Why is Gutierrez guaranteed a start?

He makes me do this far too much!
I try to be as upbeat as possible, but I have to say this. I know this is going to be a widely unpopular view, but I’d like it if you gave me a chance. I’m not saying he should be sold, but should he be a certain starter?

I was fine with him having a place in the team when he was covering Ryan Taylor, because he helped him defensively, and his lack of attacking product was blamed on that, but he has no excuse now. We were on the front foot most of the game, and he never looked like beating his man.

This isn’t just a knee jerk reaction either, he’s not been prolific going forward all season. Yes he relieves pressure from the team, and wins free kicks but that’s not good enough to guarantee you a spot in the team.

His stats over the whole season are grim, to be totally honest. He’s got 2 assists and 1 goal in 16 starts, is that something that warrants praise? I wouldn’t say so. He doesn’t have a great deal of pace, so if he does get to the by-line he most often hits the first man.

At least he had 3 shots today none of them were on target as usual. But he’ll score a wonder goal one day soon, don’t worry. He also put in 8 crosses today, 5 of them did not find the right man and I can’t remember the other three creating a chance for one of our players.

In the full 90 minutes he made 1 tackle, yes 1, so he cannot be praised for his great defensive help this game either. He didn’t track back today which left them streaming through down that side, I don’t know whether he was knackered or just didn’t fancy it, either way, he needed to do something about it.

To put it into perspective, ex Newcastle winger Wayne Routledge has got 3 assists this season, in less game time than Jonas, and he couldn’t cross, at all.

He usually tracks back and offers some defensive cover, but today he was strolling. It was almost as if he didn’t care, which really maddens me. I can take someone playing poorly, but I cannot take it when people do not try, and that’s what it looked like.

If he is knackered then he has to say, and he has to be given a rest. He’s sometimes effective, but it doesn’t come often enough in my opinion.

I think it’s about time that we get Hatem Ben Arfa working hard for the cause, and play him on the left wing. Pardew says he won’t, but he’s played their the majority of his career, and Davide Santon is a good enough full back to deal with less help than Ryan Taylor. Before people dismiss this as an idiotic statement, Ben Arfa isn’t getting the chance at 10, and we need him in the team, left wing could be his spot.

Gutierrez has played 1415 minutes this season, compared to Hatem Ben Arfa’s 328. Both players have two assists, and Jonas has had 4 times as much time on the pitch as him. I think it’s a no brainer to try Hatem out on left wing, if it doesn’t work, fair enough, but if it does we could have a great player in our team, where we need him.

Gabriel Obertan, in less game time (1216 mins), has the same amount of assists as Gutierrez (1415 mins), and he’s the worst footballer to have ever laid foot on this earth if you listen to most NUFC fans.

He was once again made a scapegoat for the West Brom defeat, when he was the best outlet in the first half and he won the free kick for Ba’s goal. Much the same as Swansea, when in the first half, he was our best player.

Would you keep Jonas in the team?

Thanks to NUFC stats for the West Brom game stats

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172 thoughts on “Why is Gutierrez guaranteed a start?

  1. The good thing was, wor mark was 7 yrs younger than me and he never realised he got pocket money til he was 17 when he caught me raiding his piggy bank! 😛


  2. Troy, I was commenting on the thread so Jonas.

    Always rated him highly. I get the concerns about his end product like but he is head and shoulders our best winger.


  3. Can’t believe I stocked up on enough Oxford bags and V neck jumpers with three stars to last a lifetime. Should really have invested more in riders. At least they would have had some re-sale value.


  4. @Moreno

    To be fair it’s not a great competition . The Toons best winger. 😯

    Both are poor to be truthful tho Jonas pips it.


  5. Troy – You did sell all my punk records at school though.
    Moreno – How do you explain Jonas’ recent inability to go past a defender? It has co-incided with his appearing majorly top heavy.


  6. Troy,

    I have to agree, the competition is woeful.

    B & B

    Who knows, you might be right with that. Just think he needs a bit of a confidence boost. The whole team does. (Bar Ba) Maybe they are all shitting themselves about the team being stripped of it’s assets come January.


  7. Before I go I would like to share something significant with you all.

    We have two gerbils and one died, I assume today cos he was still warm.

    The other was half way through eating it and I felt a tad perturbed.

    I decided to look up on the net to see if there was an explanation.

    As it goes, if a gerbil dies in the wild, the natural instinct is for the other or others to eat it as soon as possible so as not to attract predators to their lair.

    I thought it won’t be nice for my two children to come down tomorrow to find that poor little Joey has gone to heaven. So I ate the other on toast and bought two identical ones.

    They won’t have a scoobies the poor little blighters. 😛

    Nature is a wonderful thing. 😯


  8. Sorry to hear about your gerbils Troy. If 52,000 fans don’t notice Jonas’ fatter twin playing, I think you’ll get away with it. Don’t forget to brush your teeth though. Strictly speaking, its now my birthday. G’night.


  9. Moreno – Yeah, the birthday bit should have been a new paragraph.
    Anyway, I shouldn’t be here so I’m gone.


  10. well I better clear up the “well off to concuss some bairn in a dark room and ram my weapon in his face” @130 😯

    I meant I was going to play modern Warfare3, trust me to get a peado joke wrong 😯 😆

    happy birthday B&B, I’m 39 on the 28th, my eldest Daughter is 8 on the 25th 😀


  11. Its time Jonas put back to the bench, let maybe Sammy Ameobi or HBA play there

    We need to tell jonas that no-one is a guarantee spot in the first team

    i remember HBA took Jonas’s spot last year and Jonas work hard back to gain his spot (healthy competition)


  12. I have been saying this 4 ages that jonas is shit he runs down blind alleys cant cross cant shoot cant score cant put a through ball in and does not get assists and cant beat a player fuckin useless!


  13. For me, Jonas is a great player. He is a huge miss when he isn’t playing. His work ethic is tremendous and he covers a lot of ground and usually has at least 3 guys onto him at a time leaving others unmarked.
    Davide Santon has impressed me, hope is injury isn’t too bad as I am not a fan of Raylor.
    I have seen Obertan have 2 tremendous performances but the rest of the time seems to be mediocre.
    I’d like to see Best dropped to the bench in favor of Ben Arfa and I’d like to see Vucik given a chance in midfield. With Sammy Ameobi as first choice off the bench if a midfielder or striker gets tired or injured.
    So my line up, injuries permitting, would be Krul, Simpson, Perch, Colo, Santon, Cabaye, Vucik, Tiote, Jonas, Arfa and Ba.


  14. This is a shame…. as popular as guti is popular doesn’t win games… we used to be known for having decent wingers…. gillespie, ginola.

    Infact maybe your name has to begin with g…. shit no… just thought… gutierrez, or is it jonas? 😆


  15. @Nobby If youre at work you should do an article, or a few perhaps.. u always seem to have plenty of time on your hands 😆

    well im off work nu until the 29th yippee!!

    merry xmas toon fans!! 😆


  16. I think he i mentally thinking too defensivly because of covering raylor all the time you look at him last season he’d constantly make brilliant runs beating players down the flank he defiantly doesnt seem to do that as much. but as a whole i feel our midfield just isnt scoring enough anyway we need someone like Nolan did who yes maybe was a bit slow and not the best at getting back all the time but he made up for it by scoring alot of goals we need a midfielder that can do that. i think we do need a decent winger in. obertan is ok too but still in my eyes not good enough we need a decent winger who is going to get goals aswell as send in crosses


  17. I’d just like to wish everyone on this blog a merry Christmas and may Santa bring you all the presents you have asked for and all your wishes.

    After Christmas I fancy visiting Santas home and meeting all his little elf’s because I’m gonna bum them all and split the little gits 😆


  18. I have just known this website today. I am a fan of NUFC in Viet Nam. I also get involved in a forum of NUFC fan in Viet Nam (www.nufcvn.com/forum). Nice to meet you all, Newcastle fans!

    As for Jonas, I think he must improve his working style. He is always dribbling, crossing unsuccessfully and taking the ball too long . His accompany with the left back is so rare that Newcastle’s left side can put much pressure on the opponent. Actually, he isn’t worth being a permanent starter. However, we have no choice because Obertan is worse than Jonas. And Ben Arfa is attached to be attack-midfield in 4-4-1-1 formation of Pardew.

    Pardew is an inferior manager. 4-4-2 is suitable to the team who has the strong sides like Man U or Spurs, not Newcastle at present. 4-4-1-1 formation with Ben Arfa behind Demba Ba (which get the balance between attack and defence) is just open to our Newcastle. Pls, change your mind or get resigned, Pardew.


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