Is the Championship market one we should look into?

Should Pardew swoop for his former talisman?
As the transfer window creeps up on us and we’re linked with every name under the sun, I started to wonder whether it’s really worth dipping into the lower leagues to sign players.

Obviously there’s a good and bad side to every argument, but the likes of Jonathan Walters and Tim Cahill show that players from the league can cut the mustard at the top level. Others like Jason Scotland and Wayne Routledge have failed, and even though they look good at Championship level they’re in between leagues so to speak.

The benefits are the players are usually cheaper, for example Shane Long was signed by West Brom in the summer for a price of between 4 and 6 million pounds, at least 5 million cheaper than Peter Crouch and I know who I’d rather have. Yes there’s the odd exception like the 10 million pound man Connor Wickham, but we’re not mugs like the Mackems.

Even though there’s no real stand out stars in the Championship like the previous few years there’s still some good players which we could look to sign for a smaller fee than a player that has Premier League experience.

I have a few players who I think could improve our team, either now, or in the long term.

Adam Lallana – Adam is someone who we’ve been linked with before, that was about a year ago now when Alan Pardew first took the job. The Southampton man has worked with Pardew before, and he has real quality. Lallana has 6 goals and 7 assists this season in the 19 league games he’s played, that is not bad for a winger.

He’d add a bit of depth to our wingers with Sylvain Marveaux injured it’d be nice to have another option other than the very inexperienced Sammy Ameobi. He hasn’t yet played at the top level, but I think he’d slot in with ease and be really dangerous in our current team. At 23 he’d be the right age for our transfer policy which is another plus point.

Nathaniel Clyne – Nathaniel is someone who we’ve been heavily linked with recently, with Danny Simpson stalling on a new deal. The Crystal Palace right back has shown himself to be one of the best players in the league for a few years, in a normally poor Palace team.

The 20 year old has been a regular starter since 2008 now and has played over 100 times already in his career. He has pace to burn and loves attacking, but he’s also a competent defender. He won Crystal Palace’s young player of the year in 2009 and 2010 and picked up the full award in 2011. He’s a player who would offer great competition to our right back spot.

Nathan Redmond – Nathan is a player who I’ve only watched a couple of times, but he’s really impressed me. Despite only playing 15 competitive games in his career he looks a mature winger who can beat a man on either side, and has a fierce shot on him, something neither of our wingers boast.

Redmond plays for Chris Hughton’s Birmingham and can play on either wing. The 17 year old is really impressing at the moment and it won’t be long until he’s snapped up, so we should move fast and secure his signature this January. I’m not sure what fee he’d command but at 17 we’d be able to make money on him for sure, and that’s Ashley’s way of thinking.

I know some of you will say that we need centre backs and not wingers, but I’d much rather have an experienced centre half who knows the game rather than a young kid being thrown in at the deep end. We should have signed Ashley Williams before Swansea’s promotion, but now they’re in the top league he’ll command a much higher fee.

They are the three I’d like us to take an interest in January, obviously I don’t want us spending stupid money on them but I feel that none of them would command a fee any more than £5 million which is well in our price range.

Would you take the risk of signing a Championship player? If so, who?

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47 thoughts on “Is the Championship market one we should look into?

  1. I think we just need the right players and we shouldn’t have to always buy from the bargain bucket.
    Jabba has most of the fans conditioned now that if the player is to dear then he is not for us, more often than not quality costs a bit more, and you get what you pay for.
    Yes I know there are exceptions from time to time, I just dont think that price should be the main concern for us the fans.


  2. There’s bargains at every level but the vast majority are there because it’s their level, a bit of proven quality is always nice, any chance of some for a Xmas pressie Fatman? 🙄


  3. Richie yeah he is a knob, but do you have to be so rude to him, even wor Batts has feelings you know.
    I don’t think this time round price should come into it, imo we need proper quality and experience, we should go all out to try to get Samba, or someone of that standing.


  4. Rich he was on here regularly round the time you turned your back on your hometown ! Sorry I meant when you moved abroad 😆 I was thinking of Judas there for a min 😉


  5. Jobey – I think we would be stupid not to keep an eye on the lower leagues. I mean look how well the likes of Norwich and Swansea are doing since promotion and they were obviously down there last season.
    I think of the players you have mentioned, clyne and Redmond certainly look like they could play at a higher standard, and young Redmond would be worth snapping up for a couple of mill before he makes a really impression and everyone is chancing him. He already looks more productive than obertan.
    I also think that Rhodes at Huddersfield should get serious consideration. Looks to have a real eye for goal.
    These players know the English game already. They’re used to the naff weather and no Xmas break, plus they will know what it is to play at a lower level and will hopefully have a greater desire to work hard to stay at the highest level.

    I am mindful of the likes of Perch and Routledge who we have got in and haven’t went on to be first teamers though, so think Big Dave is right. It has to be the right player, regardless of where from or cost – they must be well scouted first.


  6. Dave…Aye mate defo right choice,wor lass’s condition is more severe owa here in the cold. We’ll be house hunting as soon as we get back so will be better when I’m lounging by my own pool with a “Delboy cocktail” 😎 ……miss the footy tho 🙁


  7. big dave you’re a moron 😉

    I’ve been watching Clyne and he is a very good RB, I’d love to seem him in the toon… watched an interview this morning with him and he did hint at an exit saying ‘whatever happens, happens’ someone who is staying at their current club wouldn’t come out with that

    Only problem would be – who’s our competition for him? ❓


  8. Richie glad to hear it mate, and sure the Lasses health is more important than getting to the games, you can always catch a stream of it. I was going to say that that is better than catching a stream of your lass, but it would depend on what type of stream it was 😆


  9. Dave…. 😆 😆

    I dunno if it’s more important but I guess I have to be seen to doing the right thing 😆

    …like now, off Xmas shopping wi her 😥 😥


  10. Hitman it wouldn’t surprise me if it were true.
    Tis funny that owlheed and everyone else admitted we needed a striker, we had one go through a medical only last week and failed.
    Then all of a sudden the Jornal thinks we are going to wait till summer, because we need a CB . So i guess they could be waiting to get more money in to pay for a Striker in the summer.
    I just hope they see sense that we need one in badly as we are going to lose our main scorer to the ACON


  11. or pardew has been told he has money for a CB or a forward but not for both,so thats why we pulled out of signing maiga,coz pards wants a CB 😆 😆


  12. Bloody Batty banging on my door at 4.30am shouting for the rent money!!! 🙄

    Bastard took it off me as well!! 😈

    Young Chip Stavers is getting nowt for Crippa again! 😯


  13. @Dave

    If we don’t get a striker and centre back in January then my faith in Pards will have zapped once more.


  14. Hitman after getting £35 mil for Carroll you would imagine there would be money for both, plus we should have plenty of money from the re-naming of the ground.
    But then thats just me moaning and being negative 😆 in Wolfie we trust.
    I am going to trust Wolfie he says we will spend £25mil and buy 4-5 players


  15. Jobey – If the player is good enough, then why not delve into the Championship? There is a trend of prices beginning to creep up for Championship players with no Prem experience these days though… A big risk. Any player from that league would have to be a low fee with add ons depending on future performance and appearances, otherwise they are too much of a risk. That said, there are bound to be some real steals down there still…


  16. Troy i’ll see if he will give you a bit back to get young Chip something for crimbo and you can give him extra next month 😆 .
    On Pards its a hard one part of me would like him to stand his ground, but the other part of me knows that Jokin Joe is still looking for work 👿
    Hitman I cant see us having any less than £ 20-25mil left from the Carroll money.


  17. @dave

    It’s nee good fella. The whole family pleaded with Batts but he wouldn’t listen. The last I saw of him was going into the bookies smoking a cigar a foot long and wearing a John Motson sheepskin. 😯

    I don’t think you can look at the Pards situation like that. If you look at situations in life where you don’t say anything in case it back fires, you normally end up with a crap situation anyway.
    I believe if Pards reverts to being a puppet then he needs to be treat as one and criticised for being so.
    I would lose any respect I had for him if he tows the party line.
    We will see at the end of January and hopefully they might have purchased a couple of relatively cheap buys who turn out like Cabaye and Ba.


  18. My god when the wheels come off it’s no half job…all four judging by the previous comments. I still say nobody’s gone who didn’t want to go, so there’s no evidence that Tiote & others will be sold simply because a load of Russian gangsters or ol’ puce face come knockin’ at the door!! We do need a CB and we do need a striker for when ACN time comes around, but this wholesale panic that seems to be settling in across fans forums on here and other newspapers is totally unwarranted………we’re crying before we’ve been hurt again!


  19. Troy I agree with you, he would lose alot of my respect. but tbh I cant stand JFK and would even put up with a puppet before him.
    We just have to hope that scrooge provides the funds.


  20. “we are deeply disappointed that the targets we identified have not arrived at the club. We placed bids but clubs are reluctant to sell in January. “.
    Derek Lambias February 2012


  21. It amazes me how do many people are down and out about the championship, viewing players as inferior or cheap. The fact is that there are some cracking players down there, especially younger ones looking to step up.

    People have short memories. I seem to recall Jose Enrique, Coloccini, Barton, Nolan all proving their worth in the championship. Let’s not forget a certain Andy Carroll either…


  22. @toonsy

    I take it that was tongue in cheek?

    That was a premier team playing in the championship by default. (Ashleys cock up).

    There aren’t any teams now in the championship that compare to our team. Players alike.


  23. I would expect Enrique, Colo, Barton and Nolan to all perform in the Chamionship. It’s an easier league and all of the above had plenty of top flight experience. If you are earning £40-60k a week, I’d expect some pretty damn good performances in the Championship! Even Routlege and Smith ‘proved’ their worth down there.

    There are good young players down there though, but they have no top flight experience and big money should certainly not be spent on them as they are untested at the highest level. No problem with add ons though if they do prove themselves…


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