The wage monster

The football world has created a monster, a real scary looking monster that out does any scary monster you have ever seen.

It’s called the footballers wage monster where it gets more evil as it goes on it’s rampage of turning players into Hollywood wannabe’s. What have they done? What have they created? Damn them, damn them all to hellllllllllllllllll!!!!

We have players at this football club whose agents are whispering in their ears that they are better than they think they are and they should negotiate a club busting new deal that suits both the player and the agent.

I remember Alan Shearer saying, when he was in his prime, “it’s the best time to be a footballer as far as earnings go” or some words to that effect.. How wrong was he?

The truth is, looking back at the time with the wages that were being bandied about, it probably looked like he was half right because I for one couldn’t see how clubs could sustain it all, yet I didn’t have the benefit of foresight in seeing super rich owners swamp all over football clubs either.

The problem now though is, we have players coming through the ranks in England who see it all and see what the other players are getting and strive to make it because it’s basically a Hollywood lifestyle if you are good enough.

The problem though is, you get players like Nile Ranger who was given a big contract on decent money for his age and the fact he’s only played bit parts and he has been flirting around like a Hollywood chav/gangster and it went to his head that much that he decided that he’d done enough to catapult himself into the big players league without too much more footballing effort, or so it appears to me looking from outside in.

We had players on decent money for example, Andy Carroll, who had signed a contract for very good money for his age and experience yet he decided he wanted that contract tearing up and a new one with a massive wage rise because he scored a few goals and managed to gain the number nine shirt.

Did Carroll go to Liverpool to further his career that was five minutes old? Or did he listen to his agent who between them decided he was a superstar now and it’s time for his star to be laid in Hollywood’s walk of fame?
Where the hell does it all stop.

Think about this..

Imagine you are took on at a firm to operate a machine that they trained you up for and you work hard at operating it because you are new to it and also you want to impress. Everything runs smoothly and you are learning fast, so your boss decides to offer you a contract to operate it because he’s happy with you and you are doing the business and meeting targets.

You accept the contract on a higher wage and back to work happy as Larry. You then fall over and get injured and are off work for a few weeks and your replacement takes over and does his best.

In the meantime, you are at home and your mate comes and says, look mate they will be stuck without you so why don’t you tell the boss that you want more wages so he doesn’t lose you and if he calls your bluff, there’s a firm that will pay you a higher wage, you can go to that even though this one is closer to home.

You call the bluff, the boss calls no joy and off you pop to your new firm who have heard what you can do and are willing to wait till your injury is better. You sign the contract and eventually start using the machine but not quite as good as you did on your last one.

Your new boss is sat wondering just who the mug is. Is it him? You? Your old boss? He realises it’s him. He’s been mugged but you have signed a contract and now he has to figure a way how to get you up to speed or mug you off to someone.

Andy Carroll the machine operator who took the money and ran but would probably love his old job back because home is where the heart is.

GREED is killing the game and it doesn’t look like it’s going stop and unless NUFC pay top dollar in wages, we will get players trying it on and asking for the earth when their skill and experience don’t deserve it.

The saying goes that babies are born to mimic and that’s how they learn so quickly and this is true, but we mimic all our lives by copying others who appear more intelligent or appear to have more about them than the average Joe.

Unfortunately, this mimicking applies to young footballers watching how the others negotiate their sickening wages alongside their agents and they mimic them and so on and so on until it gets out of hand like it is now.

Even Championship footballers are on huge wages compared to the average man on the street.

We are in a weird predicament because we know we have a ceiling on wages which is no scrimp and scrape ceiling, it’s actually extremely good but not good enough for over-hyped, over-rated players who regard it as chicken feed.

It’s no wonder a lot of clubs go scouting for foreign talent because you only have to cast an aye on an English player and clubs have trebled his value in an instant, plus the players agent has immediately trebled his salary.

It’s sickening when you consider it should be an honour to play for a club and an even bigger honour to play for your home town club.

If this carries on, it will be the death of football unless a ruling comes into force that sticks. I know there’s one coming in but it looks to have loop holes that will be exploited by the rich clubs which basically renders it pointless. We need an iron ruling with potential loopholes ironed out that gives no edge to those clubs that are willing to pay sickening wages to players, knowing they could never claw it back if they played for another 50 years.

I think NUFC have a blueprint to deal with the way forward but it can only work if this new rule carries no side alley around it. I personally would have my own way of dealing with players and agents and football in general to make it more fair but I’ll save that for another article…

How much money do these players want for gods sake?

About wolfie

Newcastle Uited fan. Always have been, always will be! When I was 14 I was invited for trials at Newcastle United with the blessing and full backing of my family who raised the fare and money for digs for me but I spent the money on cigarettes and pop, plus a few canny bags o Tudor and some kets and missed the train. I ended up being a total waste of space as far as football ambition went and I ended up in a factory and moved on from there to build my life up to what it is now, a self employed complete waste of space hand to mouth dribs and drabs grab it when you can tycoon. So there you go, that's about my life in a nutshell apart from piles and one in grown toe nail. Thanks for reading and I hope this somehow has a reflection on the way your life is going and maybe this could shock some up and coming kid into knuckling down and not ending up like a dip stick like me. lol

85 thoughts on “The wage monster

  1. Wolfie – your right to a degree, problem is that times have changed. Gone are the days where players would get paid X amount during the season and a lesser amount close season.
    The argument always used to be that football was a short lived career, with most players retiring between 30-35yrs old. For that reason they were paid handsomely so they were set up for life. Now players get THAT much money, that they, their families, their extended families and their next 5 generations after them are set for life.
    I don’t think it’s a solvable problem though because agents are always going to push for more, and that’s where the problem lies, agents and clubs. Troy is right, most of these players are kids from council estates. Take Wayne Rooney as an example. I don’t believe that at 16, he or his parents knew the industry well enough to broker a mega money deal to take him to Man Utd. I also don’t believe that when his agent came to him and said “right Wayne, I’ve got you a move to Man Utd, and your gonna get 50k a week” or whatever he was on when he first went there. I can’t imagine his response was, thank you but playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world I couldn’t possibly accept that much money!!
    Were we really supposed to believe that he handed in a transfer request last season, simply because he didnt believe Man Utd were signing the right players?. Then all of a sudden, he gets a new contract and more money!! hmmm, him getting paid more, how does that help Man Utd afford new players exactly?!, and we’re supposed to believe his agent played no part in that?!…. Fecking load of rubbish!!
    But let’s not forget here, that these hard done by super taxed players also earn as much through sponsorships. They don’t have to just survive on the peanuts the club pays them.
    A wage cap would be almost impossible to implement, but there should be a performance related pay scale, players like Messi and Ronaldo are world world class!! yet you have players at Man City not far off getting paid a similar wage for achieving nothing! not even Champions League qualification.. Bonkers!!
    I still say that it’s not the players fault, if my gaffer offered me more coin for doing the same job, bring it on!!… but they are too pampered as peope, everything is done for them.

    It’s interesting reading the comments though Wolfie, all these people jump to the defence of these players who simply kick a ball round and earn mega money… Yet if I put the argument forward that Ashley has worked harder for his money but is crucified for wanting to recoup the loan money he has put into Newcastle.. I wonder what would be said?!…..


  2. Sharpy17, i never *jumped to the defense* of the players , its far to much money thats obvious but thinking it is going to change and we could live in a football utopia were all is equal is very silly….


  3. SHARPY , I know what you mean and if you put that question about Ashley you can guarantee what you are thinking will indeed be said. 😆


  4. why hate the lifestyle of a footballer? if they were on a 300 quid a week like years and years ago people still called them….why are people so negative towards them……….would you call a 16 year old lottery winner pampered?……footballers lead a very stressful life …its not the glitz and glam people from the outside see…its just the life all of us would like.


  5. John, what stressful life do footballers lead?
    Footballers lead a showbiz life and are on showbiz money for playing a game they would do as a hobby.
    They are paid to become fit and to become better at their game.
    They get a mammoth amount of time off work compared to a normal working person.
    They get to play friendly games in all kinds of different countries in pre season.

    They get adored by fans and loved by fanny.

    They can drive cars around places and throw £20 notes at people if they want, to relieve their stress.

    Can you tell me where it is stressful?

    People say , players deserve the amount of money they are on because football is a short career, I say that’s a pure load of hogwash.

    Let’s say a player is in the game for 15 years working on an average of 20 grand a week to keep it low.

    15 million in their career when it’s over. Plus at aged 30 or whatever can still go into coaching or even take on a job until he’s retired if he wants but his life doesn’t stop.

    A brain surgeon might work for 40 years on £100, 000 a year, over 40 years, equates to a stress busting 4 million and retirement.

    A soldier might have 25 years Army service and see a few conflicts where he has the stress of being shot at, blown up, seeing his mates blown up e.t.c.
    A solider might get £30,000 a year for 25 years equating to £650,000 in his Army life and could possibly be a prison officer or instructor in civvy street for another 15 years until retirement, let’s say on £50,000 a year, equating to £750,000+£650,000= £1,400,000.

    Erm, hmmm, can anyone see where I’m coming from here. 😀

    The point is, players entertain us as do pop stars e.t.c and are in our faces so we think they deserve the money because we love to see them.

    We don;t want to stand over a surgeon performing his work or stand behind a soldier in Afghanistan getting shot at do we.


    I think the meaning of stress for a footballer is happiness.


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