As we’ve shown all season, we have a quality core contingent of players. Injuries have decimated the side and shown that we lack cover in defence. On the other hand, I’d rather we get found out before the transfer window, rather than after it when we’re not able to bring in any players to solve our problems.

My Prediction: Win

Monday 26th December – Bolton (a)

Our Boxing Day trip takes us to Bolton. If we don’t get three points here, I’ll be devastated. Bolton are bottom of the League with 9 points after 16 games whilst conceding 36 goals. Pardew has set us the target of 30 points before Christmas, and it would be hoped that we reach this milestone before we face Bolton, but if we haven’t by then, it would be safe to assume that we’d reach it following a trip to the Reebok.

My Prediction: Win

Summary: Well pre-Swansea I’d have gone for nine points and a stop to our poor run of form, but I’ll have to settle for seven points instead. We’ll be anywhere from 3rd to 7th in the League, depending on results around us. We’ll need to establish ourselves at least in the Top 8, strengthen the side in the January transfer window and push our way up the table.

Our games after that: Liverpool (a), Manchester United (h), Blackburn – FA Cup 3rd Round (h)

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117 thoughts on “How will we do in the next three games?

  1. Fair nuff lads, I cant say I’ve really watched his performances much, just since we got linked with him.
    Lets see how the 2nd half goes.


  2. got to admit, as much as I rate Samba, not sure if our style would suite his.

    We’re a lot more attacking than B’burn and ping it about abit, like Arsenal 😉


  3. DAVE @68 what a lot dont see is samba is trying to look after two positions as his normal partner DANN is oot this week with that broken bollock but some only see what they want to see and judge him on one game,admit hes haveing a bad game,but should look at the bigger picture imo


  4. wots the point of booing your own team onto the pitch ffs.
    A bit pathetic by the Blackbum fans imo.


  5. @Icedog

    that was then m8.

    He’s not the most mobile of players. great at set-pieces etc but quite static.

    A lot of teams seem to sacrifice his style for more attacking defenders.

    I see him a bit like an older Sol cambell, very commanding but not that quick or mobile


  6. Mark I think we have other players that can ping it about a bit, I like an old fashioned barnhouse door CB 😉 with him it would mean that Colo can get forward more often, as he seems to like getting forward more lately


  7. I wouldnt be dissapointed if we did sign him, as I said, I do rate him just have my doubts.

    He could make a good partnership with Colo but who would you prefer Saylor or Samba? I doubt we’d buy to keep him on the bench once Saylors fit.


  8. @Big Dave see 86 😉

    wow my virgin broadband can handle two games at once, norwich nd B’burns..

    f**k sky spts 😆 , looking a bit bong-eyed tho watching the two 😀


  9. takes all sorts to make a team imo and pardew has said in the past he rates him highly dont forget b/burn play him in a certain way


  10. aye but Icedog, I doubt we’d sign a player of that calibre & pay his big wages if he was gonna be benched. I reckon we’ll get some foreigner on cheaper wages happy to bide his time

    2-1 to Bolton, Yakubu


  11. Mark @ 86 you have a point there, as I would have Saylor all the way, but maybe I am just being a negative fuker but I really think we will lose Colo 👿 hence why I would go for Samba.


  12. @bigdave

    same feeling as me m8 about losing Colo, gets us back to my original point. aye Colo Samba together could work but not sure Saylor & Samba if you know what i mean


  13. @icedog agree there m8. either way if we do lose colo we’d be a weaker team imo if we sign Samba or not. Not sure if money we’ve got can replace Colo


  14. @wolfie

    “Blackburn 2 Bolton 2…both teams will get one penalty each and convert them, plus both teams will finish with 10 men.
    Wolves 1 Norwich 1 with Norwich playing the remaining 11 minutes with 10 men after an injury to a player after using their 3 subs.

    ye nah nowt dude, 😆 for that reason, im oot!

    close with the blackburn game tho 😀


  15. @BB I hope they go down, obviously, they have fresh imputus now tho

    if not I hope its Wigan, Wolves and QPR

    B’burn are in the shoite and seem to be one of the favs


  16. will be a really tough game now against Bolton but I still feel we have enough to get the points. Mustn’t let them start like they did today tho. Blackbum were poor in the 1st half.
    If we score early against them, then the flood gates will open.

    Shame Samba didn’t score that last minute header tho.


  17. suarez wont miss the Toon match tho as he has 14 days to appeal and they will. Kenny Dog leash is not happy lol


  18. Think we can still beat shitpool with other without suarez bb! Makes it sweeter dogleash is not happy! 😀


  19. is it true that venky’s thought there was no relegation from the prem.?
    Really funny that one.


  20. @toonsy

    The last part of the article says it al.

    Their manager sums us up. We aren’t a big enough club to buy Zaha.


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