The best fans in the land?

The best and worst of NUFC?
Just over thirty thousand fans made the trip to St James’ Park on Saturday, watching the lads graft their way to a 2-1 FA Cup victory over struggling Blackburn Rovers and chalk up their second home victory in the space of four days.

The attendance, considerably lower than it was when the Champions were in town last Wednesday night, did not take away from the atmosphere. The Strawberry Corner was, as it has been all season, in good voice – well half of it was at least.

Though the home side for the most part dominated the opening period, the performance seemed to displease a certain section of our supporters. Boos rang out from the all across the ground as the referee blew for half time. The derision not only appalled me, but for the first time in my life I actually felt slightly embarrassed to be wearing the black and white stripes.

I sat back in my seat, practically shocked into silence – unlike the woman sat in front of me, who decided to turn and face the entire south east stand so that she could tell them (in words too choice for the public domain) that they were not real fans. There were a few murmurs of agreement from those sat close enough to hear, but most simply laughed and hurried off to relieve/skint themselves at the toilets and bars respectively.

Fifteen or so minutes passed and the lads were cheered back onto the pitch for the second half, with the songs beginning again soon after. I enjoyed hearing a few of the older songs brought out, but I couldn’t seem to shake the nagging feeling of annoyance that only grew during the interval. It would only get worse when the fourth official raised the numbers board to signal we’d seen the last of Gabriel Obertan for the afternoon.

The cheers that we ought to have heard at half time rang out at the announcement of the substitution and Obertan was forced to leave the pitch being mocked by his own team’s supporters. Now, I’m trying to stay objective here, and I realise that a fan that has paid for his ticket has the right to express displeasure at any given time, but surely this is bordering on madness? If not mad, then counterproductive at least. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty certain that no good can come from booing anyone wearing our colours. There seem to be thousands upon thousands who wait with baited breathe every time the young French winger gets the ball, waiting to pounce upon any mistake he might make.

Remember when Tottenham first signed Heurelho Gomes? He dropped a huge clanger, and the Spurs fans reminded him of it for weeks on end, cheering ironically every time he caught the ball. What followed was a string of unsteady performances and a hit and miss time as their first choice goalkeeper. Is that what we really want for Obertan, to consign him to the bench, for him to fail?

Us Geordies have often been branded fickle and ignorant, something we’ve always laughed off. Yet we were coming off the back of a 3-0 schooling of the Premier League champions when we faced Blackburn, is four days really a long enough period of time for some people to forget about that?

One thing I will say (as my friend said it to me when I had this moan at him) is that cup games tend to attract groups of younger fans who may not get the chance to come to the match a lot, and Saturday was no exception. One kid boos at half time because we’re losing, the rest join in? Maybe. But it doesn’t disguise the fact that people have been on top of Obertan from the word go.

So he wasn’t good enough for Manchester United, not many are. Ferguson has let more than one player go only to see them shine elsewhere. Rossi, Pique, and Veron all spring to mind. Even Tevez was deemed surplus to requirements, but moved on to success anyway. Wouldn’t we all love to add Gabriel Obertan to that list?

We show up every week, we don’t care about much else, we love the highs of the Geordie roller coaster, but – as the best fans in the land – we need to stick with the team through the lows as well, and when Gabby pulls on the black and white he is as much a part of the team as anyone. #SupportObertan

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222 thoughts on “The best fans in the land?

  1. No player wearing our colours should be boo’d unless they are clearly not pulling their weight. I think Obertan is trying, but he’s just not good enough at the moment. It’s all very well listing ex-Man U players that were top drawer, but it’s pretty obvious Obertan does not fit into that bracket.

    It’s not his fault he is clueless though and it’s not his fault he gets picked, so he should be supported and maybe that will spur him on a bit when he’s on the pitch. However, he is no more than a squad player and should not be in the starting line up every week. I’d personally rather see Ryan Taylor out there – somebody who can cross…

    That’s unless Benny gets a start on the wing from now on, as our best formation 4-4-2 and we need to figure out how to fit Benny into that system…


  2. That was some random out of the blue sacking of QPR manager,and we face them next.

    And Barton is suspended for the match. 😯


  3. No manager,No captain. MUST WIN THEM. 😈

    QPR midfielder Alejandro Faurlin has been ruled out for the rest of the season after rupturing his anterior cruciate ligament in Saturday’s FA Cup third-round tie at MK Dons.


  4. Yep we just need to hope the QPR game comes before their new manager is appointed, otherwise they may be rejuvenated etc etc… I reckon they will have a new face in the door by then, as they have to act quickly in order to get transfer targets identified and signed to fit the new gaffers plans if they are going to stay up.

    Could be a bad time to play them…


  5. Jesus, sounds like QPR are in turmoil. Good/bad thing? hard to say. They gave us a game at their place, turned us over for parts of that game and were unlucky.


  6. they murdered us at their place. Different side now mind – SWP out of form, Barton suspended and most importantly Faurlin, their best player, is crocked for the season


  7. @M

    SWP has never been in form 🙂

    Seems like sloppy-chops is at it again regarding Ba… hmmm all this smoke makes me worried we could lose him in Jan, if not, defo in the summer.

    I hope QPR go down, they’re shit, their squad is totally shit. Hopefully we’ll stuff them and they’ll b in the bottom 3


  8. Couldn’t agree more. I remember the first rule of my first 11 aside when I was 9 years old – constructive critism only. Anyone slating their own player was subbed. It NEVER helps performance to slag someone off.


  9. @M

    That is gutting news!

    I really can’t imagine Arry saying that if it wasn’t true.

    The priority must be to convince Ba to sign a new improved contract.

    This is the point where Ashley has to break his wage structure or it highlights everything the realists have been saying all along.

    To progress you have to pay more for strikers. You can’t expect a goalscorer to be on the same wage as a defender.

    Good ones are like hens teeth and you need to pay the going rate or lose them.

    If it means £80k then so be it.
    It doesn’t mean everyone gets £80k.


  10. Harry Redknapp has sparked a massive transfer scramble for Newcastle’s Demba Ba by revealing his release clause is around HALF the £10million mooted over the weekend.

    Officials at St James’ Park have been desperate to keep a lid on the fact that the striker, who has netted 15 times this season, is available for the right fee.

    But asked about a £10m release clause, Spurs boss Harry Redknapp said: “I think you will find it is a lot less than that.”

    Asked if was as little as £7m, Redknapp added: “Even less than that.” 😯 😯


  11. Troy;

    You get round the wage ceiling by renegotiating the contract , with a new signing on fee , £2m , and £40k per week – equivalent to £80k per week.


  12. Redknapp could be excused for talking about Ba once in interview if asked the question but to go on and mention it twice is pushing it to the limit, im hoping Llambias grows a pair and takes this further.


  13. I wouldn’t even forgive him the once, “I won’t talk about players contracted to other clubs” is the easy answer to the question put by journalists, other managers manage it, why can’t he?…..simple answer, because he doesn’t want to, he wants the player unsettled.


  14. Let’s be clear about this.

    Ba’s agent is not doing his job if he isn’t the one who tipped Arry off about the clause.

    He got Ba a contract with the Toon.
    Ba hits a boat load of goals.
    His value has rocketed.
    Whether it’s to improve his contract at the Toon or to move on is matterless to the agent. He wins eitherway and it’s now down to Jabba to sort it out.


  15. Can’t stand that turd-faced twat. Absolutely without morals andI hope all his best players defect to Arsenal this month.

    Besides – how the hell is he suddenly an expert on a contract that there’s no way he’s got any reliable information on?

    Come on, Lamearse – justify your stupid salary by taking the guy down. 👿


  16. I’d be gutted if Ba went like, even if we got £20m it would be highly highly unlikely we could find a striker willing to come here that could match his strike rate. 1 in 2 strikers are like rocking horse shit and Ba’s rate is way better than that. Howay Ashley do whats needed, it’ll be cheaper in the long run 😉


  17. Spot on, Troy – and an excellent rant to start the week.

    If there’s one time I’d expect all of Ashley’s qualities (good and bad) to come to the fore, this is it. He should slaughter Arry.


  18. @whumpie

    The agent has to be responsible for leaking the info and Arry probably has got a good idea. 😯


  19. Wouldn’t be surprised if the clause was inserted, at Ba’s request, to counter some of our own. I’d hazard a guess that there’s a clause in his contract somewhere saying “the club gets to stop paying you in the event of your knee exploding”.


  20. I still think there’s no release clause and this is unbelievable levels of tactical bull from ‘arry and Ba’s agent. As usual, the interests of the player and the club that holds his contract are at the bottom of the queue.

    Football employs some seriously amoral bastards. Mainly the ones too stupid to make it into the House of Commons. And that’s pretty fucking stupid.


  21. Here’s a thought: if there is a release clause, why on earth would ‘Arry keep mentioning in the media? Surely if he had an interest, he’d keep quiet and just trigger the clause himself. Otherwise all he’s doing is creating an auction and shoving the price up.

    No clause. Pure BS, and he gets away with it because, with an IQ of 23, he’s 20 points higher than those around him.


  22. @Nobby

    You remind me of me when I was an impatient 10 yr old waiting for the corner shop to open to get my chewies before going to school.

    Shop! Shop! 😛


  23. Whumpie;

    Karren Brady put the Ba contract out there.

    She said that Ba and his agents wanted a buy out clause at West Ham and suggested that he may have got this at Newcastle.

    Her timing wasn’t good for us as she revealed this info on 31 Dec in the sun newspaper , the day before the transfer window opened.

    Harry is in the clear on this issue , although he has stoked the flames somewhat.


  24. Strawberry Opal Fruits….. double mmmmmmmmmmmmmm 😀

    (Starburst to the younguns) 😉

    I can’t see Ba going anywhere… infact, no one. Quaote me on this but i really can’t see anyone significant going anywhere this window. Ba and Tiote are at the ACON so it’ll be hard to negotiate with them. Colo is happy and the board wouldn’t have made him captain/offered a new contract if they wanted him gone. Krul – I reckon he’ll spend his career at the toon.

    Now that i’ve just hexed us please expect 4 transfer requests to go in in the next couple of weeks 😆


  25. Nobby I take you don’t need your seat on the train anymore ?
    I heard you booked a seat on the dreambus 😆 just makesure you bring a packed lunch because it breaks down all the time. 😉


  26. LukeEdwardsTele Luke Edwards
    #nufc shd brace themselves for Ba going, if not now, then the summer. Fact a release clause negotiated shows never likely to be most loyal!
    17 seconds ago

    So that’s Ba off, and Krul to Spuds and Tiote to Man Citeh. Cabaye will be off as well and Colo and Simpson 🙄


  27. Pards is in the Journal stating Harrys done nothing wrong but he isn’t willing to deny or confirm whether there is a clause.

    So there must be one. 😯


  28. From the Journal;

    Spurs have given Newcastle a transcript of Fridays press conference and Pardew is happy that Redknapp – who is not thought to be interested in the 15 goal striker – was merely responding to a suggestion made to him.

    IMO, Arry just had to say that I don’t talk about players contracts from other clubs.

    Bit limp wristed by Pardew but I hope privately he’s phoned Arry up and told him he’s a twat! 😈


  29. @TGS

    Toonsys put half a dozen clauses in my contract.

    I can’t fart without him sending me a warning email nowadays. 😛


  30. Ba will be gone this summer. Guaranteed. He has been all over French Radio saying it would be a dream to go and play for PSG, but states that the window will be shut by the time he gets back from ACON. He says he likes the fans here and wants to do well too – however he has clearly left the door open for a wage increase move.

    He’s a gonner. Just enjoy it while it lasts!


  31. I’ve got a 50 pence release clause though which I insisted on.

    Wanky and Ed have been on trying to strike a deal but I’ve got loyalties here.

    I’m still the best paid. 😛


  32. On the possibility of moving to PSG he said this:

    “Yes, why not? It’s possible. I have always supported PSG, and it’s a club that is enticing,” Ba told French radio station RMC, when asked about moving to the French side. “But it will be difficult to do that in January.

    “I’m in Newcastle, fans like me, and then the transfer market will be closed when I go back, so I’m not focused on it.

    “My first goal is the [African Cup of Nations], and getting a good result, then I want to continue playing good games for Newcastle.”

    That’s loyalty for you. Gonner.


  33. Are we going to pay him close to the £100k a week he is relatively worth in order to keep him here? Doubt it very much. Gonner.


  34. I’m surprised you’re surprised. 😯

    He’s got a clause in his contract so like 99% of footballers, there is no loyalty from the outset. 🙄


  35. I think it would be naive to expect loyalty from a player who ‘bailed’ as soon as WHU got relegated! Make the most of him now, and if Fat Mike offers him a better wage packet, bonus! I do think they’ll cash in on him whilst his value is high… 😥


  36. Not suprised mate, just thought he might have at least waited until the summer before so blatantly opening the door. Oh well, new striker required. We wont get another Ba in the door for a while though. That was a rare find, nice whilse it lasts then back to normality…


  37. Nice upbeat positive January so far lads? Dear me. No ones left yet and it’s doom and gloom already.

    Bloody hell lighten up! 🙄


  38. Rich – I’ve stayed in the Copthorne 🙂

    Had to really considering the Travelodge I booked was in Newcastle, Australian and not Newcastle, England 😆


  39. What news might that be Troy? Ba has a possible clause in his contract? Old candle face has been trying to unsettle him?

    Until the club says something official it’s all water off a ducks back. If it happens it happens and I’ll react as and when, there is NOTHING we can do about it.


  40. cheek! 😆

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we signed Rhodes though… our link with Lee Clark has to count for something and Prdew coming out and saying we’re not signing a striker could be smoke and mirrors.

    Wishful thinking yes – but we’re toon fans so dreamland is always better than the reality 😆


  41. @EvilF &JJ

    Having read the words from Harry, Pardew and Ba then it would be pretty foolish to think there’s no clause.

    You can’t just bury your head in the sand and hope it goes away.


    Do you expect us not to discuss it? Do you expect us not to be disappointed?

    Get in the real world and face issues instead of just hoping everything will be fine and dandy.

    I hate that attitude and outlook in people.


  42. Toonsy,
    Ye, I can only afford a skate board on my travel allowance, got hijacked last week, so now I’m on roller balls and can’t do all the rounds… 😉


  43. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH Gutiiiieeerreeeezzz!

    From Buenos Aires!

    He’s Spidermaaaaaaaaan!

    Just got this song in my head, people at work must think i’m a weirdo.


  44. Troy,

    I can’t see there being such a low buyout clause without some kind of condition eg: relegation, or no European Competition. Especially when there was considered to be a large signing on and agents fee in the deal.

    I can’t believe Ashley is that stupid, especially when it concerns finance.

    All I’m saying is that, yes there may very well be a clause but I suspect the true details of it are far off the mark and Newcastle arn’t commenting because they’d like to wait until Ba is back to deal with anything.

    If I were to hazard a guess. I’d say, there is a clause that if Newcastle do qualify for Europe, Ba will have the option to move to a club that is for a certain fee. Thats as far is it goes.

    Amazing the outrage over a player, that after his first three games, people were calling, just another Ameobi, and Best was potentially better than Carroll.

    Oh how fickle we are.


  45. You can discuss all you want, it’s just boring to hear the same old negative crap about a situation that has neither been confirmed or denied.

    I am in the real world 🙄
    I’ve taken on board exactly what has been happening so far and processed accordingly, what exactly are YOU trying to face? Will anything you do make any bit of difference?

    What attitude exactly? A realistic outlook? I have chosen to try and not let situations with the Toon effect me too much. I was far too disheartened when Carroll left this time last year and decided then that the fans have no hope of changing anything Cashley or the players want.

    So until anything has actually happened then I’m going to try and remain positive.


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