Newcastle bid for Corgnet.

Corgnet in action
Newcastle United are said to have had a £4.5 million bid for Dijon midfielder Benjamin Corgnet turned down.

The 24-year old French central midfielder has been in great goalscoring form this season for Dijon and has been on fringes of the French squad for a while now. However it would appear that Newcastle’s advances are rather unwelcome, at least for now anyway.

“He stays,” Dijon’s manager Patrice Cateron told French radio station RMC.

“We had a direct approach from Newcastle, but Benjamin is in the same boat as us and we want him to continue to grow and to play for a full season in Ligue 1.”

Cateron went on to add that they would be willing to let Corgnet go in the summer;

“At the end of the season, of course we’ll let him go, it will be good for him to find stability at a high level.”

“Newcastle’s offer was very high.”

Now I have to say I don’t much about this player but he does seem the type of player we would go for and if Graham Carr thinks he’s worth a bid, who are we to argue?

Although Dijon’s stance of not selling him seem firm at the minute, they apparently need to raise funds to bring in more players and are thought to be willing to accept a fee closer to £6.5 million.

What are your thoughts?

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58 thoughts on “Newcastle bid for Corgnet.

  1. DAN imo it could be a sign that toon know tiote is going in the summer and want this guy in first,funny they are going for a m/f player,when we know we need striker and defender first imo


  2. This one doesn’t ring true to me; sounds like a club putting their talent in the window for the summer.


  3. I think the smoke and mirrors machine is in full flow now; keeping people off the scent of what Carr and Co are really doing. I think we’ll see an experienced CB (possibly a loan) and some young talent elsewhere on the pitch; hopefully including a young, quick striker. Anyone who thinks you can meet the club’s buying criteria for an experienced PL striker in January hasn’t been watching very closely…


  4. Ice, from what I’ve read he’s more of a goalscoring midfielder than a holding one but I see what your saying.


  5. Talking of Danny – is he nearly back to training yet? He’s been a good stand-in for Tiote and gawd knows we need one for the next few weeks…


  6. Also just been looking at the season to date. Bit obvious but 25pts from 1st 11 games, the next 14 up to Feb International break and including ACON 8pts so far, but another 10 possible from the remaining 5 games. This leaves 13 games with the lads back from the ACON and any new signings on board. Looking at the games another 20+ points is doable giving us the 60+ needed for a good finish.


  7. another midfielder???

    we’ve got about 2578 already.

    …does make it look like someone’s going though.


  8. It’s weird how rumours start isn’t it about players and transfers. This Corgnet who is a tough player thing has been blown out of proportion.

    Llambias was in France with his wife and went to get him and his lass an ice cream. He asked for a hard Corgnet with a flake in and some red syrup on and now we are linked with a player.
    That ice cream fella’s obviously set a rumour off that Llambias was in France and asking about a Corgnet. 😀


  9. Was HITMAN taking the mick about Alan Brazil saying Ashley has found a buyer or did he actually say this on talkshite and listened to him this morning on the way to work and never heard anything about it.
    Can you clarify HITMAN cheers


  10. Lee Ryder has rubbished this talk of bid for him but whether that’s reliable or not?


  11. Wouldn’t Mr Branson be a nice owner? All the business nouse of Ashley but with some respect for other things than money, and without the primal drive to be a total c**t at every opportunity.

    We can but dream. 😀

    Oh, and talking of Alan Brazil – nice bit of wording yesterday. Their commentary “was to be from Saint James’s Park – although the stadium isn’t called that any more – but that’s where our commentary is from.”

    Why can’t the BBC grow a pair and follow suit? Nobody’s being factually inaccurate (the land is still called SJP) or breaking laws by using wording like that; they’re just standing up for what’s right and refusing to let Ashley have his way at the expense of football heritage.


  12. Corgnet is a goalscoring midfielder which would be welcome, especially if Guthrie moves on which could happen. I would not be surprised to see Gosling move on , he is no great shake. If these 2 move on, Corgnet is a player to add for sure.


  13. The rose-tinted specs are still covered in shite, eh Troy?

    Sadly, you may be right – but I actually doubt it this time. Don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because the Carroll fiasco is so visible at the moment and players are thinking twice (those who can think at all, that is) about just chasing money. Especially from a team just one point higher in the league. :mrgreen:


  14. Whumpie – Guardian writers were talking about how bad the name change was but also explained how they could be banned from the stadium if they kept using ‘SJP’.


  15. @premandup

    Either my source is wrong.
    Pardew is lying
    Pardew is being kept in the dark
    Having just read this quote from him on, talking about Tiote and Ba going to the ACoN;
    “But you have to say what a way to sign off, and we look forward to welcoming them back in six or so games time. It’s a great result, we stayed on top of United, and didn’t let them play. We were due a win at home against one of the big Premier League sides, but now we’ve done that, we mustn’t get carried away.”

    So he’s looking forward to welcoming them back? 😯

    I bloody hope my source is wrong cos the pair of them were awesome last night.


  16. I’d like to see Ashley try that. If the journos have the balls to stick together on this, Ashley will soon have to back down or lose huge amounts of coverage and revenue. Let’s hope it happens. Cue Rocky theme music and roll titles: “Clash of the C**ts!”

    I think the new shirt sponsorship just confirms the bleedin’ obvious: that Ashley never had any intention of selling on the stadium naming rights; it’s just free advertising for another of his playthings, at the expense of the club and its heritage.

    Utter, utter bastard. If only the football world wasn’t completely staffed with equally amoral arseholes, maybe they’d stand up to him. 🙁


  17. Never doubted your sources Troy, merely asked who else you said goodbye to last night. Krul? Ba? Cabaye? Colo? The whole team. Or is it just Tiote we losing this window?


  18. Whumpie – would you put it past Ashley? He already banned the daily mail for critical articles – which in fairness is one of the best things he’s ever done.


  19. [email protected]

    How is that talking out of my butt? 😕 ❓

    Midfield, especially central, is one area of the pitch we’re not short on numbers in. In case you misread my comment, I never said anyone was leaving, it just arouses suspicion to me to be linked with a central midfielder when it’s not ‘currently’ a position we’re short in.

    I don’t understand your comment.


  20. @mark

    Baldy fella from Gatesheed? Gazza? Steve Stone? My grandad? Steve Wraith

    I never reveal a source 😛
    None of the above though. 😯


  21. haha Rod, maybe I shud of wrote it at 3am after youve had a drink, just replying to your

    “Mark, you talk out of your arse (on an almost constant basis).

    😆 😆


  22. @Troy

    ah, I meant S Wraith.. didnt want to alert others 😯

    So did u say goodbye to Krul too.

    Tiote played last nite as if it could of been his last game, hope not, obviously


  23. I was told last night that Ashley has stated, if we get to Europa 2 seasons running, he should be able to finance the extension to the Gallowgate.

    Has anyone else heard that or is it wishful thinking by my mate? 😯


  24. ahh Mark, hahahaha 😆 :mrgreen:

    …sorry mate, absolutely no recollection of that quip. I never go back to the scene of the crime either, regarding my late-night Strongbow-fuelled revelations, so I never know who I may have upset. 😀

    (apologies to anyone else I’ve ever chucked abuse at – generally if it’s after midnight it doesn’t count) 😉


  25. @Mark

    I knew who you meant. I don’t think anyone has been alerted. Weve got away with it. 😯


  26. 😯 😀 :mrgreen:

    …yeah Mark, he can be a tricky customer that Rod, especially after 2am. I usually give-up the fight after a thorough and relentless pasting.


  27. @Rod 😆

    aye, youre not as tough as you use to be. 😆

    very entertaining read in the morning tho.

    Although I dont think toonsy was very happy after what you called him 😯 its a wonder youre not banned


  28. The Indpendent Sport still referred to it as St. James Park underneath the subline of the person who wrote it. Seems like they still want to call it by its proper name and as long as the press do that then Ashley’s name change will be ignored.

    Thank god we have Virgin on our shirts now, I would’ve hated to have seen Sports Direct on them


  29. Mark, I’ll assume that’s a wind-up, although I do remember actually asking him to ban me one evening. 😕

    Reet, I’m off for a bit, check yous later mother-lovers. 😎


  30. Before last night I wasn’t to bothered about tiote leaving for ACN/transfer(provided it was a LOT of money) as he wasn’t the shadow of what we thought he was. But after what he showed last night not just with his holding midfielder tackles but also his skill to get past players and pass to Ba (who we will obviously miss aswell), think guthrie should be back for QPR to stand in, at Blackburn though I reckon abeid should be given his chance. Miny not-so-rant over :mrgreen:


  31. @Dwayne Mungo

    Why don’t you have your avatar showing you with a checked shirt and smug look on your face. 😛

    Where’s Thud at these days. I’m getting frustrated from not releasing my pent up anger. 😛


  32. @Troy.. behave urself you pervert! why do u want to see my pretty face, youre not a patch on me 😆

    & ive got real pecs not chebs 😯

    Thuds in training, he’s a robot, literally 😯 . nothing will stop him in his search for victory over you..


  33. Never heard of this kid so we should go get him coz he must be class!! I base that on the fact I’d never heard of Tiote or Cabaye either and look how they turned out.

    I see Steve McClaren has been re appointed at Twente. I wonder if that will have any effect on our attempts to sign Douglas or De Jong?!


  34. The Sun are still calling it St James’ Park as well which is awesome hope the press keep doing that. Great result yesterday still buzzing off it well done to the Lads did the Geordies proud.


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